Luongo, Nash survive trade winds at draft

Roberto Luongo remained Vancouver Canucks property as the NHL draft weekend wrapped up. Same went for Rick Nash and the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Really, no surprise on either end.

Neither blockbuster trade was ever much dependent on the timeline related to the draft — the Canucks certainly are not that interested in a first-round pick as the chief asset in return for Luongo. They want players who can help them now while their window to win the Stanley Cup remains open.

Although you could argue the Blue Jackets, meanwhile, should have been trying to garner as many first-round picks as they could, the reality is that the first-round picks who would have been in play from the front-runners — the Rangers, Flyers or Sharks — weren’t high enough in Friday’s first round to compel the Jackets to make a move.

Instead, much to the chagrin of the Nash camp, the Jackets almost certainly will wait until July 1 unfolds and try to recoup interest from teams that strike out on UFA star winger Zach Parise.

But what might frustrate the Rangers to a degree is that Parise has said he won’t sign with them. He wouldn’t do that to the Devils. Thus, New York isn’t terribly thrilled this Nash thing is dragging out, although not nearly as annoyed as the Nash camp itself. In a smart move, the Rangers opened a dialogue with Anaheim on winger Bobby Ryan.

A Plan B is a necessity.

Other clubs also interested in Nash include Ottawa and Carolina. The Senators want to stay in the mix even though their best hook is now gone. With the Jackets drafting two goalies Saturday, plus trading for Sergei Bobrovsky on Friday, I doubt the Jackets would have interest in either Robin Lehner or Ben Bishop at this point. Still, the Senators can stay in by changing their possible offer. It might surprise some that the Hurricanes are in the mix, especially after picking up Jordan Staal Friday. But a source confirmed that Carolina is intent on staying in the race for Nash.


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  1. reinjosh says:

    Draft Weekend. That was an interesting draft. Forsberg falling, Teravainen not going nearly as high as predicted, Staal traded.

    Staal trade – Good trade for both teams I think. Sutter is the perfect Staal replacement. What better way to replace Staal than with a pretty much carbon copy of him. Shero was smart to make him a “must” part of the deal. Then grabbing Pouliot at 8th? That was a little stunning. granted you have to think they know what they are doing, they drafted Morrow last year so they clearly have seen Pouliot a lot.

    Leafs – Rielly at 5 was something I’m ok with. I’m a little bit huffed at not taking Forsberg but Rielly is an incredible skater. He’s really more like a 4th forward though, and he really increases the mobility in our defense prospects. A little interesting that Burke said he was their number 1 rated guy, even ahead of Yakupov. He certainly has interesting upside but he’s a big risk playing so few games this year. I’m not sure what I think grabbing Finn at 35. He jumped up hugely this year and expected to be a first so I suppose it’s good but I’m not sure I like taking two 6 foot dman with our first two picks. Still he was impressive for Guelph this year.

    Pittsburgh getting Maatta was lucky. I’m astounded Philly passed on him to be honest, and calgary too. I thought he was a perfect fit for both.

    Speaking of which, Calgary made a ballsy move. Jankowski was not expected to go in teh first round and was by far teh biggest off the board pick. They clearly targetted him though, and were planning on grabbing him even before they traded the pick (which is likely why they traded the pick). They didn’t expect him to go so tehy grabbed a 2nd rounder. He looks like he’s 15. He’s got high potential but he’s a project pick.

    Ribiero to the Caps is a pretty good trade for them I think. He’s not soft (although he isn’t big) and he’s skilled enough to fit into that team. Shows they are going back to teh skill that made them succesful. Interesting for Dallas since they don’t really have any centers now.

    And Bobby Ryan is gone. He’s pissed off with Anaheim and I don’t see any doubt he’ll be on a new team. Who is the question? Could see some major power shifts this offseason with him, Nash, Parise and Suter all but guaranteed to be on new teams. Could make the next season (provided there is one) a whole new ballgame.

  2. reinjosh says:

    Also I liked the Montreal draft.

    Clearly Glachenyuk was a good pick. Collberg too. On the smaller side but with some good offensive potential.

    Then Bozon in the third round? That was a good pick. Has some solid potential. The Swiss are starting to pump out some pretty good prospects, and although I guess he played in France for a good chunk, he could be the next guy to come out.

    Hudon has some pretty good potential too. He’s small but that’s hardly a huge issue when he’s a 5th round pick.

    I’m still a little dubious of the double 6 foot dman picks by the Leafs. I’ve heard solid things about Finn and I know he was expected to be a first rounder, so I guess i get it a little but I would have preferred a forward at that pick if we drafted a dman already. I particularly liked Kerdiles, Boo Nieves and Maidens.

    I know LN91 mentioned Maidens already, but I’m surprised he fell to the third round. He struggled with injuries but arguably could have been a top 15 pick if he hadn’t had them.

    I like the Ryan Rupert pick at least. He’s small but he’s sort of like Brad Marchand. Hopefully he turns out like that.

    Looking at this draft I’m less impressed with it. I like Montreal’s draft, but it’s hard to like the Leafs draft when you only have a few picks to begin with and then they draft two 6 foot defenders with their first two picks. I suppose I’ll have to trust the scouts. They usually are pretty spot on with dman (keep in mind, it’s more likely Wilson screwed Schenn than the scouts screwed up that pick).

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