Malkin is all but signed!

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Penguins super prospect, Evgeni Malkin, will sign a maximum entry level contract tomorrow at a press conference. So the saga concludes!

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  1. BruMagnus says:

    The saga ain’t over yet.

    Expect the Russians to start the complications ASAP.

  2. gg_idiot says:

    yeah right, this stupid story is going to be in hockey headlines for the better part of the season. wooo hooo…..

  3. PensinWpg says:

    Whatever his old team does will be settled and done away with for good by opening night. Not exactly sure how but the Pens and the NHL will do whatever they can to prevent any injunction on him playing this year. It wouldnt be good business or look favourably on them if that did happen, even though it won’t get that far imho.

    It will be dealt with accordingly and in good time.

  4. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    Yet another pointless story. Seriously, I don’t see why these mods keep letting these ridiculous stories go through and appear on the site. I keep seeing these Malkin stories left and right, I don’t see how stalking this guy keeps everybody here happy. Within a few hours, there will probably be 6 new submissions on Malkin too.

  5. WE-DeusEx says:

    this is a hockey forum… all news.. any hockey news gets submitted. if u dont like it, read the other threads started. u dont have to come to this one. im not trying to offend you. but seriously. you and so many others complain about stories like these…u dont have to read them

  6. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    When Malkin stories are 85% of the articles out there, I’m forced to seeing hisn name left and right. I’d like to just go to a hockey site where every other article ISN’T about Malkin. Everybody knew that once he fled Russia, he’s going to sign with the Penguins. We don’t need an article now saying that “He’s about to sign” followed by another one in a few hours saying “He signed.”

  7. pensfan29 says:

    Just want to let you know that a new submission has been entered…… – Malkin – Coming to Mellon Arena 10.5.06……. Hate it or Love it…… Itll be a new thread, dont read it “frankthetank” so alls well that ends ok so ill end this shit with a f.uck you but have a nice day

  8. iginla012 says:

    ‘f.uck you but have a nice day”

    you don’t have to curse man.

  9. intelligentscorpio says:

    Malkin is the story, like it or not. He is going to keep making headlines on and off the ice. Deal with it or get lost.

  10. wingedim says:

    TSN is reporting it is now official. Deal is expect to be the same as Ovechkin’s.

  11. BruMagnus says:

    Imagine Gretzky being stuck behind the Iron Curtain back in the late 70s, and him finding a way over. The story would be massive.

    Just because Malkin isn’t North American is irrelevant, not that you said anything about that, but it’s implied in the undertone.

    The media gets crazy. Just look at Crosby preseason, and Ovechkin during the season. Well Malkin has lit it up more than Ovechkin both in Russia and internationally. Many Russians think he’s their best player right now already, despite having been the youngest player on the Team Russia team in the Olympics (where he was named Team MVP, tying for 2nd for team scoring on teh 3rd line). I could go on…

  12. BruMagnus says:

    He’ll make $984,200 exactly for each of three years.

    But with bonuses he could make a maximum of $3.8 million, all counting towards the Cap. The Calder will cost the Penguins a fair bit.

  13. BruMagnus says:

    Great TSN story, more news:

    Malkin, 19, widely considered the top player in the world not previously in the NHL, said while speaking though an interpreter that he was worried at times about his safety after sneaking away from his Russian Super League Metallurg Magnitogorsk team in Helsinki.

    “I definitely was a little concerned,” Malkin said.

    While waiting for his visa, he stayed for three days in a hotel one-half a mile from the Russian Embassy and had to walk past it to go to the American Embassy and get his travel visa to the United States.

  14. mtl_prince says:

    only question is who will they trade stall to?

    hes so gonna be traded, maybe not this year, but within 5 years he’ll be gone, and pittsgurgh will get the remaining peices for there dynasty thru that trade.

    and then no one besides pittsburgh will win the cup for a decade!

  15. John_Connor says:

    First of all… Malkin was not stuck behind the Iron Curtain… he signed a contract in Russia because he didn’t have the courage to say “Dammit, I said no. Go to hell, I’m outta here.” No question, he’s a great player and will be fun to watch, but I kind of agree with Frank on this one (and no, nothing was implied about Malkin’s nationality being an issue… you just read into that what you wanted to).

