Maple Leafs, Cody Franson remain apart in contract talks

The Toronto Maple Leafs and defenceman Cody Franson remain at loggerheads over a new contract.

Franson, a restricted free agent, has not reported to Leafs camp, hoping to convince the team to sign him to a one-year deal. The team wants Franson to sign a multi-year deal.

“I just think with the current cap situation we’re in, a one-year (deal) would suit the team the best,” Franson told TSN on Tuesday after working out with the Ryerson Rams. “They’ve got a little bit of a crunch on numbers and I’m trying to make it happen for both sides.

“I think it’s in my best interests and the team’s best interests to do it (sign a one-year deal). That’s part of negotiations. We’ll see how it goes.”

Franson had a career year last season with four goals and 25 assists in the lock-out shortened season, leading all Leafs defencemen in points.

Franson is believed to be asking for a one-year deal worth $3 million, hoping that next season — when the salary cap rises — he can sign a longer term, bigger money deal.

But as a restricted free agent, he doesn’t have a lot of leverage.

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  1. doorman says:

    This needs to get done and finished so Cody can get to camp. This is a pivotol season in both the teams and his development.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Yea, this isn’t helping anyone.
      Better yet, just trade Liles and a 2014 5th to NYI for a 2014 3rd and agree to retain $1mil on Liles contract. Tell me how something like that can’t get done. Then sign Franson. Give him his one year deal at $3mil and lets move on. It’s not like his demands are unreasonable. If you give Kadri $2.9 mil for one good season and 100 games under his belt, $3.15 to Gunnar, then $3mil for Franson is more than reasonable.

      • reinjosh says:

        I too find it hard to believe that Liles can’t be moved if we retain a little salary. It’s weird to me.

        Still this whole thing could have been avoided had Nonis not been a complete moron and thought he could get something of value for Liles. He should have complianced him instead of Komi, and then just normally bought out Komi. Bit the bullet on the cap hit for two years and be done with it.

        Problem solved…

    • reinjosh says:

      My gut says Nonis will have no issue letting Cody sit. It’s not ideal but it solves a few issues.

      First, we get to see how Rielly plays. If we sign Cody, it’s quite likely Rielly goes back to Moose Jaw, just simply because we wouldn’t be able to fit his 9 games under the cap. Having Cody sit actually frees up some space for however long he sits. We can sign Raymond no problem and judge whether or not Rielly can make an impact or whether he needs more time.

      Gives Nonis time to try and find a buyer for Liles too. Hopefully an injury hits a team early and they come calling for a cheap replacement named JML.

      To be honest, I’m not really expecting to see this resolved anytime soon. I think Cody will be sitting quite a long time…and that he’s possibly never going to put on a Leafs jersey again.

  2. leafs_wallace93 says:

    ESPN ranked the top 100 forwards in the LNH

    My gripe…. Giroux (she’s unbelievably overrated because her dangles are oh so pretty IMO), Bergeron (one standout playoff run), Coulture (is he even the top forward on his team?), Hossa (LOL) all ahead of Kessel? After Kessel finishes top ten in scoring for two consecutive seasons?

    Tyler Seguin 75 tough… hhhmm…

  3. mapleleafsfan says:

    Wow Nugent-Hopkins just got paid. If he hits potential it’s a solid deal. Hopefully he stays healthy. That’s a big contract for barely more than a season in the nhl.

    • mapleleafsfan says:

      I also can’t believe they didn’t do a bridge contract.

      • doorman says:

        The Oilers have done zero bridge contracts, which IMO is stupid. They have set a dangerous precedent for themselves. Yakapov & Schultz will be next and with no bridge contracts will spell cap trouble IMO

        • reinjosh says:

          And you would think that of all players to do a bridge deal with, it would be the guy who’s played only 102 games and shown a propensity to get injured in his short career. I guess they viewed their weakness at center and though it would be dumb to not sign him long term though.

          Kind of interesting seeing four different centers who produced around similar levels, with similar importance to their teams all sign vastly different deals.

          Hodgson who in 139 games put up 77 points (0.55ppg) gets 6 years at 4.25 per.

          Henrique who put up 67 points in 117 games (0.57ppg) gets 6 years at 4 million per.

          Kadri gets 2.9 per for two years after 99 games and 63 point (0.64ppg)

          RNH puts up 76 points in 102 games (0.75ppg) and gets 6 million a year for 7 years.

