Major Trade Talks and Contract Negotiation Updates!

Trade rumours surrounding the future of Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Nikolai Khabibulin are starting to heat up again.

Reports that Khabibulin wanted out began to surface after he was replaced by backup John Grahame for Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinal against New Jersey.

While general manager Jay Feaster said he had spoken at length with the disgruntled goalie and the situation was resolved, NHL sources tell the Tampa Tribune Khabibulin is being shopped around as part of a cost-cutting measure.

Khabibulin is scheduled to make $4.4-million next season and there is a team option for $6.5-million in 2005.

Feaster denied that he is offering the goaltender up in trade talks or that the team’s payroll is being slashed.


Contract talks between the New York Rangers and free agent defenceman Brian Leetch remain stalled.

The New York Post says little progress was made in talks between general manager Glen Sather and Leetch’s agent Jay Grossman towards a new deal on Monday. It’s believed the Rangers have offered a two year deal worth $10-million.

Last season, Leetch earned $9.68-million as part of a four year, $32.72-million deal.

Leetch, who has been with the Rangers for 16 seasons, can become an unrestricted free agent next month. However, at 35 years of age, he is not expected to draw much interest.

Leetch has indicated a strong desire to remain in New York, saying he would be willing to waive the no-trade clause in any new deal and its believed he would give the Rangers the right to match any deal he might receiver via free agency.


Igor Larionov has turned down a one year, $1-million contract offer from the Detroit Red Wings.

Larionov, who will turn 43 in December, earned $1.5-million last season with Detroit.

He is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent in July but is not expected to attract much interest. Larionov has said he would consider returning for another season with Detroit.

“That’s where he’d like to play,” agent Don Baizley tells the Detroit News. “Beyond that, we haven’t thought too much. It would be fair to say he’s thinking about playing another season right now.”

29 Responses to Major Trade Talks and Contract Negotiation Updates!

  1. titans says:

    Sean Burke will be a Flyer by next week! Mark it down!

  2. mikster says:

    Feaster once again denied that he is not shopping Khabibulin.

    $10M for 2 years is a fair offer, and maybe it’ll go up to $6M, or close to it. If not, then Sather will let him walk away since i doubt that any tea, will give a long-term contract to Leetch (if that’s what he is looking for) nor would they give him mor than $6M a season.

    St. Louis may very well be interested in signing Leetch. Or maybe even the Flyers if they let Desjardins walk away.

    Larionov should hang em up if he does not want a one year deal. He is a good 3rd…4th line player for a veteran team like the Wings. He is that old guy you’d still want on your team if you don’t have a 20 something year old 4th line guy.

  3. DaMick says:

    Bulin aint getting moved….

    thats just alot of hope in teams trying to land him.


  4. Kashin says:

    Macinnis Jackman

    Pronger Leetch

    just sick.

    I think Leetch leaving is greater then it might might appear. I think they want Hatcher bad. Leetch can end up in Philly and if he is available they will let Desjardins walk.

    With Robataille leaving and federov possibly leaving they need to fill gaps. He can sign a small 1 year deal and they could use him only when needed.

  5. aaron says:

    Igor was one of our best players in the playoffs. I’d like to see him stick around for another year.

    Wow, fiscal responsibility from Glen Sather and the Rangers? There’s a novel concept.

  6. MantaRay says:

    I can’t see the Wall getting traded: he is the franchise.

    Leetch will probably stay in NY, but with a huge pay cut (ala Richter last season). Rangers just don’t have the money to spend anymore! I can’t see any teams, with the exception of Boston, showing interest in Leetch.

    With all the hoopla surrounding Federov, Larinov is right to hold out for more. If Sergei leaves the Wings will need the professor.

  7. puckedindahead says:


  8. orangestreak73 says:

    1) I can see Burke becoming a Flyer (and I’d actually prefer it over Hackett because Esche and Burke are buddies). My choice has always been Potvin, but I wouldn’t mind Burke though…

    2) If I were an NHL team looking to win the cup, I’d be very interested in Leetch. If talks don’t pick up by July 1, I’d definitely consider signing him.

  9. goodfela26 says:

    I hope not. He had some really good seasons the last few years, but he’s going to be 37 this season, and we’d probably have to trade some youth to get him. It’s just not worth it.

  10. orangestreak73 says:

    Another comment about Leetch:

    Flyers future defenseman Joni Pitkanen’s idol is Brian Leetch. Now wouldn’t a combo of Leetch and Pitkanen be incredible (especially if they make room by moving LeClair)?

  11. bruinexpert says:

    wow that was queer of you to say

  12. amok says:

    What the hell was “queer” about it. Sounds like you’ve got some sexual frustration issues.

  13. tharock098 says:

    What about his hefty contract, only the big teams can afford him.

  14. defenestrate says:

    Get into the shade, you Bermuda onion!

  15. defenestrate says:

    Redundantly redundant – I’m so bored I can’t even type anymore…

  16. bender says:

    Bulin’s Services are needed around the league, so why wouldn’t Tampa dangle him out there to see what kind of Offers they could get.

    Leetch, as much I think he should stay with the Rangers, I think it’s time for him to move. I think a Leclair for Leetch under the table swap would be pretty good for both teams. With a pick also going to the Flyers.

