Luongo gets a chance to prove his skills.

Roberto Luongo is considered the busiest goalie in the NHL, now that was in Florida where he faced more shots than anyone else in the league and still, managed to put up some of the best stats in the league.

Last year he faced 2 488 shots and got a .914 save percentage while playing on a non playoff team. His save percentage was tied for 9th in the league and his shots faced were the highest total, with Martin Brodeur in second with 2 105.

Luongo is an elite goaltender who was on a team who struggled to make the playoffs.

Before the lockout, in 2003-2004, Luongo was a nominee to the Hart Memorial Trophy as the most valuable player of the league. Now Luongo is going to another team that didn’t make the playoffs but the situation is different.

The reason the Canucks missed the playoffs is the fact that their top defenseman got hurt and that Cloutier didn’t play. Now they lost Bertuzzi and Jovanovski, but they got Luongo and Willie Mitchell. The team hasn’t drastically improved but if Naslund can find his game, And if the Sedin twins can keep on rolling like last year then they’ll be a good playoff team.

Luongo will finally have a chance to prove he can make a team win. I think heโ€™ll be right up there with Kiprusoff for the Vezinaโ€ฆ


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  1. Biggzy says:

    Wow you’re dreaming buddy. You’re in for a treat. I got the pleasure of watching Luongo every game last year, as I was a Panthers season ticket holder, and let me tell you, he’s not all he’s cracked up to be. But you’ll see that for yourself.

    You think Salo and Ohlund are top notch defensemen? Lol. Mitchell is alright. But you definitely lost your best defensemen in Jovo. Bieksa? Who the ***** is that? Bourdon? No namer. Tremblay? Yeah, like I said before Good luck on defense, it should be funny.

    What makes me think Edmonton will do so good? Hmm, maybe that there offense is dangerous as hell. They have a better defense than Vancouver thats for sure.

    And at least they made the playoffs last year. How’d the Canucks do?…..That’s what I thought.

  2. Biggzy says:

    The Panthers could have an excellent season if everyone stays healthy.

    I really like the additions they made, and the players they traded/let go. Everyone I’ve talked to is happier than a pig in shit to see Luongo go.

  3. Mr_Canuck says:

    good call, last year we couldn’t bring him up cause he’d have to clear waivers and he never would have, but if he starts up with the club he’d be clear right?

    Only problem would be if he struggles, and we send him down, for him to come back up he’d have to clear.. but solid point

    he had good numbers last year for the moose

  4. vancity4life says:

    the only reason we didnt make the playoffs is because we had our 2nd/3rd defenceman injured, and i wouldnt be talking about making the playoffs there, because with ed belfour behind your nets you arent gonna do any better. and BTW YOU DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT WHAT GOOD DEFENCE IS, NO FLORIDA FAN WOULD!

  5. MACH9ER says:

    im stupid? lol turco is on my list and ive never even heard of fernadez and lunquizts.

  6. Biggzy says:

    HAHAHA, you’re telling me one defenseman would’ve helped Vancouver make the playoffs. You’re a complete idiot. Belfour will be the backup to Auld.

    No Florida fan would know about defense? That statement doesn’t even make sense. Its obvious you’re a 12 year old kid who’s dad gets him tickets to the game, and you end up watching the jumbotron more than you do the actual hockey game.

    Your garbage canucks are not going anywhere this season. Its ridiculous to think you made any type of improvements with all the key losses through the offseason. Canucks are hot garbage.

  7. vancity4life says:

    its pretty obvious that you are one of those stupid american hockey fans who doesnt know sh*t about the game and doesnt know much more about players in the nhl besides your own team. and if you think our defence looks bad, take a look at your own, you might shit yourself.

  8. vancity4life says:

    what key losses anyway? bertuzzi was trash, jovo couldnt stay healthy for more than half the season, made bad turnovers when it wasnt needed at all, allen was expendable with the addition of bourdon, baumgartner wasnt gonna stay, basically a lesser known jovo, carter is expendable since any player who gets stuck with the sedins can do good, and he wants way too much money than hes worth.

