Luongo, Canucks agree on extension

The Vancouver Canucks and all-star goaltender Roberto Luongo will have a deal on an extension in place before the start of training camp, has confirmed.They had agreed reached a deal in principle, with only minor details left to be worked out. The term and salary have been agreed upon and an official announcement is expected sometime before the club opens their camp on Sept. 13, the date Luongo had set as a deadline for negotiations.

The Montreal native will make $7.5 million in 2009-10, the final year of a four-year deal he signed in June 2006.

Luongo, 30, went 33-13 last season with a 2.34 GAA and posted nine shutouts.

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  1. canuck67 says:

    All the previous "Luongo will forsure want out" postings were just wishful thinking I guess.

  2. Kramer says:

    I heard a rumor Vancouver wants Crosby.

  3. cam7777 says:

    He might have if the Sedins had walked.  I always thought Gillis would get it sorted out though.  He's still being given way too much credit here though.  The man did what he had to do.  He had to sign the Sedins or watch his offense become the worst in the league – he had almost no bargaining power there. 

    He made a stellar trade with San Jose, and resigned the best goalie in the league.  Well, I can't imagine any GM that wouldn't have made it their priority to resign Luongo.  I love Gillis, but I'm not quite willing to jump on the bandwagon just yet.  Aside from the San Jose trade, these moves are GM'ing 101.

  4. kaiser76 says:

    who the hell doesnt,  thats just a dumb comment

  5. cam7777 says:

    Sequence of events for the Canucks:

    1.) Extend Luongo 10 years

    2.) Trade Schneider in a package for scoring winger:

    To Philadelphia:
    Cory Schneider, Sami Salo, Mason Raymond
    To Vancouver:
    Simon Gagne

    3.) Resign Mats Sundin, 1 year, 1.5 million + bonuses (up to 2 million additional)

    4.) Dump Lukowich and Johnson/Wellwood into the minors

    The team for the start of the season:

    D.Sedin – H.Sedin – Burrows
    Kesler – M.Sundin – Demitra
    Gagne – Hodgson – Bernier
    Rypien – Wellwood – Hansen

    Mitchell – Bieksa
    Ehrhoff – Edler
    Schneider – O'Brien


    Luongo – Raycroft

    CAP HIT – 56.4 million

    The team has to play a man short, but has 9 forwards capable of logging big minutes (several of them injury prone or old which means the likes of Hordichuk, Johnson, etc… will see time with the big club).  Potentially problematic also is having Sundin and Hodgson defer any accrued bonuses to next year, when Kesler and Mitchell need to be re-upped and the cap collapses.  But such is the price for putting together a Stanly Cup calibre roster….

  6. cam7777 says:

    oh crap, forgot about Samuelsson. 

    The Nucks will have to go after a less expensive scoring option than Gagne with that Schneider package.  Perhaps Wojtek Wolski in Colorado; or one of Eriksson, Neal or Brunnstrom in Dallas.  Both of those franchises could use a grade A goalie prospect. 

  7. bbruins37 says:

    gagne on the 3rd line?

    and i dont think thats enough to get gagne. i realize schneider is great, but that deal still wont cut it.

  8. cam7777 says:

    Throw in a 2nd, a 1st, or even one of Grabner/Schroeder (preferably Grabner).  The Canucks are deep, and they can afford to part with assets now with the Sedins and Luongo locked up long term. 

    Like I was saying with Bure, Vancouver rolls their top 3 lines anyway.  So the line placements are irrelvent.  Gagne would get the same ice-time as the Sedins line, and the Sundin line.  What better way to break Hodgson into the league than with a star like Gagne on his wing and a big bruising Bernier on the other?

  9. bbruins37 says:

    i still dont think that would be enough, but is not crazy.

    if they were to get gagne, they would be tying up 12.2 with the sedins already along with the huge contract that is going to be luongo's. gagne's salary isnt bad, but at 5.25, thats alot of money for four players. they also have 5 d-men making over 3 mil right now.

    i really have no idea what luongo will get. i agree that it will probably be long term, which would take the cap hit down, but this is a guy that could could get close to, if not more than, 9 million on the open market. im expecting a 7-10 year deal worth around 8 though. anyway you cut it, its going to be expensive.