    All of those other things you mentioned, Crosby & Ovechkin’s play, Malkin being team MVP at the olympics – those are interesting stories.

    But when the real drama ended two weeks ago, and everyone knew he would sign for the rookie maximum right after his two weeks’ notice were up…. well, this isn’t exactly a story now. Once he signs, sure, make a short comment on it. But “he will sign in hours” or whatever is kinda silly… we already know that.

    Next article: “OMG Malking used the public washroom at McDonald’s… I hope they never wash the seat again.”

  16. Marky2Fresh says:

    lol Theres a big difference between behind behind the Iron Curtian and trying to weasel your way out of a contract.

  17. intelligentscorpio says:

    Malkin did not weasel out of his contract. He was forced to sign it under undue pressure at 3 am. Also, Russian law allows anyone to negate a contract of employment by giving two weeks notice. You need to differenciate between “weasel out” and “elect” to work elsewhere.


    I’m glad Malkin got his way, those Russians have no regard for the endless potential their top stars have. Remember last year when they tried to keep Alex the Great away from Washington? God it literally makes me sick.

    But yeah this is great news. There’s no doubt Pittsburgh will be the elite offensive club in upcoming years with him and Crosby at the helm.

  19. Veggetto19 says:

    what is goin on with this site it takes for ever for them to report any news now freakin malkin is signed already the oilers signed sykora and their is nothing on it on here its slowing down big time

  20. Jrugges says:

    The kid hasnt even played one NHL season, or game for that matter, and people are talking trades, dynastys, wow… you know the kid can still flop…

  21. Jrugges says:

    What also Errks me is that Svatos resigns with Colorado and no mention is made about it.

  22. Polecat says:

    I totally concur. This information overload not only happens in hockey, but the other major sports as well. It has reached a point of absurdity.

  23. Polecat says:

    You sure are silly…Defense wins championships!!! 316 goals allowed=worst in NHL. The Pens have not addressed that insignificant problem yet.

  24. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    Because its for 1 year and hes just gonna leave Colorado … thats basically what that contract says

  25. avsrule24 says:

    that is not what the contract says

    the contract says that the avs are concerned about his health, who wouldn’t be, in his only two seasons at the NHL level he’s suffered season-ending injuries

    besides he’ll still be a restricted free agent= only three seasons experience, and very young

  26. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    With Malkin now officially signed… will everyone please agree this team is able to make the playoffs now!!! Come On Crosby, Malkin Fluery Whitney Gonchar Welch Armstrong … possibly Stall!!!

  27. Williams1505 says:

    well to tell you the truth…i’m a die hard pens fan…i belive they got the talent…..but….They may come close…but i doubt they’ll make it…and if they do….they’ll lose first round

  28. kamullia says:

    I completely understand your point of the premature talk, and you are totally correct. He still has to prove himself and some people are going to extremes and exagerating. But just to be fair, it is also true that a Malkin flop, although possible, is also an extreme idea for all we know of him.

  29. kamullia says:

    will everyone please agree this team is able to make the playoffs now

    If by “able” you mean that they have a chance but it is not expected for them to make it, then I agree. I have voiced just that view, that Malkin gives them a chance.

    But Pittsburgh making the playoffs will take not just Malkin playing at least half of the capabilities of what he has already done in Russia. It will take other solid efforts from all around this team.

    I say wait mid-December to roll before a more accurate view of this team can be made. You have to understand that so much is changing for the Pens that ability is not the only factor for them. All the forwards lines will be new, there are at least 6 players who will have their first full NHL season this year including the starting goaltender, even possibly all the defensive pairs will be different from last year (although I think it would be a mistake to separate Gonchar and Whitney considering Gonchar did miserably with everyone else).

    For the Penguins things can go all over the entire spectrum, but I think a reasonable coherent expectation at this point is that they have a chance at getting one of the two last playoff spots.

  30. BruMagnus says:

    I understand your points.

