Mad Mike at it…again

CuJo for Yashin? Couldn’t be. Or could it? WFAN radio in NY reports that the New York Islanders have reached a deal with the Detroit Red Wings, sending C Alexei Yashin and cash to the Red Wings for G Curtis Joseph. CuJo has 2 years and $8 mil per season remaining on his contract, while Yashin has 8 years and about $9 mil per season left. The cash the Islanders are sending is to make up for the extra $1 mil that the Wings will add to their payroll.

The Islanders, who did not re-sign Garth Snow before the July 1st deadline, will now have a seasoned veteran to ease Rick Dipietro’s passage to the NHL. It also gives them a quality netminder for the next 2 years, without changing their salary structure. They are hoping that the emergence of the Blake-Scatchard-Wiemer line as a quality scoring line, and the return of Peca to full health, will cancel out the loss of Yashin.

The Red Wings, who had an extra goalie with the return of Dominik Hasek, sought to replace Fedorov. They believe that Yashin is a good solution, since he is a slightly overpriced star, just like CuJo. Otherwise, this trade wouldn’t happen.

The FAN says that the deal should be finalized in the next few days.