  10. cam7777 says:

    Well, I think the Luongo deal is already done, and that for some reason Gillis is holding out on unveling it.  It is rumored to be something like Henrik Zetterberg's contract.  Twelve years, at an annual cap hit of 5.5 – 6.5 million, where there are no intentions of having him play out the final years of the deal. 

    Maybe Gillis is just waiting for Balsillie to drop another bombshell on Bettman so that he can pull this deal off without being investigated for tampering with the CBA.  Who knows?

    And really, you don't think Schneider, Salo, Raymond and a 1st round pick would be enough for Simon Gagne?  That package is probably bigger than the Pronger package, and he is one of the best defensemen of the era.  Sure he is a great player, but there are serious concerns about his heatlh.   It's a good trade for Philly too.  They have enough offensive weapons without Gagne (VanRiemsdyk, Giroux, Briere, Carter, Richards, Hartnell – 6 legitimate top six guys), and haven't had an A1 goalie prospect in a looong time.  Look at it this way and Philly's summer transactions look pretty good:

    Gagne, Lupul, Sbisa, 1st round pick, 1st round pick
    Pronger, Salo, Schneider, Raymond, 1st round pick

    As far as Gagne's cost goes, yea, it's big when you look at the Nucks' other contracts, but he is only on the books for this season, and the next one.  The Canucks could limp through that period with big money tied up on forwards – other teams have done it.

    As I said though, my little propsal forgot to take into account Samuelsson's contract.  I'm constantly forgetting he is a Canuck now, and his sizeable 2.5 million dollar salary hurts the teams' chances of bringing in someone like Gagne. 

  11. reinjosh says:

    Schneider, Salo and Raymond would be enough IMO
    it gives them a top goaltending prospect to use should Emery falter. They get a decent dman who can step in as a 7th dman and move upwards in injury time. Raymond gives them a young top 9 forward who would fit perfectly on Richards wing and has potential to move up. They also get cap relief for next season when they need to trade someone anyways. Better to move someone now for a good package then next season when other teams know your in trouble and poach your players. And Gagne has had injury problems too, so that is going to lower his worth.
    Vancouver would have to clear a little more cap space but they would be icing one of the best rosters in the league.

  12. VCRMillionaires says:

    It's a good trade but i don't see PHI wanting Salo's contract. I could still see Cory Schneider, Mason Raymond and a 1st going to PHI for Gagne… but then again i don't see Gillis wanting another injury prone player (concussions).

    I could Salo going to LA, after Quincy went to COL, they'll need another scoring d-man. We'll just get prospects and draft picks in return.

    I don't see Gillis making anymore trades until Sundin makes up his mind or until the trade deadline. I think he's happy with what he has.

  13. cam7777 says:

    I don't think Philly would have a problem taking Salo's contract.  It saves them 5.25 million in space next season.  I think they would be highly interested in Schneider.  Taking Salo is part of the cost in acquiring a 1st round pick, a good forward, and an AI goalie prospect.

    If I was Gillis, I would rather have an injury prone Gagne, than an injury prone, and aging Salo – especially considering the depth they have on the back-end now. 

    Conversely, if I was Holmgren, I'd rather have that cap relief next year, and run with my already stellar top six forwards, while adding a couple pieces of the puzzle and recouping a lost 1st rounder.

    On a team that boasts Gagne, the Sedins, Kesler, Demitra, Hodgson, Samuelsson, Luongo, and is deep at D, if Sundin doesn't want to sign for cheap, then screw him. 

  14. Bure96 says:

    I thought of something interesting just now. Could Shane Doan be available?

    Why would he want to end his career in Phoenix? Maybe he does … but he's 32 now, and it seems like it will be another 3 or 4 years before this is a playoff team. Vancouver obviously wants to make a play for either a 1st line forward, or top pairing defender, but they aren't in good shape cap wise, and Doan at 4.75 million a year it makes perfect sense.

    Vancouver could make an offer that would completely cure any issues regarding depth.

