MacTavish leaving Edmonton?

Is Craig MacTavish about to go the way of Chris Pronger and leave the Edmonton Oilers? reports that the Oilers had an option on MacTavish for one more year, however they didn’t exercise it, which leaves MacTavish without a contract and essentially a free agent.

The Oilers had to exercise the remaining option year on MacTavish’s contract before the playoffs began.

What makes this scenario so strange is that the Oilers did pick up the options between the end of the regular season and the end of the playoffs on assistant coaches Charlie Huddy, Bill Moores and Craig Simpson.

With the Oilers dramatic playoff run still fresh in everybody’s mind, MacTavish will undoubtedly be fielding a lot of offers by other teams in the next few days.

12 Responses to MacTavish leaving Edmonton?

  1. wheresthesoda says:

    he wont leave kevin lowe

  2. Gretzkin says:

    Not a huge surprise.

    He marginally coached a stellar playoff team barely into the playoffs. Once they got there, heart took over from their inconsistancies of the regular season, plus all of the pieces were in place, or, the planets were aligned.

    It’s nice having the Alumni of the glory days running the show in Oil town, but I’m sure that they could find a better Coach than Craig MacTavish.

    That being said, I like MacT, and the fact that his option hasn’t been picked up yet doesn’t mean he’ll be back.

    K-Lowe has some more pressing issues such as locking up Roloson, trading Pronger and signing Fernando Pisani long term, plus a handfull of other RFA’s and UFA’s.

    If there is one Coach that would have allegiance to a Team, it would be Mac-T, so either way, we’ll see.

    Too bad Nolan got scooped up by the Isles so quick.

    And if Mac-T doesn’t come back how about this Battle of Alberta scenario for you?

    Sutter vs. Sutter.

    It would be a fun Family fued between the two, and Brent has said that he doesn’t want to leave his current ownership and coaching duties, but if he were in Edmonton, he’d be awfully close to keep some of those responsibilities as well as Coach the Mighty Oilers of Edmonton.

  3. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    …. mighty oilers of edmonton wow cheap rip off and sounds terrible how cute.

  4. Aetherial says:

    I don’t see him leaving

  5. realeaf89 says:

    ya no kidding oiler fans shouldn’t get worried he won’t be outta edmonton for a loooong time

  6. hitman46 says:

    Messier works for the Rangers. At the NHL awars he said on behath on the NYR I would like to congradulate carolina

  7. Turnbull says:

    If he leaves he’ll end up in B-Town. (I dont think he’ll leave edmonton though)

  8. Gretzkin says:

    Me neither

  9. Habfan1234 says:

    The Oilers may have done this in order to give Mac-T a long-term contract. Instead of having him sign onto his option year, the team may have decided to let his current contract expire for the aforementioned long-term contract.

  10. oilersreal1fan says:

    well we dont really have to worry because we could probably get a better coach like brent sutter if we dont go with macT. but its actually true

  11. JannettyTheRocker says:

    I think that the “Mighty Oiler’s of Edmonton” is a great ripoff…………The creator of this term must be a genius.

    GO OILERS GO!!!!

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