Major injuries soon to be a thing of the past

I used to contribute to this site but due to work and time I have been unable to. I’ve been lurking and reading all the Leafs bashing back and forth all the time and felt that perhaps now would be the right time to make a post.

Are you like me and amazed Peter Forsberg has not been injured yet? He is not alone there are other players like Sergei Samsonov who have not yet been injured. I really feel this is a sign of the new NHL. Hitting is without a doubt down and players are scared to make that big check to take out the opposing player. The play is so open for offensive players and the crackdown long rumored to be the real deal pre-CBA is happening. Is this a good or bad thing?

I for one think it is great. I like the new run and gun games, being a Bruins fan its quite frustrating to lose all your games by a goal but this NHL is a hell of a lot better than the one we saw 2 years ago. I recently saw an ESPN classic game on the NHL Network in Canada between the Flyers and Bruins and I was amased at the lack of hitting. There was so much respect amongst players at that time it seemed. The game was also run and gun and very entertaining to watch. Goaltending was very weak, sorry to those who loved the older goalies but they were not very good then. I think the perfect NHL would be a hybrid of the present game and the game of yesteryear.

So getting back to the topic the only injuries we are seeing now are due to lack of conditioning not brutal hits or stick infractions. Look at goalies for instance how many are down with groin injuries? The same with forwards, all classic signs some players were not ready for the new NHL.

One final note we can clearly see for some players the new NHL will mean early retirement. On the Bruins I am obviously talking about Hal Gill. This guy is such a pilon and really not worth his salary and the space he occupies on the roster. Waive him he’s done. The same goes for, Fitzgerald, Odelien, and other’s who are not very fast.

I know I was a bit all over the place but I hope my point came across and that point is next year and the subsequent years we are going to see less major injuries happen to star players and in my opinion that is a great thing of the new NHL.

montrealbruins – who now lives in Toronto (but still hates the Habs and Leafs!)