List of NHL rule changes

Here’s the complete list of the new rules that will be implemented next season…From andrewsstarspage…

The shootout will be implemented this season. “Following a scoreless five-minute overtime, three players from each team participate in the order the coach selects.

Each team takes three shots. The team with the most goals after those six shots is the winner.

If the score remains tied, the shootout will proceed to a “sudden death” format.

Regardless the number of goals scored during the shootout portion of overtime, the final score recorded for the game will give the winning team one more goal than the score at the end of regulation time”
Other rules are…

-Elimination of the red line for the purpose of allowing two-line passes.

-Tag-up offsides will permit play to continue if offensive players who preceded the puck into the zone return to the blue line and “tag” it.

-Touch icing will remain in effect. However linesman will be able to wave off icing calls if they are deemed to be an attempted pass.

-A team that ices the puck cannot make a line change prior to the ensuing face-off.

-The dimensions of goaltender equipment will be reduced by approximately 11 percent. In addition to a one-inch reduction in the width of leg pads, the blocking glove, upper-body protector, pants and jersey will also be reduced in size.

-Goaltenders may play the puck behind the goal line only in a trapezoid-shaped area defined by lines that begin six feet from either goal post and extend diagonally to points 28 feet apart at the endboards.

-Goaltenders who play the puck behind the goal line but outside the designated puck handling area will be penalized for delay of game.

-Goaltenders will be penalized for delaying the game if they “freeze” the puck unnecessarily.

-Any player who shoots the puck directly over the glass in his defending zone will be penalized for delay of game.

-Zero tolerance on Interference, Hooking and Holding/Obstruction.

-A player who instigates a fight in the final five minutes of a game will receive a game misconduct and an automatic one-game suspension. The length of suspension would double for each additional incident.

-As well, the player’s Coach will be fined $10,000 — a fine that would double for each such incident.

The neutral-zone edges of the blue lines will be positioned 64 feet from the attacking goal line and 75 feet from the end boards in the attacking zone. The addition of four feet in each of the offensive zones should encourage more offensive play, particularly on power-plays.

-The goal lines will be positioned 11 feet from the end boards, two feet closer to the end boards than previously.

-The size of the neutral zone will be reduced to 50′ from 54′.

-The blue lines and center line will remain at 12 inches in width

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  1. Flyer_Fan says:

    You forgot

    -The NHL insists that LeafyMcwee’s posts be reduced to no more than one per month

    I think that’s why this whole strike thing started in the first place!

  2. mcpickl says:

    can’t believe a shootout win and a regulation win are both worth two points. awful. the last ten minutes of regulation are gonna be mind numbingly boring with both teams hanging on for OT to secure a point. How about 3 points for a regulation win, two for an OT win, and 1 for a shootout win. Zero if you lose anywhere along the way. Would force teams to try to win rather than put on the brakes and aim for a tie.

  3. Flyer_Fan says:

    Seriously speaking,

    The shootout is hockey blasphemy!

    The “tag up” is a good one.

    I like the idea of “penalizing” the team who ices the puck. Guys will be tired, so that means more goals.

    I say let the goalies handle the puck all they want!

    But they should be “fair game” for a check if out of a certain area.

    All of these new rules should give the NHL quite the fresh new look.

  4. Scruffy05 says:

    If I remember correctly there is no one point for an overtime loss. It’s now win or nothing I believe.

  5. rojoke says:

    OR, 0 points for a regulation win, 0 points for an OT win, and 0 points for an OT loss.

  6. rojoke says:

    Zero tolerance on Interference, Hooking and Holding/Obstruction.

    Gee, we’ve never seen that tried before.

    So I guess that the nets aren’t going to be bigger, at least until they see what the reduction in goalie equipment does. If the goals-per-game goes up by at least a half a goal per game, it will be a step in the right direction.

  7. shortcat1 says:

    “-Zero tolerance on Interference, Hooking and Holding/Obstruction.”

    Hmmm… I think I’ve heard that one before… not too sure…

    Sarcasm aside, I do hope that they keep their word on this one. It’s been brutal what they’ve been doing to the talented ones in the last decade or so.

    Also, I don’t know how to go about getting it (in a new and ‘creative’ way), but there has to be a way that the talented ones are protected from the ones who are out there to take them out of the game. Out of the play, I can understand (to a point) but when I look at some of the things that have been done to players like Lemieux, Forsberg, etc… how they’ve been damaged, it’s really frustrating.

    I’m not a Don Cherry fan as such but when each team had a ‘defender’ or two available, it made it safer for the Gretzkys of the league. The rules, as they are, make it harder to protect the Crosbys, the Ovechkins, the Zherdevs, the Malkins, et al of the league. These are the stars who will make the league shine brighter as a saleable product… We’ll see.

    As to the other stuff, as long as they do what they’re purportedly meant to do – open up the game and make room for the skill players, then great. If we more or less gradually go back and get ‘trapped’ into the same old defensive game… you know what’ll happen. At the very least, us Canadians will continue to support this sport but, south of the border, it’s going to go south.

