Mantaray Powerrankings: 10/27

The Mantaray NHL Team Powerrankings

weekending Saturday, October 26th.

A little food for debate.

Eat up!1. New Jersey Devils: 6 points in 3 days; outscored opponents 9-3 for the week.

2. Minnesota Wild: Lemaire building on youth, discipline, D and Fernandez.

3. Boston Bruins: Shields 3-0-2; Who needs Guerin when you have Thornton?

4. Tampa Bay Lightning: Khabibulin and speed coming together.

5. St.Louis Blues: Slow start but have won 5 in a row.

6. Philadelphia Flyers: Hitch***** has team focused and playing sound system.

7. Detroit Red Wings: Still very good, but weaker without Hasek & Yzerman.

8. Los Angeles Kings: Palfy, Allison hurt, but Murray has team unbeaten on road.

9. Dallas Stars: Turco, Modono and Morrow looking great.

10. Washington Capitals: Jagr, Bondra, Lang and still no scoring? Missing some D.

11. Ottawa Senators: Scoring starting to come around, no leader on PP point.

12. Colorado Avalanche: Last year was all Roy, lack of depth starting to show.

13. Pittsburgh Penguins: Mario, Morozov….and Dick Tarnstrom?

14. Buffalo Sabres: Scoring evaporating, first 3 games: 11GF. Last 3 games: 5.

15. Carolina Hurricanes: What has happened to Irbe and that defensive system.

16. Montreal Canadiens: Jose Theodore the next Jim Carry? 29 GA is a killer.

17. Vancouver Canucks: Jekyl/Hyde week; very inconsistent.

18. San Jose Sharks: Lack of Stuart & Sutter killing Sharks on backline.

19. Phoenix Coyotes: Where’s the D? Derion Quint is not the answer.

20. New York Islanders: Simple: No Peca, no heart (hart).

21. New York Rangers: a good week “only” 15 goals against.

22. Florida Panthers Work in progress; two game win streak snapped.

23. Chicago Blackhawks: D has been solid, miss Amonte & Daze; Nylander MIA.

24. Calgary Flames: Turek, young defense making things difficult.

25. Edmonton Oilers: No finishers.

26. Columbus Bluejackets: quietly turning season around; watch Ray Whitney.

27. Anaheim Mighty Ducks: Expected far too much from Giguere after last season.

28. Toronto Maple Leafs: Leafs miss Yushkevich on D; lines 2-4 have to produce.

29. Nashville Predators: After coming close a few games beat Detroit for win #1.

30. Atlanta Thrashers Other than Smehlik nothing on D; Hnilianka looks fryed.

52 Responses to Mantaray Powerrankings: 10/27

  1. big_booty says:

    Being a huge Python fan, my only response is: “It’s a fair cop.” We shall know soon enough when our two gladiators meet in the arena for a serious battle.

    By the way, don’t get me started on the holy trilogy. Being as old as I am now, I start to hear the duplicity in the dialogue:

    “Luke, at that speed do you think you’ll be able to pull out in time?”

    “Get in there you hairy oaf, I don’t care what you smell!”

    “She may yet be of some use to us.”

    George Lucas is a dirty old man – and I love it!

  2. MantaRay says:

    George Lucas is into “a little candid photography, eh?” .

    Know what I mean, know what I mean, eh?

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