          Which team is going to be the happiest? Leafs played it the safest, but New Jersey and Buffalo have the most potential upside if Hodgson or Henrique flourish and they end up paying top line centers 4 million each.

          Call me crazy but I’d love to see Kadri get 4 million long term right now. I’m still (and have been for a long time) a believe in him being a first line center option. But even if you think he’s 2nd line center material, 4 million per is decent money. And depending on how the cap goes, it could be really good money. I blame Nonis’ cap management. Not for guys like Gunnarsson, but Bozak and Clarkson…

          • leafs_wallace93 says:

            I was saying the same thing about Kadri all summer.

            In a perfect world Bozak and Kadri would trade contracts.

            • reinjosh says:

              Yeah that would have been ideal. But what’s done is done.

              I suppose if Bozak becomes our number two, his contract isn’t awful. I’d just prefer less from someone who can barely hit 50 playing beside Kessel…

          • doorman says:

            I would have zero problems with a deal like Henriques or Hodgson’s however if the 5.5+ rumors were true and they probably were I am not sad it went the way it did.

            After watching preseason (which I usually don’t) I think Raymond is playing his way onto this team. If I am Nonis I might be looking a a 3yr 5-6 mil type deal instead of the supposed 1yr 925k, as it could be better longer term. If he plays well it will be a higher price tag and he will be UFA. We certainly do not need a revolving door of players.

            • reinjosh says:

              Agreed completely. 5.5 plus would be very risky. As it is, I don’t mind this deal. It’s not risky at all, so if by some small chance Kadri doesn’t work out or is just a 2nd liner, we don’t end up overpaying for him.

              Would Raymond want to do that though? He could use this year as a way to get closer to 3 or 4 million a year if things go really well. I suppose some stability might be nice for him though…

              • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                The bottom 6 for me is, and probably will be a revolving door. It’s a great spot to mix developing players and veterans in a cap world. Under the cap situation, 1 yr @$925,000 for Raymond makes the most sense to me. As for Kadri’s deal, as I have said, No Bozak signing means you could have given kadri a Bozak type of contract and still signed Franson pretty easily to longer term. To me, having Kadri for 5 years at $4.2 and Franson for 3 years at $3.5 for instance, would make good hockey sense. I like how Ranger is looking so far. If he continues to show he can play top4 minutes, it could get interesting for Gunnar at the trade deadline I think. Reilly is improving, but only showing he MAY belong. Unless he shows he definitely does belong, send him back to junior.IMO

              • doorman says:

                I am not sure if he would, but based on having to go the route of a PTO, now would be the time to find out IMO. I wonder how others feel about that? Like I said I just don’t wanna see a revolving door of guys.

                • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                  As for a revolving door. I don’t mean all six guys changing yearly. I mean you will have one or two different ones yearly as some developing players move up and some vets are too expensive to possibly Kulimen, Bolland or Raymond.

  4. nordiques100 says:

    About the RNH deal, its something teams like the Oil have to do. They won’t attract players to go there.

    Historically, and its nothing against the city of edmonton but more often than not, this team isnt an attractive destination.

    So if they get stars, would be stars or players who might be stars, they are going to have to do against the norm to keep them around.

    if it means overpaying players before they’ve even proven themselves fully, thats the way it goes.

    they’re a team that cannot afford to be taken to arbitration. the math tells them that if they pay them now, thru the arbitration years, then the feeling is they will save on those dollars.

    they cant afford the arbitration or to walk away from awards. its just too hard to acquire good players there other than homegrown to play the hardball game like other teams can like Toronto, Montreal, etc.

    Buffalo and Jersey are in the same boat.

    • doorman says:

      I see your point and it’s a good one, Nords, but where does it stop? If Schultz and Yak have good years, guess what, show us 6mil is what they say. That would be 30 mil tied up in five players. that’s walking a dangerous line these days. And it IMO would be hard even in arbitration for any of those players at the way the are now to be rewarded more then say a Couture or a Benn.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        It’s a lot of money tied up in Hall, Eberle, RNH, Schultz and Yakopov.