    Talking about his lack of courage is simply unbelievable though. For anyone who knows all the facts, you would think they’d think nothing but courage of this young man. The more reports that come out about Russia seem to sum it up like this:

    Malkin had told them for two years now that he wants to go to NHL. He keeps asking them, “Why don’t you let me go? You said I could.” ‘They’, whoever that is (Russian Mob, big businessmen [same thing almost in Russia] who knows), were at his house often, and the night he reworked his contract were pressuring him until 3am.

    Then there was pressure on him about how his family would lose all the luxuries they enjoy (due to him and his play for his team). Which incidentally, they are now ‘moving’ to America. I’m not sure on this, please let me know if you do, but do most Russian families join their sons when they go to the NHL? Either way, it could be coincidence. But experience has told me there’s little coincidence in the world.

    There’s other reports about ‘those’ people staying at the Malkin residence day and night while Malkin was missing… and other sketchy reports of such nature.

    Then there’s the bit about him not having control of his passport, and when he finally did, he managed to escape, hide out and wait it out for 5 days while trying to secretly secure a valid visa. I, having been to Helsinki just this winter, know exactly where Malkin had to walk in order to get to the right embassy. He could have been caught on that courageous march.

    There’s so much more, but you get the idea.

    Fair enough, the story is pretty much over. However, two quick points: 1) Malkin is headlines even on His name has dominated EVERY hockey/NHL board/chatroom/trade rumors site for quite sometime now. There’s a reason. He’s awesome and there was no other big news. 2) His official signing is most definetly news worthy. But I agree the “he will sign in a few hours” post seems preredundant (?) since the next post logically will be “he has signed”. Which should have been the real story, and can still be.

    Go Malkin. He will be a + player, have 87+ points, and win the Calder. He’ll play exceptional on the PK, racking up 7 SH goals to set a record for Russian-born players/rookies.

    Lastly, this is a hockey site. Not everything is rumors. There’s opinion, speculation, great debates, etc. As previously stated by others, Not everything is about a hockey trade rumor, despite the site’s title. If it doesn’t interest you, then please just skip it. Submit something you find interesting, and if they think it publishable (which they do for a lot of garbage), it will go up here. If you haven’t noticed, some posts go totally unread/uncommented upon. My posts, whether you like them or hate them, do quite well. My line speculation post had over 225 replies, which if you check it out was the second most for any post in the month of August, second only to a post “Who would you trade for Malkin” that was so poorly done that people just went off on it like there’s no tomorrow. However, it eventually got some real speculation going, and made some people realize what is being thought about this young superstar. I also took great effort to make a post about Malkin vs Ovechkin based on their performances that were comparable (ie the Russian Super League and their International play together, since you cannot compare Malkin’s NHL to Ovechkin’s… yet) and it did decent, though I felt the real issue I had intended, that is to compare them trying to ‘ignore’ Ovechkin’s NHL season, was never adressed.

  31. BruMagnus says:

    Although I admit that it did for NJ. I’m not quite sure Edmonton of yore, or Pittsburgh, or Detroit agrees all that much, as some teams are offensive minded and do quite well thank you.

    Much more exciting to watch as well.

  32. BruMagnus says:

    What exactly is it that you think the team needs to adress, except maybe a veteran (not old though) defenseman?

    Aside from chemistry, which will develop on its own this season, what needs to change for the team?

    To me, all the pieces are in place. A few players will have to step it up (and I’m not talking Crosby or Malkin) and prove they are who Shero thinks they can be. From what I hear from all my favorite Canuck fans, they hate losing Ruutu. From all ym Rangers fans, they say we’ll enjoy Moore. He’ll be excellent as a PKer (with Malkin, Talbot and X as the top 4 in my mind) and hopefully a 3rd liner. Eaton, we’ll see what he can do. Whitney, big year for the sophmore. Gonchar, show us again why you dazzled us the past 10 years. Fleury, prove yourself. But with the right chemistry, if most things click together, the young team is playoff worthy.

  33. Polecat says:

    I’ll agree with you to a point, but not enough of either offense or defense is a good thing. In reference to Detroit, they have had a stellar d-corp the last ten years or so and plenty of offense to boot. They are quite balanced. Everybody likes scoring, so I will definitely agree that is more fun to watch. It puts butts in the seats.

