Luongo to leave Canucks to be with his wife.

Luongo’s wife has been having what is being described as a ‘difficult’ pregnancy. I’m sure it has weighed in on his mind and I wish him and his wife the best luck. Now, the question that remains is what effect this will have on the Vancouver Canucks and their playoff hopes?

Luongo’s wife Gina is due to give birth to the couple’s first child the first week of April when the Canucks play their last four games of the season.

By all means it’s the right move to do, but what does this mean for the Canucks? Do they have the depth, heart, determination, but most importantly the goaltending to pull through and make the playoffs? last time Luongo left the Canucks, being the game after the All-Star Break, they lost. Back then I wrongly criticized Luongo for skipping out on not only the All-Star Game, but moreso the Canucks game following the All-Star Game. I was unaware of the difficulties of his wife’s pregnancy.

The old article can be found here:

Having said that, I did correctly predict back then that the future birth of his wife (then scheduled to be in April) could prove a huge problem for the Canucks, as he would undoubtedly leave the team to be with his wife. Back then I wrote, “Luongo will ALSO skip an NHL game, one they will lose [turned out to be correct] and potentially destroy their division title hopes [also is turning out to be correct, those TWO points, as I pointed out, may be the difference]. What if he wants to miss more games as the baby nears delivery? Then what?”

The closing lines of my previous article were: “It will also be interesting to see what he does come playoff time. Will he abandon the Canucks in their time of need?”

Now abandon is too strong a word. I admitted as much before.

But I also asked many unanswered questions, which, surprise, surprise, have become relevant again:

What happens if he wants to skip out on more games as her pregnancy nears completion in April?
What if he wants to skip games down the stretch to be there for the birth of his child? Is that OK then?
How many games off are OK?
What if she is late and he has to miss playoff games? Is that alright?

NONE of you are seeing the big picture here.

Yes, the All-Star game is irrelevant. I admitted as much, but taking off that one game MAY be the first of MANY. THIS is the important part…

The questions were not supposed to be directed as a jab at Luongo, but as an eye-opener into what a difficult situation the Canucks may be faced with at the end of the year. Back then, someone said Curtis Sanford was a good goalie who could steal games for the Canucks. I’m not sure if Canucks fans think so currently, having seen, oh a dozen games all year, with a 4-3-1 record, and, oh, I dunno, being in net for only losses in the last 7 games he has played in… His 2.77GAA is OK, but his .900SV% is less than commendable.

So, with the Canucks losing a heartbreaker against the Flames by giving up 2 goals in the third period with some very undisciplined play, they are now tied for the last playoff spot, with 2 less wins, albeit with a game-in-hand on both Colorado (whom they face tonight in a massive game), the Predators (2 points back) and Edmonton (3 points back). If they lose tonight, and Luongo has to leave within a week, what do you think the Canucks’ hopes are for realistically making the playoffs? And who does this open the door for? The Preds or the Oilers?

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  1. jayhabsjay says:

    this will hurt there chances but i hope the canucks can do make it in. luongo is doing the right thing in this situation. i would do the same. i wish him and his family the best. hopefully everything will be fine. 

    anyone that has anything negative to say about him leaving the team at this point of the season deserves a beating. hopefully no one will be so shallow.

  2. habswinthecup-again says:

     You know what, I am as big a hockey fan as there is (I watch every game I can) but I really do not think we should be worrying about the Canucks at all. All that matters is the health of Gina Luongo and the baby that is on the way. If Roberto has to miss every game that the Canucks have left then so be it, his immediate family is without a doubt more important than his hockey family. May God bless the Luongo family.

  3. LuoungoisGod121 says:

    No problems here in Canuck world – Louie's wife is having a hard time and I know from a buddy who had a difficult pregnancy with his wife that your priorities are definately in the right place.

    Sanford can fill in – no worries the Nucks will be in the first round of the playoffs and we'll see Lou come back and backstop us to the finals1

  4. chanman says:

    Its the right thing, and anyone who wishes to badmouth him for it likely hasn't experianced life yet.

  5. wheresthesoda says:

    Luongo is playing against the avs right now.

  6. morrissey says:

    Rotten situation to have to make that decision, but he made the right choice in being with his family. The question I have is – Don't the Luongo's have a calendar and birth control? They could have planned to time this a little better!

  7. Oil-Life says:

    I love and respect Luongo for the decisions he has made so far with his wife (AllStar game, now this).  He is a great family man and a steller goalie.  Everything will work out for Vancouver, he is making all the right choices.  Kudos for him!  Here's to all going well for his wife Gina and Lou himself, and most importantly, here's to a healthy baby and the future great baby Luongo!

  8. BruMagnus says:

    Luongo got pulled!
    He let in 5 goals on 23 shots. Not his usual self.

    I doubt he plays another game in the regular season like his old self, or at all.

  9. LeafsNation91 says:

    That is rude, who cares when they plan the pregnancy? A child being brought into the world is a child being brought into the world. Who cares when it is brought in? Many players have their children during the season as well.

  10. BruMagnus says:

    If you were a Canucks fan you wouldn't say that.
    Honestly, we all wish him and his wife the best, but if you are a Canucks fan, you don't want to see your season long fight scuttled at the end over this, do you? It would be heartbreaking.
    What about all the other players on the Canucks, too? and the fans? Yes, they all wish Luongo and Gina the best, but do they really want their season to be over?

  11. BruMagnus says:

    Can we stop praising Luongo for something he hasn't even done yet? Yes, he will make the right move. Good for him. Pascal Dupuis just left the Penguins for two games to be with his wife in labor.

    We should be discussing hockey here people.

    What are the Canucks chances without Luongo?

    Luongo let in FIVE goals against the Avs. Not his normal self, and was even pulled for Sanford.

