MantaRay PowerRank for 1/19/03

Here are the MantaRay power rankings for games ending Saturday, 1/18/03.

Mantarumination: Can you image the team the Isles could have had with the proper patience in the GM position?

The Cliffnotes:

Top ten:

-Red Hot Devils move up to #2 in conference and in PR’s.

Middle of the Road Teams:

-Pens & Ducks flying!!

-Lightning and Habs frying

Bottom of the barrel:

-$75 million dollar Wolfpack/Ranger$ showing heart.

-Sabres & Kats climb

-Preds drop to dead last.

Enjoy!1 (1) Ottawa Senators:

The NHL’s best keeps rolling: Sens have a 5 game winnning streak which includes Lalimes three shutouts! Hossa #2 in NHL with 30 goals.

2 (5) New Jersey Devils:

Since forming new lines Devils are unbeaten in 7 (6-0-1). Gomez, Frisen, Elias, Nieuwy and Rupp scoring at will. Brodeur has to be considered a Hart candidate (Wins games even when team can’t score).

3 (2) Vancouver Canucks:

In spite of 2-1 week, Canucks are starting to cool off (3-3 in last 6). Bertuzzi the best power forward in the game; Another great Milbury trade.

4 (4) Detroit Red Wings:

Wings holding steady (2-1) doesn’t stop the rumor mill: Robitaille on the block; Federov out of Detroit (UFA) and hobbled Yzerman to return after All-Star game.

5 (3) Dallas Stars:

Stars (1-0) lead the league in ties (games they should have won). The acquisition of Lemieux will allow them to win those types of games and make them the best in the west for the remainder of the season.

6 (7) St.Louis Blues:

Even week for Blues (2-2). Rucinsky 14 G’s, 5 in his last 6 games. Injury to rookie Cajanek hurts. Are the Blues better without Pronger???

7 (6) Philadelphia Flyers:

6 game winning streak snapped (by Atlanta?). Recchi gets Brendl promoted to top line. Williams left knee injury is day-to-day

8 (9) Toronto Maple Leafs:

Leafs (3-1) still playing well, despite injury to Mogilny. If Belfour’s back injury is more serious than reported, can Trevor Kidd continue the standards set by the Eagle in Toronto?

9 (10) Minnesota Wild:

Although catching up on the Canucks, have not played as well in new year (3-5). Kuba placed on IR. PP QB Zholtok also hurt.

10 (8) Boston Bruins:

Once the crème de le crème of the league the B’s have gone 3-14-1 in last 18. Thorntons return last night helps. Will Chris Osgood help them?

11 (12) Edmonton Oilers:

Oilers continue to play well (2-1); Mike York is on pace for 30 goals (5G-3A +6 in last 5 games). Injury to Smyth will hurt the Oilers. How is Eric Brewer an all-star??? Another great Milbury trade.

12 (13) Chicago Blackhawks:

Overplayed Thibault hurts Hawks (1-3); Streak of 14 games with at least 1 point ended. Zhamnov injury maybe serious. Klemm returns.

13 (11) Washington Capitals:

Caps revert to old selves going 1-3 this week and now Jagr’s groin is acting up again. How can PP with Gonchar, Jagr, Bondra, Lang and Nylander be ranked #17????

14 (14) New York Islanders:

Not a good week for Isles (1-2); Laviolette “higher standard” Devils ploy backfires in 5-0 defeat. Isbister still out; DYK: $6.4 million man Yashin ranks 825 in the NHL in +/- with a -19.

15 (18) Pittsburgh Penguins:

Someone forgot to tell Pens they are not supposed to win w/o Mario, (3-1). Even with Sore Knee Kovalev rumors heating up big time (Dallas, Philadelphia, Toronto, the Islanders and the Rangers).

16 (19) Anaheim Mighty Ducks:

No coincidence: Giguere is back (4-0 since return with another shutout last night) and the Ducks are winning (3-1). Jason Krog has 3G-3A +4 in last 5 games.

17 (16) Colorado Avalanche:

Snap 3 game losing streak but are 1-4 in last 5. Regardless of purported talent on this team, they live and die with 37 year old Roy…that is a problem.

18 ( 15) Tampa Bay Lightning:

Winless in 5; Hard to believe the Bolts were #1 only a few months ago. If losing continues expect trade rumors to surface again.

19 (20) Los Angeles Kings:

Regicide continues (1-2) on the west coast: 2-7 in January. 5 top players still on IR, possibly 6: Visnovsky left Saturday’s game with a sprained left knee.

20 (17) Montreal Canadiens:

Team went 1-3 this week. Is firing the coach the answer? (It hasn’t worked in Calgary, San Jose, or Colorado). Habs are last in the league in shots on goal (17) per game.

21 (25) New York Rangers:

Hartford players making Ranger$ the hottest team in the bottom 20. 3 game winning streak!!! Tied for #10 in conference!!! Bure and Leetch expected back after All-Star exhibition.