  34. kamullia says:

    Needs. Hmm. Frankly as far as defensemen I would like for them to stay put on what they have and see if they can work it out. I have a lot of faith on this group. Sure, a dependent defenseman would be nice, but let’s see what these can do first. Depth is an issue at D, without question, but who knows maybe DuPont and Bissonette can fill in the shoes (I frankly do not trust Melichar)? At forward we need one scoring winger, but the solution might be already in the system. But in general, my point is, as you put it, “if most things click together”. But we have to be honest. There is a lot to click together, isn’t there?

    Other than Crosby’s performance, I cannot think of something that I feel strong enough without at least a minimum level of reasonable doubt. We all think and hope most will work itself out, but the doubts are still somewhere back there. And that is a sign that there is more to this team than just ability. I can probably elaborate about every player, but I will try to make it short to make the point.

    Gonchar: Will he come back strong as he ended the season?

    Eaton: New player; will he fit where needed?

    Orpik: Can he keep his PIMs down and improve his positioning more?

    Whitney: Sophomore jinx? Will he be as effective or more if he is not paired with Gonchar? First full year.

    Melichar: What is he going to do the next 20 seconds?

    Scuderi: Can he be consistent enough to be a regular?

    DuPont: Is he good enough for the NHL, albeit his size?

    Bissonnette: Can he log effective minutes if there are a lot of injuries? Rookie

    Cairns: Other than throwing punches, can we afford him to be on the ice?

    Recchi: Will he try again to overstrech his abilities and end up with another horrible +/-?

    LeClair: Is he happy enough to be productive for more than three weeks out of the year?

    Roy: Where does he fit?

    Malone: Can he fill in the shoes of a first liner and scorer?

    Ruutu: New player; is there enough ice time for him to be effective?

    Ekman: New player; will he light up the lamp as it is needed?

    Armstrong: Sophomore jinx? Can someone be more effective next to Crosby? What if he does not make the first line? First full year.

    Moore: New Player; Sophomore jinx? Is he soliid enough to do a repeat performance?

    Talbot: Sophomore jinx? Is there a spot for him in management’s mind? Will he make the team? First full year?

    Ouellet: Can he become a consistent scorer? First full year?

    Pivko: Is he possibly the future solution for a scoring LW? Rookie

    Christensen: Magical hands, great instinct and creativeness, but will they work just as good on the wing now that the center is clogged up? Will he make the team? First full year?

    Stone: So much scoring promise, will there be ice time to try him out and find out? Rookie?

    Petrovicky: New player; does he still have what it takes after having played a not so gritty role in ATL?

    Malkin: Could he have trouble adjusting?; Rookie.

    Fleury: He is the future, but is he capable to hold the fort this year? If they make the playoffs, will he be solid enough to not lose games? If we give him a shovel, can he handle the puck better? First full year.

    Thibault: Is it humanly possible to (gulp!) get worse than last year? If Fleury somehow breaks down, can he hold the fort?

    Sabourin: If something happens to Fleury, and after such a great year in the AHL, is he good enough to take the rains if Thibault does not get any better? Could he be a long-term backup to Fleury?

  35. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    Yea, but you can do that for every team in the NHL…. Philly

    Forsberg: Will his injuries linger

    gagne: Will he sign

    ECT…… So i mean every team has its questions. Thats kinda stupid to do that for every player on the team.

  36. Polecat says:

    Kamullia: Dumbass; can he shut the hell up or will he keep rambling on about stupid shit?

  37. kamullia says:

    I am sorry, but for Pittsburgh it goes well beyond that. Other than St. Louis, no one has had such a big turn around in their roster that affects all positions and lines in such a major way.

    And in St. Louis they are relying heavily on proven veterans, whereas Pittsburgh is doing so on rookies, and players with less than a full season of play. The questions might be the same or similar, but they are much more poignant for Pittsburgh.

    I honestly can not think of any team that will rely in so many young players.