  8. Flyer_Fan_In_CT says:

    where did anyone read that there were no points awarded for overtime loss….etc. etc.

    all i read was that there would be no ties [at espn].

    i hope there are no points awarded for an overtime loss. the shootout is awful, but at least with no points for an overtime loss there is no incentive to play it safe which yeilds nothing but boring hockey .

  9. Kamakaze says:

    -I am NOT a fan of the Shootout. But you know what, sure, if this is what it takes to get hockey back and on T.V., whatever. I do agree though that a Regulation win should get 3 points, an OT win 2, and a Shootout 1. This would REALLY be incentive to win early and score often.

    -No Red-line… sure, why not.

    -Tag-Up Offsides, OK.

    -I kind of like the Icing, that seems fair, but, I don’t know if I understand, “Wave off icing calls if they are seemed to be an attempted pass”? What does that mean? If I make a pass up to my forward and he misses it, it isn’t icing? That’s kind of stupid. That just means you can goof up with passes, and sort of gives you an easy “head-man-pass” situation that teams can exploit. I’m all for some more scoring, but don’t make it so teams get rewarded for their mistakes.

    I also don’t like the idea that a team is “penalized” for icing. It’s just kind of silly. “I’m going to hurt you for dumping the puck!”. Whatever…

    -Smaller goalie equipment is fine with me but…

    -Restricted goal-tender puck handling? What the crap is that?! How does this help ANYTHING at all?? In fact, I think it HURTS teams with goal-tenders who can pass. Marty Broduer has been responsible for a lot of passes to his Defensemen up near the blue lines which result in quick transition passing and if done right, a great chance for a goal. these sorts of things should be PRAISED, not reprimanded. I just don’t understand the reasoning or logic behind it.

    -A puck over the glass (at least as far as I have known) has always been a delay of game, for goalies AND forwards, so does this just mean they are cracking down on this??

    -Zero Tolerance on interference, hooking, etc… sure, whatever you guys say. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    -The new Instigator rule, I don’t know how I feel about this. I guess I don’t care, but I kind of like seeing the guys drop the gloves late in the game. It’s good to see a nice mean fight after a hard fought game.

    -Line movements and zone changes, seem alright to me.

    All in all, they are OK, but the shootout rule, point system and “goalies can’t handle the puck because the fuhrer says so” rule just don’t make much sense to me.

  10. NYRules says:

    no, over the glass was only a penalty for goalies never players.

  11. titans says:

    Yea rule changes are great, but if they want people to come back they need to drasticlly reduce ticket prices so Joe Average doesn’t need to mortgage the house to afford to take his family to a game!

    Oh yea “Zero tolerance on Interference, Hooking and Holding/Obstruction” BULL$HIT!

  12. mcpickl says:

    still one point for an OT(or shootout) loss. Enjoy all the backpedaling from ten minutes remaining in the third period til end of regulation. Yeeeeeeeeeeech!

  13. Flyers_01 says:

    They really need to eliminate the 1 point for losing in OT or the shootout. There’s no incentive to try to

    “win it” after making it to OT. If it was 2 or 0, there’d be alot more pressure to win it. All it means is that once overtime is reached now .. one team is guaranteed 2 points, the other 1, wheeee.

    The goalie limitations were necessary. The only other alternative would be to make the goalie fair game out of the crease. Frankly, making the goalie fair game out of the crease would be my first choice but I think the GMs were worried about their michelin men getting hurt. If they can’t be fair game, then this is the best alternative. One of the reason Brodeur’s puck moving skills are so great is because he can go all the way out to the blue line and you can’t knock him off the puck without getting a penalty. You give the defensemen the same freedom and every dman would turn into puck moving defensemen. Let’s not praise the goalies to much for taking advantage of a very large loophole in the rules. This change as LONG OVERDUE.

    Instigator. I hate the instagator rule with a passion in every shape and form. I’m sorry that the corporations and the bible belt don’t like it. Fighting is a part of hockey whose time has not passed and the game was better when the players could do a bit of policing themselves.

    Everything else i’m willing to give it a chance. There are some good ideas and I hope they work out.

  14. masarume says:

    I’m starting to like this idea.

  15. masarume says:

    In the shootout, who would be award the game winning goal?

    The person who scores the game winning SHOOTOUT goal?

    I’m just confused when it comes to statistics as to who would be given credit to winning the game. Also, I assume it would be unassisted.

  16. simplywouldntdie says:

    Hockey is going to suck now. There will never be another Ron Hextall (for better or worse) but getting to watch goalies handle the puck was kind of fun. The new instigator rule is so arbitrary- instigation was always an iffy penalty but this is going to be the worst thing. No there’s no reason to watch a blow-out- there wont be any brawls at the end.

    Then there’s the shootout “rule”- whoever decided that was a good idea really needs to quit life.

    The only decent rule is the touch-up offsides, but aside from that hockey is gonna suck now.

    That is all.

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