MacTavish Stays to Oil Edmonton

The Edmonton Oilers have re-signed Craig MacTavish to coach again next season for the team.MacTavish, 44, has led the Oilers to a 115-82-35-16 record and playoff berths in two of his three seasons in Edmonton.

The deal comes a few weeks after the club locked up general manager Kevin Lowe for four more years.

“I couldn’t be any happier,” Lowe said during a news conference Wednesday. “As I said at the end of the season it was my number one priority. I’m just glad that this day came so we can carry forward with the business at hand.”

The Oilers, who have failed to advance past the second round of the playoffs since 1991, have been mired around the 90 point mark for the past five years and as the bottom seed in the Western Conference have drawn the best clubs early in the playoffs. They squeaked into the playoffs this season with a 36-26-11-9 record.

“Don’t anyone think that we’re satisfied with where we are as a hockey club and our limited success that we’ve had as of late,” said MacTavish. “We’re very attuned to the fact we have to get better . . . and we’re well positioned to do that at this point.”

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  1. bender says:

    I like MacT, he’s a great guy and a great coach. IF the Oilers can get a few more warm bodies in there, the Oilers may come out even better than last year.

    “business is hand”


    a lot of buzz going on in Edmonton about a couple moves this summer. The biggest being Tommy Salo.

    Could be an interesting 25 ann. year for da Oil.

  2. mikster says:

    I say they should trade Salo and acquire a youngin like Brent Johnson. That guy cannot be a back-up, that’s ridiculous.

  3. bender says:

    They don’t really need Johnson, they have a great goalie in Jussi Markanen, and a couple young tenders to work into the system with Conklin and Delauriers (a few others as well).

    If they can get a young guy like Johnson and a great young player and a depth player, I’m all for it……..but it’s not really the need in the city of Champs.

    I’d almost say a guy like Tugnut or Hackett, for the right price might be a good way to go as well.

    Salo should only be traded if they can get a good package deal for him, not a risk trade like the Weight deal.

    Lots of guys look down on him, but you never know what this guy is capable in front of a great team like Colorado or Philly (tee hee).

  4. OldNord says:

    Did you seen the logo for the 25th anniversary year bender? he’s pretty cool.

    The Oilers will wear it on their shoulders next season.

  5. bender says:

    Ya, I’m really diggin it

    The have these huge billboards up in Edmonton showcasing them. I’m thinking of getting an Oil Jersey this year just for the shoulder logo and 25th year commemoration…..Even better the third Jersey

  6. OldNord says:

    I bought a Edm jersey last year with the guy who drag up oils on the shoulder and I’m considering to buy that one too but in white this time.

  7. MossRocks says:

    Is this good or bad? I can’t decide.

    Overall, MacT has brought the teeth back to the PK in Edmonton and they now compete in the faceoff circles, something they haven’t done in ten years. (MacT made a NHL living out of killing penalties and winning faceoffs, so it’s no surprise) They also are a more respectable defensive club than ever in their history and are playing reasonably gritty hockey. However, the Oilers need some presence on the coaching staff with an ounce of offensive know-how. A defenseman as GM, a defensive forward as head coach, and a defenseman as asst. coach is not working for the Oilers in the offensive zone.

    I’m not down on MacT overall, I just wasn’t happy with the Oilers tactically on both sides of the rink for the first half of this year. Poor breakouts, bad dump-ins and a flat-out awful power play despite a reasonable first line unit plagued the Oilers all year. Even the forecheck was not Oiler-calibre until the playoffs. They need some offensive flair back in their game. I don’t care how many crap teams caught lightning in a bottle and trapped it up in the playoffs. Total boredom doesn’t cut it in Edmonton.

    The lack of sharpness in their own zone I am freely willing to attribute to a lack of execution since MacT’s staff proved that they could keep the puck out of the net in the first two years with almost the same lineup. However, the break-outs, dump-ins and power play have been bad since he’s been there. Time for a new assistant at least. Since Huddy has been great with Semenov, it may be time for Moores to be replaced by somebody who can design at least a half-ass PP and council the forwards on the Art of Offense.

  8. jofa says:

    I think he’s definitely the right man for the job and I’m glad they stuck with him. Its nice to see the Oilers making good use of the assets they’ve got by bringing ex-Oilers back into the fold. These guys have seen the Oil when they were on top and will want to see them get back to that position.

    Lots of tough decisions for the Oilers this offseason, as they have more NHL calibre forwards than they can suit up, and they may want to improve depth on defense and maybe make a goalie move. I’d love to see them bring in some of the youth that is performing well for the bulldogs, like Stoll, Rita and Torres. Bergeron was good for the few games he played last year, and he has been big in the Calder Cup games I’ve watched, so I have to think he will take a roster spot next season too.

    It’d be nice if the Oilers could land a young goalie like Ray Emery or Martin Gerber or even one of the Buffalo threesome, as I think there are a lot of great goaltenders out there who are stuck on teams that are deep with goaltenders. Salo’s been good, but he’s not going to take the team much further than he already has. Plus, I’m not real convinced that Conklin or Markannen are starter goalie material…

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