Luongo gets a chance to prove his skills.

Roberto Luongo is considered the busiest goalie in the NHL, now that was in Florida where he faced more shots than anyone else in the league and still, managed to put up some of the best stats in the league.

Last year he faced 2 488 shots and got a .914 save percentage while playing on a non playoff team. His save percentage was tied for 9th in the league and his shots faced were the highest total, with Martin Brodeur in second with 2 105.

Luongo is an elite goaltender who was on a team who struggled to make the playoffs.

Before the lockout, in 2003-2004, Luongo was a nominee to the Hart Memorial Trophy as the most valuable player of the league. Now Luongo is going to another team that didn’t make the playoffs but the situation is different.

The reason the Canucks missed the playoffs is the fact that their top defenseman got hurt and that Cloutier didn’t play. Now they lost Bertuzzi and Jovanovski, but they got Luongo and Willie Mitchell. The team hasn’t drastically improved but if Naslund can find his game, And if the Sedin twins can keep on rolling like last year then they’ll be a good playoff team.

Luongo will finally have a chance to prove he can make a team win. I think he’ll be right up there with Kiprusoff for the Vezina…