Already lots of talk about movement in Toronto

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  1. leafy says:

    Interesting the Leafs are interested in Mike Babcock with 1 year still left on his contract. I would imagine they’d have to give up a roster player. Who else remembers Matthieu Schneider for Bob Gainey?

    • nordiques100 says:

      that isnt allowed anymore as Bettman killed that.

      however Holland wants some comp back in again. cant blame him

      • The can’t see the wings not offering Babcock an extension…unless they miss the playoffs next year.

        He’s a great coach. One of my favorite coaches to watch adjust the flow of the game.

        • leafs_wallace93 says:

          Here is Toronto’s pitch…

          Babcock apparently has a monster ego and he can’t make history in Detroit. Winning a cup in Toronto makes him a hockey God.

          Leafs offer him a larger voice in the organization. Babcock and Shanahan appear to be friendly.

          Toronto can out bid any team in hockey.

          He’s conquered Detroit, what’s really left for him there? In Toronto he wouldn’t have to uproot his family.

          Toronto offers more professional satisfaction and money IMO.

  2. 93killer93 says:

    I think there is a chance Babcock comes to Toronto. The coach of Grand Rapids’, Jeff Blashill, contract is up next year as well. I’ve seen a few sources stating Detroit is refusing to let teams speak with him this summer, incase they need him to take over after next season.

  3. kessel_leafs81 says:

    how much longer on carlysle contract?

  4. leafy says:

    I’ve had it with these fuckers. No wonder the Leafs are the Rob Ford of hockey, ridiculed by the entire hockey world, and frankly who could blame them?

    I hope I’m proven 100% wrong, but I have zero optimism with this dumb ass melon head behind the bench. I’m boycotting the Leafs. No hockey for 2 years. A hockey hunger strike. See you in 2 years!!

  5. leafy says:

    A copy of the letter I just sent to Leafs management (I urge all of you to write to the Leafs and voice your concerns):

    To Tim Leiweke, Brendan Shanahan and Dave Nonis:

    As a passionate Leafs fan for 40 years and knowledgeable hockey fan, I am deeply disappointed, puzzled, and offended by the 2-year contract extension offered to coach Randy Carlyle.

    It is blatantly clear and obvious to me that Carlyle is unable to convey a system to this team. To be sure, the Leafs have no system in the offensive zone, no system in the defensive zone, and no system in the neutral zone. Even an expansion team with zero talent should be playing a system that is clearly noticeable to fans. The Leafs do not play a system.

    The coach is ultimately responsible for this. At the very least, he is a POOR FIT with this team. At most, he is a terrible coach. The truth is somewhere in between. How can you not see that? How can you justify this outrageous extension?

    But what I find most disturbing and distressing of all is, not the actual contract extension (as ridiculous & offensive as that is), but the fact that management does not SEE this as being ridiculous and totally outrageous.

    As such, I am boycotting your joke of a hockey franchise. I will no longer watch the games nor purchase any products affiliated with the Leafs. I only pray that other passionate Leaf fans will do the same so that there may be real change in this formerly fine organization.

    Good luck.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      I’ll still watch but agree with you. Why deliberately alienate your fan base?

      F Mimico Ontario

    • PS. Unless of course they make the playoffs, In which case I will gladly turn the TV on talk about how great this was…

      I agree that it was a bold move and one that shouldn’t have been made. But you can’t be expecting anybody to take this serious when you add the following,

      “The coach is ultimately responsible for this. At the very least, he is a POOR FIT with this team. At most, he is a terrible coach. The truth is somewhere in between. “

  6. toronto77 says:

