Lots of Talk, Especially on the Rangers, and a lot more

Even if the Comrie deal is done, there is still lots of other hockey stuff to talk about.

There’s a lot of Rangers talk on here since they are bound to make a trade between December 27 and early-mid Januray……….I’ll tell you why.

What does General Muckler really want? Or does that matter? It’s what the Senators really need.

Some short articles sent in by HTR members, some are quite interesting to open discussions.

Recent trade rumros around the disfunctional media.

HockeyTradeRumors Mid-Seaon Reports coming up, volunteers…get ready.

A prospect site that lost interest from me.

Annnnd, yes…this time my off-topic rants are here, and they could be quite controversial.Hockey in the NHL is crossing a very long and unsafe wooden bridge tied up with ropes. Same as the NHLPA that is not even thinking about crossing it, unless it comes to an accord with the NHL. I pick no one’s side on this issue since I think both Bob Goodenow and Gary Bettman are arrogant pinheads. They both talk a lot of BS and both think that they are very powerful.

Think again! NHL fans will be asking for both their heads as new trophies if they cannot get an agreement settled. I found an interesting article on TSN.ca.


“Daly says both sides are in a negotiation “timeout mode” since the union proposed a five percent across-the-board salary cut. Last month, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman informed union chief Bob Goodenow that the owners would like to resume contract talks.”

A timeout mode? Get out of here, what is a timeout mode for these two? “I made my offer, now I need time to think about it…I need to take a timeout because I work so hard everyday, but we can still work this while I am in Aruba.” I am sure these two guys are very busy everyday, right? Riiiiiiiight. The only one who is really pushing for an agreement is Bettman, which I respect, but a $30M hard salary cap is outrageous and ridiculous. I would only agree to a salary cap that’s at the very least $45M and a luxury tax. Anything lower, I will be against it as well.

Bob Goodenow is Hockey’s Scrooge and just about every media newspaper, site, anything…..must join in and fight. Us fans should join the NHLFA, build it, making it very popular and that way…the fans will have more of a say. I think a deal will be reached, and even if it is reached, Goodenow will be known as Hockey History’s Bad Man.


written by: hockey_man1468

“The AHL is about to implement a less radical idea for opening up the game. It just might work, and it does not involve eliminating hitting!

The AHL is going to increase the width of the neutral zone, without decreasing the size of the offensive zones. “How?” you ask, well it’s actually quite simple. The plan is to add 2 feet to the goal side of each blue line, and one foot to either side of the red line.

That will mak each line three feet wide instead of one foot as per usual. Thus, defensmen looking for that long lead pass will have an extra 2 feet of blue line, and then an extra foot of redline to work with in order to make the play without it being called a two line pass. The edge of the blueline however is the same distance from the net, so clearing the puck and plays at the blueline will be unaffected.

The new trial is for games in late December and early January, with a schedule listed on TSN.”

Thank you hockeyman_1468.

I find it a step towards making the game better and more interesting. However, is five feet really going to make a difference in the neutral zone? In total, the neutral zone will have a 5-foot increase. Is that enough? I don’t think it is. It may give some more room, but not a whole lot. It could definitely work for very talented skilled skating forwards, but it will not make the trap weaker. The best way to kill the trap, which is killing the game of hockey, is by eliminating the two line pass. That’s the best way to do it, except teams that depend heavily on their system, like the Wild and the Devils, will not agree to that change. And, why should they? They win with the system they play. It’s selfish from them to think that way, but it’s true. Yet, I prefer they stick that reason up their………noses…….and do us fans, and the game of hockey, a favor.

I wish we could see another Bobby Orr type in the future, but as if that’s going to happen with the trap systems?

Anyway, now moving on to Rangers Hockey.

Larry Brooks of the New York Post reported a few days ago that the Rangers dispatched pro scout Gilles Leger. I am thankful he mentioned that, but he missed something quite specific. Gilles Leger may be known by many of you, but a lot of people don’t know who he is. He’s the man responsible for the Quebec Nordiques to draft Joe Sakic 15th overall in the 1987 Entry Draft. He’s also the man who got the Nordiques to trade Eric Lindros and the rest of the gang for super star Peter Forsberg. When Leger joined Sather in Edmonton, he was the one who scouted Billy Guerin, Janne Niinimaa, and Roman Hamrlik for the Oilers to acquire via-trade.

He is now Glen Sather’s most trustworthy scout and is currently in Detroit scouting the Red Wings and possibly their farm system. However, that does not mean the Rangers will definitely land Curtis Joseph. Leger has been scouting teams since mid-late November, such as the Edmonton Oilers. So, he’s definitely looking at Curtis Joseph and other players, but it does not mean that Joseph will go to the Rangers. All this means is that Glen Sather put his man out there to scout teams in order to prepare for a trade. Yes, the Rangers will make a trade after the Roster Freeze is over, from late December till maybe mid-Januray.

