Loving Or Disliking Holland Now?

With the great season and horrible playoffs the Wings had this year, you would think most Detroit fans would be happy to see the offseason. Not so.<br />
But is he taking notes from this years playoffs? Maybe.

The Stanley Cup Champions Hurricanes had 12 players 30 or older this season and likely nexts. Detroit has “set a course” of re-signing or retaining 12 players at 30 or older as well. Coincidence? I think not. (Note: refrain from looking at Chelios’s birthdate readers, you’ll freak when you realize out that your dad’s Nova wasn’t even being made yet when Cheli was born!)

If Holland is following the right blueprints, then why aren’t Detroiter’s buzzing? Lack of trades? No Luongo? Not exactly.

I think what we’re all looking for is the old timers to finally pass the torch. This is still the 04′ team minus a player here and there. We want fresh faces and youthful lineup. Yzerman, Chelios, and Shanahan are my hero’s. But the time has come guys, please do it for your body, families, fans, and team. They overacheived individual expectations yet it’s self-defeating because the team has become stagnant with leadership and development. Stevie was the best I’ve seen in him in years, but he likely won’t be able to play every single game if he continues. Not to mention he only takes faceoffs and goes back to the bench. Cheli is great penalty killer that’s it, not the all-round veteran we knew so well. Neither of these players can fill the role for the type of player that is required in this new era.

So should would we have told Yzerman, Chelios, and Osgood to call it quits. Yes. Should Kenny have dumped Maltby, Shanahan, Draper, and Cleary. Yes.

Am I a young whipper snapper disrespecting hockey legends? No. But Lemiux gave it up. Hull gave it up. I wanna see the 07′ Wings. Not 97′ Wings in High-Def. I have a VCR for that.