  9. vancity4life says:

    that statement makes perfect sense, as last season your team had none at all, and if you think their improvement is better than what we have going right now, you should be shot.

  10. Biggzy says:

    You’re telling me your defense looks better than the Panthers D? HAHA, keep telling yourself that. I’m sure anyone on these boards will tell you the Panthers defense is a complete step up from the garbage Canucks.

    And your key losses…I love how you call Bertuzzi trash when he scored 70+ points last year. You lose your best defenseman, then say you’re better off w/o him. Then you call the other good players you lost “expendable”. You’re an idiot.

    Any player who gets stuck with the Sedins will do good…Wow you’re so high on your own team you can’t see that Carter was crucial to that line. Obviously King with the Sedin’s didn’t do much of anything. Or you could throw Brad May in there and whoa look out! haha.

    You’re just a retarded Canadian hockey fan who thinks that any team outside of Canada is garbage. I can’t wait for the season starts. Luongo is gonna eat shit.

  11. vancity4life says:

    look, before you go and get into shit like this, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! any player could do good with the sedins because all carter did was go to the net and get the tap ins, barely any finish at all, a player who could do more than that (i.e. any right winger with finish) could easily score 40-50 goals. and its not like we were gonna keep jovo, because hes not worth 6.5 million at all. bertuzzi was completly horrible at the second half of the year, and most of those points came during the first half, when naslund wasnt injured.

    i dont need to think that florida sucks because they do, they cant even make the playoffs with luongo standing on his *****ing head stopping pucks basically. i’ll come back here and see how you feel after we kick your asses 1 out of 1 times this season, and im sick of fighting with you on here, you’re obviously so full of your team you cant even see what the ***** is what. and you can think luongo is gonna eat shit all you want, but the chances of it happening with auld are alot better, so dont come *****ing to me on here, either way.

  12. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    Turco is useless come post-season.

  13. Biggzy says:

    What are you talking about? Do you think right wingers who can score 40-50 goals are a dime a dozen or something? Obviously the Sedin’s are magic. LOL.

    Jovo is obviously not worth 6.5 million, not many defensemen are. But that doesn’t change the fact that he was your best defensemen.

    Who cares if Bertuzzi was horrible the second half of the year? Who’s gonna replace him? You’re gonna tell me your first line is better w/o him? Wow. Vancouver fans are just idiots.

    Florida sucks. HAHA, sure buddy. Even the mods on these forums have them finishing high in the standings. Luongo was not spectacular last season. How would you know better than me, when I watched him every game from about 50 feet away?

    Vancouver fans have been saying all season long. “if we had a goalie, we’d be the shit.” Well, now you’ve got the “best” goalie in the league. No excuse for you guys not to make the playoffs.

    Don’t even try and compare D’s cuz Florida’s owns your team and you know it.

  14. vancity4life says:

    did i say our top line was better without him? no i didnt, so ***** off already. how would i know better than you, because of stats, he was obviously significantly better than one ALEX AULD.

    bertuzzi had to go either way and im actually glad hes playing in florida because he will get a fresh start there, and theres no excuses for his shitty play unless steve moore files another lawsuit.

    oh yeah and btw, I guess no one knows more about not making the playoffs than Florida fans.

    In conclusion floridas f*cked like every year and canucks now have a veteran goalie for getting rid of a cancer.

  15. vancity4life says:

    this is a brilliant post, and im just gonna say whats obviously true. luongo played in back of a botched defense that sucked horribly. as a result of this he faced so many shots, sometimes 55 a game, and still managed to get 3 shutouts. he is coming to a team with a way better defense than florida had that year, jovo or no jovo, and is a no brainer that he will do better than he did behind a sh*t defence. everyone knows how bad their defence was, hockeynews even did an article about how bad they sucked. there is no arguing with fact, so everyone who wants to argue florida has a better defence than vancouver, can just go die in a fire.

