Loving Or Disliking Holland Now?

With the great season and horrible playoffs the Wings had this year, you would think most Detroit fans would be happy to see the offseason. Not so.<br />
But is he taking notes from this years playoffs? Maybe.

The Stanley Cup Champions Hurricanes had 12 players 30 or older this season and likely nexts. Detroit has “set a course” of re-signing or retaining 12 players at 30 or older as well. Coincidence? I think not. (Note: refrain from looking at Chelios’s birthdate readers, you’ll freak when you realize out that your dad’s Nova wasn’t even being made yet when Cheli was born!)

If Holland is following the right blueprints, then why aren’t Detroiter’s buzzing? Lack of trades? No Luongo? Not exactly.

I think what we’re all looking for is the old timers to finally pass the torch. This is still the 04′ team minus a player here and there. We want fresh faces and youthful lineup. Yzerman, Chelios, and Shanahan are my hero’s. But the time has come guys, please do it for your body, families, fans, and team. They overacheived individual expectations yet it’s self-defeating because the team has become stagnant with leadership and development. Stevie was the best I’ve seen in him in years, but he likely won’t be able to play every single game if he continues. Not to mention he only takes faceoffs and goes back to the bench. Cheli is great penalty killer that’s it, not the all-round veteran we knew so well. Neither of these players can fill the role for the type of player that is required in this new era.

So should would we have told Yzerman, Chelios, and Osgood to call it quits. Yes. Should Kenny have dumped Maltby, Shanahan, Draper, and Cleary. Yes.

Am I a young whipper snapper disrespecting hockey legends? No. But Lemiux gave it up. Hull gave it up. I wanna see the 07′ Wings. Not 97′ Wings in High-Def. I have a VCR for that.

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  1. muckies says:

    Even though they have no goalie, their Captain may retire, they are to slow and not tough enough, and the entire team is 1 year older -which is way to old – the Wings are the early season favorites to win the Cup in 2007…just ahead of the Senators,

    Hasn’t Vegas realized the Wings and Sens won’t ever win a Cup with the teams they have?

  2. wheresthesoda says:

    good article, they definetly have to let chelios, yzerman and a few others go. Shannahan will stay for a couple of more years.

  3. FlyersfanKyle says:

    “But I think I speak for all of North Carolina when I say I hope that they never repeat whatever it is again”


  4. FlyersfanKyle says:

    with an article like that how can they justify all of those southern teams and not have teams in winnipeg quebec city hartford milwaukee cleaveland portland the list goes on and on

  5. Aetherial says:

    yeah, saw that last week.

    It was pretty good, not quite up to The Onion standards… I was a little disappointed that they could not make the humorous point without telling lies (supposed to be funny) and vandalism and assault and stuff?

  6. Air33 says:

    Shanahan is still a great player. look at his numbers and hes their only fighter

  7. hockeykid9213 says:

    Are u on Crack? I go to every red wings home game. From watching Chelios Shanny and Osgood SHanny will still be able to get at least 30 goals Chelios is still a top 3 defensemen and Osgood will be the best backup in the League. Stevie Y still has 1 more year left

  8. hockeykid9213 says:

    Are u on Crack? I go to every red wings home game. From watching Chelios Shanny and Osgood SHanny will still be able to get at least 30 goals Chelios is still a top 3 defensemen and Osgood will be the best backup in the League. Stevie Y still has 1 more year left

  9. Marky2Fresh says:

    If you don’t want Holland we (Toronto) will take him

  10. the_hockey_bandit says:

    Although we saw the self destructing Wings at their best this last year, they are still a powerful and dangerous team that no one ever wants to play. The Vets play hard and the kids show up.

    I will say that Yzerman and Chelios need to hang it up. They both have the fire in their heart still, but their bodies are physicaly failing them. They will need to show their leadership and pride by passing the torch to Kronwall and Dats who can fill in the gaps (stat wise and then some for Dats).

    Shanahan still has a couple years at 25 to 30 goals. He is no longer the 35-40 range but is also still a physical presence on the ice.

    In the games I saw Draper is still a menace in front of the net and is an invaluable asset that cannot be measured by any stat. He works hard enough to be working harder than who he plays against every night and makes them make the mistake.

    This team is still, and will be for a long time, a power of the West. There is a reason they are picked for the cup each year. They have the solid core that plays well together, they just cannot seem to get it together in the playoffs.

    They are, and have usualy been, literaly one or two players from bringing out the results that are expected each and every year. The problem now is that instead of trying to find them through free agency they now have to work under the cap.

    Kudos to Holland for icing a team of the caliber he did under the cap. Look for just a couple of small changes and Detroit will remain in the top three in the West.

    The Wing however must get stronger in the area of speed and toughnes if the want to hang with teams late in games in the playoffs, we really missed Fischer this year. Look for that and the goal to be the places to be helped this off-season.

