Major injuries soon to be a thing of the past

I used to contribute to this site but due to work and time I have been unable to. I’ve been lurking and reading all the Leafs bashing back and forth all the time and felt that perhaps now would be the right time to make a post.

Are you like me and amazed Peter Forsberg has not been injured yet? He is not alone there are other players like Sergei Samsonov who have not yet been injured. I really feel this is a sign of the new NHL. Hitting is without a doubt down and players are scared to make that big check to take out the opposing player. The play is so open for offensive players and the crackdown long rumored to be the real deal pre-CBA is happening. Is this a good or bad thing?

I for one think it is great. I like the new run and gun games, being a Bruins fan its quite frustrating to lose all your games by a goal but this NHL is a hell of a lot better than the one we saw 2 years ago. I recently saw an ESPN classic game on the NHL Network in Canada between the Flyers and Bruins and I was amased at the lack of hitting. There was so much respect amongst players at that time it seemed. The game was also run and gun and very entertaining to watch. Goaltending was very weak, sorry to those who loved the older goalies but they were not very good then. I think the perfect NHL would be a hybrid of the present game and the game of yesteryear.

So getting back to the topic the only injuries we are seeing now are due to lack of conditioning not brutal hits or stick infractions. Look at goalies for instance how many are down with groin injuries? The same with forwards, all classic signs some players were not ready for the new NHL.

One final note we can clearly see for some players the new NHL will mean early retirement. On the Bruins I am obviously talking about Hal Gill. This guy is such a pilon and really not worth his salary and the space he occupies on the roster. Waive him he’s done. The same goes for, Fitzgerald, Odelien, and other’s who are not very fast.

I know I was a bit all over the place but I hope my point came across and that point is next year and the subsequent years we are going to see less major injuries happen to star players and in my opinion that is a great thing of the new NHL.

montrealbruins – who now lives in Toronto (but still hates the Habs and Leafs!)

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  1. hockeyhead says:

    a montrealer who likes the b’s. awesome. i know some guys that are the opposite. (newengland like montreal).

    i have to disagree about fitzgerald…i think he is fast.

    as for sammy…well, i think it was bad luck that he was injured. he was healthy his rookie season.

    shows what he can do when not on the shelve eh?

    go b’s go. (give gill a chance, once he learns how to use that reach….cutting corners, he will be fine…i hope)

  2. Scottman75 says:

    Expect to see multiple injuries later on in the season from teams that have a lot of older players. The run & gun style of hockey will take its toll. In particular, watch for goalie injuries and older player injuries. After watching alot of hockey this year so far (Find me a fan who hasn’t) I just don’t see the older players keeping up without paying a price.

  3. N25philly says:

    Is it just me, or does it seem like the articles are getting dumber by the day?

  4. BruinsBruisers19 says:

    Its definantly YOU!!!

  5. toronto77 says:

    i dun know if fitzgerald is fast or not but he is a contributor…he was awesome for the leafs…the b’s can still use him.

  6. JScottLeRoi says:

    The older players are straining themselves. Hull got out at a good time. By the Olympic break, some other brittle players will need to take some time off. Could affect some older teams come playoff time.

    And goalie injuries will be way up. The NHL wanted teams shooting back and forth so much, that they forget how to keep the netminders out of the crossfire. Expect to see more knee and groin problems as goalies will try to keep up with the pace and have guys tumbling over top of them. I might even suggest to teams with a healthy lead going into the 3rd (3 or 4 goals) to put in their backups. Like relief pitching, or backup quarterbacks, there’s no reason to risk the health of your most important position if you don’t need to.

  7. montrealbruinsfan says:

    You know I used to think Fitzy was a good signing but he takes the stupidest penalties at the most inopportune times. As for Sammy yeak I know he was healthy his rookie year but the injury prone tab is goign to follow him around until he proves he can play a full or season without injury.

    I am so fed up with Gill, and really believe he is done, he’s been given so many chances and he keeps costing us games. Why does Sully put him on the PK?! Speaking of Sully I’m beginning to think he might not be the right man for the job. Man, I wish we never got rid ok Keenan. He lit a fire under Joe and the team. With him as coach we would be tops in the league now.

    A New Englander liking the Habs! That is blasphemous 😉


  8. montrealbruinsfan says:

    Some very good points I agree. Older players are definitely going to retire sooner and goalies injuries are going to be the norm. As for bringing in the back-up near the end of the game that will affect the confidence of the #1 and give the opposition hope. We’ve seen in this new NHL 4 goal leads are not always safw, ask the Pens!


  9. samsdad says:

    I agree with the Fitzgerald/Gill comments…throw in McEachern and there is most of the Bruins penalty issues…it’s time for these guys to get it…I say Pylon Gill and Hilbert for Witt.