    To Phoenix: Mason Raymond, Sami Salo, Cory Schneider, Kyle Wellwood
    To Vancouver: Shane Doan, Chris Summers, Joel Gistedt

    I don't think Sami Salo's contract would be a problem. They took on Jim Vandermeer for 2.2 million a year, and Sami Salo is actually a top 4 defensemen, so 3.5 million isn't bad. Other reasons they would want Salo? They have almost no weapons on defense, and Sami Salo would easily have the best slapshot on that blueline. He would improve a 28th ranked PP, and would obviously be a nice defensive partner for former teammate Ed Jovanovski.

    Wellwood, and Raymond are both excellent penalty killers, and this 28th ranked PK needs good penalty killers as their 76.8 kill percentage would indicate. Wellwood is an ideal fit for this teams 3rd line. He's a good defensive forward, has a nice skill set, and could thrive in Phoenix. Raymond is coming off a bad season, but is still highly touted. Both of these guys could be 20 goal scorers this year in Phoenix. They need to build a solid foundation of defensive forwards, or else this team will struggle in their own end of the rink again this year.

    The prize of the deal though of course is Cory Schneider. Ilya Bryzgolov is solid. He's a good 2nd tier goalie, but Schneider possesses franchise goaltender potential. His upside is much higher then Bryzgolov's, and with only 2 years remaining on his deal, and no potential successor in the system it looks like they need a guy like Cory Schneider.

    With Kurt Sauer, Jonas Anhelov, Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Nick Ross, and Sami Lepisto in a reserve role, in the minors, or recently drafted by Phoenix they could part ways with Summers to just provide Vancouver with a bit more depth within their prospect pool. He's someone that is still at least 3 years away from playing in the NHL. He'll probably round out as a 3rd pairing, PP specialist in the NHL, but he has offensive potential.

    Joel Gistedt is just acquired to add organizational depth in goal with the loss of Schneider. Unlikely to be an NHL regular ever.

    Shane Doan would put Vancouver over the top though. Seriously, look at this team.

    Sedin – Sedin – Burrows
    Kesler – Hodgson – Doan
    Samuelsson – Demitra – Bernier
    Hansen – Johnson/Rypien – Hordichuk

    Bieksa – Mitchell
    Edler – Ehrhoff
    Schneider – O'Brien/Lukowich


    Phoenix lacks an elite threat upfront now, but they look much stronger on defense and in net.

    Vrbata – Lombarbi – Mueller
    Raymond – Turris – Boedker
    Korpikoski – Hanzal – Wellwood
    Tikhonov – Prucha – Upshall

    Jovo – Salo
    Aucoin – Yandle
    Michalek – Vandermeer


    What do you guys think?

  15. VCRMillionaires says:

    I'd rather have Gagne over Salo anyday too. Having Gagne's scoring touch, an additional 30-40 goals would be great. Cam make it happen. PHI could use another Fin and Alain would love another french guy.

  16. VCRMillionaires says:

    If this trade happened it would go off at the trade dead line not now. But… Doan is the 'other' face of the franchise (1st being Gretzky) so i don't see Phoenix giving up Doan so easily. Phoenix would probably want a 1st rounder in the deal for sure.

  17. KingCanada says:

    Well Im not sure if Doan has a NTC or not but he definatly DOESNT want to be traded.  A couple months back I remember reading an article about him regarding the sale of the Coyotes to Balsillie.  Doan stated he would make a case to void his contract because he doesnt want to move himself or his family.  His argument was that he signed a contract to play in Phoenix and therefor if the team were to move he should have the right to void the contract.

    Oh one more thing…the thought of Wellwood being a GREAT penalty killer is laughable to say the least.  I havent watched him play much in a Canuck uniform but I remember him being one of the least physical players to ever play in the league when he was in a Leafs uniform.  Not to mention his tiny stick aint going to get in the way of many passing lanes hahaha.

  18. the_word says:

    Schneider has franchise goaltender potential??? When Luongo was injured Schneider was pretty mediocre while filling in, that hurt his stock around the league. Schneider is closer to Justin Pogge than franchise player.

