Major trade!

According to Bob Mackenzie, the Edmonton Oilers and the Philadelphia Flyers have made a 4-player swap.

The deal goes like this:
TO EDMONTON: Joni Pitkanen-D, Geoff Sanderson-F, 3rd Rounder (2009)
TO PHILLY: Joffrey Lupul-F, Jason Smith-D

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  1. trademan says:

    Wow. I think that Philly got the best of this one.

  2. Penssuck says:

    But jason smith is terrible.

  3. flamingsenator says:

    good trade for both teams…both got sumthing valuable

    so….who is gonna be the oil's new captain

  4. popkumdan says:

    Well losing Gator hurts…but Pitkanen is supposed to be ok…and signing Tarnstrom again will help IF he can stay healthy this season.
    Lupul well that one is yet to be determined i suppose…i would've liked to see him in Copper and Blue for another season to see what he could do.

    Figure either Moreau or Staios will be named the new captain. 

    Hopefully now they chase some goal scorers in the Free agency 

    Go Oilers Go.

  5. flyerjim says:

    Only you and Cliff Fletcher think Jason Smith is terrible.  He is going to make Ryan Parent a cornerstone on the Flyers blueline.

  6. Penssuck says:

    He's just as slow as Gauthier… both are rated at the same speed on my NHL 2k7 game =P.

    Yeah i said it.

  7. flyerjim says:

    You gotta be joking.  The Oil is a run and gun team.  He plays positionally sound.  His speed rating on *****ing NHL'07 is negligble.  BTW, Gautier ain't slow.  He's not going to win the fastest skater but he won't be in the bottom either.

  8. mike7psu says:

    Flyers also give up a 3rd round pick in 2009

  9. erkey3 says:

    Not sure this is a 'major' trade…

  10. Gagne1286 says:

    LW- Gagne C- Briere RW- Knuble
    LW- Upshall C- Carter RW- Lupul
    LW- Hartnell C- Richards RW- Kapanen
    LW- Eager C- Umberger RW- Downie

    Extras:  Potulny, Ruzicka, Giroux

    1D- Timonen, Kukkonen
    2D- Hatcher, Coburn
    3D- Gauthier, Smith

    Extras: Parent (Would slide in nice if they are able to trade Gauthier)

    G- Biron, Niitty

    Nice looking lineup, GO FLYERS!

  11. Penssuck says:

    Thats cause hatcher will be behind him =P

    I'm just glad they didn't trade Gautier, i *****ing love that monster.

  12. Penssuck says:

    Does look nice. 

    Don't think Parent is ready to play in the NHl yet though.

  13. slootermac says:

    I hate seeing pitkanen go cause now I have to get a new jersey, but it is a good trade for the flyers, they get someone who will score 30-40 goals in lupul and they get a solid leader/shutdown guy in smith. It seems that what the flyers had for weaknesses last year are now their strengths.

  14. flyersfan10897 says:

    He played a few games last year and didnt look out of place, but theres no rush.  Picard and Jones are also there, and i wouldnt be surprised if they split time with gauthier

  15. Gagne1286 says:

    Yea he looked good, but I don't know if they want to waste a year of his contract for him to be a 5th, 6th guy, just my thought.

  16. RealisticLeaf says:

    Philly really looks a lot better now. Good job by the Flyers.

    Good luck Philly fans. Teams looks really tough to play against.

    Rangers vs Philly…i am drooling for this matchup.

  17. Veggetto19 says:

    is philly dumping salary?

  18. flyersfan_92 says:

    i dont think it's a salary dump, it looks pretty even to me.

    i'm not sure what to think if lupol can return to his former self that it's a great deal if not??

  19. wingerxxx says:

    Pitkanen had better deliver, or Kevin Lowe is going to look awfully bad here.  Sanderson's days are long since gone.  And Smith can still play against top lines. 

  20. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    This trade is AWFUL for the Flyers.

