If the Vancouver Canucks want to move Roberto Luongo this summer, the veteran netminder won’t stand in anyone’s way.

In his final media availability of the season in Vancouver on Tuesday, Luongo told reporters he would be willing to waive his no-trade clause if general manager Mike Gillis asked him to.

“It’s going to be what’s best for the team,” said Luongo. “Whatever scenario that is, I’m okay with it – whether that involves me being here or not is okay. We’ve got a lot of potential in this locker room, there’s a great core of guys, and the chance to do something special.”

“They’ve got a guy [Schneider] here that is going to be a superstar in this league for the next 10, 12, 15 years,” said Luongo. “It is a business and that’s the way it goes. I loved being here the last six years. I think my career has really taken off and we did some incredible things. If I’m here in the future, then great. If I’m not, that’s good also.”

Luongo, 33, signed a 12-year, $64 million contract extension with the Canucks in 2009.

“I don’t want to be one of those guys that will stand in the way of anything, I always want to put the team ahead of me and not be one of those selfish guys,” said Luongo. “There haven’t been any decisions made, but over the course of the next little while we’ll talk to Mike (Gillis) and make that decision.”


  1. nordiques100 says:

    I am not a fan of Steve Simmons and neither are many others.

    But his quote in his article

    yesterday: "This is the problem with Burke and his high and mighty ways" couldnt be more accurate.

    (and please, please please please just listen for once, not just scoff at the name Steve Simmons and move on and say he's a dick or an idiot etc etc, that's NOT the point here)

    I understand he has a hate on for Burke, but c'mon fans, can we really be sensible and logical about this and finally come to grips that Burke isn't the be all end of all GM's? Can we not worship him making it look he walks on water?

    Fans have put him on a pedestal for long enough. Still to this day you cannot question him or anything Leafs, despite being in this playoff drought. Your loyalty is admirable, but misplaced and stupid.

    I don't even care about his past moves, the Kessel trade, the free agent signings, the goaltending neglect, the Wilson contract extension, whatever.

    I only care about what he is going to do from now on. And its time he swallow his selfish pride and think about the Leafs and making them better before anything else.

    He doesn't believe in offer sheets, the long term contracts, the Kovalchuk kind of signings. He actually is starting to speak of creating his own trade deadline to protect an already spoiled group of athletes. how absurd is that?

    If you want to fight those fights, fine, just don't do it at the detriment of the Leafs. Don't use the Leafs and its all access as the centre of the hockey universe as your platform to shove your own agenda and ideals down our throats.

    Right now, as a fan, I have no faith in him. He has lots to prove to me and probably many others. He may tell us that the only opinion that matters is that of MLSE, but even they, those savvy business suits can certainly see the Leafs and Burke kinda going into the toilet.

    Yes yes, the team is younger and has more young player than ever before. But he never sold us on rebuild, he was selling us how the leafs were going to be playoff contenders. The Leafs picked in the top 5 right before he came aboard 4 years ago. They are picking in the top 5 now.

    As the Stanley Cup playoffs come closer and closer to completion, you are hearing more and more names out there being available via trade or free agency and you have to really really wonder if Burke has the ability to really make a difference here in Toronto.

    Nash, Suter, Parise, Any one of the Sharks like Marleau, Thornton, Pavelski, Luongo now, Iginla, Kiprusoff, Semin, maybe even Tim Thomas, Jordan Staal perhaps, maybe any one of the Staal brothers for that matter, Patrick Kane, Getzlaf, Bobby Ryan, there is just a whole host of names that have been thrown in the hat so far, with likely more to show up as we near the draft in June.

    Can Burke land a few of these players on this list? or even those stars not on it? I have to question his ability to do so. No No NO! I am not speaking about trading Kadri, Colborne, Gardiner, the 5th overall pick, etc etc etc for anyone over 35 making 5 million dollars.

    I speak more of him actually getting a real goalie, not selling us Dan Cloutier all over. Perhaps going out and getting that top centre, and maybe having to make a tough decision to do so moving a Kessel moving a Lupul to do it. Going out and getting the best free agent, not sign a guy or two for the sake of signing a player to make it look like you are doing something. And doing what it takes to do so, not telling us MLSE has the most financial clout and resources of any franchise, perhaps in sport and not using it.

