Losing Interest in the NHL (NHL BASH Topic COMING SOON!!!)

Hey titans, how are the refs in the minor leagues?

Check out the following events in tonight’s Rangers. DO FEEL FREE TO ADD AS MANY BASHES AS YOU WANT ON THE REFS AND THE LEAGUE.

Curtis Brown PURPOSELY did a knee on knee hit away from the play, but the puck was near the knee on knee hit. Was there a call? Of course not. Why? Why no call? There better be a suspension to Curtis Brown since a KNEE ON KNEE HIT THAT CAUSES AN INJURY IS AN AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION. Bure will go for an MRI tomorrow.

Lindros gets a tripping call because he and the Sabre bumped against each other off the play. Why is that a call? Why is that a tripping call anyway?


You cannot talk back to the goalies, because if you do you get an Unsportsman-like Conduct. That’s right ladies an gentlemen. Bobby Holik was standing in front of Martin Biron. Biron slashed Holik’s knee (missed call), then hit Holik’s (excuse moi language) in the balls with his stick (missed call) then the puck is cleared, Holik talks to Biron WITHOUT EVEN TOUCHING HIM while Biron gives little shoves, BUT HEY!!……it is still a penalty on Holik. So, he got two minutes for talking to the goalie. Naughty boy Holik!!!

Poti tripped in his zone, no call while the ref looked at it!!!
Samuelsson tripped in the neutral zone before Kalinin score his 2nd goal, NO PENALTY!!!

It is just a shame how this league is turning out to be. It’s a complete joke…it’s such a sissy sport now ain’t it? It’s a sissy sport because you can now dive and get away with it most of the times, and it’s a pathetic sport because the refs are ruining it.

Going back to last night’s penalty shot. Three replays shown on Rangers game night before the game and Handzus NEVER HAD possession of the puck. So, TEXTBOOK RULE SAYS if player has no possession, then it’s not a penalty shot. Heck, i did not even see that last night! Handzus never had complete possession of the puck.

So, my fellow hockey fans. I had enough of this crap. I mean, this is gone lower than European soccer’s level. In that sport, it is mostly all corrupted, especially in the World Cup. Next to win is either England or Germany. I guarantee you so. In the NHL though, there is no corruption…there is no such thing as a ref hating a team more so he calls more penalties on the that team. No conspiracies…

The problem is….the refs just plain suck and have little I.Q. They don’t think, they don’t do their job right. Why can we not see a well officiating game at least 10% of the times?

I invite you to tell me about bad calls that you’ve seen, ridiculous calls that irritated you so much that you wish all the refs could get fired.

Screw the NHL if this keeps going on a consistent basis. I would be interested to watch minor league hockey games if officiating is better. Why do we give Bettman the ratings for this joke? Hockey is not the same…never will be as good as it used to be.

Micki Peroni