    For your example of Philadelphia, their top 9 forwards are pretty set with minor deviation, something that is written in the sand at the edge of the rising tide in Pittsburgh.

    One thing is to have confidence in their eventual improvement. But at this time of the season to label this year with so many transitions from last, as the year that definitely puts Pittsburgh in the playoffs is overreaching in my view. Hence why I said let us wait for December.

    I have high hopes myself, but I realize that it will take a lot to get there, and I am cautious on bold predictions so early. Good God, no one’s even had a physical as of yet.

  38. Waffles says:

    pensfan29 says:

    Just want to let you know that a new submission has been entered…… – Malkin – Coming to Mellon Arena 10.5.06……. Hate it or Love it…… Itll be a new thread, dont read it “frankthetank” so alls well that ends ok so ill end this shit with a f.uck you but have a nice day

    I just love how you took a line straight out of a rap movie (8 Mile) and used it in a hockey forum to make yourself sound SO cool………

  39. pensfan29 says:

    hey thanks for pointin that out numnutz heres another one for ya

    “Rule number 5 show no love…… love will get you killed”

    Anyway heres how i see the lines

    Ekman Crosby Armstrong

    Malone Malkin Recchi

    LeClair Moore Oullet

    4th line whoever impresses ppl in camp….. mayb jordan staal???


    Crosby Malone Malkin

    Recchi Gonchar


    Crosby Moore Leclair (w/ leclair movin im front of the net)

    Whitney Welch

    somethin like that…. lemme no wat yall think, any suggestions?

  40. merr29 says:

    Deffinitely Omlett will not make the roster. Ruutu will be in his place

  41. John_Connor says:

    There was “pressure” in the form of Velichkin in his house telling him to sign the contract, and telling his parents to make him sign. But there was no gun.

    What were they going to do if he refused to sign? Stay ’til 5am? Oh no!!!

    Sure, Velichkin is a creep who treated Malkin like a commodity only and not a person, but Malkin totally caved on this one. He didn’t have to sign; he just couldn’t make himself stand up to the man.

  42. John_Connor says:

    And he did kinda “weasel out” of his contract. The way the law works is you give your two weeks notice, and you leave your job AFTER TWO WEEKS. You don’t sneak away and fax your two weeks from another country, ’cause guess what? They’re not getting that two weeks’ service out of him.

    I’m not saying Velichkin’s tactics weren’t worse, but Malkin kinda sank towards their level in how he handled this. A forgivable offence? Certainly. This only came up because the iron curtain was mentioned… and Malkin’s “escape” from Russia was a far far cry from defecting from the cold war Soviet Union.

  43. John_Connor says:

    First off… I might have been a bit harsh. If so, sorry.

    That said, I read Malkin’s interview (from Los Angeles) with a Russian reporter who wanted to hear the story from him. The people at his house, from what I read, were team executives including Velichkin. Malkin told one of the other execs that he wasn’t going to sign, and eventually the guy said “ok” and he left. Velichkin, however, did not. He stayed and harrassed them about playing in Russia because they needed leverage in the player transfer agreement with the NHL. But it’s not like Velichkin held a gun to his head. If the guy is in your house, go somewhere else or call the police… don’t sign the damn contract just to make him leave. Malkin may have shown courage when he fled (knowing how he would be vilified at home), but he sure didn’t show any in standing up to Velichkin.

    he managed to escape, hide out and wait it out for 5 days while trying to secretly secure a valid visa. I, having been to Helsinki just this winter, know exactly where Malkin had to walk in order to get to the right embassy. He could have been caught on that courageous march.

    Yeah, I’m sure it was a bit intimidating for a 19-year old, but who exactly was going to “catch” him? The Finnish police? The KGB? He was hiding so that he wouldn’t have to deal with more team execs telling him he has to stay in Russia. It’s not like he was in danger.

    Granted, he was treated like crap, and I’m sure the persuasion to stay was difficult to bear… but let’s not make him out to be some kind of war hero.

  44. BruMagnus says:

    Go through the August archives and find the post, What will your lines look like? Written by me, it has my prediction for lines, as well as most other teams’ lines too.

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