Luongo for Bertuzzi!

From“Sportsnet goaltender Roberto Luongo has been traded to the Vancouver Canucks in a package that includes Todd Bertuzzi.

The package is Luongo, Lukas Krajicek and a sixth-round draft pick to Vancouver for Bertuzzi, Bryan Allen and Alex Auld.

Details to follow…”


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  1. oldtimehockey says:

    I agree. Bertuzzi will like to play in florida. Less hockey mad fans…. Getting Luongo to sign will be a bigger challenge.

  2. N25philly says:

    The Panthers dumped Mclennan the other day, so it looks like they will need to shop for a goalie, starter or backup.

  3. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    anything i would say has already been said

  4. quiksilver49 says:

    i agree, i was just thinking about who might wanna take cloutier and although pittsburgh came to mind, i still think it might be a long shot unless vancouver can somehow sweeten the deal by throwing in a prospect together with cloutier

  5. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    dude are you stupid or just suffering from a brain hemorrhage…… does domi and mcgooftan have to do with the Luongo bertuzzi deal? mcgooftan is a scrub that would get face punked in a club, but hey you keep on stroking his genitals for him, you know you have a mancrush on him. Either that or you want to be him……pathetic.

  6. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    I don’t think there is a market for Cloutier, there are to many goalies available (Nabokov or Toskala, Giguere, Belfour and/or Tellqvist, Gerber, Aeibescher or Huet, Legace, Biron, Markanen or Conklin or Roloson, Hasek, Esche, Denis, Raycroft) and he has a bad reputation to begin with. I do not think anyone will be beating down Nonis’ door to try to give the Canucks the opportunity to move up in the draft by taking on a shaky starter in Dan Cloutier, who IMO, is nothing more than a glorified backup.

    Don’t bet on getting much for Cloutier, probably no more than a second round pick or a third line player. Remember he is coming off a serious injury for goalies and he wasn’t really tearing up the league before he got hurt. I don’t think I need to remind you about the Lidstrom goal….oops I just did. My Bad!

  7. paul_dc10 says:

    best comment ive ever read scruffy

  8. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    My bad I mixed up the 2 Krajiceks on the internet hockey database, the player the nucks got is 22 years old not 29, my bad.

    But still advantage FLORIDA.

  9. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Maybe they will pick up Cloutier to lol…….seriously, I’ll bet on Keenan stealing Tellqvist from the Leafs for a measily draft pick.

  10. Lint07 says:

    Luongo has stated times and times again he wanted to test the UFA market next summer and I don’t see him change his mind all of a sudden.

    He might sign with Vancouver but it’ll be tough.

    As for Florida, they get 3 solid players for a soon-to-become Free Agent goalie. That sounds like an exploit to me, considering no team wanted to give much for Luongo without knowing if they could keep him under contract or not.

  11. oiler1fan says:

    hes not goin to toronto. they have nothing the oilers need!!!!!

  12. kamullia says:

    Mike Keenan is trying to become the next “Mad Mike”, and he is slowly succeeding.

    Keenan has always preferred veterans everywhere he went. He has brought in to Florida veterans who are certainly in the decline phase of their careers, and keeps giving away parts of a possible bright future, with no real expectations of winning a Stanley Cup anywhere in sight or even fantasy. And this specific deal does little for the future of the Panthers. He alienated Luongo a season ago over contract negotiations for a long-term contract.

    Here is how the story went:

      Luongo was asking for a long term deal (5-6 years and forgoing Free Agency in the process)and to be paid in or near the neighborhood of $5 million and that is for a star AND franchise player. Then forces his star goaltender into arbitration to force his hand to sign a contract. Luongo was livid. He mentioned to his friends back then, that it was the last year he would play in Florida. Keenan back then (I can’t help but chuckle every time I recall this) actually had the cojones to say that he was sure they would sign him during the season in January when they were able to negotiate again.

      Didn’t happen, of course. And when finally the season was over and Keenan thought Luongo had cool down (even though they kept giving each other little jabs during the entire season) he tried to negotiate with Luongo. Luongo, true to his word and to his red-fire Italian emotional heritage, told Keenan not a chance for a long-term deal. Not only that, but that he only wanted a one-year contract, which was impossible to do even if Keenan wanted, because of the new CBA rules involving Luongo’s present contract situation.

    Fact is that Luongo didn’t want out of Florida. Luongo wanted out of Keenan land, and he got it. The only way that Luongo will not sign a long-term deal in Vancouver is if something extreme happens there.

    By the way, Keenan had frictions with Jokinen before but somehow finally settled for a contract with him, and has also had friction with Jay Bowmeester (over play, not contracts). Bowmeester, presently a Restricted Free-Agent, is allegedly not at all that happy with the Team (especially with Keenan’s harsh people skills) and has been very keenly watching the entire Luongo-Keenan saga for a long while and commenting to friends. So when it comes time to the future Bowmeester negotiations (not the present RFA negotiations), expect to either see Bowmeester skip town ala Luongo or receive absolutely everything he asks for in a contract from Keenan in order to appease him (if Bowmeester has not made up his mind by that time to leave from further Keenan treatment). And Nathan Horton allegedly feels uncomfortable and not sure what to think of it all, so far.

