Major Shakeup Between The Posts?

Colorado, St.Louis, Philly, Tampa, Vancouver, Detroit, Calgary. What do all these teams have in common? There not 100% sure about their goaltending.Colorado, St. Louis, Philly, Tampa, Vancouver, Detroit, Calgary. Some teasms that are not 100% sure about their goaltending.

The problem in between the pipes for Colorado will only be a problem if Patrick Roy decides to retire, which alot of people are looking at him to do that. Roy will most likely retire either now, or after next season. The Colorado Avalanche would love for him to retire in 2004, with the likely work stoppage at the time, the Avs can take more time to find out what they will do in goal. But if he retires now, who will relplace him? Roys backup David Aebischer doesnt look like a number 1 goalie, and the teams top goalie prospect, Phillipe Sauve is good, but should Colorado use a rookie goalie with a team of veterens? Colorado will look like the St. Louis Blues, a team will good forwards and defensemen, but not a strong goalie.

St.Louis is still looking for an upgrade in net. After failing to get Sean Burke at the trade deadline, they went for the next best thing, Chris Osgood. But Osgood didnt impress the Blues in the post season, and in the offseason they might try to get Burke again, as long as the Yotes dont ask for Barret Jackman.

Philidelphia is another team looking possibly looking for another goalie. Roman Cechmanek has been very inconsistent and is one of the reasons they lost to Ottawa. Roman isnt the most inspirational goalie to have in the dressing room when all he does is flip flop in the net.

Tampa’s Nikolai Khabibulin might also be moved, even though it doesnt seem likely. Khabibulin as benched in Game 5 against the Devils ,and he wasnt very happy about it. Although some might say that might be a wake up call and get him to play better in the next season.

Alot of people are pointing the finger at Dan Cloutier for Vancouvers lose to the Minnisota Wild. Vancouver might be forced to keep playing Dan because of financial problems. Cloutiers numbers were the worst of any goalie in the 2003 playoffs. (a 7-7 record, a 3.24 GAA, an .868 save percentage)

Jeff Hacket of the Boston Bruins is thinking about retiring himself. Although lately all signs are pointing that he will play some more seasons, and that Bostom will resign him.

Other questions are whether Detroit will stay with Joseph after a not so good season, and a bad playoff run. I just dont see Detroit bailing on Cujo so soon. Calgary is another team that isnt so confident in goal with Roman Turek. He has not played very good in the last few seasons.

Roy, Hacket, Osgood, Burke, Potvin, Cloutier, Ceckmanek, Joseph, Turek, Khabibulin. Where will (or for Roy and Hacket, just take out where) these goalies be playing next season? Its gonna be one interesting offseason.

Info from Globe and Mail,

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  1. Malurous says:

    Trading Nabokov would be extremely risky for the Sharks. Of course, their decisions in this matter will depend on the course of the franchise. But face it, Kiprusoff sucked big time last season and Toskala is unproven. You don’t want to go to a season with a tandem like that, even if one or both could be very good next season. If you didn’t have to think about experience, the Sharks would go with Toskala, the Coyotes would pick Bierk and Sanford would be the Blues’ choice. If it only was that simple…

  2. rojoke says:

    When you consider they dealt Nolan and Marchment at the deadline, and reportedly had a deal for Damphousse, trading Nabokov this summer wouldn’t, and shouldn’t, be a surprise. Kiprusoff didn’t play that well, but neither did Nabokov. As for the team’s course, it seems like they’re trying to get younger. Nabokov is 28, Kiprusoff is 27 and Toskala is 26, so that’s pretty much a wash. And given Nabokov’s contract hold-out during camp, and his lack-luster play, it would be easier to sell trading him than the other two.

  3. Malurous says:

    Good points. But it’s a difficult situation for the organization. Whatever path they choose, they can’t be sure where it takes them: none of the three exactly gives you a sure deal! Nabokov could have the best trade value though, and that could be key in this one. They’d be stupid to give up on Toskala now, so I think it’s either Nabby or Kipper that is out of town. Kiprusoff probably wouldn’t fetch much but it could be wise to get rid of him, because he isn’t showing ANY confidence right now. When it comes to goaltending, that’s the worst sign.

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