Luongo’s stock skyrockets after Penguins snap-up Vokoun

Luongo’s stock skyrockets after Penguins snap-up Vokoun

Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis took a couple of days off this weekend to go fishing and clear his head for the decision-making process which is about to begin in earnest over the next couple of days. And while he did that, he and his team got lucky.

At least that’s the way it would appear to anyone watching the goaltending situation.

With the Pittsburgh Penguins snaring of Tomas Vokoun from Washington to back up Marc-Andre Fleury for the next two seasons Monday, and Tim Thomas announcing he was going to sit out next season, the chances of improving the return on any Roberto Luongo deal just took a significant leap forward.

Pens GM Ray Shero seemed to catch others who would have liked to consider Vokoun for their own organizations napping with his pre-July 1 strike, giving up just a seventh-round draft pick to leave teams like Toronto, Chicago and Tampa with their pants at half mast. And assuming Thomas does indeed wish to step away from the game as he says, this leaves the number of experienced available goaltenders depleted by two pretty good players.

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26 Responses to Luongo’s stock skyrockets after Penguins snap-up Vokoun

  1. Gambo says:

    It must have been hard for Washington to trade Vokoun to Pittsburgh for nothing(basically). Usually teams don’t add depth to their rivals team for a 7th round pick.

  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    Bobby Lou is worth what he was before, not much, not with that contract. I mean really he won’t play it out, but it is still a “soft deal” contract.

  3. TimTheBone says:

    Luongo is the head and shoulders best choice for the leafs to improve in nets long term…

    Kipper shouldn’t even be a thought … You’d be selling the farm in a deal for him and for what… 2 maybe 3 more years of stellar goaltending that makes playoffs a probability rather than a possibility… Leafs don’t improve nearly enough with goaltending alone and sacrificing the assets in a deal for kipper is asinine!

    Leafs need time for the farm to develop and it’ll take a few more years to reach the level needed to compete for the prize… Kipper only takes you to that time and maybe breaks the playoff drought… Then when the team matures and is maybe ready for the next step, his time is over.. contractually and most likely skillfully as well.. then you’re back in an unknown situation in nets.. scrivens/reimer are unknowns at this point still and may not be the answer… Then your stuck… I doubt you even reach that next level without the assets used to trade for kipper in the first place…

    Bottom line kipper is all wrong for the leafs… Luongo is like a knight in shining armor right now… He needs to be the guy… I don’t see negatives right now… Because calling him a “choke artist” is not one…. The contract is fine… Great cap hit, no NTC or NMC..term is almost a non issue, he will retire before it ends and it would come off the books… He’s tradable should reimer or scrivens emerge .. if giguere was movable, luongo will be as well…

    It’s only a win win for TO

  4. TimTheBone says:

    Luongo is the guy for the leafs… There are no negatives to that deal…

    Kipper is all wrong and shouldn’t even be a thought… Cost too high for nothing…. You get 2 maybe 3 good years out of him … And the leafs do not mature enough in this time to contend… In fact they are probably set back from the trade in the long term due to the assets needed to acquire kipper

  5. TimTheBone says:

    Where are my comments?

  6. TimTheBone says:

    Luongo is the guy for the leafs … No negatives in that deal…

    Kipper is TERRIBLE for you… Only because you’ll need to sell the farm to acquire him for nothing… 2-3 years out of him before the team can even mature into a contender… Sorry you’re not winning a cup in the next 2-3… So kipper would be for nothing… That deal would set the leafs back

    • puckrunner says:

      I disagree,while i like Lou i believe having him man the nets for the next 5-6 yrs kind of negates having either Reimer or Scrivens around.more or less stagnating the progress to one day become the number 1 netminder.I don’t think it would take that much to acquire Kipper either as he has a hefty contract as well,and is not getting any younger.I would rather make a play for Kipper or even a Backstrom from Minny…

      • TimTheBone says:

