Luongo shrugs off trade rumours to Maple Leafs: Cox

Luongo has done a very good job so far of playing the good soldier while GM Mike Gillis sorts out potential trade scenarios. The Maple Leafs still are interested in the 33-year-old netminder despite his nightmarish contract, but aren’t willing to pay the price in players and prospects that Vancouver is demanding.

Florida may or may not be interested. Washington? Just speculation at the moment.

“I just get ready to play,” said Luongo. “Whatever decision it is is fine. Whoever starts Friday is good.”

The Canucks have played seven games, and Schneider has started four, Luongo three.

“I think I was able to build off Monday,” said Luongo of his solid play in a losing effort against the Kings. “The more you play the more comfortable you feel. That goes without saying.

“I just take it for what it is. I’m playing hockey in the NHL. I consider myself lucky.”

The Rogers Arena crowd greeted him enthusiastically on Wednesday, bellowing “Loooooooo!!” on even the most pedestrian of saves. Based on the audience’s reaction, he’s certainly not viewed negatively here at the moment, not viewed as an obstacle to obtaining other assets for a Vancouver team hoping to take a run at the franchise’s first Stanley Cup this season.

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  1. mojo19 says:

    I actually really appreciate the way he’s carrying himself in this situation.

  2. doorman says:

    Ya I have a new found respect for Lou after this and he is a man on a freaking mission. Honestly Gillis would be an idiot to trade him right now.

  3. leafy says:

    The Leafs are one 1st line center and a couple of reliable forwards away from being a very good team.

    Where they gonna get those players, I got absolutely no idea.

    • blaze says:

      Ryan O’Reilly could probably be that guy, not a high end one but a definite improvement. But do you bring in a guy like this who’s been holding out and hasn’t played yet.

      • mojo19 says:

        Hell ya. Bring him in. He’s only been holding out and not playing for this year. As long as he doesn’t retire after this year what are we worried about? We’re not winning any Cup this year. You bring in a kid who’s about to turn 21 for years to come.

  4. leafy says:

    Frattin is an NHL forward if there ever was one.

    And the Leafs do not need a goalie. These rumors are ridiculous.

  5. mojo19 says:

    And ya, I’m all about going after Ryan O’Reilly. I’ve heard from a couple places that the Avs would move him at this point in their stalemate for a 2nd rounder and a young roster player.

    Do we have such a player. Would Kadri and a 2nd be counter productive or worth it? Who else is a young roster player that could be enticing to the Avs? Frattin I guess. It’s tough, the players you want to hold onto are also the only ones who would have legitimate trade value.

  6. blaze says:

    I don’t wanna part with Kadri or Frattin it’s nice having home grown talent. I would however give up some D. Or a prospect not on the team.

    2nd, Franson, Colborne? Seems kinda weak I don’t know.

  7. leafs_wallace93 says:

    I’m subbing the love for Frattin. Was looking up his history and this was a surprising (to me at least) good quick read. Looks likes he’s matured which explains his breakout.

    It’s a bit unfortunate that Kadri and Frattin didn’t play like this last season because they would have looked a lot better in a package for Nash.

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Kadri getting some time at center with Kessel.

    Is it just me or are the Leafs getting tons of love from the refs this season? Power plays left and right. One thing that is becoming bothersome is seeing Kostka get so much time on the PP. Give those minutes to Liles it’s one of the few things he can do.

    Forget Luongo, him and Schiender are a good fit for a contender while Reimer/Scrivens are a good fit for a rebuild.

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