        The kicker…Toronto already has almost $27mil tied up in Phaneuf, Kessel, Clarkson, Lupul and Bozak. With re-signing Kessel and Phaneuf, the Leafs will be between $28-$30mil on the 5 mentioned.
        The problem I see with Edmonton, is how many other players already have $3.5 to $5mil cap hits. The only real value player they have is Petry, and he will be after a good raise next season. Shultz and Yakopov’s cap hits are already $3.775 each with bonuses. Edmonton needs some quality players under $3mil.
        I think around $30mil on 5 players is becoming more of a norm for teams willing to spend. There is actually quite a few teams whose 5 highest cap hits reach $25mil or more.

  5. toronto77 says:

    I haven’t been all too impressed with Clarkson so far. I know he wants to establish a sense of tough culture around the team to gain respect from other teams but I hope he doesn’t over do it. He has been very physical so far and almost in every scrum but I would like to see him play with the puck a lot more. Otherwise I could see Kulemin playing on the 2nd line with Kadri, and Clarkson on the 3rd with Bolland (which would be a very tough gritty 3rd line).

    With Clarkson’s salary you definitely want him in the top 6 but the coach doesn’t look at salary he looks a performance. But he’s only played 2 pre-season games.

    It’s funny watching Clarkson chirp! If you look at his face, he looks exactly like Sean Avery…lol

  6. toronto77 says:

    I have been very impressed with Joe Colborne so far. Protects the puck really well with his big body, has patience and makes smart simple passes.

    I have been a Bozak hater for a while now. He didn’t play well at all in his pre-season game against the Flyers. He had a couple of odd man rushes with Kessel and tried passing him the puck when he has a defencemen all over him and was in no position to receive the pass. So he passed it to Kessel anyway and the puck was turned over when Bozak could have just shot the puck himself and Kessel goes for a rebound if there is one. You don’t always have to pass to Kessel just because he’s Kessel.

    Every player on this team was not handed an opportunity, they had to work for it. Look at Kadri, Franson, Reimer, Lupul, Gardiner, Fraser and even JVR to a lesser extent. When McClement was signed everyone was saying WTF? Who’s McClement? After some hard work every leaf fan knows who he is.

    Everyone of those players had to earn their spots, how did Bozak earn the no.1 centre spot??? He just happened to be the best available option at that time when the team had some of its worst depth at centre in many years.

    I still believe that maybe not the no.1 reason but one of the reasons to re-signing Bozak was used as leverage to re-sign Kessel. I really want Colborne to make this team based on his work ethic in camp, but that gives you 4 top 3 centre men. Unless you move Bolland to the wing I don’t see where you put Colborne. I could easily see Bolland moving to the wing since he has experience playing there, where as Colborne is a natural centre. But if you do that, then what do you do with Raymond because I think this kid is getting signed for sure.

    A lot of problems but good problems.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Bozak? I don’t hate him, but as I’ve said, an unnecessary signing. I truly believe Kadri could put as many points with Kessel as Bozak has or will.

      Colborne? I have been a bit disappointed in. He has the size, ability and skates well for a big man, but I just don’t see a “I want this” mentality. He is not using his body, and at this point, I think Ashton looks more ready.

      Clarkson? Completely disagree. Clarkson is exactly what our top 6 needs. No one is close to as physical as Clarkson in the top six and I would bet that Carlyle loves him. He is not a great skater or puck handler, but he will go to the dirty areas, stand in front of the net and stick up for teammates. He was the first one there when Pageau went after Kadri. He is not going to dangle, he won’t beat D-men with speed to the outside. He is going to be infront of the net on the PP, he will forecheck and recover pucks and bang in 20+ goals from about 5ft of the crease. That’s his style, and was a need for the Leafs. He will be part of the top 6 without a doubt.IMO

      Bolland? Doesn’t looked washed up to me Hawks fans.

      • Gambo says:

        Yeah I haven’t been impressed with Colborne at all. Like you said, he has all the tools to be a good, even great NHL forward, it just wont click for him. I really think he needs a change of scenery and Calgary seems like the perfect place for him. Going back to his home town and on a team that could probably use him as a top 6 center now.

        And I’ve like Ashton too, he knows the style he has to play if he wants to make it in the NHL and he’s doing it right. IDK if this is the year, but he should definitely be called up a few times. It might just be me, but it seems like he falls down a lot haha it’s just a weird thing I’ve noticed.

