Making the case for Alex Tanguay

First off, let’s make a couple of assumptions.

One — that Flames general manager Darryl Sutter, still so in love with his core, won’t rock a blockbuster in the coming weeks. So no Vinny Lecavalier. No Nathan Horton. No Jeff Carter. No Eric Staal.

Two — that Alex Tanguay would return to a team that he, well, couldn’t wait to leave.

OK now, here’s the thing: the Flames are dying for a top-six forward.

Without playing big-ball — and wheeling away one of the cornerstone heroes — Sutter’s options are limited. Tanguay may be one. This is a fellow playing for a reasonable contract (one year worth $2.5 million US — more than half done, of course) with a healthy dash of skill.

Not only is Sutter familiar with Tanguay — a clincher in many of the deals the Jolly Rancher triggers — a play-making left-winger is precisely what the Flames need.

Tanguay’s return did come up during this week’s Calgary Herald live chat. Immediately, his type was derided as being a “wet noodle.” The thing is? The Flames could use a wet noodle or two. (They’ve already cornered the market on gritty checkers at the National and American league levels.) Soft? Why, yes, he is. Capable of setting the table? Yes.

Tanguay could:

* Boost the shrivelling power play.

* Lend a hand to the up-and-down Jarome Iginla. (Can you imagine the Flames captain if he received two or three flat passes in a single game? He’d weep.) Not to mention Olli Jokinen. Both he and Iginla are shooters. Surely, there’s room for a passer, no?

In Tanguay, the Flames would also be getting a supremely motivated individual. Remember, his recent stab at unrestricted free-agency didn’t exactly light the league a-fire. He ended up taking what he could get — a one-year deal . . . at half of his previous salary . . . with a team that’s in disarray.

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  1. FlamingHomer says:

    This was submitted pre 9-1 loss to San Jose so let's assume Darryl doesn't like his core as much anymore. He still wouldn't bring back Tanguay. His memory of Tanguay's disappearing act in the playoffs would still be fresh.
    Right now Calgary has no 1st or 2nd round pick in this years draft. If Calgary continues to slide, they may do something at the trade deadline or even as late as the amateur draft but stubbornness will prevent him from doing anything big much sooner.

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