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It has been almost a year since we have been able log on here at HTR and post about an NHL game that we saw. In the time of this lockout we have had posts which included opinions of those who Blame one side or the other for things becoming as they have and why things have not improved. It may help to prevent this situation from repeating itself by knowing the who’s and Why’s. However what really matters is that they both sides come to an agreement. If this was the movie Jerry Maguire this is not the part where Cuba Gooding Jr. screems “Show me the Money” this is where Tom Cruise says “Help Me Help You!!”.

We have heard of everything from expansion to contraction, Bettman vs Goodenow, Owners vs Players, replacement players to replacement leagues, Levitt reports to UROs, The Wayne and Mario incident, Guerin’s hungry dog, Holik’s hungry family and Pronger who simply drew a line at 10 million per year. If I could have had a dollar for every time I typed or read Lockout, CBA, Sponsors, Networks, NHL, NHLPA, Salary Cap, Revenue Sharing, luxury tax , Linkage, Offers, Rejections, Drafts canceled, Season cancelled, Season uncanceled wait no sorry its still canceled, I could have feed Bill Guerin’s dog and Bobby Holik’s family by now.

I know there are a lot of intelligent individuals who post on here and I began to think how it might become interesting if we were to have an article which each person could post the various CBA issues into their own home made CBA.

You can put things into your post that you think will be agreeable by both sides and effectively help the economics of the NHL.

No limit on rookies

52 Mill cap for 2 seasons to Grandfather current teams and then 48 million per team with a moderate luxury tax for going over.

30 mill salary floor

More incentive clauses for players who continue to improve or at least remain at a steady performance level.

No more salary dumping fire barn sales because of No guaranteed contracts for players.

Seniority exempt salaries that are not reflected in caps for players who remain with a team for long term. 12 years and your team doesn’t have to count your salary towards cap.

Sell out and playoff victory team bonuses to players which do not count towards cap.

Any Ideas? please share them with us all.

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  1. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    How about a pure linkage deal – like in the real world. How about one where the players are paid as the teams make money just as if you are a saleman. How about bonuses for extra special play like 40 goals, 50 goals, 100 points, gaa under 2 etc…) Liberalize free agency. Work with no guarateed contracts like the business owner, season ticket holders so that you show the people who write your enormous paychecks that you are worth it each and every time you skate on the ice. Abandon the nhlpa because NHL players have trained, professional negotiators working on their behalf.

    How’s that sound to anybody?

  2. Aetherial says:

    A cap of 48 million AFTER the grandfathering???

    Hahahahaha! After that shakes out, the league will end up spending just as much, and potentially MORE than they spend now.

    God I hope the NHL doesn’t cave that far.

    I like a cap of 30 million, floor of 25 million.

    Sorry, but that is all the popularity of this league warrants for the players. Professional bowling doesn’t have 700 guys making an average of 1.8 million.

    Tough luck, there is no “big money” in hockey. The league truly is losing buckets of money in all but a few markets.

    It is time for the players to realize that.

    Sadly, they won’t, and the owners will cave. I don’t think 48 million will be sustainable for many years yet.

    The negotiations should ALWAYS have gone like this:

    “The new CBA has a hard cap of 30 million per team and a rookie cap of 250,000 INCLUDING all bonuses. When you are ready to sign the deal, call us. Until then, there will be no discussion or negotiation, and no NHL hockey”

    It would be EASY to justify legally that that number is required to keep the league afloat. If it is challenged on the basis of not bargaining in good faith, then the league simply shuts down and the few markets capable of sustaining a franshise start a new league… with an even LOWER salary cap!

    The NHLPA would collapse within a couple months of this announcement followed by no talk whatsoever, no negotiations, no bargaining. What would Goodenow et al, say to the players? Everybody would know the score.

  3. nordiques100 says:

    Unfortunately there has to be give and take in any partnership between employers and employees. The fact is the owners are going to have to now accept guaranteed contracts in order to get the kind of things like cap and such that they want.