        You read my mind with what you said about Clarkson, I wasn’t a fan of the signing (still don’t like the term), but he’s going to become a fan favourite really soon if he plays how he’s played in the preseason.

        You’re probably right about saying Kessel would have the same point production or higher with Kadri, probably higher. But I don’t think the signing was unnecessary. Each coach has a forward that they trust and can use in all situations, Bozak seemed to be that guy for Carlyle. We’ll see if Kadri or Bolland can become his new go to center, but for now it’s Bozak. And at a 4.2 cap hit, he’s easily tradeable if that’s the route to go in.

  7. doorman says:

    Ok, so talk has Franson thinking of going to Europe as it seems “the team has moved on without me”, Uh well ya Cody. I do not just blame him the Mr. Nonis and Carlyles comments while true don’t help. So both sides need to either sh!t or get off the pot. Athletes are simply overpaid period. But, Enough is enough either sign him or trade him. This team is too young and fragile for this kinda distraction IMO.

    • toronto77 says:

      The great thing about Franson being an RFA is that if another team signs him then we get something in return, but probably not as much if we were to trade him.

      I am one of those leafs fans that would prefer Rielly to go back to junior for proper development but if Franson doesn’t sign than I think Rielly has a strong chance to make it. The more balance throughout the team the better.

      The leafs will have 3 puck moving d-men on all 3 pairings 1. Gardiner 2. Rielly 3. Liles. The leafs will not be short of offence from the defence this season if thats the pairings.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        The Europe talk I’m sure is a little payback for the “we are moving on without him comments”, but things are either getting done in the next couple days or I believe it may be time to move Cody, as much as I don’t like the idea.
        Possible trade idea.
        To Buffalo
        Franson and Colborne
        To Toronto
        Pysyk and Foligno

        Buffalo has the cap space and get young talent down the middle as well as having Myers and Franson as their two top RHD should be intriguing.
        Toronto get a young RHD with good potential and a power forward that will make bottom six but could play 2nd line at times if needed. Cap problems for the Leafs disappear as well.
        Another move I think the Leafs should look at is a trade revolving Gunnarson + for Coburn. Flyers need cap relief bad. Gunnar is solid, but Coburn could be the shut-down guy we have been searching for.

        • toronto77 says:

          I would love Foligno! But really if we sign Raymond we are going to have an overflow of forwards especially if we do the trade that you are proposing, we may have to move another roster forward player like Kulemin or someting or don’t sign Raymond.

          Foligno could play on the 4th line though but he is too talented for that.

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            You hit it on the head T77…except the Foligno 4th line thing.LOL
            That trade makes trading Kulimen possible for a lower priced vet +mid pick/prospect and signing Raymond or just signing Raymond anyway and having great depth. With Gauthier in the future and guys like Devane, Crescenzi and Biggs, there is size that can play in the future if we move Colborne. Colborne’s time is NOW with the Leafs and he may be better suited for a team like Buffalo.

            • mojo19 says:

              You’re not going to want to trade Kuelmin though. We should lock him in after this year. He’s a beast. McClement, Kulemin, Bolland, these are prime examples of the types of guys Carlyle needs to shut it down late in games. I wouldn’t mind adding one more guy like that, or maybe Colborne develops into one, by becoming a big winger who can protect the puck down low and kill the clock in the offensive zone. An element lacking from our team last year. I think Clarkson will help with that too.

              • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                I don’t WANT to trade Kulimen, but it may have to be an option for a cheaper player due to cap issues. Most are saying the Bozak signing was a good one and decent value. You can’t keep everyone though guys. Without signing Bozak… Kadri, Franson, Kulimen, Colborne, Gunarsson can all stay even if you don’t move Liles. If you move Liles you have tons of cap space to improve the middle position and it is not impossible to get a Bozak quality player for less than what Bozak makes. Bozak was still our worst move this summer, and as I said at the time of the signing, with signing Bozak to that money, we now won’t have the coin for everyone else. Someone will likely go that carries a decent cap hit, which means, Franson, Gunnar or Kulimen are most probable if they can’t or won’t move Liles.
                Honestly, has Bozak impressed anyone this pre-season?

                • toronto77 says:

                  NO! lol Bozak was the leafs worst forward in the playoffs and has not been impressive thus far.

                  To start the season he probably will be the no.1 centre but by the end he will be the no.3.

