MantaRay Power Rankings for December 15th

Here it is: This weeks MantaRay Power rankings including games up to 12/14.


Top Ten:

-Boston still #1 even with current struggles.

-While everyone was watching Vancouver, Ottawa has quietly been red hot.

-New Jersey pressing forwards make Devils descend into offensive hell.

Middle of the Pack:

-Lightning striking-out. Drop 3 spots and out of the elite for the first time this season.

-Kings, Hawks, Habs and Ducks starting to fly.

-Pens and Caps grounded.

Bottom of the Barrell:

-After leaving the lower tier for a week the Ranger$ return with a splash dropping 6 spots and not winning in 5 straight.

-Thrashers continue to be the worst team in the NHL.The MantaRay Power-rankings for games ending 12/14:

1 (1) Boston Bruins:

First losing streak of season (0-3); Rolston 0 G’s in 9 Games; Samsonov wrist surgery?

2 (2) Vancouver Canucks:

Jovanovski should be Norris candidate; Bertuzzi best power-forward in the game.

3 (7) Ottawa Senators:

Hottest team in the league: 9-1-2 in last 12 games. Hossa 19 goals # 2 in NHL.

4 (3) Dallas Stars: Arnott-Turgeon-Young NHL’s hottest line: combined- 17G-22A-39P +27 in 15 games.

5 (6) Detroit Red Wings:

Winning, but not impressive. Cujo the weak link?beatable (.879%) and sloppy giving up 16 goals in past 5 games.

6 (5) St.Louis Blues:

Tough week: 1-2-1 from bad to good. Brent Johnson returning in style stopping 67 of 69 including shut-out last night.

7 (4) New Jersey Devils:

Game Goal draught continues: Nieuwendyk (19) Elias (11) and powerplay (0-23) in last 9. Spurious trade rumors having mental effects on forwards.

8 (8) Minnesota Wild:

3 game winning streak ends. Big win over Wings this week. Injuries starting to mount.

9 (10) Philadelphia Flyers:

3-0 since Mcgillis trade; Philly is 12-0-5 when scoring the first goal. Most points in division.

10 (11) Edmonton Oilers:

4 game win streak ended. York 10 points in last 10 games; Rookie Chimera 3G-3A in 5 games since being dropped from my roto team.

11 (12) Toronto Maple Leafs:

Belfour allowing offense to take risks; Toronto on track to beat franchise best 9 game home winning streak.

12 (9) Tampa Bay Lightning:

2-2 this week. Richards: 9 points 6 games/Boyle 14 points in 11 games leading the way.

13 (16) Los Angeles Kings:

Big week: Potvin & Storr back-to-back shutouts. Wounded returning making impact: Allison, Palfy, Deadmarsh.

14 (17) Chicago Blackhawks:

Road trip to Empire State cures road ills. Unbeaten in last 4 games. Dempsey 4 points.

15 (14) Carolina Hurricanes:

Ended 4 game losing streak. 2-6-2-1 in 11 games without Sami Kapenan in the line-up.

16 (20) Anaheim Mighty Ducks:

I warned you last week– this team is getting hot: Giguere 2 SO’s; 3 Game winning streak.

17 (22) Montreal Canadiens Kilger-Koivu-Zednick hot line combo: 6G-8A-14Pts +14 in last 4 games.

18 (13) Pittsburgh Penguins:

0-7 since Tarnstrom injury. Now emerging Morozov is out 6-8 weeks. Daigle on waivers?

19 (15) Washington Capitals:

Team is too inconsistent and trade rumors should intensify. Team got blanked twice this week.

20 (21) San Jose Sharks:

3-1 under Wilson. Top forwards getting more ice time. McGillis contributing.

21 (19) Colorado Avalanche:

2-4-2 in last 8. Aebischer & Foote’s return ends team skid. Both Forsberg & Sakic injured.

22 (23) Columbus Bluejackets:

Jackets were 3-1 having scored 15G’s and 13GA. Cassels the best UFA pick-up this season?

23 (25) New York Islanders: 0-2-1 in last three. Road trip to FLA not sunny. Injury to Hamerlik hurts (out 1 month).

24 (18) New York Rangers:

The worlds most expensive AHL franchise.

Have lost 5 in a row. Expensive UFA’s Holik (-4) and Kasper (-6) last four games.

25 (24) Florida Panthers:

Kitty Kats 0-1-1 this week. Jokinen tied for third in the NHL with Sakic, Kovlev with 17 Goals!!!???

26 (27) Phoenix Coyotes:

1-1-1 this week. Lemieux back in line-up today will help. Shane Doan 3G-4A 7Pts in 6 games.

27 (26) Buffalo Sabres:

After hot start to month Sabres go 0-2-1. Is Maxim Afinogenov’s career over all ready?

28 (28) Calgary Flames:

Let’s see: two weeks and still no official head coach and Ken King is indignant about the press?

29 (29) Nashville Predators:

Shut-out twice early this week prompting Dunham trade; Scott Walker has 7Goal in his last 8 games.

30 (30) Atlanta Thrashers:

Mired in a 6 game losing streak. Kozlov, Shmelik, Heatly all injured. Coaching change up Next?

106 Responses to MantaRay Power Rankings for December 15th

  1. Freeze says:

    I don’t know what Cujo’s deal is. I watched him in Toronto and he was a much better goalie there. He came to Detroit for a shot at the Cup after being offered more money in Toronto. Go figure.

    In Detroit, if you take nights off, you will either be benched, demoted, waived or traded. I think Legace will be promoted to #1 until Cujo comes out of his funk. Depending on Cujo’s contract, Detroit may not be able to trade or demote him. A benching is usually the first course of action, hoping it gets the player’s attention.

    Interesting Question: If Detroit was to waive Cujo, who would pick him up at $8 million per for 4 years?

  2. MantaRay says:

    I highly doubt that the Wings would waive Cujo and no one is going to trade for a player with an $8million contract. Detroit is stuck with him.

    If you look at his status he is no different than previous seasons. He’s just not that good.

  3. MantaRay says:


    You’ve just won a date with Anna Nicole at some hick feeding trauth. Don’t dress up!

  4. Rushing says:

    Now thanx there Manta….ya just made me sick. lol

  5. bruinfan37 says:

    Rushing, about ur comments comparing Boston and Dallas talking about how they do against top teams. Dallas does better than the top teams than boston, but Boston beats them in the standings?? That kinda makes the Stars look bad. What makes a good team even better, and high in the standings, is that they consistenly beat lower teams. Boston has obviously done that with the exception of the past 2 weeks. DALLAS HASN”T, because if they had, they’d be higher up! Don’t get me wrong, Dallas is a great team, and have a hell of a lot of potential

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