    Carlyle wasn’t that big of an issue, this team lacks leadership period! A coach can only do so much but it’s the players that have to play. A year ago they were in the playoffs and before the last 10 minutes of the end of game 7 they were great all series! The difference from the team this year from last is that they lacked character players that would go through a brick wall for you like Komarov, Grabovski and Frattin. Clarkson was supposed to be an upgrade on all 3 but that blew up in our face. As bad as this team was at least some of the forwards had glimpses of brilliance at some point this season, Clarkson was horrible all season long. Bolland actually was an upgrade on all of those 3 players until Kassian pulled a Matt Cooke on him and put him out for the majority of the season and even when he came back was probably not 100%. Coaching can only take you so far, but the players have to play. Phaneuf is an absolutely horrible captain and that needs to be addressed, I truly believe not one player on this team sees him as the captain even though its on his jersey. Look at all the teams that are left in the playoffs and look at their 2nd-4th lines and look at there ‘character’ players and compare them to the leafs 2nd-4th line players. The leafs biggest problem is having a 4th line that can’t compete. For years and years the 4th line was compiled of nothing but goons. Now there has been a slow transition to making that 4th line a 3B line. Look at Boston and St.Louis.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Grabovski who Carlyle buried then told Nonis to buy him out?

      The C that Carlyle has the power to strip off Phaneuf and give it to anyone else?

      Leave it to Nonis to make a lazy decision. Fucking fat ass with no self respect. Shanny give Burke permission to talk to Nonis and go run Calgary into the ground.

      • toronto77 says:

        As sad as it sounds, there is probably no one else on this team that can be a better captain than Phaneuf(maybe Rielly down the road), so if Carlyle strips it from Phaneuf then who is he going to give it to? which is why this team lacks leadership. I have no explanation for how he treated Grabo, but like I said I don’t think he is the only problem, this team has multiple problems and player personnel is one of them.

  7. kessel_leafs81 says:

    Didnt shanahan promise a culture change for the leafs? and so he keeps carlyle around… must be a very high expectations assistant coach that their bringing in or they have one or more FA’s shanny wants nonis to sign. Interesting how he is going to justify the culture change.

  8. nordiques100 says:

    There is logic to this keeping Carlyle.

    He’s buying a year. Maybe Babcock comes over. Maybe its McLellan finally fired in SJ looking for work, maybe someone else.

    The thing is, its a tough job for a lame duck coach. So he gave him term. But he left it uncomfortable for him replacing all his assistants and not letting him find his own replacements on his own.

    If in a year’s time, its not all that better, he can get canned, they give him some form of compensation, i.e the 2 year contract, and they get the coach they want.

    I think it would be hard to fire the coach now, then hire a new guy, then replace him should the better guy be available in a year.

    it makes sense. the right guy isnt out there as a replacement at this time.

    • kessel_leafs81 says:

      I totally agree with you, if they fire carlyle and then bring in a new coach only to have babcock leave detroit, what are they going to do fire the new coach? what if he makes playoffs and leafs have a good year? Id still want babcock. And if they do fire the coach for babcock, why would he want to come here after the leafs would be showing no mercy with coaches and going through them like butter. I really hope this is the logic behind this.

    • blaze says:

      Very well said. Although I gotta say I really think Laviolette could do wonders with the current lineup.

  9. LN91 says:

    It’s not like this happened after the season ended people…This was a long, thought-out investigation by Shanahan/Nonis.

    However, this suggests 2 things for the next season…1) Like, noridiques said could stall the Leafs for another season and 2) Actual team personnel will be changed this off-season.

    If Shanahan/Nonis truly liked the direction of this current squad…Carlyle would probably have been canned. A minority (For some reason?) have blamed the players, which will most likely be the first thing fixed.

    Now, it’s time to see who will withstand the summer.

    • leafmeister says:

      I agree, changes to the roster should be the first priority.

      However, I would not have been against a coaching change.

      • LN91 says:

        I agree, I would not have been opposed to a coaching change…But, that suggests it was only an issue with the staff.

        You cannot continue to find scapegoats with this franchise…And this franchise is finally admitting the actual assembled roster is the first thing that needs to be fixed.

        Also, there’s a reason why other teams have not made any coaching decisions yet…They wanted to see what would happen to Randy.

        • leafmeister says:

          Not to mention that firing Carlyle would have been the easy, popular and obvious way of selling a ‘culture change’ to the fans. The fact that they kept him indicates a high level of confidence in his coaching ability. Hopefully it isn’t misplaced.

          • LN91 says:

            That’s what I mean about scapegoat…Maybe now, certain players will not be considered Superstars.

