Luongo to the Kings?

According to TSN, the Los Angeles Kings are pursuing Florida Panthers goaltender Roberto Luongo.

The L.A. Times reported on Wednesday that the Kings and Panthers are believed to be discussing a multi-player deal that would include Kings’ forwards Alexander Frolov and Dustin Brown along with goaltender Mathieu Garon.

Kings’ general manager Dean Lombardi declined comment when contacted by the paper.

Luongo is a restricted free agent, and the Panthers have been unable to work out a long-term deal. The Miami Herald reported on Tuesday that Panthers general manager Mike Keenan said that the team would explore all options when it came to Luongo.

The Kings reportedly attempted to land the All-Star goaltender before the trading deadline last season, but the Panthers held on to him.

Luongo had a 2.97 goals-against average and .914 save percentage last season. The Panthers finished 11th in the Eastern Conference and have not made the playoffs during Luongo’s five seasons with the team.

Frolov scored 21 goals and had 33 assists in 69 games last season.

Brown, the 13th overall selection in the 2003 Entry Draft, notched 14 goals and 14 assists while playing on the wing last season.

Garon had 31 wins with a 3.22 goals-against average with a .894 save percentage.

With files from the L.A. Times

Don’t think this will ever happen. What do you think?

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  1. Jrugges says:

    Well, we’ve got three teams so far that seem to want loungo, Detroit, Vancouver, and now L.A. Seems to me like detroit has the best to offer (datsyuk) then Vancouver (Bert/Cloutier), then L.A.’s offer would be last on my list of choice’s if I was the Panthers Gm.

  2. Viller02 says:

    I could probably see the kings doing either frolov or brown, garon and a mid round pick…

    Both of them seems abit much to me, but you never know…

  3. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    If he wouldn’t sign with the Panthers what makes anyone think he will sign with the Kings? Just because Lomabrdi and Luongo are fellow italian canadians doesn’t mean that hes going to automatically say, “great I want to be here, pay me”. I think Luongo is chomping at the bit to play in a REAL hockey hotbed market and thats why all this *****footing is going on in Florida.

  4. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Don’t count out the Leafs, if hes available, the Leafs are definitely interested.

  5. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Just a thought,

    Luongo to Ottawa for Emery and Havlat.

    That would really piss us Leaf fans off.

  6. Milohabs says:

    The truth is that MOST teams are VERY interested in Luongo, and I’m sure Keenan has had similar meetings with 1/3 of the NHL clubs. Doesn’t men this will go down. Any team that pays heavily for Luongo will want him to sigh a multi-year deal, and therefore, he has to WANT to go to LA for this to happen. Obviously I am biased here, but I keep hearing that Luongo wants to play in Montreal next year. Hope that happens.

  7. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    If the Leafs were to make a pitch for Luongo, I’m not sure what really if anything Fla would want for the Leafs, but lets give it a try.

    Luongo to the Leafs for Pogge or Rask, Stajan, Harrison and Tucker.

  8. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    If he wants the Habs and Keenan is willing to cave in for him (I highly doubt it),

    Luongo to the Habs for Huet, Danis, Souray, Higgins and Zednik.

  9. tancred says:

    Agreed. I just don’t know how the Kings could justify giving up Frolov. At all! The proposed deal is giving up too much. Take Frolov out, and insert a different player.

  10. mikster says:

    I wouldn’t mind that trade for the Panthers. Luongo couldn’t make up his mind on whether to stay a Panther or not over the course of the season.

    He wanted to get traded, then did not want to re-sign, said he would have considered the first 5 year deal contract offer by April, he never did. Said he’d want to stay, then has his agent saying he wants a 1-year contract and a no trade clause?

    Buh bye Luongo, no one needs that insecurity with you.

    LA would have the best offer, but Luongo would also have to agree that he’ll sign at least a three-four year deal with the team that will acquire him. Would he want to sign with the Kings and their recent failures?

    I wouldn’t bet on a trade with the Canucks now. Months ago maybe, because of Jovo. But, Bertuzzi is not worth Luongo, not even Auld and Bertuzzi.

    Detroit was also rumored, but Datsyuk is not the Keenan-Martins type of player, and the Wings don’t have many valuable players to trade for Luongo.

    I’m disappointed, but the Panthers can take advantage and gain depth on their forward lines.

    I say three-way deal, or segment where Panthers deal with two teams, one being the Sabres to acquire Biron.

  11. Peguiny says:

    I Seem to remember that Luongo said: (correct me if i am wrong) “I Will say if Jokinen stays” know those arent the exact word>

  12. Peguiny says:

    of course that says “Stay”

  13. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Jokinen seems like an asshole why would anyone want to stay around because of him……

  14. Peguiny says:

    Yes Exactly, I Only bring it up because i do remember something like that any way the Southeast Divison will be unbelievable

  15. Kraftster says:

    Wow. I can’t see FLA doing much better than getting BOTH of those guys??! That can’t be right! Honestly, anyone who thinks that any other deal beats that out is nuts.

