Madison Square Garden 10 years ago today.

It seems as if 10 years ago today players from around the league in the NHL were terrified, if not mortified to play in the most famous arena known around the world. Players came in just trying to make a name for themselves in the spot light, but worrying every stride of the way while on the ice, which would almost make or break their careers.

No arena has ever matched Madison Square Garden’s essence of 10 years ago…. But many have come close. Which arenas now scare the majority of players to do their best?Now more then ever it seems as if MSG has lost everything. Players no longer get intimidated as they used to, now it’s all about coming into the building and showing off, working the hardest they can. 10 years ago ask people were they most feared to play, it was the garden, and not because the Rangers were on the top of there game, but because it was Broadway and every player knew the spot light would be on them every time they touched the puck.

Now players walk around and when interviewed they always say, “I love to play in the Garden.” Or… “I play my best at MSG.” Everyone wants to be a star when they come here, and for some reason every player plays the best game of their season in the garden. No one can honestly say that when there team plays in Madison Square Garden that their team doesn’t play with a slight stronger edge.

The truth is, no one fears the Garden, the only players that do are the ones on the team. They try so hard to be a one man team and make it work that they freeze on the ice and no one performs.

What I want to know is where these players hate to play now. I’d guess Toronto, but it doesn’t seem to have the same atmosphere the Garden had almost 10 years ago today, all it has is the fans. And New York sure lost that.

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