Losing Interest in the NHL (NHL BASH Topic COMING SOON!!!)

Hey titans, how are the refs in the minor leagues?

Check out the following events in tonight’s Rangers. DO FEEL FREE TO ADD AS MANY BASHES AS YOU WANT ON THE REFS AND THE LEAGUE.

Curtis Brown PURPOSELY did a knee on knee hit away from the play, but the puck was near the knee on knee hit. Was there a call? Of course not. Why? Why no call? There better be a suspension to Curtis Brown since a KNEE ON KNEE HIT THAT CAUSES AN INJURY IS AN AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION. Bure will go for an MRI tomorrow.

Lindros gets a tripping call because he and the Sabre bumped against each other off the play. Why is that a call? Why is that a tripping call anyway?


You cannot talk back to the goalies, because if you do you get an Unsportsman-like Conduct. That’s right ladies an gentlemen. Bobby Holik was standing in front of Martin Biron. Biron slashed Holik’s knee (missed call), then hit Holik’s (excuse moi language) in the balls with his stick (missed call) then the puck is cleared, Holik talks to Biron WITHOUT EVEN TOUCHING HIM while Biron gives little shoves, BUT HEY!!……it is still a penalty on Holik. So, he got two minutes for talking to the goalie. Naughty boy Holik!!!

Poti tripped in his zone, no call while the ref looked at it!!!
Samuelsson tripped in the neutral zone before Kalinin score his 2nd goal, NO PENALTY!!!

It is just a shame how this league is turning out to be. It’s a complete joke…it’s such a sissy sport now ain’t it? It’s a sissy sport because you can now dive and get away with it most of the times, and it’s a pathetic sport because the refs are ruining it.

Going back to last night’s penalty shot. Three replays shown on Rangers game night before the game and Handzus NEVER HAD possession of the puck. So, TEXTBOOK RULE SAYS if player has no possession, then it’s not a penalty shot. Heck, i did not even see that last night! Handzus never had complete possession of the puck.

So, my fellow hockey fans. I had enough of this crap. I mean, this is gone lower than European soccer’s level. In that sport, it is mostly all corrupted, especially in the World Cup. Next to win is either England or Germany. I guarantee you so. In the NHL though, there is no corruption…there is no such thing as a ref hating a team more so he calls more penalties on the that team. No conspiracies…

The problem is….the refs just plain suck and have little I.Q. They don’t think, they don’t do their job right. Why can we not see a well officiating game at least 10% of the times?

I invite you to tell me about bad calls that you’ve seen, ridiculous calls that irritated you so much that you wish all the refs could get fired.

Screw the NHL if this keeps going on a consistent basis. I would be interested to watch minor league hockey games if officiating is better. Why do we give Bettman the ratings for this joke? Hockey is not the same…never will be as good as it used to be.

Micki Peroni

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  1. titans says:

    Oh Peroni! You take your hockey waaaaaayyyyy too seriously! You’d think someone kicked your dog!

    It’s the beginning of a new season where new rules are being enforced. These things are to be expected to happen.

  2. mikster says:

    I can wipe my ass with that excuse for refs.

    You don’t miss calls or make them up. I mean, if you see a damn penalty and you’re sure of it (i.e Biron’s two shalshes on Holik) CALL IT. Or when Poti got tripped in his end where the ref did see it…CALL IT.

    What’s so hard about these new rules? Call the holding and grabbing.

  3. nuckstuck says:

    hey all, im new here, but id just like to add that when your team loses to buffalo, of course your going to think the refing was bad. When the canucks lost to the flames, it was awful. but in all truthfulness, the refings fine, its a tuff sport to call (penalty shots, dives, intent to injure…….. ect are always gonna be controversial) and if the calls go against your team, of course your gonna see it as shitty refing. But things have a way of evening themselves out, and honestly, rangers dont really need that much help from the refs to loose right now.

  4. mikster says:

    By the way people. I am not upset that the Rangers lost. I mean i am….but the calls were just too pathetic….

    I would have posted this even with a 10-0 win for the Rangers. It’s just horrible though….i don’t understand it.