    I guess I don’t really know that they necessarily “fit” Florida well, but, I’d have to say that in a vacuum, this deal tops the others.

  16. habs_punk says:

    Meh, Southeast won’t be that great. Washington still isn’t that impressive outside of Ovechkin, nothing special about Florida even with Luongo in net, Atlanta’s still a borderline playoff team, Tampa took a step backwards this year and will only be a threat if they pick up a good starting goalie. Carolina’s the only team in that division I’d be worried about playing, and that’s assuming Cam Ward keeps it up and half their team doesn’t retire.

  17. peataters says:

    makes sense but i think oilers will resign roli then


  18. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    I heard the Leafs offered Wellwood, Steen, Pogge and a pick.

  19. toronto77 says:

    first of all both pogge and rask will probably be better than luongo, bad enough you give up one, let alone 2. Even though pogge and rask won’t be able to help out the leafs for another 4-5 years, luongo will be able to help us out now but we still need some work to do up front, having him will be a waste cuz there are no FA we can sign in the offseason that can make us a cup contender. Luongo or no luongo, we won’t win the cup next yr or a couple years to come.

  20. Cards85 says:

    They have interest in anybody. Anyone witha heart beat they want to sign.

  21. Peguiny says:

    HA HA well i think if atlanta gets a good goalie and resigns everyone they will be like carolina. Carolina will be good even if cam is a one hit wonder because they still have gerber and he was amazing during the season.

  22. FlyersfanKyle says:

    yeah i bet they did, on what nhl 2k6?

  23. FlyersfanKyle says:

    id be willing to be canadian currency (which will be soon worth more then american) that luongo isnt traded

  24. 2006 says:

    dont think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life.

  25. Peguiny says:

    Damn Ruined that Joke SRY

  26. Marky2Fresh says:

    Isn’t Huet a UFA?

  27. Freeze says:

    What more would LA have to offer than Florida for Luongo? Let’s see, nice weather, lousy hockey teams that fail to make the playoffs, a good contract, etc..

    What’s the point? Wouldn’t Luongo want to go to a contender? In this case if Luongo doesn’t agree to a long term deal with LA, there won’t be a trade.

    Besides, Garon’s 3.22 GAA and .894 SV% are not real impressive numbers, but this was with a bad team. Frolov and Brown would help Florida up front, but I don’t see Garon in the package.

    The package value is questionable for Keenan. The prospect of playing in LA may not be enticing to Luongo.

    A better offer from a better team will make a deal happen.

  28. oldtimehockey says:

    I find that Luongo may end up being a big bust for any team that acquires him. I would curious to see how he plays for an established playoff team. Under pressure etc… He stops a lot of pucks right now but the porous Vancouver defence, for example, wont help his stats much. They give away GOOD scoring opportunities. I cant speak to the Panthers D from giving away quality scoring opportunites.

    Good Goaltender yes… woth the hype? you tell me.!

  29. oldtimehockey says:

    Worth the hype….. GRRR…

  30. Ozhockey says:

    Yes. Luongo is worth all the hype he gets. Sure there is not as much pressure playing in Florida as compared to say Montreal, but come on, the guy consistantly faces over 40 shots a game, and rarely has a bad game. He’s also played big in international tournaments representing Canada (is there any greater pressure?). Just the fact that he is the heir apparent to Brodeur for Team Canada is enough justification to drop big money into Luongo.

  31. Guinsfan87 says:

    I dont think keenan is that stupid…

  32. SabresFan220 says:

    I could see Biron being dealt if the Sabres were to qualify him. They would love to get something for him instead of letting him walk away. The trouble is the Sabres may not qualify him at his current $2.25 million salary, making him unrestricted and leaving the Sabres to find a cheap backup for Miller. Unless the Sabres qualify him and are willing to take the risk of eating his salary as a backup until a team is desperate to trade for him, no team would trade for a guy they could get for nothing as a UFA.

    I don’t know what sort of 3 way deal would happen, but I think the Sabres would want a solid defenseman in return for Biron in case Jay Mckee walks away.

    Using the teams rumored to be interested in Luongo and eliminating the teams in Buffalo’s division that I wouldn’t see them trading with, here is a possible trade.

    To Florida: Marty Biron, LA 1st round draft pick, (possibly throw in Dustin Brown)

    To Buffalo: Matheiu Garon, Aaron Miller

    To LA: Luongo

    Keeping in mind the proposed deal doesn’t take salaries into perspective, it looks pretty fair. Florida moves Luongo and picks up a capable #1 goaltender and a top pick, Buffalo unloads Biron, picks up a solid backup and a physical defenseman who is from Buffalo, and LA gets a premier goaltender while unloading 2 salaries. Criticize away, and I know you will.

  33. bleedingblu says:

    Oh hell no! Are you kidding me???

