Luongo’s Top 5 Saves

for those of you who don’ t think that Luongo would help your team … watch this video

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  1. Trade Man says:

    Persoanlly as a Canucks fan I think that they should hang onto both Luongo and Schneider. They would be in a world of hurt if they were to trade Luongo and then Schneider got hurt.

  2. doorman says:

    Personally I just want the saga over. Fans of both teams I. The Lou trade are going to be pissed for thinking they either got robbed or their team over paid

    • Trade Man says:

      Your prob right. What I do know is that the Leaf fans would be pissed at first but would be very thankful the first time that they saw Luongo stealing the show. I couldn;t beleive how good he is when he first showed up from Florida.

  3. lafleur10 says:

    trademan the canucks would love to hold on to both luongo and schneider but it won’t happen because luongo is good enough to start on 29 teams in the league and theat’s a lot of money to be paying a backup as he clearly is now in vancouver so i think it’s only a matter of time and a fore gone conclusion that he’s toronto bound and the leafs will have him in their net for the start of the season.

  4. lafleur10 says:

    trademan i think kadri is close to being a bust maybe a change of scenry will help him develop into a solid player if not he’s a bust bozak i think is a 3rd line center on the canucks i think you can get better thn that for him if you guys just be patient

  5. doorman says:

    I think they are both vastly under related and nucks fans should tell gillis how lucky they would be to get such an offer, in fact the nucks should throw in a first!!!

    • lafleur10 says:

      vastly underrated?? this is kadri’s ladt chance to make it if he doesn’t he’s a bust and bozak at best is a solid 3rd line center underrated not a chance!the canucks don’t need to trade luongo it’s the leafs that need goaltending o for the canucks to add a first is absurd!

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