Malakhov, Poti Available?

The New York Post has NHL Team Officials saying that the Rangers are “dangling” defensemen Tom Poti and Vladimir Malakhov to land a much needed left-winger, maybe Miro Satan or Petr Bondra.

My take: I don’t think Poti will be dealt, but it is a possibility. He hasn’t done badly this season, but he couldn’t make Leetch look old. His contract is up this year, possible trade can occur. also speaks about the Rangers landing Miro Satan.

The Post then mentioned that the defensive gap would be filled by Janne Niinimaa. Another possibility could be Jason Smith (contract is up this season).

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  1. NYIchooch75 says:

    I find it odd that Sather is after the two players most mentioned to go to the Islanders. Pretty similar to Poti last season. Satan is going NOWHERE, especially after they dumped Gratton, Barnes and Ray the past 2 days. Malakhov is too expensive for a marginal, oft-injured defenseman and not many teams would be interested in him. I admit I’m not too sure how many years are left on his contract. Poti won’t bring back too much by himself, especially with all the trades yesterday for picks.

    But, it’s the Rangers, you never know with them.

  2. mikster says:

    I too think Satan is staying in Buffalo, he’s got to! Though he’d be an awesome upgrade on the Rangers left side (Barnaby, Petrovicky, Lundmark), the Sabres shouldn’t trade him. Satan could also be used on the PK too, he is just what the Rangers would need. Defense has been good lately, and i would not call it such a major need.

    I could very well see, however, some kind of Malakhov for Bondra type of deal.

    However, Bondra isn’t the answer. Rangers have Lindros, Kovalev and Bure. All three are finishers and Nedved is the only playmaker, aside from Lundmark but Jamie is playing well with Holik. Rangers need a set up guy and my dream come true would be Ray Whitney who used to feed all those passes to Pavel Bure.

  3. NYIchooch75 says:

    What the hell do they need another scorer for. Because Kovalev, Bure, Nedved and Lindros didn’t score last night. All it ever is is offense, offense, offense. And now he’s looking to trade 2 of his D-corps? Sather is nuts! NUTS!

    I actually think he has an addiction. He’s like a crack addict with a pocket full of cash. The team has been playing better and he’s going to start screwing with the chemistry again.

  4. mikster says:

    They need a left winger, not just a scorer, a left winger. It’s his job to tryu and get the best LW’er he can get and Satan is the best out there at 27 years of age, contract is like $3.5M, he has defensive smarts, could play the PK.

    He’s looking to move Malakhov because he wants to re-sign Mironov for next season and Mally is the odd-man out. As for Poti…he is rumored, but i wouldn’t see any high chances of him going anywhere. But, next season the Rangers also have Fedor Tjutin who will probably make the team.

    Don’t make too much of a big fuss, these are just rumors. Sather did mention he wasn’t going to make any big deals, but Satan is a possibility…no reason for Sather to not land Satan if he has the chance and if he has a good deal to make on the table. You’d do the same.

  5. NYIchooch75 says:

    I understand, but unless they dangle Lundmark or Blackburn, no way will Buffalo take Malakhov for Satan. They can’t afford that contract.

    Satan, if he goes, is going to the swamp. But I doubt he’ll be moved.

  6. mikster says:

    Never said Malakhov for Satan 😉

  7. DaMick says:

    that wouldnt make any sense…..Poti has broken out on the offensive minded Rangers & fits in nicely…moving him…would be dumb

    In regards to malakhov…..they have tried trading him for the last year to no avail….

    Hes a bit long on the tooth,expensive,and isnt that good to get a Bondra type player….

    Satan i HEAVILY doubt would be “dumped” by the sabres after thier last few deals…

    it seems like they are rebuilding a team….not destroying it like pitt

    a guy the rangers should get…Ninamaa…

    they still need D

    HTR’s Resident RangerHater&LeafBasher


  8. HailSatan says:

    I say get rid of Poti.. Ive never seen him throw a hit and he plays D worse than Paul Coffey..Not what the rangers need..

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