  34. Shatterday says:

    Actually i bealeive the kings have offered the best deal in order to get luongo. Alexander Frolov is a rising star in my opinion. Ifhe gets to play along with horton and jokinen it would be a deadly line. Im from Montreal and i’ve seen what mathieu Garon can do, He’s an Excellent goaltender! hes not Luongo, but the very few panthers fans would like him. I don’t really know Brown but it’s a good offer. Thing is, i don’t think Luongo wants to play with the kings. Detroit, vancouver, montreal edmonton are far more desirable places to play hockey

  35. les_canadiens says:

    Leafs not getting in the playoffs has really affected you mentally. Why would montreal giveaway their number 1 and number 2 goalie, a solid defenceman and a young skilled player in higgins for a mediocre goalie?

    I think we should stick with Huet . He has proven us that he is capable to lead us to win the cup. Danis is also an amazing goalie with ALOT of potential.Souray, well this season was clearly not his best but has shown is offencive capacities by scoring 12 goals and 27 assists. Higgins is another of the canadiens great young talent. In the end of the season, higgins showed us that he to was able to play an offensive role in our organisation. And finally Zednik, well id be willing to trade him away to make some cap space to sign Huet.

    And for Luongo I have to admit that he is a good goalie but not to be compared to Huet. Let Huet play an entire season on his own and you will see what he is capable of.

  36. mikster says:

    Why does he seem to be that?

  37. flyerjim says:

    I’m sorry….but MORE desirable???

    LA has a decent core with Conroy, Visnovsky, Demitra, and Cammellari. (Sopel and Norstrom are no slouch on D, either)

    A good young guy in Kopitar, and a solid back up in Labarbera

    They have a good, CUP PROVEN coach in Crawford.

    They also have the GM that started good things in San Jose,

    Finally, with LA’s market- if they can ice a playoff team/Cup contender, they will spend the max each year. According to The Hockey News, ownership has already given Lombardi the green light to spend as needed.

    If this deal goes through, I really think LA has a better than good chance a locking him up for 3, 4, or 5 more years.

    Also, IF IT GOES THROUGH, Detroit, Vancouver, and Montreal will address their goaltending situations- they wont wait for Luongo.

  38. Aetherial says:

    I am guessing from a dollars standpoint that the LA deal is the best.

    and dollars are everything.

  39. papichulo71 says:

    I think everybody here is missing the major point. There should be two rumors posted. One is for a trade for Luongo as-is: one year remaining on his contract heading into free agency; and the other is Luongo who is tied down to the next 3-4 years.

    If it’s with only a one year contract I don’t expect more than 1st rounder in this years draft + a prospect.

  40. djstoop_id says:

    a “mediocre goalie” ? lay of the pipe dude and stop staring at the W column. The panthers have always been trash on the ice with RL in goal.

  41. cecilturtle says:

    I could see Clarke jumping in at the last moment and offering Esche and someone else (obviously a very good player) for Luongo… In another one of “his” classic, this deal is on the table for the next 15 minuets, take it or leave it proposals??? Most likely he wont do this, but that is what I think he should do. Get Luongo and let him play 50 games, Nitty 30… If Nitty is so very impressive??? Play them each 50%. Any goalie who comes to Philly and “is forced” to read up on the history of Flyers goaltending in years past… Should very clearly see the importance of having two “good” goalies on the roster so that when the playoffs come… Hopefully at least one of the two goalies will be healthy and/or on a hot streek to be finally equal to their opponents goalie skill level, for the first time that I could ever remember. Question… When was the last time the Flyers went into a playoff series with the better goaltending??? Anyone???

    Cecil Turtle

  42. FlyersfanKyle says:

    id like to see that move happen but we might have to give up to much to grap luongo

    ps the last time we had bbetter goaltending was the last time pelle lindbergh was alive

  43. my_sphincter says:

    Never happen. Way too much to pay. Huet is a better goaltender anyhow.

  44. my_sphincter says:

    I agree. Luongo is staying put. All the talk last year was about Luongo moving and what happened?

  45. habs_punk says:

    Carolina finished 22 points ahead of Atlanta last year. It’s going to take more than the addition of a solid goalie to the exact same lineup for them to be in the same league as Carolina (assuming Carolina is able to ice the same team). Gerber might not even be back with Carolina next year. If the Canes feel comfortable with Ward, then Gerber would be a pretty expensive backup.

  46. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Now I know there must be some good weed in Montreal, you just said Huet is a better goalie than Luongo…………………………………………..LMAO~!

  47. Scruffy05 says:

    Or without a heartbeat… they aren’t picky

  48. big_booty says:

    As I mentioned before, I don’t think that it’s a smart idea for the Kings to go for Luongo. Especially this deal.

    Frolov and Brown are two young blue-chip players, both of whom have huge upsides. Garon flourished when brought out from under Jose Theodore’s shadow. Taking out these three individuals from LA’s foundation is a mistake. It would be a step in the wrong direction.

    The addition of Luongo might get the Kings into the post-season, but not without skaters like Frolov and Brown.

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