    I think it is a great idea to have everything linked and to have bonuses be what they are, for when players go above and beyond. I hate it when players simply get a huge bonus to reach such a simple plateau of 20 goals or 50 games or GAA or less than 3.00. or even getting bonuses without playing a single NHL game, or holding out without even playing a single NHL game. Rookies deserve nothing for the first 5 years of their career. by the time they reach 22-23 they should be either on their way to a decent career or complete busts. too many times bust players break the bank and get rewarded for nothing. it compounds all the problems the league is having

  4. mikster says:

    With that deal, at this point i would sell it all to Bain Capital and not even waist my time with a bunch of uneducated spoiled millionaire players.

    $48M ???? come on……

  5. Flyers_01 says:

    Salary Cap of 55% of the revenues. No exemptions

    Cap Floor of 40% of the revenues.

    Any existing contracts bought out will not count against the cap.

    Increased revenue sharing.

    Rookie contracts capped at $1 mill including bonuses.

    UFA age of 29.

    1 Franchise player who must be qualified the average of the top 5 players at his position.

    Personally I’d like to see guaranteed contracts go away. If the owner wants to pay a huge signing bonus that’s up to him but I hate to see huge wastes of money with 3 years left on a contract and there’s nothing that can be done about it.

  6. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Shit, I really haven’t been posting here lately. Any ways, here is my CBA:

    1. Remember a while back I made that list of the teams that should exist? Well put that into place, that’s six expansion teams, so they will have to do 2 at a time over the next 5-10 years.

    2. No salary cap. Just a 100% luxury tax at 50 million, 200% over 80 million.

    We all know the Leafs will cheat. They have already cheated by talking to guys over the lockout. Now they will go over the cap, and no one can do anything about it, except take picks (which they always trade any ways) and money (that would just be a luxury tax). The Leafs will make the players win this thing.

    3. UFA age at 27. RFA is retarted any ways and drives prices up. (Kariya, Sakic, Federov)

    4. No arbitration. If a player sits out a year, then they become a UFA, and have to serve a five game suspension for sitting on their ass and being greedy.

    5. Bettman steps aside for Don Cherry, Goodenow for Gartner.

    6. 70 game season, they play way to many games.

    7. Move over the deadline till late february.

    Any ways, I’ll be posting here alot more, I think the guys at Wow want to tair off my head and throw it at Eric Lindros.

  7. ranger_fan says:

    I know the guys at HTR want to tair off your head and throw it at Eric Lindros.

  8. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Ranger Fan… not to be a soar loser… but what a waste of a button. Used how many times. Twice? And one was when they announced the winner…

  9. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    You touch on the real issue at hand with unions across amercia. Employers decades ago expoilted workers. Today unions hold companies hostage while overseas markets steal our jobs. Bush cooks up his weak dollar program to try to save the jobs while devaluing American assets yet the jobs (manufacturing) keep leaving anyway.

    the real partnership to look at is the NFL and NFLPA. They make BANK. They work together and with the exception of that idiot TO (who I am planning on burning his jersey soon) NOBODY complains about making too little money.

  10. rojoke says:

    $50 million cap frozen for the first two years, then with linkage to revenues from ticket sales, broadcast rights (national and local) and advertising and marketing revenues. If a minimum salary is really necessary, then make it $35 million, with linkage after two years.

    Rookie cap of $500k before bonuses, $1.25 million after bonuses.

    No guaranteed contracts for players with less than 5 seasons in the league or 500 games.

    UFA age lowered to 29, or a new class of free agency like baseball’s 10-and-5 rule.

    Move trade deadline up a month, to 60 days before the final game of the season. The firesales will likely disappear.

    Dual arbitration rights for both players and teams.

    One player with more than 7 years in the league could be designated as a franchise player and be exempt from salary cap rules. They also would not be used as comparables in arbitration hearings for other players.

    One player with less than 7 years in the league, and not on an entry-level contract, would be designated as a franchise player and be exempt from salary cap rules.