  19. reinjosh says:

    he was the best goaltender in the AHL
    Pogge was no where near that
    im sure he would and is highly regarded by GM's in the NHL

  20. reinjosh says:

    yah completely right about doan
    and i see the GM (i can't remember his name) as the type of GM to honor his service by letting him stay.
    also Doan said he hopes the NHL keeps the team in Phoenix if their bid wins not even a week ago

  21. hockeyhead says:

    12 years?

    i guess the depietro contract and his injuries were all a figment of my imagination.

  22. Bure96 says:

    He started 4 games. Obviously he was mediocore, it was his first ever NHL action behind a team that at that point was quite average. He got lit up against the league's bets offense in his 2nd game, but was pretty solid otherwise. Look at Ondrej Pavelec stats in the NHL. Look at Martin Brdoeur's stats in his first NHL action. .880 SV% as well. My point is almost all goalies struggle in their debut playing in the NHL.

    He's produced better numbers then guys like Tuuka Rask, Ondrej Pavelec, and Jonathan Bernier in the AHL. He's produced at every level possible so far except the NHL. Carey Price was pegged as a franchise goalie before playing a game in the NHL, but Schneider also already has dominated the NCAA, and AHL in his time in both leagues.

    He's talented as hell. He's clutch. Unlike most young goalies his rebound control is exceptional, he's quick, has a nice glove.

    Why wouldn't you consider him a franchise goalie?

  23. reinjosh says:

    potential franchise goaltender and a top blue chip prospect
    he isnt a franchise gaoltender
    Luongo is, but calling Schneider a franchise goaltender before he has even played one season is going way to far. he is definitely worth something though

  24. Bure96 says:

    Your right about Doan … the management is crazy, so you never know ahahaha

    It's was just a thought … in reality I don't it think would happen even if I think it could make sense.

    Ky;le Wellwood is a completely transofmred player. He's not even close to the same player he was in Toronto. He blocks shots, plays hard defensively, and lost a ton of weight. Ask any Canucks fan. He, Raymond, and Johnson were all very valuable to our PK by the end of the year. Trust me, he's a solid defensive forward, that's the only reason Vancouver retained him after he went to arbitration.

  25. reinjosh says:

    in my opinion we gave up on Pogge way to early, but hes gone now.
    and you cant judge a player by a handful of games played in the NHL

  26. Bure96 says:

    Of course he isn't a franchise goalie. I never said he was. He has franchise potential. I never at any point said he IS a franchise goalie.

  27. cam7777 says:

    We didn't give up on Pogge.  Pogge gave up on Toronto, and Burke was kind enough to oblige him by finding him a home in Anaheim.  Once Allaire came on, Burke elected to retain Pogge, even after he had suggested he may not tender him a qualifying offer.  I think Allaire convince him to keep him, but Pogge was fed up with trying to make a go of it in Toronot – too much pressure…

    He will be a fine goalie one day.  People are just too reactionary and judgmental about him now because of his connection to the Leafs.

  28. reinjosh says:

    yah i saw that after i posted it
    my mistake i didnt fully read the previous comments

  29. the_word says:

    Haven't followed the AHL this year, just remember seeing him play rather meh and there was talk that Gillis wanted to hide him in the minors. Perhaps I'm undervalueing his play.

  30. Bure96 says:

    He won AHL goaltender of the year, and lead his team to Championship finals. He's good.

  31. hockey_lover says:

    Seems to be going around lately.

    DiPietro, Hossa, Franzen, Zetterberg, Richards, Pronger (maybe, dont remember the term).

    I dont think its a very smart move but what do I know.

  32. number15 says:

    12 years contract worth $64 million at an average of 5.3 million per

    ………….. dosent look bad considering Luongo is arguebly the best goalie in the NHL. though he's 30 already and signed a contract that keeps him playing untill 42. kinda risky, but id take that over Dipetro's 15 years any day.

    good for the Canucks

  33. greatlife15 says:

    Actually the extension doesn't kick in till next summer, so he'll be 31 then and 43 when the contract is up.

    These double digit year deals need to die. What's the point of a cap if it's so easy to bypass?

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