  16. ZeroX93 says:

    yup, theres no stresses or worries over here anymore. we can all just focus on playing/watching hockey

  17. ZeroX93 says:

    florida’s defense is a lot better then your nucks now buddy. Louie is gonna deal with the same crap in your town, but now with some real hockey fans that are gonna expect him to work for his ridiculous contract. Hope it works out, but doens’t looke too good

  18. vancity4life says:

    better than floridas last season, this year its kind of iffy….salei allen van ryn and bouwmeester are pretty solid, but not as solid as mitchell ohlund salo and bourdon.

  19. sean2006 says:

    Wow, so much trash being thrown around here…

    Luongo is a damn good goalie, and will put up similar numbers as he did in Florida. That being said, Nonis is really rolling the dice with the Canucks this year. Defence looks shaky, and the loss of Carter (a STABLE winger on the Sedin line) is going to have an impact.

    Big question: Can Vigneault bring something to the club and get some chemistry between the players?

  20. sean2006 says:

    Dont wish injuries on players, it’s just not cool.

  21. hlrsr says:

    Ok, you’ve made yourself look like enough of a clown, but I’ll reply anyway.

    Jovo was NOT our #1 defenseman.. he was our #1 OFFENSIVE defenseman. His defensive contributions were poor at best, meaning losing him does not have much effect on how badly our goaltender gets shelled. Some would say it will HELP us defensively even.

    Who else did we lose on D? Bryan Allen? Yeah he’s a solid #4 and I like him, but he has been replaced and upgraded by Willie Mitchell. Nolan Baumgartner? Again, replaced. Wasn’t worth the money he’s getting in Philly.

    Todd Bertuzzi needed a change. We were in a rough position knowing he needed to be traded and him having a fat contract (5.3M) AND only 1 year left on it. Most were honestly expecting a draft pick in return for this guy, instead we get Roberto Luongo. Yes he got 70+ points, but there were even rumblings that he was a cancer in the dressing room. While I don’t really buy that, it can’t be denied that he was a distraction for the team.

    As for Anson Carter, well, to use your own argument, we (die-hard) Canucks fans have watched every Canucks game this season, we KNOW the Sedins made Carter and he is NOT worth $3M a season over 3 years. If we needed him that bad, he would be signed.

    Another note about our defensive corps.. essentially we only really *lost* was Jovo, that’s 1 offensive player who didn’t provide great defense. Now the team as a WHOLE this season will be playing a more defensive style; the forwards will be more responsible in their own end. This takes some pressure on the defense and could easily make up for what little if any defensive prowess was lost by the departure of Jovo.

  22. bpanther83 says:

    You can NOT put Cam Ward up there after only having a good playoff. To many goalies do this and then end up shit the next year. He has to prove himself over a couple seasons to be considered in the same league as these goalies. All these other goalies have PROVEN they are the real deals.

  23. TheDugg1er says:

    yes, thats the way it is with the canucks. Tons of people trash them, die hard fans stick with them, and then there are all the bandwagonners that cheer when we do good. First of all if people say we only have naslund and the sedins and luongo you don’t understand the canucks at all.

    we did lose jovo, an amazing leader who should have been captain, but he also seemed to have procured a disease from sopel which made him prone to make bad mistakes. Ohlund and salo are two very capable top 2 d. Mitchell is solid and can fill in on the second pair with i’m guessing krajicec. Then we have our upcoming star defenceman Luc Bourdon who should make the team this year. We also have kevin bieksa who proved himself as a decent 3rd line d-man.

    The loss of bertuzzi, yes it is a big blow, but will probably be good for the canucks as well as bert. He will be able to get a fresh start and the canucks will be able to move on. The canucks have a fairly talented forward line up which looks to be going more to speed and hardworking this year. If vigneault installs a hardworking plan we will see the canucks put up a much better record this year than last.

    Naslund though he had a disappointing year still put up decent numbers and will probably do better this year. Morrison, though not a top line center. is a good player and if he can find some luck, he will start putting up better numbers once again. If you watch the canucks, you will know that morrison is the most unlucky canuck on the team.

