Lots of teams scouting FLA/MON game

Team w/scouts at FLA/MON tonight: STL (2 of them), COL, DET, VAN, CAL, EDM, LA, PIT, MIN, WASH, OTT, TOR (also 2), PHOE.


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  1. alpalstewart says:

    not sure what the oilers are scouting. Subban is as untouchable as they come and markov is the defencemen version of hemsky(always hurt). and i wouldnt pencil yannik weber in as a top 4 defenceman but he is 22 years old with half a season under his belt where he hasnt disapointed.

    omark straight across for weber seems fair
  2. blaze says:

    So apparently Ryan Johanson is available for a young stud D. Now outside of his strong WJC I dont know much about his game. Im sure for a young blue chipper CLB would only be interested in Schenn or Gardiner. Now I would loathe to give up either but lets be honest with the depth on D the loss would be covered. So the question Im asking is can Johanson be a first line center in the near future? Knowing how difficult they are to acquire and the potential for a good fit with Kessel, a big talented Canadian center, is this something to look into?

  3. mapleleafsfan says:

    Ah I'd love to get Johansen. I haven't seen him play a whole lot either but what I have seen he's been great. He lit up the WHL but hasn't really done anything at the nhl level. Not sure if Burke would want to target another project at first line. If hes trading Schenn it would have to be for someone established I imagine. Getting Johansen would definitely take more than gardiner though. Colombus needs a big impact defencemen asap, gardiners been good but needs work. 

    Coutourier is staying with the flyers, I wonder if Schenn does too.. I haven't seen him play but his numbers are pretty weak so far and Phili doesn't need him up. 

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