Many Potential Suitors for Giguere

The Miami Herald speculates that if JS Giguere does decide to part ways with the Ducks many teams will be lining up for his services. One of the problems facing Brian Burks and the Ducks is that several Anaheim players are due for a raise and it is possible that they will be constrained by the salary cap.

Some of the teams that are speculated to be very interested in Giguere include the Florida Panthers who have lacked a top notch goalie since the Luongo trade, Tampa Bay Lightning, Los Angeles Kings, Detroit Red Wings who may not have Hasek back next year and the Montreal Canadiens who would love to have Giguere on their roster.

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  1. goalieman32 says:

    Giguere is completely overrated.  He has amaizing positioning but thats it.  He doesn't even compare to the top goalies in the league like Luongo and Kiprusoff.  He has no reflexes what so ever and all you have to do is make him move and go high.  A slight readjustment from the shooter and a quick high shot will beat him on most occasions.  Just look at Alfredson's short handed goal. You knew he was going to shoot and you knew what angle he was going to shoot from, but a quick readjustment from Alfredson and he put it over Giguere, who backed up too much and was playing the origional shot.  Also, look at all of his "spectacular" saves.  Most of them were either low shots or they were shot at the middle of the net.  Is he a terrible goalie, no, but he is nowhere near what people are making him out to be.  Between his shakey rebound control, his poor recovery, his bad reflexes, and his inability to carry the team when they didn't have Pronger just show that hs isn't the amaizing goalie like most make him out to be.  He is like Khabibulin, good when on a good team. Horrible when without that support.  Also, this was a contract year and most players play better than usual then as to get a bigger payoff.  He did no better than Bryzgalov, so why should he get the huge bucks when he did no better than his backup.

    Also, when you decide to call someone dumb, it hurts your credibility when you can't even spell, use punctuation, or even type out complete words.  Also some facts would be a good thing to add to a criticism.  While it may hurt your brain to type out such sophisticated language such as "you" or "are", give it a try.  Who knows, I just may take you seriously next time.

  2. goalieman32 says:

    Shots from below the goal line.  Also, his rebound control isn't the greatest.  His positioning isn't that spectacular either, but he makes up for that by having incredible reflexes.  All goalies have weaknesses, they just may not show them because their talents can make up for their faults on occasion.

  3. goalieman32 says:

    While he didn't have a Norris candidate in front of him then, Giguere did have much bigger pads.  He also had some offense.  Luongo had had neither a good defense nor a good offense.  He is the only reason that Vancover made the playoffs, let alone the second round. 

  4. goalieman32 says:

    Last year Bryzgalov got them to the conference finals, not Giguere.  Giguere choked big time with an .864 sv% and a GAA of 3.40 in the first round before Bryzgalov took over and carried the team to the conference finals.

  5. BruMagnus says:


  6. Lazarus says:

    Offense? From who? The Ducks top three scorers that year Sykora, Oates and Kariya COMBINED for a total of 38 pts in 21 playoff games. In contrast the Devil's Neidermeyer, Langenbrunner and Madden combined for 52 pts in 24 games in those playoffs. The Devils had 63 goals in those 24 games while the Ducks only had 45 goals in 21 games, a difference of almost a goal a game.

    Vancouver this year had similar numbers as the '03 Ducks, 21 goals in 12 games. Also, Mitchell, Bieksa, Ohlund and Salo might want to argue your point about not having a good defense. None of them the quality of Pronger and Neidermeyer but I would say better than Anaheim's 2003 defense corps.

  7. Lazarus says:

    Also, I'm not saying that Giguere is better than Luongo, because Roberto is the better goalie, but with his credentials and winning the cup he could command up to the league max salary and a desperate team with cap space would pay it. He is clearly not worth 7+ mil but on the open market, that is what he would get.

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