    Then we have a bunch of younger players that can now start to move up to fill holes that have been made. Cooke may get a chance to play top line with naslund and mor. also there is kesler and king to factor in as well. most likely we will see who has chemistry with the sedins and we will see every possible combination to find a line that works. then we’ve picked up forwards like pyatt chouinard who fill in for the size we lost when bertuzzi was traded, and we picked up a talented forward in bulis who has put up, i think at least, 2 40 point seasons in a row or something? from what i’ve seen he’s a speedy hard working forward who should fit in in vancouver.

    now for goaltending. Many people trash cloutier as being a bad goalie. I don’t know why but they do. Cloutier led the canucks to the playoffs for soooo many years and put up 30 win seasons year after year. But still everyone thought auld was better, so here wasd his year and look what happened! we didnt make the playoffs…….. I told everyone that the canucks would deal auld because he looked to be a decent upcoming goalie. My friends told me i was wrong but i have several reasons why he was traded. Though he is a decent goalie, this is only because he covers like 90% of the net. He positions himslef well but when he gets out of position, he chokes and couldnt stop a beachball. He lets in weak goals like cloutier, but unlike cloutier, auld has no ability to singlehandedly steal a game. And if ur a nuks fan and watch the games, you can’t deny that when cloutier was in a zone he played outstandingly. But as we all know as well cloutier got injured every week pretty much so he had to be dealt.

    Now the nuks have luongo and addressed their biggest need, solid goaltending.

    The biggest factor of whether the canucks are successful or not is if vigneault can fire up the canucks and return them to a hardworking team once again. The canucks problem last year wasn’t talent or problems with coaching etc. etc. It was that they were a lazy bunch. well that was 3/4’s of the problem. injuries to nearly all their top d late in the year killed them. The canucks have the chance to be a top team next year but it will depend on whether they go out and play hockey or whether they play like it’s stick and puck.

    PS someone earlier in this thread said the nuks will contend with the flames for top in the division. I think it will be the nuks and the wild. Look at hoow much the wild have improved and if you say they are weak you are sorely mistaken. Though calgary picked up tanguay they havent improved their ability to score much. Their success will depend on kipper once again. He’s the only reason why they are good.

    PPS. I detest phaneuf….. Best moments of the year for me were

    1 phaneuf wanting to fight ruutu and then tripping on ruutu’s stick and doing a face plant, and

    2 Bertuzzi absolutely destroying phanuef with i think the biggest hit the season. LIke holy shit i’m surprised that hit didnt set off the earthquake that bc is expecting. that hit deserves to be up with scott stevens hits for crying out loud.

    PPPS. i’m bert’s biggest fan and i will @#$%ing miss him.

  24. TheDugg1er says:

    CARTER IS A NOBODY! doesnt anyone in the world notice that he was only good because of the sedins???? jeez. and morrison is good but he is the most unlucky person in the world. AND they have put naslund and morrison with the sedins and it failed HORRIBLY. I’ver said this before but i will say it again. The sedins are a puck control duo. U have to put a finisher with them and that was all carter was. He could get the puck and put it in an empty net. Naslund likes to hold the puck and make plays himself. the sedins and naslund are incompatible. It’s like loading windows onto a mac or something stupid. IT DOESNT WORK. Why does everyone keep mentioning that line combo like they are smart. Watch how the sedins and naslund play and you instantly know that they don’t work together. So unless naslund stops holding the puck and making plays OR the sedins both become finishers?!?!?!?this line wont be used unless it’s some sort of last desperate attempt to score a goal. stop mentioning this line. Now all i can hope for is that this line either doesnt work if they try it or isnt successful or i’ll look like an idiot ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. TheDugg1er says:

    DONT EVEN SAY CLAGARY CAN SCORE AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHhAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH. breath in breath out breath in AHAHAHHAhAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!! They were like bottom 5 in scoring. They have tanguay now yes so they improve one line. This team is still going to suffer from lack of goals.