The idea of bringing in Curtis Jospeh is only confusing, and it is even more complicated for the Rangers to acquire a new goaltender. Curtis Joseph comes in, that means that either Poti or Lindros will be going to the Red Wings. Does it make much sense? Lindros going to the Wings? Why? They are red hot, and with Datsyuk, Zetterberg, and Yzerman down the middle, there is no reason for the Wings to add yet another centre. Unless they find a way to move Zetterberg back to his original position, LW, and make some other type of roster changes.

Poti going to the Red Wings may not be such a bad idea. The Wings have the defensive minded corps to make up for Poti’s mistakes, and Poti is a far better fit for the Western Conference. This skilled defenseman needs to skate and manuever more freely, and he can do that out in the West. Still, it’s a long shot.

So, trading for Cujo is already quite complicated. The next complicated step is trading Dunham. To who? Where? And for who? The Bruins do need some improvements, but they have little to offer, besdies Rolston…but I would not trade Dunham for him in the first place. Dunham to the Flyers? No way. Dunham to…..ok, that’s enough. There is no real place for Dunham.

Also, if the Rangers do acquire Curtis Joseph, that should put an end to the Jagr trade talks.

So, if Sather can trade Dunham for a great return, and acquire Cujo for nothing, then sure I’d pull it off as well….but looks too complicated. Yet….Leger could help Sather swing a three-way deal that the Rangers benefit from.

So, Sather’s top scout is out there…Rangers are definitely looking to make a trade.

Reading the latest reports on the Senators it appears that General Manager John Muckler is looking to make changes, yet says he will stick to his guns, but wants a gritty forward. Come on old man, make your mind up. The Senators are not performing as expected. Scoring may not be that big an issue, but it would not hurt getting a youngster in Kristian Huselius, who could make another forward more expandable to trade for a better return.

The Senators may want grit….but where are they really going to find it? Or, do they really need it? Even before cheap shot artist Vaclav Varada got injured, the Senators wanted to add more grit. Why? What does it really change? Will it change scoring? Defense? Goaltending? No.

I think that the Senators are a mislead team. I like Alfredsson and all, but he’s not the type whose “C” on the jersey spells character. He’s a decent leader, but not a great captain. The Senators need to add more leadership to the team, and a veteran who will stand up and show true leadership. Will Adam Graves hurt that much? Hey, he’s still pretty gritty with his strength. Why not?

Muckler is put to the test here, a major one.

Here are some articles I’d like to answer myself, you can join in too.

STLBluesFan writes:

“I have been a frequent visitor to this site but just recently joined. I’ve noticed that not much Blues talk is going on. It seems that the Rangers get more attention the Blues, even though the Blues are ranked #1 in many rankings. Many will say that the reason is because they haven’t won a Stanley Cup and always choke in the playoffs. Thats still no reason to ignore what they are doing now. What are they doing now, you ask? Well, 43 points and a few games at hand on the teams with more point. But still we need to talk about the Rangers and their trade escapades, even though they haven’t even made the playoffs in 6 or so years. Maybe you’ll pay attention when they hoist the Cup in June. But probably not, because they always choke. ;)”

Well, on here it is a lot up to fans mentioning about their teams, and not just small articles. I’ve given my attention to the Blues, as I even made my prediction that it will be a Blues-Flyers Stanley Cup Final. You shouldn’t be complaining about your team being unmentioned Mr. BluesFan, because we need St. Louis Blues fans to show us their pride and tell us about their team.

afanofthelakings writes:

“The Kings are at the top of the Pacific Division, and they seems to stay. Before the begining of the season, we were are good were the changes

Answer : Very good !!!

Cechmanek, Robitaille, Stumpel, Klatt and Straka are doing the job !!

And Palffy is better than ever !

Yes the Kings are 3rd in Western Conference

The trades were good !

Palffy is in the TOP 5 with is 35 pts

You have Visnovsky playing very well also.

A new goon has made is place in the team : Avery

A young player, the next leader of the team : Frolov

Good veterents : Robitaille and Klatt

A good seasonal goalie : Cechmanek

A backup getting better : Huet

New power in Kings sweater : Straka

2 2003 draft picks playing : Brown and Pirnes

Only one problem still causing trouble : INJURIES

The Kings are the most injured team

Will they be able to stay at the top ???”

True, the Kings are playing very well as a highly injured team. Don’t forget the fact, though, that they are also in one of the weakest divisions. Adding Straka was great, Cechmanek is good enough, and acquiring another winger would not be such a bad idea (Satan, Huselius, Carter). Still, will this last long? It depends on how Dallas plays in the 2nd half, and the Ducks. You know, kings never had a good ending in history, but maybe the Los Angeles Kings will put an end to that.