    The Wild, however, managed to beat the Oilers.

    Thus, the standings look like this now:
    Alone in 8th, Vancouver with 86 points in 77GPs (38Wins)
    Alone in 9th, Nashville with 84 points in 77GPs (38Wins)
    Alone in 10th, Edmonton with 83 points in 78GPs (39Wins)

  12. leafsfan86 says:

    Family comes first, that should be obvious to anybody in their right mind. But this WILL hurts the Canucks because, let's face it, he IS the Canucks.

  13. BruMagnus says:

    Finally someone who will talk about the Canucks.

    Do you think they can make the playoffs if Luongo misses 4 of the last 5 games?

    And what, if any, chance do they have in the playoffs if he is absent? 4 game sweep?

  14. hockey_lover says:

    Speaking as a parent, it would be much more heartbreaking to lose your wife/child. Hockey is a "job" to these guys. It a great honor to play the game at that level, but I believe it is more a job than a "game/sport" to them. At the end of the day, family comes first. If I was in Luongo's shoes, Id do the same. If anyone in the locker room had a problem with that, we'd settle it by the monkey bars as it were. If any of my fans had a problem with it, I'd tell them where to go as well. In life, there are priorities. As much as he is a canuck, his wife and child come first. Always.

    As a fan of hockey, I dont like losing Luongo for any period of time as he is one of the best in the league and an allstar that attracts people. As a Canadian, Im sad that the Canucks will not make any noise at all without him. Sanford is decent but cant hold Roberto's jockstrap. Id like all 6 canadian teams to make it to the big 16 every year.

    Vancouver is a decent team but I just dont believe they have enough to make a run without Roberto.

  15. morrissey says:

    No it's not rude, it's pragmatic. During the season is one thing, during the final playoff push is another. If I knew that each and every year I had commitments to be away from home on business at a certain period, I would try to plan a delivery outside that window. I've brought two kids into this world already, don't lecture me on an event  that you have no knowledge or experience of.

  16. BruMagnus says:

    Do they have enough to even MAKE the Playoffs?

  17. LeafsNation91 says:

    But, who really cares?

    He is doing a loyal thing, that is all that really counts. If a team cannot survive without a player, then their obviously not that great. Alot of teams suffer losses to their best players throughout the year, and most good teams usually survive. And he will be only away for a cuple of days.

  18. simplyhabby says:

    How dare he put his family first instead of the team.  How selfish of him.

    Now that I got that extreme sarcasm out of the way, from a new father to a soon to be new father, all the best and I am sure everything will work out fine.  Enjoy the experience and get back to work. LOL.

  19. BruMagnus says:

    My ears are burning…
    Are you talking about the Penguins without Crosby and Fleury?

  20. hockey_lover says:

    Hmmm … good question man.

    I dont know the records between each of the teams involved but VAN has 5 games left. Minnesota, Colorado, Edmonton, and Calgary twice. They are in 8th spot with two teams right behind them.

    They HAVE to win the game against Colorado, otherwise its over. Even at that, VAN has to win most of their games while Dallas, Colorado, Calgary, and Minnesota have to shit the bed as well.

    Id say its an outside shot for them to make it.

  21. hockey_lover says:

    In other news, Brendan Morrison is out for the rest of the season and playoffs with a torn ACL. This combined with the fact that Luongo may be gone for a bit?

    Stick a fork in 'em. Their done.

  22. shakrmakr says:

    Canucks would be a very sh*tty team without Luongo, so this is a big deal. They rely on their goalie and have a very below average team without him.

  23. HABSSTAR says:

    Who cares?  The Nucks are a fringe playoff team at best.  Looks like they will miss the playoffs even if Luongo stays.  It would be pretty low of anyone to blame his absence for a missed playoff birth.  Hell he's the only reason they could even sniff the playoffs. 

    He should be with his wife for the birth and any other amount of time that's required.  Anybody who says differently is a DOUCHEBAG!  

  24. BruMagnus says:


    The Canucks are indeed a fringe team, and without Luongo are totally a nonplayoff team. I dunno why most other people cannot see this. Some moron said that in the East Canucks would be a top 2 team and I just had to laugh at that.

  25. BruMagnus says:

    Honestly their team blows. They remind me of the 1995 Florida Panthers.

  26. Radio says:

    'Nucks were not winning the cup with or without him. So it makes no difference whether he is at home holding his wife's hand, or on the ice letting another five goals in.

  27. HABSSTAR says:

    Well for whatever reason the East and West play very different styles of hockey.  The West seems to be very physical, which is great when both teams decide to try and out check the other…the problem comes when one team decides they just aren't going to play that way, and just decide to skate.  You can't hit what you can't catch. 

    Canucks would take a beating in the East either way.  They'd keep the style of play from the west and have teams skate circles around them, or they'd have to try playing the skating game and they don't have the talent to do that.

    The twins are OK but not great, Naslund seems totally disinterested.  Morrison is hurt but overrated when healthy, what's that leave them…Luongo until he becomes a free agent and bolts because it's Vancouver and he's forced to wear a shit stain jersey LOL!

  28. TheDonkey says:

    Funny how times change.  A couple of years ago it would have been a laugh to hear someone suggest that the East was the "skating" conference.  

    I like the comments about the jersey though.  Good to see the nucks blow another game.  Hope to see them miss the playoffs.  Without Luongo, they are the Kings this season.
  29. BruMagnus says:

    And Luongo gets pulled for the 2nd STRAIGHT GAME! His first time as a Canuck that that has happened.

    Simply pathetic.

    Canucks are done.

    Or get swept first round if they somehow squeak in.

  30. BruMagnus says:

    True dat!

  31. careyprice31 says:

    Funny your sarcastic reminds me of that guy brumangus who just continually keeps on saying sarcastic remarks

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