Lots of News to Report

Tons of news report, including Comrie, and more. According to TSN.ca, the Edmonton Oilers have refused to confirm or deny that forward Mike Comrie has renewed his request to be traded.

Comrie’s future with the Oilers first came to light during the NHL Entry Draft this past June in Nashville when speculation had him going to the Ottawa Senators in a possible trade.

In other news, JS Giguere, and the Anaheim Mighty Ducks still are far from complete with a deal that would involve him returning to Anaheim. After making $900, 000 last season, his spectacular playoff run, has upped it to a $7 million dollar deal. The Ducks have accordingly offered $4 million, but Giguere indeed, is seeking for a $7 million dollar deal.

Also known, the Florida Panthers have reached a deal with free agent Lyle Odelein, terms were not disclosed.

Finally, netminder Marty Turco, who lead the NHL last season in save percentage, is said to be close to reaching a deal with the Dallas Stars. The Stars have reportedly offered a $3.5 million deal, but Turco is seeking $4.5 million.

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  1. Zamboni says:

    The big hang up on the Turco deal is that the Stars are offering a one year deal, while Turco is looking for a multiyear deal.

    Frankly, I can’t see why the Stars aren’t jumping at the chance to lock this guy up for as long as possible

  2. Megaroset says:

    To think I was cheering so hard for the ducks and Giguere during the playoffs. I have lost all respect for him. EARN your money. One playoff run doesen’t mean you’re suddenly an all star! 7 Million, gimme a break. I’d pay him 3 million max, and I’d even say that’s steep for an unproven goaltender.

  3. vlad27 says:

    Seven Million is ridiculous. Doesn’t Brodeur, who’s already posted several NHL records make something in that range?

  4. infoengine says:

    What are possiblities that comrie could go. Who would want him? Who Could afford him? What could they trade? What would edmonton be looking for?

  5. Gforce says:

    Giguere indeed has his head up his Dairy-Uere,(ass)..7mil..ha funny maybe if he’d won the big game, the one who did win the big game is getting payed 7mil and he plays for NJ.He’s not even worth 4mil. Turco on the other hand is.I’d love to see Comrie in a Bruins Uniform they need a #2 Center,He’d fit the bill,Considering what Lowe’s Price is ??

  6. MossRocks says:

    It’s not even really a rumour. Lowe is just trying to drum up interest in his team before the season. Plenty of teams could afford to pay him, but few could come up with talent to replace what Comrie means to the Oilers. I can’t see Lowe making a deal because of this reason – he can’t get equivalent value in return.

  7. devfanman4 says:

    I thought he’s making $6/year, but I could be wrong.

  8. wheresthesoda says:

    giguere would be lucky to even make 4 million.

    next year he will not be like he was in the playoffs.

    it was a glory season for giguere

  9. bruinfan37 says:

    If Boston was smart, they’d look into it. But, as we all know, they won’t

  10. Gforce says:

    who brought the cool kid,

  11. rangerfan2000 says:

    Look at his stats the past few seasons, he has improved every season and still he was really good anyway, just the record did not show it. But I agree, he should not be asking for so much… yes, he should ask for more but not so much.

  12. TC_4 says:

    Well, everyone knows that Comrie has always thought that he was bigger then the city, and bigger then the entire NHL. Something keeps telling me that this is ONCE AGAIN the Toronto media wanting one of our players, and just trying to stir the pot. Remember the whole Ryan Smyth thing just over a month ago? “Oh this is true, Smitty is comming to the Leafs for Petr Svoboda, that’s a good deal for Lowe too” and what not. Truth be told, we need to move some forwards out of here, but I don’t want it to be Comrie, he’s the closet thing to a first line centre we have.

  13. telavian says:

    I think that Giguere’s request is simply unrealistic. I have no doubts that he will be the heir to Roy, but he’s not quite at that level yet. He should sign a 2 year contract for the $4 million offered by the Ducks. If he raises the bar, give him the $7 or $9 million contract. In the meantime, he has to prove that he deserves that kind of money. Don’t get me wrong, I admire Jiggy. I had the pleasure of watching him play in the “Q” league when he was with the Halifax Mooseheads. I just don’t think he’s worth that kind of money at this time.

    Turco’s request is more reasonable. Why the Stars are balking at signing him for $4.5 million baffles me. This is a reasonable offer for a talented goalie. Sure, he has no ring, no hardware, no Cup, but that is why he’s only going for 4.5 million. Dallas would be foolish to not to resign him at such a price.

  14. daredevil says:

    Hasek will make $6 million.

    Giguere wants $7 million.

    Cujo makes $8 million for the next 2 years.

    Isn’t that up side down?