Americasteamredwings writes:

“After some thought, I have devised a three-way deal that will help all those involved, the three teams being Washington, New York Rangers, and Detroit.

Detroit sends Curtis Joseph and $4 million to New York for Eric Lindros, then New York flips Joseph to Washington for Jaromir Jagr.

The Wings, in theory, save some cash(about $4 mill) by picking up Lindros, and they simply pass this on to the Rangers for this year. They don’t have to worry about the rest of Joseph’s contract, that now belongs to the Caps.

Next, the Rangers add Jagr’s $11 million, but, they remove Lindros from thier roster and only add $7 million, and only $3 million this year after the Detroit money, which is chump change to them. As Leetch, Messier, etc. contracts expire, the Rangers payroll absorbs Jagr’s salary without much of a blip.

Joseph’s $8 mill salary goes to the Caps, who save $3 million in each of the next two years, as well as much more by being rid of Jagr’s guaranteed cash.

Could this work?”

Well, it cannot work because you missed one big piece of that deal. What happens to Olaf Kolzig? There is no way that the Capitals will re-arrange their goaltending by just acquiring a more expensive goaltender with three years on his contract. Still, a three way deal could work with the Rangers and Red Wings included as two parties. Boston or Philadelphia may be the 3rd party of the a deal.

Recent Trade Rumors from Spector’s Rumros.

“TORONTO GLOBE & MAIL: Eric Duhatschek reports Florida Panthers winger Kristian Huselius could be turning into “this generation’s… Michael Nylander”, meaning he’s a talented but soft player who avoids traffic in front of the net. The Anaheim Mighty Ducks may be interested in him but Duhatschek wonders if Huselius would fill their needs right now. The reporter believes a better bet would be “game but undersized forward Niklas Hagman, who’s like Huselius has been struggling to score this season.”

Wrong, Huselius is not even close being a Nylander type player. Just because he is soft, doesn’t mean he is like Nylander. Huselius is more of a shooter than a passer, since he has one of the most accurate shots. Hagman could definitely be useful on the Senators, but to what extent? Would he make them THAT much better? No. Also, the Panthers will not just give him away for a draft pick.

TORONT STAR/WAYMORESPORTS.COM: reports young Montreal Canadiens centre Mike Ribeiro has finally established himself as one of the club’s top two centres. That means Yanic Perreault, set to return soon from a groin injury, will have to either accept playing on the third line or ask to be traded.

Sure, he should be traded. And, a team like the Atlanta Thrashers, who are not a good face off team, should definitely take him.

We’re nearing the midway mark of the regular season, and just like at the start of the season with HTR’s Season Preview, there will be Mid-Seaon Reports. I’ll start asking for any volunteers to write up on Southeast Division teams. We’ll be assigning by divisions, better to do…and more organized. So, once we got the Southeast Division assigned, next division will be presented to volunteers. Just to give you an idea of how the format will be:

Team’s Performance Offense/Defense/Goaltending/Coaching). Grading Players and Coaches. Changes that Should Take Place. What to Expect in the 2nd half.

Obviously, HTR members expect to have good written reports, so….that’s what we all want, people who write well.

So, if you’re interested in writing up a Mid-Season Report for a Southeast Division team, e-mail me at m__peroni@go.com

That’s m__peroni@go.com. It has two underscores __.

I’ve been a fan of prospects ever since I saw Patrik Stefan’s photo on THN’s issue that year. And, since the Rangers drafted what should have been a lethal scoring machine, Pavel Brendl. Ever since that, I’ve been watching Entry Drafts every year and used to read Hockey’sFuture.com and McKeen’sHockey.com all the time. Of course, McKeen’s Hockey is a pay site with lots of members who read professional scouting reports and seek Fantasy Hockey League (ahem ahem, cough cough) help.

I’ve been really disappointed with Hockey’sFuture.com, as of late. Not only do they have too many lazy writers, who type up an article in a matter of…months, but they don’t even have such a professional level. Since I knew I was moving to Florida, I checked out to see Hockey’sFuture Florida Panthers section, and….they had no employees. I signed up, gave them my very good resume` and nicely they replied back answering that they have already hired other people to take over the Panthers. Oh well, easy comes easy goes. About less than a month ago, I checked the Panthers section again (months passed since my application) and they did not even have a writer. I was upset. So, I, once again, applied for a position there….but this time I got no answer. Come on….they can’t even give me an answer?

Rude and unprofessional on their part. Yesterday I found out that…HEY (!) they do have a writer. Just one…and it’s for the minor league team, not the pro Panthers team. They still have yet to rank the Panthers prospects.

So, either they are completely ignoring the Florida Panthers, who have a very bright future, or they are just acting unprofessional and unpolite….or both.