22 (21) Columbus Bluejackets:

Last weeks 3 game win streak is met with this weeks 3 game losing streak. Columbus had climbed to the top PK unit, but gave up 3 goals last night. Klesa on IR-Whitney hurt with back spasms.

23 (22) San Jose Sharks:

I remember some experts predicting a Sharks/Rangers Cup final in September. Apparently no one told the Sharks. 0-3 this week. Stuart out 1 week with ankle injury. Nolan still not 100% even in return last night. Could see overhaul in March???

24 (23) Carolina Hurricanes:

Whispering winds ensnared by 7 game winless streak (0-6-1). Carolina once had a potent powerplay, they are now 14th in NHL. Scoring draught a killer.

25 (24) Phoenix Coyotes:

Trading inspirational leader Lemieux is tantamount to waiving the white Flag(staff) for the season. Signing Amonte destroyed team concept.

26 (28) Buffalo Sabres:

Undefeated in 5 (4-0-1). Biron and Miller playing fantastic. Satan six game point streak.

27 (29) Florida Panthers:

After gett ing crushed in past few games (NJ/Wash 16-4). Kats come back with two 3-0 victories! LuonGO!!! Great Milbury trade!

28 (26) Calgary Flames Doused Flames end 5 game winless streak with win over habbled Kings. Not impressed with this roster.

29 (30) Atlanta Thrashers:

Hartley era has begun; team has a three game winning streak!!! Nurminen playing great hockey. Kozlov 4G-2A in past 4 games.

30 (27) Nashville Predators:

Sing their praise and they lose: Pred drop after going 1-2-1 this week; Legwand on fire: 3G-7A +5 in last 8.

59 Responses to MantaRay PowerRank for 1/19/03

  1. MantaRay says:

    Dallas has the fewest wins and have played the most games in the top 5.

    Dallas had one win this past while the Devils had 4 wins (8 points) this week.

    Dallas WILL be the best in the west but Lemieux hasn’t played yet.

    2. It does take more than 5 guys to prove a formula works, but these players in particular have made the Devils a strong 4 line team (making 12 players proving the formula works).

    3. Although doubtful, I am not too sure Kovy is out of the Dallas running just yet.

  2. aaron says:

    You realize Lemieux was getting 4.5 million dollars a year? That’s a lot of money for a small market fanchise to dish out for basically a 3rd liner at best.

    As for the Kings (going way back), where would Vancover be if Naslund, Morrison, Jovonovski, and a couple other guys all went down w/ injuries? What about Dallas if Modano, Guerin, and Hatcher all went down? I’m not saying the Kings don’t deserve their rating, since that is based on performance, but the commentary was negative when there isn’t much else they can do, undermanned as much as they are. They’re still doing better to start the season by a long shot than they did the past two years and are right in the playoff hunt.

  3. Rushing says:

    Evidently not. Dallas continues their unbeaten streak with a win(8-0-2) and he drops them 2 spots. Boston continues to suck and he still keeps them in the top 10. Really makes sense don’t it? Dallas is better(point wise) than Detroit and Vancouver yet apparently he don’t care.

  4. Rushing says:

    Apparently not! Dallas has more points than both Detroit and Vancouver and even if Detroit and Vancouver won their next game, they wouldn’t be tied nor ahead of Dallas. HINT HINT!!!!

  5. Rushing says:

    Uh………… yeah.

    Ottawa would kick NJ @$$ in the playoffs. Ottawa has only allowed 9 more goals while playing one more game yet scored about 40 more goals.

    Ottawa(like Dallas) has Offense & Defense unlike NJ.

  6. aaron says:

    Sorry, but that record over the past month and a half is god awful. If he wasn’t cutting you some slack, you’d be in about 20th now. There comes a point that injuries aren’t an excuse. I know this sounds hypocritical considering my earlier point, but I’ll mention that I didn’t mean Manta should cut them some slack in the ratings, but in his commentary criticizing them for their position. They still deserve the positioning.

  7. Devilspector says:


  8. Rushing says:

    I guess that’s why their Goals Allowed are only seperated by 15 yet Ottawa has played two more games?

    Let’s look at their Goals For. Ottawa 158 while NJ only 115. The average? Ottawa 3.39 and NJ 2.56. Let’s look at the differential. Ottawa 1.28 and NJ 0.60…..Hmmmmmmmmmm, it sure looks like Ottawa is a better team all the way around.

    Now Dallas is #2 in GAA(goals against average) while #4 in GFA.

    Ottawa is #1 in GFA(Goals for average) while #3 in GAA.

    NJ, #1 in GAA yet #17 in GFA

    It sure looks to me like NJ would be beat.

  9. isles4life says:

    Is it the posters falts that the Rangers would pay kasper 5.4 million dollars for a 5th or 4th(at best) defensmen or 9 million for Holik.The numbers speak for them selves.

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