    Initial contract buyouts would start at 50% of the remaining life of the contracts. If the player cleared waivers twice within a 45-day period, that would drop to 40%.

    There would be no minimum for qualifying offers. Instead, if a team did not offer a potential free agent a contract by June 1st, it would lose the right to match any other team’s offer, but not compensatory picks.

    Compensatory picks for RFA signings would change from a maximimum of five 1st-round picks to three picks in the first two rounds, depending on the performance of the individual player.

  11. rojoke says:

    If a player sits out a year, then they become a UFA, and have to serve a five game suspension for sitting on their ass and being greedy.

    Do you mean a player with a valid contract who wants it re-negotiated or just a player who’s contract has expired? If it’s the former, then they shouldn’t get UFA status just by playing in Europe for a year (and that’s where they will go, especially if the Russian federation doesn’t agree with a new IIHF-NHL deal). If it’s the latter, then that’s different. A player without a contract is just that, without a contract. That’s less about greed and should be left to both sides to settle.

  12. adambuffalo says:

    First off, please don’t start posting more here.

    Next, a 5 game suspension for sitting out a year is ridiculous. If someone sits out on a contract because they don’t like it, they should get a year suspension and the team who had that player should get a top five draft choice the following season. This is one thing I really hate is when a player signs a contract and then will not honor it.

  13. adambuffalo says:

    First off, please don’t start posting more here.

    Next, a 5 game suspension for sitting out a year is ridiculous. If someone sits out on a contract because they don’t like it, they should get a year suspension and the team who had that player should get a top five draft choice the following season. This is one thing I really hate is when a player signs a contract and then will not honor it

  14. adambuffalo says:

    Sorry, this response was to Leafy’s post…. Hit the wrong button.

  15. 19Yzerman says:

    Your reply is that of a typical small market team owner. Dispite the idea of a No Cap CBA being the only thing the players are focusing on. You only focused on the cap also.

    I did include some terms and conditions which would help the owners perhaps see around a higher than what they have been shooting for cap.

  16. 19Yzerman says:

    Please think about doing a video of the TO jersey burning. You may consider the construction of a website called where TO haters everywhere can post funny pictures ,stories and comments.

  17. 19Yzerman says:

    Your numbers of 1.8 million per player average do not equate with a floor to cap of 25 to 30 million as having 23 players making 1.8 million equals 41.4 million.

    You never responded to the post on

    Where you said,”I think you are reaching into the *unreasonable*. making up scnearios out of thin air and “what if”…”

    You should arm yourself with this info by reading this article

    Before making statements like,”there is no big money in hockey”. 2.2billion is what they claimed which falls short of actual amounts. Which in any case is certainly BIG MONEY. I am guessing that you are so far divorced from the reality the NHL’s state of finance that you would not believe a columnist from Forbes Magazine or any member of the AP that offers info which does not comply with your selective thinking.

  18. 19Yzerman says:

    Interesting ideas

    Two way arbitration. Sounds good and fair.

    franchise player ,Initial contract buyouts , no minimum for qualifying offers, RFA and URF ideas are all good ones.

    Your CBA makes it easy for the owners to look passed the CAP and nit pick everything else to come out with a helpful CBA to NHL economics.

  19. Aetherial says:

    No, they are making 1.8 million now..they won’t be later.

    Revenues profits, sorry about your argument there.

    YOU certainly are at no closer to the reality ofthe league’s financing than I am. You can choose to believe Forbes or you can choose Levitt. It realy does not matter. BOTH claim huge losses… levitt much bigger. Funny how the players choose to believe Forbes and discredit levitt… when it was levitt who had access to the books!

    As far as responding to something. I have not seen it, or just did not feel like it was worth responding to. I am not on here much anymore for obvious reasons.

    Yes, you are reaching for scenarios. You are now making up sinister things the NHL might do and giving that as a reason for the NHLPA behavior.