  10. montrealbruinsfan says:

    Agreed but there is concern Witt has had a hard time adjusting to the new game. Which would explain why he hasn’t been moved yet.

    One player who I think would be a great stabilizer to our D, and one who we should have never let get away is Steve Staios. I hear the Oil are willing to deal him and he wouldn’t cost too much. Maybe Gill for Staios would be enough? I personally don’t think the Oil would go for it. Gill has no value right now, plus at 1.5 M he’s dead weight. If I were MOC I would waive him completely, loyalty is well well and good but he’s a bum and must go. McEachern was also someone on my list who i would trade/waive whatever as long as he’s off the team.

    Defensmen who I would trade for and what I’d offer:

    D. Morris (Samsonov and Hilbert)

    Staios (Gill and a 2nd rounder)

    Boughner (won’t take much as he’s riding the pine in Colorado)

    any others??

  11. samsdad says:

    Ya know I haven’t quite figured out everyones fascination with Morris…and no way does Sammy go anywhere…all I know is the one game (cant remember who) the other team blew by Gill like he wasnt there at all. So where is Hilbert now? Home? How about Huml?

  12. Aetherial says:

    As a Leaf fan, I suggest we ship Cory Cross and a 7th round pick to Washington for Witt and Kolzig and then we flip Kolzig to Edmonton for Raffe Torres.

  13. Tweek says:

    Yes the injuries have been down and yes I may sound like a classic spoiled goalie here but defensemen gotta protect the keepers. There have been some goalie injuries and yes I acknowledge that most of them are from the fact that their are more shots which create more movement which create ripped and sore groins but a perfect example of stupidity towards the goalies we seen tonight with barnaby. The guy bascially boaled over legace and injured the guy while he was trying to make a save, that stuff has gotta stop and ive seen it in just about every game so far. If defensemen cant defend then why not just put 5 bloody fowards out there rather then 3 fowards and 2 d men. Protect the keepers, they are the MVP’s and for all we know the best player in the month of october in Manny Legace may end up be out for a couple of days or weeks leaving them with *gulp* chris osgood maning the crease…….

  14. dcz28 says:

    I hope you were kidding on that trade suggestion since the Leafs dont give up anything but a 7th round pick to get Kolzig and Witt? since Cross plays for the Oilers

  15. Beckfan5 says:

    One b rutal hit was the one Rivet layed on Ruchinsky. Knee on knee when the puck was at least 20 feet away.

    That sonofa***** better get suspended because Ruchinsky is out 2-4 weeks.

  16. hockeyhead says:

    keenan leaving was a mistake and that is cuz oconnel wants the gm stuff. (keenan doing both for the b’s would of been good)

    fitzy took bad penalties in TO and does here.

    and the irony, leetchy and legace both sprain a knee tuesday.

    bruins fans pray for leetch’s knee. if we lose him…………..

  17. N25philly says:

    ok, just checking

  18. wheresthesoda says:

    less hitting yea, guys dont want to go for a big hit…agreed….

    but not always.

    habs d-man rivet, took a run at rucinsky now he’s out 2-4 weeks, puck was around 20-25 feet away.

    rivet should be suspended…it was just a dirty play to take a run at him.

    speaking of that the rnagers have a huge problem now, they didnt do anything to retaliate. if i was playing the rnagers now for the rest of the year, anybody can just pick on them and nothing will happen in return.

    now is when i miss dale penalties, i mean purinton

  19. bammer91 says:

    anyone see the cheap shot nash took on peca..? U now peca is gonna be coming after nash now

  20. Air33 says:

    Peca was skating with his head down. What do you expect?

  21. Neely4Life says:

    ahahhaah beauty

  22. Neely4Life says:

    uhhhh, that was border line. Im not sure what to think of it.

  23. cecilturtle says:

    Rivet hit on Rusinsky was one of the cheepest hits I have ever seen! Rivet came in to hit Rucinsky when Rucinshy had his side/back to him. Rucinsky never saw Rivet and insted of Checking Rucinsky “Like a Man” and knocking him cleanly on his ass. He took his knee out like a cheep bush league loser! Anyone who plays hockey saw how he snuck into his “blind spot” and with one eye on the reff(s) and one eye on Rucinsky’s knee he blind sided him! You could actually see Rivet move his knee with Rucinsky’s knee as he moved in for the hit to assure he hit his knee straight on! Bullseye Rivet! Maybe in Canada this is not considered cheep? Unless it happens to a Montreal Canadian of course. But in New York… That kind of play is considerd cheep and bush league. No matter if its a New Yorker or a French Canadian doing the hit. I’ll tell ya… The French and French Canadians are not very popular in New York right now! Nor should they be!

    Cecil Turtle

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