    The worst news for Florida fans is that the ownership in Florida loves Keenan. Nothing short of a major player revolt, or a long and prolonged fan outcry will dethrone King Mike (his mock nickname in certain south Florida circles). In fact, Keenan was so liked by the ownership that when he got fired as the coach of Florida by Rick Dudley (the then GM up to 2004), Keenan went straight to the ownership with the final outcome that Rick Dudley was fired as General Manager and replaced by Keenan, who then started after the lockout his slowly dismantling of what had been perceived for a while as Florida’s bright player future (assembled by Dudley).

    I have to say that if Bertuzzi is able to rebound, the best place to get away from it all is Sunrise. But he will hardly be in place long enough to wait for the Panthers (even longer if Keenan keeps at it) to put a team together that can seriously compete for the Stanley Cup.

    Bertuzzi is an upgrade to Florida, but this is certainly more of a patchwork for the present than an investment in the future. Even worse, he has to tangle with Keenan this year for a new contract. If Keenan is not smart enough to get that done right away, he might rub Bertuzzi the wrong way and “sayonara”. Auld is a serious downgrade, and with King Mike’s treatment, could take an even further decline in play. Allen is a true upgrade. Let’s just hope that somehow he keeps away from the court’s jester. I mean…King Mike.

    Thumbs up to Dave Nonis who got a pick for the future, a defenseman with still untapped potential who could turn that corner in Vancouver, and got not just a prime goaltender who could get even better, but a franchise player.

    To you Mr. Keenan: One more of these kind of moves to detriment the future of the Panthers and we shall be very pressed to release to you the highly coveted title of “Mad”.

    And if you act now, before the end of today’s draft, not only will you get “King”, but you will get the “Mad”, and three bags of worn and torn used…uh, I mean…veteran (hehe)…pucks. Just think! “King Mad Mike the 1st”. You’d still have to wear the jester outfit, but hey…Long live the King.

  13. paul_dc10 says:

    if ur gonna write a comment that big, you might as well write an article

  14. Habfan1234 says:

    Ya, but can they keep the puck out of the net when Auld will be facing 35-40 shots a night. Last season he did not steal a game for the Nucks while Luongo has shown that he is one of the top three goalies in the NHL.

    I do not think, moreover, that Nonis is stupid enough to trade for Luongo if he had no chance at signing him to a long-term deal. The reason why Luongo stated these desires to the public was for the sole purpose of leaving Florida and especially Mike Keenan. ADVANTAGE: CANUCKS

  15. Habfan1234 says:


    The Canucks obtain one of the top three goalies (a franchise type-goalie) in the NHL for a player that was no longer in their plans. He has the potential to steal games, which Auld did not do once this season. He is capable of a high workload, which is indicated by the number of games he plays in a season and the record number of saves he made this year or last. Moreover, this year’s playoffs gave the indication that golatending is still as important as ever. Luongo can provide that type of goaltending if he were on a playoff team. In short, he gives the team a goalie that they did not have since McLean’s hayday and Luongo is better than Captain Kirk.

    As for the Panthers, they recieve, when he is on his game, one of the most dominant forces in the game. However, he is 32 years old and has plateued in his development. I do not see him surpassing the season he had a few years ago and may prove to be too much of a headache in the dressing room. Nevertheless, he will have a good season with the Panthers that resembles the great year he had with the Canucks. Lastly, Auld is a much lesser goalie that Luongo and did not steal a game for the Canucks last season. With the Panthers pourous defence, he may be lit up like a Christmas Tree.

    In short, the Canucks win this deal in the long-term while the Panthers may have a short-term advantage.

    Lastly, this means that I will have to buy a Canuck jersey because Bertuzzi was the sole reason for not buying one. I was part of the minority in Vancouver who absoluted hated Bertuzzi and cheered against the Canucks whenever they played. I even wore the St. Louis Blues jersey 4 times to school this year when the team had lost to them the previous night. Now I can finally cheer for the Canucks.

  16. Scruffy05 says:

    Cloutier gets a lot of hate but he is a great regular season goalie and he is cheap (comparitively). Unless the Pens are looking for a cup run they may take him and the Canucks first round (14th) pick and were really starting to talk. It may take a medium prospect after that to solidify it, but it won’t be a Bourdon or a Schneider, but Ouellette is possibly on the move. Fans hated him from the get go.

    Actually, that is the weird thing about the Cnaucks… they hate everybody. They will all hate Luongo as soon as he lets in his first goal. visit the canucks forum, it is un believable. With this deal though it look slike the Canucks want to rebuild into a contender, with potential… which is weird. If Nonis pulls that off than he is an amazing GM. Vancouver fans would still hate him though… because he’s chubby…. and may like donoughts… and has yet to ressurect Vezina himself and throw him in net. The canucks forum makes me ashamed to be a canucks fan:P

  17. Scruffy05 says:

    Well, thank you! I’m glad to be back:)

  18. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Needless to say I agree with you, Luongo is going to test free agency no matter what IMO.