    If this lack of trust is so prevalent they why bother? Further… the NHLPA was give the opportunity to use THEIR OWN auditors AND participate in establishing what revenue is… yet, you still claim that big, dishonest scamming is what the players are afraid of?

    Well, they are negotiating this stuff right now… as they should have been all along instead of sticking their heads in the sand and screwing everyone over in the process.

  20. 19Yzerman says:

    Well you didn’t read that article other wise you would not be accusing me of “reaching for scenarios”. Your owners are not little angles. They lied about money and you don’t seem to want to except the fact that the owners have done any damage here.

    So how then does the league explain Ozanian’s finding that the N.Y. Islanders only reported half of the $17 million it got last year for its cable broadcasts? Or that William Wirtz, owner of the Chicago Blackhawks, who also owns half of his team’s home arena, the United Center, didn’t report $15 million in luxury suite sales?

    The reason the players choose to believe Forbes and discredit levitt is because the Levitt report is not a full disclosure of owners’ revenues.

    Ozanian concluded his Forbes article by suggesting that the league could settle this issue once and for all by making full disclosure of owners’ revenues. Given the NHL’s terse dismissal of the magazine’s findings, and what appears to be their unwillingness to accept any criticism of the Levitt report, full disclosure isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

    Making up sinister things? What sinister things are you talking about? I only comment on real information by from AP or Media who are responsible to the laws of libel and slander. Oh yea I do like to clown around on here from time to time but, when I do usually it is easy to tell

  21. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    You make a good point. And to Rojoke, I did mean a player who wants a new one. A year suspension is good, maybe not UFA status I guess.

  22. hockeyhead says:

    there is a site called……check it out. kind of funny.

  23. Aetherial says:

    Well I guess we are about to find out what the revenues *really* are.

    No… I have many times here levelled criticism against the owners and no, I have never believed their losses as reported.

    But I DO believe they are collectively losing a lot of money and I also call BS on people who say it is ALL their fault.

    It is a systemic problem that they have been trying to address… and the players have not been trying. Instead they are pulling PR stuff like the total BULLSH!T 24% …

    The systems must fundamentally change to something in lin with other pro sports… I blame the players for not understanding this, or accepting the fact that they really should be paid more like professional bowlers!

  24. Aetherial says:

    2-way arbitration is more BS.

    It is MUCH easier to bump someone up to a comparable (over-paid) player than a comparable lower-priced player.

    I don’t blame the league for wanting nothing to do with this.

  25. 19Yzerman says:

    Well perhaps you could brief me on the Pro bowlers method earning calculations.

    Fault lies not on how they got to such a bumpy washed out road but, how they both have continued down it for such a great distance without any regard as to what it is doing to the vehicle. I have had several people tell me this week they think the NHL is finished for good and will never come back.

    Here in Michigan unemployment is at an all time high and things are not at the greatist of economic times and the NHL/NHLPA has the nerve to allow a 2.2 million dollar per year industry to go on without coming to an agreement of some sort loaded with every posible degree of fairness to both. They should both be a shamed of them selves.

  26. oilfans_suck says:


  27. 19Yzerman says:

    If they are definative about the rules which govern a two way arbitration you could see a guy like Federov who had a 50 goal season reduced to the pay of the 30 goal scorer that he is. How would that be BS? No whats BS is when a player plays outside of his mind during a season before his contract is up and then returns to his normal form once he get his new contract. This would be a profound way for the players to be required to perform on a more consistant level. A two way means just what it sounds like. How do you figure this would not be good at salary reduction. If a 50 goal scorer is worth 6 mill then a 30 goal scorer would be worth 3.5 mill. each player shall be eveluated each year based on the previous year.

  28. rojoke says:

    It was my understanding that the league wanted the arbitration system changed to a two-way system, which is why I included it in my posting. They wouldn’t mind scrapping arbitration altogether, but that’s simply not going to happen. But for months during the winter, I kept hearing the league say that the arbitration system doesn’t work as it is now and needs to be changed or thrown out.

