Make Your Own NHL CBA here at HTR

It has been almost a year since we have been able log on here at HTR and post about an NHL game that we saw. In the time of this lockout we have had posts which included opinions of those who Blame one side or the other for things becoming as they have and why things have not improved. It may help to prevent this situation from repeating itself by knowing the who’s and Why’s. However what really matters is that they both sides come to an agreement. If this was the movie Jerry Maguire this is not the part where Cuba Gooding Jr. screems “Show me the Money” this is where Tom Cruise says “Help Me Help You!!”.

We have heard of everything from expansion to contraction, Bettman vs Goodenow, Owners vs Players, replacement players to replacement leagues, Levitt reports to UROs, The Wayne and Mario incident, Guerin’s hungry dog, Holik’s hungry family and Pronger who simply drew a line at 10 million per year. If I could have had a dollar for every time I typed or read Lockout, CBA, Sponsors, Networks, NHL, NHLPA, Salary Cap, Revenue Sharing, luxury tax , Linkage, Offers, Rejections, Drafts canceled, Season cancelled, Season uncanceled wait no sorry its still canceled, I could have feed Bill Guerin’s dog and Bobby Holik’s family by now.

I know there are a lot of intelligent individuals who post on here and I began to think how it might become interesting if we were to have an article which each person could post the various CBA issues into their own home made CBA.

You can put things into your post that you think will be agreeable by both sides and effectively help the economics of the NHL.

No limit on rookies

52 Mill cap for 2 seasons to Grandfather current teams and then 48 million per team with a moderate luxury tax for going over.

30 mill salary floor

More incentive clauses for players who continue to improve or at least remain at a steady performance level.

No more salary dumping fire barn sales because of No guaranteed contracts for players.

Seniority exempt salaries that are not reflected in caps for players who remain with a team for long term. 12 years and your team doesn’t have to count your salary towards cap.

Sell out and playoff victory team bonuses to players which do not count towards cap.

Any Ideas? please share them with us all.