        Backstrom is a fine choice… But kipper makes no sense to me…. Let’s be brutally honest here, nothing reimer or scrivens has shown dictates that they might be “that guy” for the leafs… And odds are neither becomes “that guy” either… If one of them do, that’s great! But its likely only to happen in maybe a few years of being back-up, a la Schneider…. It’s a near virtual impossibility that both emerge as top #1 tenders as well… Luongo on the other hand IS a #1 already… He’s cheap in every way and has Stanley cup potential… Proven fact ….. You’ll also get the necessary 5 or more years out of him for any sort of maturation process… Face it reimer and scrivens won’t emerge in the next two years.. most likely….. So let them develop behind a strong leader in luongo and in the meantime he may take you to the promised land…. And I’m positive you won’t have to give up a Kadri or a colborne for bobby! Vancouver isn’t rebuilding….. Calgary will be…

        • nordiques100 says:

          I dont think Kiprusoff will be traded anyways with the way the Flames have structured themselves with a veteran coach like Hartley probably setting themselves up for a win now mentality.

          so i wouldnt bother putting Kiprusoff in the equation. I think he isnt going anywhere.

          Its Backstrom or Luongo or the slew of free agent backups.

          Or they target one of the premier RFAs like Schnieder or Rask.

          Or the kids, Lindback, Bernier among them.


        • reinjosh says:

          Have you seen Scrivens play in the AHL? He’s been unreal. He’s definitely got starter upside. The question now becomes whether or not Toronto develops him properly.

          I’m on the fence with Luongo. On one side, how often does a goalie like this become available, especially for so little? On the other side, his contract is onerous to say the least. What if he becomes a worse goalie in the two years? We’re stuck with a 5.5 million dollar backup.

          • TimTheBone says:

            I agree kiprusoff is generally outta the question…

            Also josh, how many career back-ups in your lifetime alone have you seen play lights out in the AHL… Plenty … Look I’m not dismissing scrivens, the guy could pan out and be everything you want… But odds are he’s not “that guy” for Toronto.. and worse odds say he wouldn’t be that guy in just two years if he in fact does emerge as a premier goalie… You’re worried about an excellent career goaltender becoming a lesser version of himself more than an unproven prospect…. You can’t bet the farm on scrivens too soon… Gustavsson came in with those same thoughts… Bust…luongo is as sure a thing as it gets …..

            And Luke I said… You wouldn’t be “stuck” with bobby… If giguere is movable luongo isn’t an issue

            • reinjosh says:

              I don’t actually agree with Luongo being movable. If he drops his play in two years, what happens?

              No team in their right mind is taking on a goaliie worth 5.5 million dollars with 7 years left on his contract. Giguere was a completely different story.

              And Scrivens. It’s not like he came from nowhere and just started doing well this year. He has a long history of success. He played exceptionally well in the NCAA and transitioned into the AHL flawlessly. I think his chances of being a starter are quite high actually. Of course he needs time, but I think your underestimating him. At the same time, maybe I’m overestimating.

              My biggest issue with Luongo is that contract. I simply can’t get over it. It’s a huge concern in my mind.

              • TimTheBone says:

                I don’t think I’m underestimating him… He’s definitely not the first goalie with success at various levels who didn’t turn out in Toronto … Pogge immediately comes to mind … But while scrivend has performed better than pogge thus far in the ahl, it doesn’t mean he’ll translate to the nhl.. and even still being a starter in the nhl doesn’t qualify you as that elite guy capable of championship play…. Brent Johnson is fully capable of taking a starting job and performing adequately… But he’s not bringing a championship to any city … I just think its early to announce these guys as the saving grace in a couple years… Don’t bet on them is all I’m saying…

                I disagree with your assessment of his tradability… Even if he regresses for a season or two… There’s always teams looking for goaltenders and Lou has never performed horrendously in a season… He plays heavy workloads, and a team without a goalie option or even looking for viable options for the cap floor will come calling…. And he will not have any restriction as far as where he could be traded to… The league is your oyster…. The contract looks intimidating but in reality it is not at all… Which part of it handcuffs a GM…. It’s a wide open ten year contract… Looks are deceiving my friend

                • JoelLeafs says:

                  I think the bigger issue isn’t whether or not Scrivens will be a starter someday, or whether Lu is good or not, but what the Leafs want to do going forward. I have a hard time believing Burke would be willing to take on Lu if he believe a young kid could take the number one spot in a few years and force Lu to back up.