  29. Flyer_Fan_In_CT says:

    you wrote:

    So how then does the league explain Ozanian’s finding that the N.Y. Islanders only reported half of the $17 million it got last year for its cable broadcasts? Or that William Wirtz, owner of the Chicago Blackhawks, who also owns half of his team’s home arena, the United Center, didn’t report $15 million in luxury suite sales?

    as for the islanders…well how about GAAP(generally accepted accounting principles)….there are rules to accounting. if they are broken, the offender goes to jail….PERIOD. remember Enron??? if they didnt report everything one year, they must be allowed to spread it out over the course of time.

    as for Wirz, so what if HE owns anything else that makes money!

    there shouldnt be any “scrutinizing” of “owner revenue” but rather “team revenue”

    if an owner owns something else that makes money good for them! (i dont know if wirz owns the arena or if the team does by the way)

    how would you like your boss telling you that you deserve a pay cut because you make money elsewhere???

  30. hockeyhead says:

    just when i thought it wasnt worth coming to this site anymore.

    the impossible return of the eloquent oilfanssuck.

  31. Aetherial says:

    I think you meant to say 2.2 billion.

    Yes, boh sides should be ashamed. In the end, as with ALL such negotiations, neither side is going to get everything they want.

    The NHLPA will accept a hard cap, and likely linkage. The NHL will not get their 55% or revenues or their 31 million cap.

    What is really sad is that for all the posturing done on both sides, the “No cap” and the “replacement players” stuff… the bottom line is that this is, and always has been about money and greed on BOTH sides.

    It has also been about supreme stupidity, that goes WAY beyond just Goodenow and Bettman, although they are guilty of it also.

    I think the NHL will survive. I think that over the next few years there will be a number of teams lost and some others will join; basically some small market U.S. teams come to Canada, in Winnipeg and in Quebec City, and possibly somewhere in the maritimes.

    The league revenues will shrink for a few years at least. Whatever deal is signed will recognize this on a sliding scale cap basis. The players salary will probably continue to decrease for a while. In short, they will be forced to recognize that they do not exist outside the rules of supply/demand and when there just is not the demand (and therefore no national TV deal)… then their supply becomes much less valuable.

    Finally, the game WILL change and I will it will change dramatically. I can easily see any or all of the following coming in to play; at least I hope they are smart enough to do it…

    Wider blue line

    Bigger nets

    Smaller goalie equipment

    Restrictions on goalie puck handling

    Shootouts in regular season games

    Powerplays for a full 2 minutes

    No red line

    A total crackdown on obstruction.

    They need to bring the game to state where the *stars* and talnted players can shine. This makes for “heroes” in local centers and hopefully allows interest to grow.

    On the other hand, it is also very possible, maybe even likely, that the game will simply die a slow death in almost all U.S. markets. It is possible that hockey will NEVER capture the interest of the American public.

  32. Aetherial says:

    Bettman was clear on that point when the players presented their 24% package. The league did not want it.

    It can only work if there are *rules* not open to interpretation or arguement. This is impossible because goals and assist are not the *only* aspects of playing that needs to be considered.

    However, I think in the end that the league will accept two-way arbitration. It definitely will be changed in some way as arbitration was one of the BIG inflationary pressures and the cap they come up with eventually is still likely to be high enough that if all teams hit the cap, most would lose money.

  33. 19Yzerman says:

    How did you do that? I read that post and I agreed with every part. So I though I would simply disagree for the sake us disagreement. Yea I thought you might like the idea of allowing goalies to handle the puck but, that they would be like any other player on the ice and CAN be checked if they have the puck.LOL

  34. 19Yzerman says:

    Enron?Jail? Better yet average investors lose money which they will never get back. Oh I am sure when a billionaire is incarcerated its different in there for them then the average thug. Allowed to spread it out. Great idea I think I will not report this 15/17 million because if I get away with it I not only won’t be taxed on it but, I don’t have it to show as earnings to the greedy players. Fight greed with fraud.