            • nordiques100 says:

              the other logic too, there are 23 players who make up a roster. most of us have counted maybe 3-5 guys who we wouldnt trade. thats then 18-20 guys to get rid of.

              so it may take more than a summer. could take 18-24 months to make positive turnover. And in the meantime you can further evaluate the coach as the roster turns and his skill set isnt getting any better.

              its the team preaching some patience. i hope it pays off.

  10. coyotes_bettman says:

    The only guy out there at the moment who is an upgrade over Carlyle is Barry Trotz who in my opinion is equal too Carlyle, so do you think a parallel move is really an upgrade? I mean the only other guys who have comparable experience available at the moment are Torts (who we have probably seen the last of in the NHL) and Laviolette (who of course now has a job in Music City) – and neither of those guys are ANYWHERE as good a coach as Carlyle.

    I will personally be very surprised if Mike Babcock leaves Detroit.

  11. LN91 says:

    Wow, Marlies are already up 2-0 in the second round of AHL playoffs..With the next 3 games at Ricoh.

    What’s a breath fresh air, are the kids leading the scoring charge for them, age is turing by the end of 2014:

    – D’Amigo, 23, 5 GP and 9 points
    – Leivo, 20, 5 GP and 6 points
    – Sam Carrick, 22, 5 GP and 4 points
    – Peter Holland, 23, 2 GP and 4 points
    – Mckegg, 22, 5 GP, and 4 points.

    • toronto77 says:

      and 5-0 in the entire playoffs!

      Holland, D’Amigo and Leivo should be playing with the leafs next season. I really like McKegg and Carrick has had a good season as well but I think those 2 need one more year to develop.

      If Bolland walks then Holland and Kadri will probably be left to battle for the 2/3 centre spots. Leivo is really talented and plays a great two way game, he does a little bit of everything and is what the leafs need. Let Raymond walk and replace him with Leivo because he is just as talented and plays with more of an edge. D’Amigo has turned into a good defensive player, has some pretty good skill and crazy speed. Leivo and D’Amigo have certain qualities that stand out from the rest of the marlies and they both shoule be bottom 6 wingers for the leafs next season.

  12. 93killer93 says:

    From Kypreos,
    “Ontario captains on the way out soon? Independent sources say both #Sens and #Leafs shopping Spezza/ Phaneuf to west conf #NHL teams”

    “Hearing lots of interest in #Leafs Phaneuf @ right price. Some clubs tell me they value him btw 5m -6m, meaning Tor must cover remaining $.”

  13. kessel_leafs81 says:

    sportsnet reporting phaneuf is being shopped to western conference teams.. couple scenarios i wouldnt mind a trade being revolved around.

    phaneuf for o’reilly

    phaneuf for edm’s first rounder or perron

    phaneuf for brent burns

    phaneuf for pavelski

    im not saying these trades straight up, just what i see is a good fit and who i would want coming back in the deal. I like the idea of trying to lure burns away from sj and becoming hard to play against along the boards with JVR, lupul, burns and clarkson along the boards.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Love those deals, well not Brent Burns, what about Phaneuf for the Avs 2014 and 2015 1st round pick. Leafs do a mini tank without Phaneuf and push for McDavid.

      Avs aren’t a playoff lock next year IMO.

    • leafy says:

      Shows what a joke of a franchise the Leafs have become. First they reward mediocrity by extending Carlyle for his super shitty coaching. Then they shop the guy they just signed to a gigantic 7 year $49M contract. (I’m glad they’re shopping him, but that’s not the point). To call them dysfunctional is a huge under-statement.

      • 93killer93 says:

        According to Dreger each year of Carlyle’s contract is a team option. So really all they did was give him next year to turn things around. If the rumours of them going after Babcock are true, i really didn’t expect them to fire Carlyle and bring in someone else. If they overhaul the roster and the team has a good year, it would be a lot harder to justify letting the new coach go one year into his contract, than letting Carlyle go.

  14. leafmeister says:

    Not that I expect this to actually happen, but I’ll be deliriously happy if this Phaneuf trade actually happens. Particularly if they find a way to grab that 3rd overall pick from Edmonton.

    • LN91 says:

      I wonder if its because they want to strip his captaincy? And you cannot do that without a trade.

      Oh well, looks like they want Reilly to experience 1st-line pairing the hard way…Heck, Karlsson and Subban had to do it too. So, why not?

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