        • doorman says:

          Ya I just think that this team needs to do something one way or the other, instead getting involved in a pissing match. I like your trade ideas and one can hope. Rielly 100% should go back to Jr. I just don’t wanna see a bluechip guy get rushed when there is zero need to do it. Being a dominate player in a league is never a bad thing.

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            Reilly is improving, but not looking like he definitely belongs yet…I agree, send him back unless he improves greatly. We need to make a move, but I have a feeling teams aren’t taking Liles under current offerings because they know our cap situation and feel if they wait, they can get him in a Franson type deal. Franson or Gunnar may have to go unfortunately.

  8. Gambo says:

    I’ve been messing around with the possible top 9 lineups in my head and these are my two favourite:



    JVR-Bolland-Clarkson(cycle down low and size)
    Raymond-Bozak-Kulemin(speed and defensively aware)

    • mojo19 says:

      The top one’s are the ‘obvious’ lines that everyone seems to figure will be the opening day line up. I actually prefer the 2nd set of your own creation, Gambo.

      When Bozak was hurt in the playoffs, I felt like Kadri played really well games 6 and 7 with Kessel, and eventually if we’re going to take the next step with (more or less) the crew we have, we’re going to need Kadri to surpass Bozak. I don’t know if it will happen for October, but I bet by the end of the season Kadri will get plenty of shots with Kessel and might wind up on the top line.

  9. leafy says:

    I don’t think it’s fair how the Leafs are treating Franson. The guy played really well all season last year – and like a beast in the playoffs!!

    Clear some cap space and sign him already!!!

    • mojo19 says:

      Ya I agree. I was actually thinking in the offseason that I would pay Franson up around $3.5-$3.75 million, on a 4-5 year deal. That would have been good value for both sides. He’s a big stud, right handed dman, these guys are hard to come by.

      I know in pre-season everyone is really pleased with Paul Rangers play, he’s been great and he can fill in for Franson a bit. But the problem is that we needed our D to improve from last year. Since we didn’t add anyone (Brennan aside), it was really up to Ranger to step in and bring some type of value, and improvement from our young(ish) core guys: Gardiner, Gunnarsson, Franson, and to a lesser extent Frasor. If these guys could all come in and step up from last year, and our veterans Phaneuf and Liles could play well, then we would actually have a pretty decent back end.

      Andrew MacWilliam is playing well, but at best he’s another Mark Frasor, definitely not replacing Franson. We need all of our guys in there and playing well.

      • leafy says:

        Nice analysis Mojo.

      • toronto77 says:

        Ranger is the closest we have to replacing Franson but still not quite as good. I like ranger as the 5th d-man. Franson has a little more balance and is younger and could still get a little bit better.

        Our D needs to be:


        5th and 6th will be a constant mix for a while to see who can take those spots but 1-4 have to be as I mentioned to be AT LEAST as successful as last year. Ranger doesn’t fully replace Franson.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      They have treated him like dirt. Especially when you consider the deal they gave Gunarsson to avoid arbitration and then tell Franson he isn’t worth as much as Gunnar basically. Hard ball is one thing, the treatment of Franson is ridiculous.IMO

  10. toronto77 says:



    Kessel in a fight??? and did pretty well too, cut his opponent pretty badly

    Bernier destroyed Miller!!!

    Suspension for Kessel for sure, two whacks on Scott, the first one is self defence because Scott chased after him but two leafs had Scott down on the ice and Kessel whacked him again…lol. The 2nd whack I think will clinch him a suspension.

  11. leafy says:

    An automatic 10-game suspension to Clarkson for leaving the bench to join an altercation?!?!

    When did this ridiculous rule come to be? The pussification of this once great game continues.

    • Gambo says:

      That game was an example to why the Leafs have two of the best fighters in the league. I love what Clarkson did. Scott is an absolute joke and he’s about to get his face bashed in by Orr and/or Mclaren every game he plays against Toronto.

      • leafy says:

        Definitely. Need the enforcers.

