Luongo finally showing why he's making so much money

Roberto Luongo was unreal tonight, and stood on his head, just like he has been for more then half a dozen games. The other day I was saying he hasn’t been great, and all, because I thought he was just having a few good games, AND not let in a weak goal. Now I think he’s getting his game.The whole team looks great, and everyone has relaxed. The PK is 3rd in the NHL. 1st at home. I think there PP has been pretty good too. Cooke has found his game, but i’m not sure it wil last. Same as Morrison. Bieska, and the twins have been consistant. Linden is even chipping in. Burrows might be able to get his game back, now that he got that monkey off his back (he never had one on his back literly). Burrows has been a great ppenalty killer for the Canuck’s, and besides Luongo, he has been our best penalty killer. If he had more experience, and had a few more years under his belt, and if people knew who he was, he might be able to be a Selke candidate. Luongo is back, and he will be a monster, now that’s he’s back.

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