Manny Fernandez to Boston

I know, I know, Eklund sucks, but according to him Manny Fernandez has been traded to the Bruins. More details to come, I wonder what is going the other way.. Is this the answer for Boston’s goalie problems, I don’t think so, what do you think?

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  1. Have2BeLeaf says:

    Actually the fraud Eklund has this rumor rated (e4) which means that it's not completely a done deal or official, he's saying he heard it from sources close to the team. Take that for what it's worth, some guy on the forums mentioned the Bruins clan was clamoring for a meeting about an hour or 2 ago. So it's not a completed deal as of yet, just a rumor.

    Oh and Manny Fernandez blows!

    If Boston gets him, it means Toivonen is going the other way and I think they just traded one problem for another.

  2. avalanchuk says:

    I love how Eklund reports that a trade between the Leafs and Wild which would send Fernandez to Toronto is "gaining great momentum" and just 90 minutes later he comes out with this information, totally different to what he just said and this new rumor is "virtually done." But that is Eklund for you.

  3. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    I've heard that Manny Fernandez WILL be dealt tonight. The wild have a pocket deal with the Bruins, but entertaining offers from 6 DIFFERENT TEAMS, and 2 different sources have named The lightning and Coyotes as 2 of those teams. Unlikely one is the Leafs though. If they were one, it would be mentioned.

    My guess is Giguere signed, meaning there are ZERO starters in the UFA market. Every team in need of a goalie hit the pannic button, and the Wild got some sweet offers. Just my speculation though.

  4. bruinfan373 says:

    i dunno much about Fernandez, but isn't he 33. I hope Hannu is the only one leaving, and picks or anything. On The fourth period it said that the bruins had been offered a deal for their 8th rounder, bur it doesnt say the team or players. Does any1 know who offered them??

  5. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Fernandez is a damn fine keeper.

  6. habswinthecup-again says:

     He was good before he tore his groin, now… who knows?

  7. Mainer87 says:

    You know u diss Eklund but his website is alot more entertaining than this site. It is as dull as dirt with no professional writers reporting just people who look on the net to find info and love being first. Sure it is wrong sometimes but the site has much more than Eklund reporting.

  8. mikster says:

    I know i’ve been at it with Eklund, but i may be siding with him on this deal unless the Lightning will beat it in the final moments.

    I think the Panthers dropped out. Now that Giguere is re-signed they will look at Bryzgalov more. They re-signed Horts for $4M p/s, still have to re-sign Weiss, and want to extend Bouwmeester’s contract. I doubt….i highly doubt that they will want to take on Fernandez’s contract when their payroll is increasing.

    So, that leaves Phoenix, TB, and Boston. I think Boston is more desperate than the others as they really have an urge to make the playoffs. The Yotes could gamble with free agent goalies, as well as TB if they don’t want Manny’s salary either, or they are looking at Bryzgalov and Toskala.

    Boston seems like a good fit because they have Tim Thomas who would work well with Fernandez. Fernandez has good experience, good numbers, and in a way he could be a safer bet than Toskala and Bryzgalov, or any other FA goalies.

    I’d say Manny to Boston too unless one of the other teams jumps and panics, which appears to be the case as no deal has been confirmed as of yet and it’s late.

  9. BruinsManiac83 says:

    I don't think this move would give the Bruins First class goaltending, but Fernandez has proven he can play a lot of games at a consistent basis, something the Bruins can't expect from Tim Thomas and can't get from either Toivonen or Rask at this point in their careers, so that fact alone gives them a upgrade to take a little bit of heat off Chara. Hopefully they send Thomas and a pick or prospect to Minnesota because I still firmly believe that Toivonen and Rask will still be Productive starters in the NHL, and one of them could be trade bait if the Bruins are close to the playoffs and a selling team is looking to unload skill for prospect goalies.

  10. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    I agree 100%. I hope so much that they do not send Toivonen packing. A lot of people have lost faith with him since he had one bad season, when he was clearly pulling it together at the end of the season in the AHL. I still have full faith in him and Rask to be a great punch in the Boston net in a couple of years. If they do get get Fernandez, I hope they don't get rid of either Toivonen or Rask. That being said, I think Fernandez and Thomas could be a pretty decent one-two punch if you split their goaltending over the games. However, I'd still much rather see us go after Nabokov, Toskala, or Bryzgalov.

  11. maudsley says:

    Boston would be no better getting raycroft back then trading for fernandez, Strap ur dumb big captian in goal and mabye he will be usefull.

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