        And how about Bernier doing a Felix Potvin and beating up Miller? That was sweet.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          Enforcers for sure. I get criticized sometimes for wanting players with size and toughness because I like guys like Clarkson, Lucic etc. This stuff is why we have them. This only happened because Orr and McLaren aren’t there, otherwise Scott thinks twice and Carlyle likely has one of them line-up against Scott at the face-off.
          Unfortunately, Clarkson will get 10 games I think. I believe he can appeal, but no doubt he left the bench. He will be a huge loss, but I do like the fact that he saw it was Kessel vs Scott and he knew that was not going to end well.
          Scott showed no heavy weight code by going after Kessel. What a p*ssy thing to do. Kessel has started to grow on me even more since last year and especially the playoffs. I have always said unless he learns to compete harder (physically), he will be a sniper only. Now he is competing, using his body…and now a fight! Phil is looking more and more a complete player. Good on Phil, if he keeps this up, he will get his $7-$8mil. Constant stick swinging needs to go though or he is going to get suspended.

          • doorman says:

            Ya, love what Clarkson did, suspension or not that helps cement them as a team. Kessel did ok in his own weight class for sure. I was reading where some say it was in retaliation to Devane fighting earlier? However I did not see it so can’t say.

            On a different note, I would have no issues moving Gunner to maker room for Cody, not sure it is as easy a trade to make as we think though.

            • realistic_leafs_fan says:

              I think it depends on what we ask for in return for Gunnar, Doorman. If the asking price is reasonable pick/prospect type of thing. Gunnar should be moved fairly easily I think. There are a few teams with the cap space and need for him. Calgary, Colorado, Florida, NYI for example. He is still pretty young and signed for three years. I don’t think Nonis will do it though.

            • nordiques100 says:

              Tropp wanted to fight Devane. It was a poor choice in partners on Tropp’s part.

              The sabres felt Tropp was taken advantage of. But he wanted to go, not Devane.

              So in return for picking on one of the Sabres smaller players, they went after kessel.

              I agree with Carlyle trying to diffuse the situation by not playing his tough guys the next shift. there was no need to start the melee.

              but obviously Ron Rolston disagreed. and Kessel could have gotten killed out there. one punch and he could be the next Kypreos. Easily.

              I think that fear brought Clarkson off the bench. He wasnt thinking and it will cost the leafs his braincramp, but it probably is the most difficult thing to see your top player possibly get beat up. and beat up bad.

              kessel wont get suspended much. he got a match, but he was just protecting himself. he had no choice b/c he knew if he fought someone so big, he’d be killed. even if Scott just wrestled him down and fell on him, that would be very dangerous for Kessel.

              i am really happy for TJ Brennan. he jumped Scott. he saved Kessel’s life.

              • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                I disagree on the Carlyle part. Toronto had last change, so Scott was out there and Carlyle must have known why. It was an exhibition game, he shouldn’t have put Kessel out there. We had Bodie on the bench. He should have put him out to make sure if Scott is looking for trouble, someone is there to answer. Clarkson should have never been in the position to have to make the choice to come off the bench. Bodie on the ice, Clarkson stays on the bench. Carlyle knew what was going on and he made a bad choice that will cost us Clarkson for 10 games.

            • toronto77 says:

              The Buffalo Sabres have a lot of bias!!! They all say that Devane went after Tropp???

              Video doesn’t lie! Tropp went after Devane! and agreed to fight.

              Devane v.s Tropp wasn’t a mismatch. Tropp has more NHL experience and is a pretty touch guy himself. Scott says that Devane drove his head into the ice??? how did he drive his head into the ice? he punched him and he hit his head, sometimes that happens!

  12. mojo19 says:

    Love the new Leafs identity of the last two years under Carlyle. Clarkson to sit the first 10 games of his career as a Leaf is going to be something we look back on and laugh later. It shows his character, sucks to lose him but whatever. I haven’t seen our team so unified in years.

    Can’t wait to get Colton and Frazer back in the line up.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      It’s no different identity than what Burke was trying when he first got here, but Wilson wouldn’t play the guys Burke brought in, so Burke went after more speedy guys that Wilson wanted. Huge mistake on Burkes part. I still think if Burke fired Wilson after year one, he may still have his job.

  13. doorman says:

    So out of curiosity what does everyone think Kessel should get suspension wise if at all? Does anybody think Clarkson will get anywhere with his appeal?

    I think and actually hope Kessel gets 4 games. He is getting a little to careless with that stick, IMO, ask Schenn.