    FYI: This team is nothing like the team of ’97 or ’98 because thouse teams were good enough to win withut a dominant goalie (Vernon and Osgood) just good goalies. This one is not. There is not enough speed, toughness or intensity in their youth to hold the opposition from beating them in the zone.

  11. Seedless says:

    Shanahan could stay, but they could do better. Other than that, i completely disagree. It seems you are delaying the inevitable. Wings need a different approach now. The great ’95-’04 Red Wings had a great run, but it’s time to evolve. Dump Maltby, OSGOOD, Chelios, Yzerman, and maybe Shanny.

    I agree with the writer of the article, except i think they should keep Draper. Scratch that, i know they should. He has the desperately needed speed and defensive and penalty-killing skill.

  12. Seedless says:

    In the long run, i think Zetterberg will have better stats thaan Datsyuk. All around, he’s a better player.

  13. Maximus says:

    Those guys (Yzerman, Shanahan, Draper, Chelios)are still the heart and soul of the team. They have talented young players too! You need Yzerman’s leadership along with Zetterberg’s skill. The Detroit Red Wings had a great year. If they got by the Oilers, (One game away from being the Champions), maybe Detroit would have won the cup. Who cares if they did not get Luongo…what has he won? He is a great goalie, but you do not need to be a great goalie to win in Detoit. You have to do your job. There will be a goalie out their that will be a perfect fit. You do not need a Superstar at every position, especially when you have a good team like the one in front of you.

  14. hockeykid9213 says:

    Nothing to do with this topic

    But it is that Boynton signed for 3yrs for 2.95 mil a year


  15. Doctor says:

    The wings would be perrennial champs again if they would trade their old timers now now now for draft picks and youth. I am talking everybody you mentioned and even guys like Lang- I don’t care that he can still play. He is around his late 30s and Datsyuk is ready to (really) be a #1 center and possibly be healthy in the playoffs. Honestly, think of the team the wings would have in 3 years if they traded every player you mentioned plus Lang. Unstoppable.

  16. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    You’re a moron.

  17. wingsfan13 says:

    yeah, agreed, i of all players think lang would be the first won traded he. he doesnt pull his weight. though if we tried to trade em’ all they’d prolly retire with the exception of drapes and malts

  18. TheDugg1er says:

    First of all, i don’t know why everyone thinks detroit is so godly… So what they have the best record in regular season look at who they play 8 times each, what do u know? it’s the three worst teams in the western conference. Easy 24 points right there. Second of all i disagree. All the aforementioned detroit players are still good and still producing, Hull called it quits because he knew he wasn’t producing. Shanahan is still a phenomenal player and draper is a great grinder. Chelios is still an amazing defenseman that a team needing defence for a playoff push would love to pick up. Anyways, these players will probably stick around for another year and when they stop producing will retire, detroit has a bunch of young players in their lineup for speed anyways. Detroit blends youth with seasoned veterans and it works dam well. Anyone who disagrees doesnt understand hockey. Look at pittsburgh, all rookies didn’t help them this year when palffy and lemieux retired. They just continued a long, long, long fall.

  19. the_hockey_bandit says:

    I agree that Detroit is not “Godly” they are are simply a solid team. With the addition of a couple of fast powerful young guys they should be able to get over the hump in the playoffs.

    Shanny Lang, Malts, Dats and Draper all produce leadership and grit on a team that is lacking in the smart hitting and strength. Cory Cross, Brett Lebda and Lilja threw some hits, but in dong so got themselves out of position hurting the team (allowing odd man rushes and such). Strength is important just not at the sacrifice of losing position allowing an odd man break. Many were in an attempt to get the team going, but they failed miserably. When they failed they lost the step (were discouraged) they needed to stay with the faster Edm team.

    In watching the Edm series the lack of toughness cost Det a number of times and Edm took advantage.

    Give the core a couple more years and they will be able to pass their knowledge to the young guys like Hudler, Quincy, Grigerinko ( if he ever returns) and Kindl. Just a matter of getting them to the point they can perform without need for the push and create the pushing themselves.

  20. EmptyNetter says:

    “Then these huge pasty white guys, all wearing, like, matching sweaters, run in screaming like madmen and holding this giant planter over their heads, which they demanded I fill with beer.”


  21. EmptyNetter says:

    As a Bruins fan I envy Wings fans. Detroit isn’t turning their entire roster over every 5 years or so. No matter how talented our youth may be there’s a good chance that once they reach UFA status they’ll be gone.

    That being said, you guys need a strong youth injection. I just checked the Wings’ active roster on tsn and they’ve got 5 players born in the 1960’s (chelios–1961. Yeesh!) vs 3 players born in the 1980’s. Too many chiefs and not enough indians. What good is having mentors if there’s nobody to mentor? I’d say choose your 5 best qualified leaders (Yzerman, Lindstrom, Draper, Schneider, Shanny?), get rid of the guys on the bubble (Lang, Chelios. . .) by trading for prospects and bringing in guys from the minors. You get hunger, energy, and best of all they get to learn from your top notch vets before they all retire.

    Good article BTW

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