                  Also, this comment is highly anorexic already, making fun of its thin figure would just add to the problem.

  7. Shoelesshobo says:

    While I don’t doubt removing Vokoun from the #FA market does help Lou’s value I doubt it rises astronomically. He still brings a NTC that limits the amount of teams he will go to. Along with a heft salary not all team owners are willing to pay so I mean the list is very small.

  8. nordiques100 says:

    Toronto needs a goalie. No doubt.

    But they also need centres. Bozak, Grabovski, Steckel, Connolly. thats just pathetic.

    Looking at all the champions since 2001:

    Colorado: Sakic, Forsberg, Drury
    Detroit: Yzerman, Fedorov, Datsyuk, Larionov, Draper
    New Jersey: Gomez, Niewendyk, Madden
    Tampa: Lecavalier, Richards
    Carolina: Staal, Weight
    Anaheim: Getzlaf, McDonald, Pahlsson
    Detroit: Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Filppula, Draper
    Pittsburgh: Crosby, Malkin, Staal
    Chicago: Toews, Sharp, Bolland
    Boston: Bergeron, Krejci, Kelly, Seguin
    LA???: Kopitar, Carter, Richards, Stoll

    Toronto has a long way to go.

    I still would absolutely love to see them land Staal from Pittsburgh.

    if it meant giving up 4 or 5 assets, so be it. He’s worth the trouble. I think Lupul, Kessel and Staal would be an unstoppable line….and plus not a horrid defensive liability as they were last season.

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Yeah, imagine had Burke taken those 1st rounders at the deadline, he spewed on and on about not wanting to the fans futures but we’d be better off with ammo on for the trade market come draft day. They’re will be some surprises of players coming available like there are every season but he castrated our ability to improve by keeping the current cast of midcarders on the roster.

      I didn’t think it possible to make me hate Grabovski but he found a way with that contract. Have to wonder if CBJ had any interest in him but were concern of his rental status at the time of a potential deal.

  9. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Cheers to a new layout,

    Hate to say I told you so but didn’t I script this season two years ago? The Ledba trade briging in dead weight, an over crowded blueline with too much money it, whispers of Burke’s firing (unheard of last summer) snowballing and the discussion turning his future by season’s end?

    Not to mention how great do Kovalchuk, Richards, other Richard, Doughtey (who we should have offer sheeted) and Carter look right now? They’re still playing meaningful hockey.

    As for Luongo he’s not the solution to make this team better long term IMO. I’d rather see a run at Parise he would be a great long term fixture. Luongo is a panic move to get better short term. He’s the typical veteran with a couple good seasons left that MLSE settles for.

    On the bright side, fingers crossed for Galchenyuk and Schultz.

    • reinjosh says:

      They went for Richards and never had a chance for Kovy. And Carter, sure he’s playing now, but he’s not exactly played a huge part in the LA run. He’s rode the coattails of Brown and Quick. Other Richards (Mike) was never offered to them.

      • leafs_wallace93 says:

        Burke offered Richards sixty cents on the dollar. Burke didn’t go after him, he make a statement to the league with that offer and that’s the problem in a nutshell. This team is fundamentally broken and Burke acts like he is above engaging moves that would actually take this team to the next level.

        Maybe Kadri and Kulemin will become allstar talent though, what do I know.

  10. Steven_Leafs0 says:

    oh for crying out loud, somebody expand the damn writing space, that half an inch wide post is just dumb. There is nothing on the outer edges of this page there is no excuse to shorten the areas.

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