Lockout must end!

We would be about 1/4 into the season if not for this lockout and I have missed far too much hockey already, something must be done because this lockout must end one way or another.

So who is to blame? Well lets see how we got here the players were greedy and the owners were too now the fans are the ones that are screwed. Yes we can take this time to blame the parties responsible like the players, for being babies and making sure that they always filled their pockets no matter how it hurt their teams. Or what about the owners, o yeah they were the ones who paid the players all they wanted and signed as many haseks, hulls and robittailles as they could take from less fortunate teams. But let’s not forget the fans that never seemed to think it was unreasonable to get every free agent on the market.

Enough with the blame its time that we come up with a solution. At this point the owners won’t even negotiate unless a hard cap is set as some ridiculously low figure, the players can’t even stand the idea of a cap though they have been willing to negotiate, and the fans are just content as long as those greedy players get what’s coming to them. Well I am sorry to say the longer this goes the more the league will be devastated. Players will move on to other leagues and return to Europe and when there is a NHL some will return but some won’t and some great talent will be lost. The fans base will continue to decline as time goes on and let’s not kid ourselvs we didn’t have a very big one to begin with. So when the league finally does come back as a shadow of its former self and begins to lose money again because of what they lost, Bettman will start thinking of ways to “improve” the game and before we know it contact will be illegal and goals will be worth seven pts each. Anyone who thinks the game needs to be changed is as dumb as Bettman, soccer is the most popular sport in the world and they score half as much as hockey, defense is at highs in basically all major sports just cause people are bigger and in better shape. First step to a solution


Next we the fans have to start showing the league how much they are losing from this lockout, go AHL games spend your money on non NHL related hockey. Start pressuring both sides to come to an agreement in between. There is no need for some ridiculous 30 Mill cap 40 is a lot more reasonable and why does it have to be a hard cap luxury tax is a viable option as well. Both sides need to stop wasting time sulking about how eventually they are gonna have to give a little and just get on with it for the sake of hockey as a whole.