  26. TheDugg1er says:

    o and Vancity4life i love u man you sound like a die hard fan, we gotta go to a game one day. o and who is going to go into the corners to get the puck for naslund????? probably whoever they put with him u dimwit. i’m hoping it’s cooke. you make predictions for teams but you probably dont even watch hockey. If u say the nuks are doomed, that luongo is gonna fail…. i can’t wait for the nuks to rip it up this year

  27. TheDugg1er says:

    ONE LAST THING on this post, you say minnesota won’t be a good team………. wow man you really are an idiot. They improved tenf old this off season and fernandez is an amazing goalie. They are one of the best defensive teams and they have tons of heart. With their offesnsive pick ups this team will be a powerhouse this year.

  28. TheDugg1er says:

    wow i thought that was going to be my last comment put i keep reading this guys post about his predictions and wow. Edmonton will most likely not making the playoffs though i’d like to see them make it as i cheer for every canadian team. The loss of pronger and peca is like pretty much cutting the teams head off. O wait they lost samsonov as well. a guy that gets injured but a capable scorer. I’d say that edmonton will probably be a bottom team this year… ๐Ÿ™

  29. TheDugg1er says:

    wow i have to post again. You give chicago odds to make the playoffs but not the canucks. holy shit man. khabibulin was terrible last year and they didnt pick bochenski up they already had him last year u fool. Yes they picked up havlat but now he’s not going to be in an all star line up. Havlat, though amazing, will not do as well as he could have on ottawa, and there is still the probability of tuomo getting injured again. ruutu is amazing but he played like what 4 games last year??? he totally screwed me over in my hockey pool last year ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  30. TheDugg1er says:

    wow that was a huge post by me lol. I guess it was just all the people trashing my team when they know nothing that fired me up. vancity4life your cool. It’s nice to meet a canuck fan that isn’t a bandwagonner

  31. TheDugg1er says:

    LOL that post was awesome. Yah that was the funniest thing i’ve read on htr as well.

  32. TheDugg1er says:

    too true. does giguere ring any bells??? not to mention that ward had a great team in front of him. Luongo is worthy enough to be mentioned with broduer and kipper. Also notice how the teams in front of brodeur and kip are pretty much great d???????? wonder what would happen if their teams weren’t so defensive…… No doubt they’d be amazing but they wouldn’t do as good. Now look at luongo. I don’t want to trash their team or rile up whatever fans the panthers have, if they have any, but luongo will improve in every aspect with the canucks in front of them just as the canucks will improve with luongo in the net. The Nuks will have a chance every single game this year when luongo is playing. Also our backup will be flaherty he’s been doing very well in the minors and will most likely see action this year. GO NUKS GO

  33. TheDugg1er says:

    too true. pittsburgh floundered so much. It sounded like they might finally have a good year but that blew up quite fast eh? He’s a good goalie and as pittsburgh improves so will fleury. If the team sticks together…….

  34. TheDugg1er says:

    do u talk to yourself??? anyone happy to see luongo leave their team must seriously have problems or something. Auld is not nearly as good as everyone thinks, you are welcome to have him. And if your happy to see luongo go well i’m happy to see him leave florida as well. Specially since he’s on my team now. cant wait to see luongo lead the canucks to how they were in the 3-4 years before the lockout. And lead us to the playoffs. And this is of course a dream but to see them in the finals with he panthers just so luongo can shut them out pretty much every game and just watch the canucks rip them apart and then hopefully there is a camera on biggzy so we can see him cry. But yes thats a dream, florida has no hope to make the playoffs.

  35. TheDugg1er says:

    u forgot krajicec lol, not to mention bieksa. he showed promise

  36. vancity4life says:

    thanks man….it nice to get some support against this douche talking shit about our d when they dont have a thing. and yeah, im die hard… down for life with van so i just cant stand these dicks talking about stuff like theyre know everything in the world.

  37. vancity4life says:

    yeah, bieksa is definetly gonna be another allen, and a steal for a late drafted d man. krajicek = another powerplay QB? maybe……but all these idiots would do is go no namer for bieksa and diss krajicek because he left them.

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