    Ok, without teams and player names. WHy not call a penalty when you see one? WHY NOT!!! A trip is a trip a slash is a slash especially after one gets into your mid-section.

    I don’t get it….heck…the Isle’s game was not even that good either.

  5. SabresFanB says:

    I’m not going to disagree with you about the calls, but you’re obviously biased towards the Rangers because there were some bad calls against the Sabres too, well missed calls. Holik was getting away with murder on one shift. I can’t recall exactly what was happening, but he got away with 2 or 3 penalties. Dumont was mugged twice in front of the Rangers net and there was no call the first time and the second time both him and a Ranger got a penalty. But you’re right about the calls that weren’t made. There definetly should have been a penalty when Samuelsson was tripped and Kalinin scored. There were a lot of other things too, but it happens every game to every team. I think its just about time to get over it, because the refs are going to screw over everyone many times before the year is over.

  6. mikster says:

    I saw the Dumont one and Holik was nasty in the 1st period.

    But, heck i would have done the same if it were different teams.

    This is ridiculous….PLAIN RIDICULOUS. The coolest game on earth is becoming more like the “”””””coolest””””” game on earth.

    My applauses to Biron, he came up huge in the 3rd. But, he cannot put that stick in somone’s mid-section.

    You know, i keep saying….fire Ruff. The Sabres have so many key players…..fire him and get a coach who knows more about offense.

  7. TaajAr says:

    Ahh Mik, Mik, Mik….don’t be mad your team got absoutely killed tonight. The Rangers defense is laughable, all of the penalties were a result of the Sabres man handeling the Rangers in their own zone. As for Holik getting a penalty, well Biron got one too. How about the phantom Too Many Men on Ice call towards the Sabres? Resulted in a goal. If not for Blackbourn and that call the Sabres win 7-0 EASILY.

  8. mikster says:

    …..watch the game again and read what a smart and good fan like SabresFanB said.

  9. TaajAr says:

    Why should I watch it again? Your team lost, stop crying…

  10. mikster says:

    I am talking about how the refs suck, not about the Rangers. Just using tonight’s game as an example and would like to hear other stories….

    no one is crying, i am just furious at how this league is changing.

  11. UsedandAbused says:

    I think the refs mess up the game. Although I still think Handuz deserved a penalty shot, but it is true those plays are rarely called. They probably shouldn’t have called it since they never do. The one thing this year that really pissed me off was when John leClair was pushed from behind into the boards by some nobody player and taken out for 3 months. It just doesn’t make sense to me how the refs didn’t call a penalty, stop play, or even fine the player responsible. The Flyers pay alot of money to have that guy on the ice, and some nobody can just get away with a play like that. That is what made the old Flyers so GREAT! They just kicked the shit out of everyone, and the refs could only call so many penalties. I would love to see one team half as tough as that.

  12. Tradedude says:

    Wow! i wish i could remember all the cheap ass calls last night against the islanders. actually heres one.

    Lumme dumps the puck into the Islander zone around the net from the red line. Someone from the isles goes to pick it up. Jonas Hoglund skates across the blueline thinking of wether to forecheck or not. He then decides that he won’t and begins to skate the other way. While the puck is still behind the net. Steve Webb comes straight from the bench charging at Hoglund at a high speed. CRUNCH! Hoglund is injured. the refs almost got in the way of this insident so im sure webb was trying to make sure the refs seen it. then after there’s a fight between Domi and some goof. Domi obviously kicks his ass, not being the one who instigated it obviously. Hoglund was injured for most of the rest of game. Call or no call. obviously refs ignore it and look forward to the fight.