  19. Scruffy05 says:

    And why the hell did this go here? it is to Paul DC10’s comment in my thread…

  20. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Its pretty stupid to hate a guy because hes chubby isn’t it? I mean that alone can tell you a person’s iq level. Which would definitely be on the lower end of the scale. SUNK.

    Why of all teams would you think that the Pens would be interested in dealing for Cloutier? HELLO!! MA Fleury. Plus with their draft position, #2 overall, they have an opportunity to have crosby, malkin, and either Toews, Kessel, Backstrom or STALL, why in their right mind would they get rid of that pick, it just does not make sense.

  21. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    they still have to sign him long term which could be very difficult, how can the nucks have the advantage its advantage luongo and florida.

  22. Scruffy05 says:

    Just going by news reports that Pttisburgh is willing to trade their pick (glut of top prospects alread) and that Fleury still is not quite ready.

  23. Marky2Fresh says:

    From TSN:

    “Luongo said he had reached a tentative four-year deal with the Panthers – he wouldn’t say for how much money – hinged on three conditions.

    He wanted the team to make a public statement they would not trade him, Florida would hire Francois Allaire as his goaltender coach, and the Panthers would sign goaltender Jamie McLennan as his backup.”

    No wonder the guy was traded, I would have traded him too. When a player starts making demands like that, he has to go.

  24. SabresFan220 says:

    Ville Peltonen? Ok, Florida might be the only team in the NHL he could crack the lineup. He hasn’t been in the NHL for several years for a good reason, I’d say he’s washed up and should stay in Finland. He can be a star over there and make his money, play in the international tournaments for his country and retire in a few years. I don’t know how old he is off hand, but I’d guess he’s pushing 40, guys go to Europe to extend their careers and Ville did that years ago, smart move by him too. I’ll be shocked if we see Ville Peltonen in an NHL uniform next season, reminds me of Zdeno Ciger’s 1 year return to the NHL with the Rangers before being dealt to Tampa and going back to Europe.

  25. tancred says:

    Yeah, I read that just a little bit ago. Allaire’s contract with the Ducks is up this Summer, but who’s to say he’d even want to be hired by Florida? And why would Luongo want to make it a condition that McLennan remained with the team? To ensure that, if he faltered, Florida would have a career backup goalie rather than try to bring in another more qualified first string goalie? Luongo said those conditions didn’t seem like such a big thing to him. Ha! He sounds like a big headache to me.

    Like you said, no wonder they traded him!

  26. paul_dc10 says:

    you probly did post comment by accident, but yeah the comment you said above was great, i agree with all of it

  27. paul_dc10 says:

    to add to that, i was reading you other comment, are you part of the canucks forum if u are wahts ur name there??? im paul_the_king

  28. Scruffy05 says:

    No, I’m not… I refuse to join:P I’ll look for you.

  29. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    lol, why dont they take the whole vancouver team as well, since jovo’s probably heading there as well. so they can have auld,cloutier,jovo,allen,bertuzzi, and be teh canucks version2

  30. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    I totally understand where your coming from, i read the forums everyday and i see a lot of sh*t talkin goin around in those forums. Its actually quite funny, and although im a big canucks fan myself, some of that stuff is really uncalled for. But u cant hate the team for crappy admins

  31. ZeroX93 says:

    That is ridiculous. Like I said before, he was too demanding for his position. He needs to grow up a bit. Roberto is really good, but not good enough to be pulling stuff like that. He still has stuff to prove. He is a wildcard. Best of Luck to Vancouver. After reading that, I’d rather deal with Bert to be honest.

  32. big_booty says:

    Why it was a bad deal for Florida:

    1) Franchise goalie is gone, to be replaced with a young question mark. No disrespect to Auld, but he’s just not of the same caliber.

    2) Marquee player in return is on the decline and shows no signs of re-gaining his former status. Bertuzzi just isn’t the intimidating presence he used to be.

    3) Defender they got in return will in no way make their team defense any better. Luongo got peppered on a nightly basis, Auld will get it even moreso.

    Why it’s a bad deal for Vancouver:

    1) No guarantee that Luongo signs long-term. According to his list of demands, Dave Nonis must now work out a trade for Jamie McLennan as well.

    2) It makes re-signing Jovanovski that much more of a priority. Jovo’s got Nonis bent over a barrel right now.

    This whole deal might just turn out to be a wash. If Bertuzzi and Luongo leave as UFA’s and Auld doesn’t work out, this trade is essentially Kraijcek and a sixth-rounder for Allen.

    Anyone excited by that?

    I’m not.

  33. cecilturtle says:

    I’m sure no one heard the tree fall down that I cut the other day in the HTR forest… But, I guess I neglected to take into account how attractive the most hated man in hockey would appeal to Mike Keenan. So, clearly I was very wrong when I stated Vancouver should have bought out Bertuzzi’s contract when they had the chance… And also when I predicted that they were now stuck with him because no team would have picked Bert up even if Vancouver put him through waivers… Let alone trade a franchise goalie for him. I suppose I just did not take into account “The Keenan Factor” when applying a common sence formula to trading Big Bert’s baggage?

    Cecil Turtle

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