  15. swedishvoice says:

    Think it’s impossible to say what the Oilers is going to do… But a thougt… as a Devils.

    Edmonton Knows that they will never (not even if hell frezzes over) get the same kinde of talent for him in return so maybe the devils could unload a vet or two for him some one that could help out there youngsters… May be Brylin…

    Althow it’s just wishfull thinking…

  16. Zamboni says:

    The Stars have done a lot of contract moves that baffle me of late. They let Hatcher go saying they didn’t want to take on any long term contracts. Okay, fair enough, considering the pending financial disaster the league is looking at next summer. I’ll believe them at that point seeing as they were shopping Guerin and his remaining 4 years and $36 million. Okay, Hatch is gone, Guerin can stay, they dump Sydor and his long term deal for Numminen and his one year deal. Another good move. Then they tack another year onto Mo’s contract, keeeping him under wraps through the 2004-2005 season. Good idea, that’ll keep him from playing a year in Europe or the WHA if the NHL comes to a screeching halt next fall, but you might as well have taken the opportunity to ink the pact that’d let him retire a Star like everyone knows he will.

    Anyway, here’s where it gets real messed up. While balking at inking Turco at a fair price over the length of the contract, they sign Jere Lehtinen to a four year deal. Um, weren’t we not signing any more long term deals? Don’t get me wrong, Jere is one helluva player, but he’s not your franchise goalie. Mr. Armstrong, enough with the games! Give Marty his $18 million over four years and consider yourself blessed.

  17. jofa says:

    It was actually the local t.v. station CFRN that was reporting the Comrie bit. To be honest, I would love them to trade Comrie IF there was a good trade to be had. York could be moved to center again and would be as good or better than Comrie there.

    I mean, if there was a deal involving Legwand, or a good quarterback defenseman for the anemic Oiler PP, I would say go for it.

  18. jofa says:

    I think his appearances on Jay Leno have gone to his head. There’s no way Gigeure can expect $7 million, especially in this offseason market. One playoff run and the guy gets visions of dollar signs around his head. Come on…

  19. jofa says:

    I’ve heard some people also talk about a deal involving Comrie for Gomez…

  20. BosBrn77 says:

    Sounds like Iginla in Calgary and Theodore in Montreal. Both had great seasons and asked for the moon, but they have not come close to matching what they did!

    This is why the NHL needs a cap before it goes to Hell!

  21. swedishvoice says:

    Not a bad idea, altow id rather send Brylin than Gomez, and i think the Oilers have a better use for Brylin than Gomez. Brylin is a vet and can theach the oilers youngsters a thing ore two…

  22. habsoverserver says:

    What is the source that Giguere wants seven million? No agent would make his client look that stupid. Theodore got four to five million and Turco is being offered less than four. I can’t believe Giguere wants that much money.

  23. dkball7 says:

    He makes (for some strange reason) $ 6,891,103.13, the same as Stevens

  24. G_Money says:

    yeah, exactly, its pretty bizarre.

  25. G_Money says:

    it would appear so.

  26. G_Money says:

    tsn.ca, top story.

  27. G_Money says:

    yeah, its pretty pathetic. And i thought this guy was in it for the game….7 million…shaiza!

  28. G_Money says:

    yes. It is pretty obvious he just had a good year. Even so, that season wasnt worth a 6.1 million upgrade!

  29. Bishop7979 says:

    I’m sorry but the oilers, although stocked with young talent (a word that really means next to nothing the the NHl, see Falloon, Daigle and Lindros) are already a pretty weak team after the lose of Carter, Marchant and Niiminaa but take Comrie out of the picture and really, they could phone in their season

  30. habsoverserver says:

    Either tsn is wrong or his agent is an idiot.

  31. G_Money says:

    agent is an idiot i guess

  32. WildWing89 says:

    Jiggy is worth at least 4 mil. He’s been been solid as a Ducks goalie. He will sign before training camp, even if it is for only 4 mil. I also doubt he’s asking for 7 mil, as the rumor was reported by Larry Brooks, and it don’t make sense as BM said they weren’t close, but weren’t far either on a deal. Him asking for 7 mil would be very far from what they would sign him for.

  33. TC_4 says:

    Simply put, Comrie is this league’s next Doug Gilmour. He’s that kind of player, and he will achieve that level. I didn’t know that it was CFRN, all I had heard was that TSN reported it, so I didn’t know that part of it. I still very much doubt it will happen. If he does go, they had better package him for a big name player, maybe a Jeff O’Neill, or Keith Primeau.

  34. TC_4 says:

    A package of Comrie, Rita, and Horcoff to Philly for Primeau and a 5th round pick. The catch, Philly picks up 2.5 mil of Primeau’s 5 mil a year contract. Would you do it Philly fans??? Edmonton needs a power forward, someone who could be the first line centre, who’s got expierence, and who can win faceoffs.