    Getting rid of Leclairs contract would give them to the money to sign a guy like Leetch, the could even keep Desjardins.

    Like orangestreak said, Pitkanen would benefit from playing with a great player like Leetch much like Poti did last year. And Pitkanen could be twice the player that Poti is. This would also open up room to move a couple of the others guys that the FLyers have on the D line.

  17. Flyers_01 says:

    I really think people are nuts saying the Flyers need to draft or should even draft Fleury. Yes he has great potential but drafting goalies is incredibly risky plus the flyers have a goalie named Roman Malek who will most likely play with the Phantom’s next year and will probably be the Flyers starter after the lockout.

    HockeysFuture writes : “After an eye-popping season that saw Malek smash many existing Czech Extraliga records en route to guiding Slavia Praha to the league championship, the 25-year-old netminder may be on his way to North America. Few goaltenders (on any level) have ever dominated one circuit during one season of play as thoroughly as Malek did this year in his homeland. There is now little left for him to prove on the European hockey scene. “

    So unless the Flyers figure they will be unable to bring Malek over, they have a goalie who is more seasoned and arguably better than Fleury in their system. At most, the Flyers need a one year fix with next year being the lockout year. Burke might be ideal for the short term but not at the cost of a first rounder or anything close.

  18. mikster says:

    The only players he signed to big contracts in his tenure with the Rangers are Holik and Kaspar.

    That’s it, those are his only two big off-season signings.

  19. mikster says:

    Well, if the Rangers want Hatcher, then they have to keep Leetch


    ahhh….like the old days with Beuky.

  20. mikster says:

    The Blues would take Leetch in a flash, and if so…damn that defense is scary. If the Flyers let go of Desjardins, they’d make an offer to Leetch.

    If Dallas, doubt it but…strange things happen, loses Hacther they may take Leetch.

    Boston would definitely try to get him since he is a Boston College kid. Probably would be the ones making the highest offer to him.

    I want to keep Leetch….he should finish as a Ranger, but if he is a dork and wants too much….then oh well. Only helps resigning Kovie, Carter, and Poti…..and giving Lampman or Tjutin a nice spot.

  21. bender says:

    Amen, trading away what we have for Fluery is a huge gamble.

    Malek may be able to come in next year, if there is a next year, so why press the issue.

    Specially when Florida has enough interest and can demand way more than what FLuery is worth. As much as people brag him up. Most scouts agree he is not the consesus NUMBER 1. he’s just the best goalie in the draft by far, which pushes up his stock. If we move up, I’d say to do it in the top 8 and get a great player like Phanuef or Dustin Brown.

    Sticking with the 11th and the 24 isn’t such a bad idea either, should be an interesting day for us Flyer fans.

  22. Leaf_Expert says:

    This should be good news to teams like the Leafs who are looking for a stud on the blue line. And if they can’t get Hatcher, then go to the 2nd option and that being Leetch.

    I don’t think Leetch is strickly stuck with staying on the Rangers cause articles state he is willing to leave, but any contract he takes, he would waive a no-trade-clause to come back to New York.

    So I say to the Leafs, sign him. And if it doesn’t work out, trade him back to the Rangers….

  23. Rampage_Winger says:

    Step one: pull head out of ass.

    Step two: breathe fresh air of reason.

    Step three: realize that the Leafs are not able to sign every player unattached to a team.

  24. Rampage_Winger says:

    Both huge freaking mistakes.

  25. leafs123212000 says:

    Once again…I’m not trying to rag on you, but the trade just isn’t fair. I’m sure most teams would rather have leetch at the new contract that will be made than be stuck with Leclair and his huge contract. I don’t believe many teams at all will even WANT leclair unless the flyers will at least half of his contract.

  26. leafs123212000 says:

    whats is that most of us leafs fans can’t comprehend step 3… really tends to make all leaf fans, including the intelligent ones, look bad..

  27. bender says:

    There must be some interest, otherwise they wouldn’t have went public with it….

    Leetch will wanna go to a contender, and the Flyers may just sign him on July 1st for free.

    but instead, maybe the Rangers could still get something out of the deal, which is why I proposed this deal.

    You don’t think a few teams aren’t interested???

    Well, you’ll see!!

    Don’t forget, John could alter his contract with a new team just to fit in.

  28. MantaRay says:

    The Blues aren’t interested in Leetch for several reasons:

    A- He would cost too much and the Blues can’t afford him at any price, they too are in cost cutting mode.

    B- The Blues need to improve on their (16th ranked) defense. Leetch doesn’t help. Leetch is a PP specialist who can’t handle bigger forwards in his own end and can’t play the corners. He also won’t get the PP time as he does on the Rangers.

    Leetch is NOT a replacement for Hatcher, its laughable to even suggest. The Flyers have played against Leetch for eons, they know what he brings to the table, hence they won’t be interested.

    Boston is the ONLY option and thats only for PR purposes and their PP.


  29. leafs123212000 says:

    If he’d alter his new contract something could happen, but no, I don’t believe there is any interest at that salary and the CBA coming up. I will say you were right if something goes down though.

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