    Burke has had this ability though to be a used car salesman and sell us a Lemon. He sold people on Connolly as a no. 1 centre. He ended up the 3rd line checking winger. He sold us on truculence. Komisarek and Armstrong, making a combined 7 plus million were in the press box or infirmary for most of their time. He sold us on the goaltending, but like I said, Dan Cloutier part deux.

    It would not at all be shocking if he could convince us that signing George Parros, adding Ryane Clowe gives the Leafs truculence. Signing Josh Harding could give Toronto envious depth in goal with 3 young goalies with potential. And maybe overpaying for Mason Raymond adds more speed to a fast lineup. And with the top 5 pick at the top of the list of acquisitions this summer, he could have Leaf Nation pumping their fists in great anticipation for next season since the team was so close apparently….until Valentines day.

    I know people will wholeheartedly disagree with all this. Again, your loyalty is admirable. But you have to be realistic about all of this. We've been had by him and this organization. We've been had for a very long time.

    I think its time for more of us fans to question them more, be a lot harder on the organization. If they can't take some questions around the deadline about trades, it says a lot about the organization and its character or lack thereof.

    People were disgusted some about the "Fire Wilson" chants or the "Fire Burke " chants. I was happy, I applaud them for showing some emotion for once. good on you. We need to stand up and push back. not be weak minded drones.

  2. nordiques100 says:

    So apparently the Leafs are on his short list.

    Ok, and there was mention in an article by Steve Simmons that the asking price may be a 2nd round pick or a equivalent prospect and salary back to Vancouver.

    If I am Toronto, at that price, I am all over that.

    Some may feel Luongo doesn't have it anymore or is just average, but he has performed well, and easily better than any Leaf goalie over that stretch.

    You may feel he is not a good goalie. but tell me if there is a better one on the Leafs roster right now. you can't

    Also, arguing about the cap hit and his contract is moot. Cap hit is fine. 5.3 is not outrageous. Its expensive some yes, but if the Leafs get rid of some of the dead weight like Komisarek, Lombardi, Connolly, Armstrong, then suddenly paying Luongo isnt so bad.

    And his salary of 6.7 mil, no problem with the warchest of funds within MLSE.

    He is the best available goalie. Unless the Canucks make Schnieder or Boston makes Rask readily available. I doubt they come for a 2nd rounder and salary back.

    I'd do it. make the Canucks take Komisarek back. give the Canucks the 2013 second rounder. If Toronto is competitive next year and in a playoff spot, that pick will not be that high. So why not?

  3. Steven_Leafs says:

    If that is the price on Luongo, I completely agree that we should make a move for him. His contract could handcuff us with Reimer but screw it, we need to make a splash here and at that price we can still move assets to get that no.1 center.

    We shouldn't play around with the offer though and potentially lose out like we did with Richards, offer them a choice:

    -one of Connolly/Lombardi/Armstrong/Komisarek
    -35th overall pick
    -one of Rosehill/Lashoff/Fraser/2013 5th

  4. thisgamewelose says:

    If that's the offer, it seems like a desperate move to get rid of him. I think other teams on the list will match that offer quite easily. 

  5. reinjosh says:

    Here's my issue with this.

    Does Luongo become a stop gap goalie? Or a long term option? Like it or not, that contract will become a problem at some point in the future. Yeah its cheap now for what Luongo brings, but at what point does it become onerous? Arguing about is not moot. He's signed for nine more years and he's 33. How long can he be a good to great goalie? 
    If that's the price for him, I'd say do it and go for it. 
  6. albertateams says:

    I would think GM's would want to know what the new CBA will be before jumping on a 9 year commitment.

    If there is a one time amnesty would Vancouver use it?

    I wouldn't think they would, as Lou still has value IMO, but they could take the attitude 5.3 million cap space is worth leaving a prospect/ pick on the table to avoid another contract.

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