    You say,”there shouldnt be any “scrutinizing” of “owner revenue” but rather “team revenue”


    You ask,” how would you like your boss telling you that you deserve a pay cut because you make money elsewhere???I would gladly except his cut knowing that I make the extra money right off of him.”

    The Islanders ,Rangers and the Flyers owners have interest in the cable companies which televise those games. You don’t think that there should be some NHL team ownership reform regarding team owners who own other companies that deal directly with its own team? If the owners want linkage they are going to have to be more committed to maximizing the teams funds rather than cutting deals set to make its other company these extra funds which become handouts to themselves.

    I don’t think it is anyones business how much I make on a side job as long as I am not mixing company funds with my own funds or as in this case compromising the teams income in order to benefit mine.

    It would be one thing for a person to own to businesses which one supplied the other and company A sells products to company B for less then its wholesale price so company B can yield more because in the end the funds all go to the same place. However NHL teams have an effective baring on a whole lot of others.

  35. 19Yzerman says:

    You make a very valid point about stats being not the only aspects. plus/minus , PIM’s, minutes played ,times per season listed as a healthy scratch, number of times a player beats the opposition to the puck to negate icing, diving in front of shots from the point, being a menice and causing other players to have an off game, bad give aways out front, bad passes directly into enemy posesion, number of days a player remains as a contract hold out ,farting in the other goalies face as you screen his sight of shots and any other action which may or may not be helpful to ones team.

    Player: Look coach I used desinex and here smell my hockey gear bag. Its not me stinkin up the locker room.

    Coach: Very well we will keep that in mind if either of us feel we need an outsider to tell us how much you should or shouldn’t make.

  36. Oilerz says:

    Wasn’t that Modano who couldn’t feed his dog with cap money?

  37. Aetherial says:

    I have often wondered about making goalies a legal target. It certainly would ease a lot of the golaie puck-handling that contributes to crushing the offense in this game.

    My concerne is that goalies would be VERY vulnerable. We all know how ugly it is when there is a race for an icing call and someone get plastered into the boards…

    Well I see goalies who touch the puck getting plastered just as badly and hurt, often, probably too often.

    Then goalies will argue for bigger equipment! 🙂

    I think a penalty for handling the puck outside of a certain area achieves the same restriction and keeps the goalies protected. I would also like to see a goalie not be able to smother the puck outside a small area beyond the crease!

  38. 19Yzerman says:

    When Hasek came to Detroit I told my brother he is great when he stays in his net but, he makes some silly things happen every now and then when he ventures out of the net. Other goalies say like Turco are strong on their skates and smart about when they come out that they become like a third Dman with their outlet passing. Cujo likes to gather shots or rebounds and try to play them to his teamates right in the midst of traffic before getting whistled down for a face off and would often get called for smothering the puck like that. I just had an idea. Put in some puck deflectors along the boards behind the goalines about even with the face off dots so any time the puck gets fired in or out around the boards it hits the deflectors and gets sent out toward the slot area in front of the net. That will keep those goalies in net and cause some excitement also.LOL

  39. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    lol everyone’s still here… I don’t see Flyers_Fan_in_LA or Lint07 any where.

    I don’t see why a retard like Oilsfans_suck has the right to call Adambuffallo an idiot.

  40. Aetherial says:

    You know, with all the talk of creases,nets, restricted zones etc…

    You may not have a bad idea. Obviously you can’t have a part sticking out, but changing the geometry of the ice surface to direct stuff to the front of the net would be an interesting thought.

  41. 19Yzerman says:

    How about putting the nets into the boards like indoor soccer league has? Back the goaline right to the boards. Then a missed shot could be a loose rebound. I mean since the goalies look like Sasquache anyway. Why not give them a cave to hide out in?Goal judges above the net? LOL

    Oh wait that won’t happen. Thats Gretzky’s office behind the net. OK now I am talking crazy. See what happens after a year of Hockey deprivation!

    Isn’t there enough figure skater rejects turned boxer to create a womans league? 600 Tonya Hardings?

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