  35. RedLine says:

    The Bruins may very well have themselves an excellent 2nd line centre right in their own backyard……rookie prospect by the name of Sergei Zinojev.

  36. G_Money says:


  37. OldNord says:

    For Brylin, NJ would not have a 3rd choice. Oilers have Reasoner, Pisani, Moreau (not signed) who are role players, they don’t need him, surely in a trade implicating Comrie.

  38. RangerSteve says:

    Regarding Comrie, hockeyfirst.com is reporting that the Rangers, Devils, and Maple Leafs have already contacted the Oilers regarding his services/availability. I can’t see any trades happening between the Oilers and these 3. The Oilers would need a centerman back in return after losing Todd Marchant via Free Agency, and dealing Comrie for a winger would leave 2 huge holes up the middle. Rangers have Lindros, Holik, Nedved, and Messier, all which are well out of the price range for the Oilers(I highly doubt taht Lowe would want any of these guys). The most logical situation would be for the Devils to acquire Comrie since they just lost Nieuwendyk to the Leafs. Still not sure what the Devs would give up. Anybody have any idea what type of package any of these teams could offer?

  39. RangerSteve says:

    Philly sure as hell woudl do it, but i guarantee you the Oilers don’t. Primeau sucks, every Philly fan I’ve talked to wishes this guy was ran outta town. He is a solid first line center, has experience and can win faceoffs, but that pretty much ends what he is right there. Edmonton is strapped at this point. They need to be stingy with contracts due to the $$$ situation in EDM. I realy don’t think there is anybody out there right now the Oilers could get that could replace Comrie or fill a spot at center. The guy was a ghost last year in teh playoffs, we all know it, I juts wish i knew how much $$$ he was really looking for. Maybe Smyth can talk him into taking less for the team, who knows.

  40. orlandomac says:

    I might be the only one to say this….

    but…. the reason Brodeur only gets close to 7 Mil is because he signed a few years ago, and he is a Devil, they won’t pay top dollar to many anyways…

    Plus he is a loyal guy…

    Giguere broke some records last year putting him in a very elite group of goaltending….

    he also did it with a the Ducks…

    his stats playing on such a bad team have been phenominal…..

    So even if it 7 Mil, I know goalies who make much more and are not up to his calibre….

    I don’t begrudge these players any of their money… they are the reason why I watch… and for these owners who have other businesses that make vast fortunes, and reap all the free advertising and marketting that comes from owning a Sports team, while writing off wining and dining their other businesses clients on the Sports Franchise, I do begrudge them for also looking to turn over huge profits on a Sporting Franchise that saves their primary business close to 100 mil a year, Yes I begrudge them.

    I believe like the big soccer clubs in Europe each team should be put on the Public market, stocks traded so fans like me, who can rarely get in to see a game can support my team properly. This of course will never happen because contrary to popular belief, they not only save alot of money on marketting, and advertising, but make a huge profit to boot…

    I personally follow the game to watch the players play, not the owners glutamy, and believe they should get the majority of the profits…..

    not the greedy owners.

  41. Gforce says:

    the contracts should be like the NFL :NOT Guarantee,that would make a mark..

  42. telavian says:

    Dallas is going to pay if they do not sign Turco to a long term deal. C’mon, signing Lehtinen for 4 years and leaving Turco up in the air! Give me a break! Like you said, Jere is a fantastic player, but he is not the franchise. Turco is. His request is extremely reasonable considering what other goalies are raking in, like Theodore and Belfour. The Stars would be getting a great goalie at a discounted price!

  43. TheCoach says:

    The Ottawa Senators have an abundance of centermen, so if they were to make a deal, you could expect either radek Bonk or Todd White going the other way. I think Comrie is a great player, but Ottawa has great chemistry and they are so close to winning the cup, I don’t think they need to make a major deal like this. The only player I would trade is Bonk.

  44. BosBrn77 says:

    I totally agree.

    Or… INCENTIVE based! Earn what you make… period!

  45. habsoverserver says:

    No, TSN was wrong as I suspected.

  46. TC_4 says:

    I don’t believe it’s that they can’t afford him, I believe that it’s that they don’t want to pay him the same money that Ryan Smyth got, when Smyth right now is the better player.

  47. TC_4 says:

    Not Todd White, he’s a product of playing with Alfredsson. Decent player, but he’s just so comfortable with the Sens that it’s the only place he’ll produce. Ottawa needs(same as Edmonton)a true number 1 at centre. Comrie isn’t the answer. Bonk wouldn’t be bad in Edmonton, but I would rather over pay for Comrie because he has more upside.

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