    Man I tell you, if the refs were to receive that hit (as they deserve it), I’m ALMOST damned that they’ll noticed it and i think i just THINK they’ll call something.

    there’s about a million more from these two teams, last year in the play-offs and during the season when they lost 3-2 like their first game they played aginst the isles. i sware you can not get cheaper than that. well maybe the leaf – blues game 1 or 2 back. cujo comes running out to the ref and ref runs away from him as if he were a 3 yr old kid having to take a piss. that’s exageration obviously. lol. that and the leafs getting 12-13 penalties all in the 2nd period. killing them all off, that just made the refs more furious. more dumb ass calls were bates penalty shot, uhh alfredsson cheapshot to the head on tucker. should have gotten game or two suspensions, but there WASN’T EVEN A WHISTLE TO SEE IF HE WAS O.K. the one goal scoreed on cujo thatthe one player literally slashed cujo right in the head. no call obviously. that one where cujo fell on the ref im sure you all heard that 1 b4.

    and it seems to me that this site is heating up over some ranger game last night. and i see ranger fans upset. HA! i never seen the game, lol… so i don’t know why i said that. i like the rangers 1st goal, totally fooled him, i seen it on replAY DURING (damn caps lock) isles- leafs intermission.

  13. Tradedude says:

    o and i forrgot one. 2 mins.into game sundin cuts in front of isbister. 5 seconds later isbister does a pool dive (without a diving board) was there a call. yes! there’s one good call by the refs. GOOOD JOB REFS YOU MUST FEEL REALLY PROUD NOW! you deserve credit. not. that’s what bettman would say. lmao

  14. Aetherial says:

    Leaf fan here,

    The game was not refereed unfairly against Leafs.

    Domi and Corson probably got the decision in their fights but there was no “ass-kicking” except the one the Islanders layed on us all night in our own zone. Islanders out hustled the Leafs, Out gutted them and wanted it more. The Leafs came out like they were skating in mud and played that way until the last 10 minutes of the game. Islanders beat us, fair and square.

    As far as hits, the timing on the Webb hit makes it pretty close to a penalty, the puck was nowhere near Hoglund but he *did* just get rid of it a second before he was levelled so it is a tough call.

    My arguement against the Hoglund hit is the same as Warren Sapp hitting that guy a couple weeks ago. I would say it was “literally” legal but pretty dangerous stuff really. He did the identical thing to Reichel in last year’s playoffs.

    The rule should be like football with QB’s if he gets rid of the ball (puck) and you continue to take 2 or 3 steps (strides) and cream him, it’s a penalty.

    Speaking of which Steve Webb is the most gutless player in the league. He specializes in the “late hit”. Certainly he would not ever be the one to “take care of Dave Scatchard’s business” (drop ’em and *go* someone tough guy!). Hey Scatchard dropped ’em!! I say good on ya’ Scatchard; stand up for yourself/team. Webb takes a stupid penalty running Tucker. Mostly though I find it laughable the way he pulls a disappearing act in opposing teams rinks and doesn’t even hit any more! He was silent in Toronto in last years playoffs ROFL!

  15. Habs4ever says:

    Webb hits clean. No elbow no high stick, just shoulder.l Hoglund is just a wuss.

  16. TaajAr says:

    Well Miksters TSN is reporting he’s more then likely gone for the season and playoffs. But all of the sources I read told me what I knew, it was an unintentional and unillegal hit.

  17. Tradedude says:

    i agree hoglund is a wuss, but the fact webb is no bryan marchment ill have to disagree on. he wouldn’t be in this league if it wasn’t for his cheapshots. webb doesn’t play to win he plays to fight he has 0 goals in his past what? 70 – 80 games. including last year.

  18. JClark87 says:


    Cry me a river!

    I know the reffing is bad. Avery’s charging call was a horse**** call in the Stars-Wings game last night, but there were bad calls and non-calls both ways. You can’t control it so don’t whine about it.

  19. Aetherial says:

    For someone who plays to fight, he sure won’t drop em.

    Hoglund is a wuss? This is the first start he has missed since 98 or 99 or soemthing like that? Did you see the hit? The fact that he was skating under his own steam is a credit to him. He got LEVELLED! Get your facts straight dumb-ass.

    Webb spends his time skating around looking to blindside someone and his biggest hits are away from the play. I won’t say he hits dirty (with one exception I have seen, Sundin last year).

    I just find he is gutless, won’t drop him and disappears in opposition buildings.

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