Luongo reacts to boos by rolling up his sleeves

He left the ice exhausted (BOOOOO!) and walked down the hall to the dressing room (BOOOOO!) where Roberto Luongo slumped joylessly into his stall (BOOOOO!) and slowly removed his goaltending equipment (BOOOOO!) while reporters surveyed him like undertakers.

So, Roberto, how does it feel to get booed?

“The good thing is it has happened so many times, I’ve gotten used to it,” Luongo said Wednesday on yet another of those mornings after the night before. “It really doesn’t affect me anymore. A fan pays for their ticket and comes to the game and they have a right to boo if they want to.”

And they want to.

Luongo was jeered off the ice Tuesday after the Canucks lost 4-0 to the New York Rangers. Unlike his two earlier lousy starts – out of three – it wasn’t the number of bad goals that was a problem but the number of great saves. Luongo didn’t make any.

While Ranger goalie Henrik Lundqvist was levitating at the other end, Luongo was beaten four times on 10 shots. BOOOOO!

As he said, he has heard that before in the happy little goalie graveyard that is Vancouver. But not this viciously nor this early in a National Hockey League season.

Luongo has played four games, two of them at home. He has played well in one of them. His goals-against average is 3.70 and his save rate an even ghastlier .856. Martin Brochu thinks Luongo sucks.

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