I am sorry that happened, I liked that site but they lost an everyday reader. I rather pay $5 bucks a month reading true professional scouting reports, and get full service from McKeen’s Hockey. You know, they have this board where you can ask questions and I asked a question about Rangers prospect Marcus Jonasen. A day after that, one of their staff members replied by telling me they will ask a Swedish staff member of theirs, who does a lot fo scouting work, about Marcus Jonasen and give me a report. In less than a week, I received a great response about the Rangers prospect (a very good prospect too).

That’s a professional site, and it’s worth $5 bucks, even if you can get Fantasy Hockey League help for much cheaper ($1.50) on HTR (JOIN!).

Finally, my off-topic rants. Now, I don’t want to start up verbal fighting on here so….don’t take all this too personally and too seriously. It’s my opinion, my rant.

First of all, the light rant. I am a fan of Classic Rock, and I listen to it 99% of the times everytime I am on the road. Last night, with my dad, I heard Turn The Page by Bob Seger. I like that song, a lot. Unfortunately, they played the worst version performed by………..

ready for this?….

S**ttalica (Metallica). Yes, I know…many of you are fans of Metallica, I ain’t….I never liked them. Still, that’s not the point. These guys ruined a very good song by a great classic rock ‘n roller. I can’t stand these new bands re-singing great classic songs. I mean, Madonna singing American Pie? She should be banned out of this country for that! No I am just kidding. But still, it’s just horrible and pathetic.

My second rant is quite a heavy one. I’ve pretty much raised my middle finger to a lot of socialist Europeans. I cannot stand them, they are a bunch of clowns who ruin society, especially in Europe. The mass European media is socialist (far worse than communists) and communist, and they are far worse than the pathetic unreliable New York Times and LA Times here in the United States. European socialists have criticized the US for “humiliating” Saddam Hussein on TV. They actually are defending the devil himself? Are you kidding me? I watched the European channels with my satellite, and these people are just….sick. They seriously are sick, they need mental help. None of them have even congratulated the US for capturing that evil human butcher killing machine bastard. They defend him. The majority of those Europeans don’t just look at the US President and US government as arrogant evil people. They LOOK AT US CITIZENS as arrogant and evil as well. They hate you, they are all jealous of you. Shame on them, they disgust me and embarass me since I am originally European myself, unfortunately watching Europe’s beginning of the end with the European Union.

Anyway, that’s my big rant. Hope you enjoyed the whole piece though. And by the way, If you want to challenge me in any kind of hockey related topic, you are welcomed to do so by submitting an article using my topic bubble, you’ll be included in my next CM article.

Thanks very much and Happy Holidays!

55 Responses to Lots of Talk, Especially on the Rangers, and a lot more

  1. cwthrash says:

    It’s these political topics that have brought out the judgmental side in me. I’m a firm believer of not judging other people, at all. One because it just isn’t possible to do so, and two it is most definitely not my place to try. But being imperfect as I am, I slip at times.

    Bottom line is that I didn’t really believe in what you said or how you said it. I thought the tone of it went quite a bit overboard, but maybe that’s just me. I probably should have let it go, would have been better for both of us.

    I try to keep it as light as possible. Not for the sake of being competitive, it’s just my nature to do so on enjoyable topics (hockey definitely falls into that category), We’re all here talking about something we love, we should have a good time as much as possible.

    If it turns nasty, which it always does at times, I try to not be part of it. But if I feel that I must, I usually reach into my bag of tricks accumulated over the last few decades and turn into a subtle smart-ass. Going for the obvious comebacks just aren’t as fun and thought-provoking. Again, that’s just part of my way.

  2. devfanman4 says:

    I’m a fan of the Devils because I appreciate their defensive style (it also helps that I live within 30 mins of the Meadowlands). 0-0 games can be even more exciting than 8-6 games, but at the same time 0-0 games can be boring as hell if the shot totals are low. Contrary to the generalization everyone has on the Devils, they play an exciting game that sometimes gets boring (doesn’t every team?). I just don’t understand the point of the two line pass rule? Who thought that up? What good does it do? Throw it out!

    I also like fighting and I’m American, does that surprise you too? (you know…according to the NHL, Americans don’t watch hockey because of the fighting)

  3. habs_punk says:

    holy crap, that was one of the funniest things ive read, you are soooo completely ignorant of canada. lol, canadian memorial day? lol, oh man, we have remembrance day, thats why i said remembrance day, the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, can you figure that one out? you are an idiot arent you.

  4. GretzNYR99 says:

    I’ve got no problem with it.

    I’ve already stated what I feel here, and you have an understanding of it, so we don’t need to go down that route again.

  5. GretzNYR99 says:

    Bud Poile, former Washington gm and current Nashville GM, I’m pretty sure he was the key figurehead in the instatement of the rule. I don’t remember where I heard it, maybe a Rangers/Predators game a while back. I could be wrong.

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