    50 point d-men DO NOT GROW ON TREES. Young d-men take time to mature and while Pitkanen couldn't carry the load as a number one d-man last year, it would have been interesting to see how he would have played as a number 2 on a DRAMATICALLY better team this year.
    Lupaul is a HUGE question mark. Terrible plus minus and even worse production. Maybe he is a gem but the same could be said about Pitkanen and Pit plays D which is a FAR more difficult position to fill.
    Smith gives the team some leadership which they need but c'mon. He is NO 50 point d-man and never will be. 
    I think Snyder/Clarke/Holmgren were making a statement about Pitkanen re: his pending arbitration. Don't mess with the Flyers – as all agents will learn. 
    With that said, Geoff Sanderson becomes a REAL fantasy sleeper on that glass-like sheet of ice in Edmonton. The guy has skills he just got stuck in purgatory last year with Philly.
    Is it possible – this was a salary dump to get Souray? THey have the $$$ and Souray might want to play for a winner like Philly is shaping up to be?
  21. wingsfan13 says:

    well i guess posting career highs wasn't good enough for being on the worst team in the league for philly.  smith sucks.  haha edmonton is faceless now they have no captain (smith) or assistant captain (smyth). both make crappy trades for their respective clubs.  hopefully lupul turns around so edmonton hits rock bottom this year.

  22. flyersfan10897 says:

    a salary dump doesnt make sense.  lupul and smith have a combined cap number of about 4.2 million, at least according to     sandersons was 1.5, and pitkanens was 2, and chances are arbitration would not have boosted him to much more than 3, maybe 3.5 million. so its not really that much of a difference.

  23. flyersfan10897 says:

    and some quick math looking at the flyers payroll so far has them at right about 50 million, not counting mike rathjes 3.5, and with about 1 – 1.5 million added for young forwards getting raises or players swapped in and out of the lineup.

    The now have hatcher, timonen, gauthier, kukkonen, coburn, jones, picard, and parent on defense, so hopefully they will try to move gauthier and let picard play and free up some money.

  24. FlamesBlow says:

    Big Question marks for both sides of this trade.

    I do think if both players pan out, Edmonton does get the better of it, like fan in la said defenceman with moving ability like joni has dont come around often, a 30 goal scorer isnt that rare.  (the sabers had 4 this year)

    As for the other 2 in this deal jason smith will be missed in E-town,Hes a leader on the ice and can play around 18-20 mins a game and wasnt he in the top 3 for shots blocked the last 4 seasons.

    Geoff Sanderson ive always liked and cant wait to see what he can do with a fast team like edmonton

  25. Oil-Life says:

    hartnell on 3rd line? hes wayyyyyy better then lupul

  26. Oil-Life says:

    i miss gator alot, but i dont mind seeing lup go.  even if he goes and does well in philly its cool by me because it wasn't working out for him here.  im looking forward to seeing pitkanen play, think snaderson is a little passed his prime but might make a good third line winger with ethan and marty.  but this still isnt the deal the oil need to compete next year.  so k-lowe better not just end here. 

  27. big_booty says:

    With all due respect to Flyer_Fan_In_LA, I honestly think Philadelphia got the better of this deal.

    Sorry, Jerry.

    As much as every Flyers fan wanted to see Pitkanen pan out in a better-than-average sort of way, it just wasn't going to happen.  I keep remembering what Ken Hitch***** said about him:

    "There's a disconnect there."

    While physically gifted and supremely talented, Pitkanen just doesn't get it.  The guy just continually looks confused.  I swear, after every whistle stopping play he resembled a high school freshman in English class who just put down "Atlas Shrugged."

    Kevin Lowe, meanwhile, LUSTED after this guy, and I can't imagine why.  I actually laughed out loud when I read the TSN article which said:

    "Pitkanen's arrival should provide a major boost to Edmonton's anemic power play, which ranked fourth-worst in the league last season with a 14.2-per-cent success rate. The 23-year-old established career highs with 39 assists and 43 points in 77 games with the Flyers last season."

    I mean, come on now.  What can Lowe be thinking?  I think I have an idea:

    "Hey guys – I got it.  I'll fix our power play by getting a player from the worst team in hockey last season, a team that whose power play was even worse than ours.  A player who coaches can't seem to reach, whose plus/minus went from +22 to -25 seemingly overnight.  And, I'll give up our captain and a young winger to do it.  Yeah, that's the ticket!"

    I'm fine with this deal.  And incidentally, Jerry, we do have a 50 pt. d-man growing in Ryan Parent.

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