    A Sportsnet 360 listener said maybe Clarkson could say as the puck hadn’t been dropped he was gonna take Kessel off. I don’t think that’ll really fly, but it could hopefully get Scott a few games as he would’ve actually left the bench as well, lol.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Kessel may get nothing, but since he is becoming increasingly active with his stick.(whole pre-season lol) I think he deserves 1 game and a huge warning that if he doesn’t stop swinging his stick, the next one will be a lot more.

  14. leemon says:

    Phil kessel is the newest bash brother lol. Kessel suspended rest of preseason.So everyone is talking about the second phil kessel slash,But if you slow the vdeo down you can see that he really doesn’t make contact at all as Scott is being tackled his skates leave the ice as kessels stick goes just under scott’s skate!!!

  15. toronto77 says:

    Damien Cox of all people actually hit the nail on the head today on the fan 590. He says that “Tropp scores a goal, emotions are running high, he is on the ice for the next faceoff and for some reason decides to grab the jersey of a player who is training to be an enforcer”

    I know that players have to defend each other no matter what but sometimes it makes you look stupid!!!

    What video are the sabers and Ronston watching that Devane went after Tropp????? The sabers organization just embarrassed themselves by sounding by a bunch of whinny bitches. Tropp made a stupid mistake, tell him behind closed doors after the game.

    People calling Kessel a bitch? not really, he maned up to accept a fist fight with Flynn and cut him pretty badly, Kessel even showed him mercy after all that blood because no ref was going to stop it because they were peeling players off of Scott.

    Buffalo trying to show that no one is going to push them around? seems like they are easily intimidated.

  16. doorman says:

    I hate to say this as a Leaf fan but, I would have liked to see him get 3or 4 games as a hockey fan to be honest. I don’t like the stick work, never have and he is getting reckless with it, IMO.

    • reinjosh says:

      I don’t have too much issue with what he did. At first it was just him really doing what he could to stop Scott from dummying him. And he did a pretty good job of not hitting him anywhere that could potentially seriously hurt him. Lower leg is pretty safe if you ask me.

      What I have issue with, is when Kessel went in for the third swing, after others had already grabbed Scott and were dealing with. It was totally unnecessary and dangerous.

  17. nordiques100 says:

    The Leafs need Cody Franson.

    They look confused, especially those playing the wrong side.

    Dion can do it, albeit not ideal or great for him, but i don’t particularly like Gardiner on that side, or anyone else for that matter.

    Its a hole and it would be nice to see Franson/Fraser again. they were a good shutdown pairing.

    • doorman says:

      Ya this is just dragging on too long, IMO. This is a young team that is starting to gel, all key places need to be in place.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        As I’ve continued to say, Cody will be missed more than many think, but you can’t sign everyone and keep everyone, so blame some other moves by Nonis that we are in this situation, or the non-moves he has orchestrated.
        Odd to hear Franson’s name used in a “shut down” pairing since many say his defensive game is poor, I disagree, I think his defensive game is more solid then he gets credit for.
        We need him, it’s as simple as that IMO. I would rather see him with Gardiner though on the second pair and have Ranger or Gunnar play with Frasor on the third pair and the other play with Dion.
        Franson with Gardiner allows Gardiner to play his side and adds some good size with him in Franson, as well Franson is a good puck moving partner for Gardiner. I think Franson/Gardiner could be a very good tandem.

        • nordiques100 says:

          Hard to blame Nonis. its the cap going down by 6 mil from last year. Thats big.

          And he didn’t sign Liles. Nor did he put in the rules where contracts can no longer be buried in full.

          Liles is their albatross.

          He’s that “dead wood” money. His move is what is holding a deal back IMO.

          His spot can be filled by hte cheaper and younger Reilly or Ranger or Brennan or even Holzer for that matter.

          but he’s right now a 3.8 mil 6th or 7th Dman. thats not ideal in a cap world.

          I think all the other contracts are slotted pretty well.

          Yeah Clarkson is expensive, but at the same time, i like it they went after a player who wanted to be here, and was listed as the top free agent available by TSN. Its about time the centre of the hockey universe actually was a player in free agency.

          To sit there with cold feet, or firm one way principles is just now how the leafs should be run.

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            No offense, but everyone knows Liles is the albatross…ie “non moves” I mentioned.
            Other non move, not signing Franson earlier. When Franson chose not to go to arbitration, you would assume some discussion had been in place where he was told a long term deal was open for discussion and with some decent numbers thrown out there. Had Franson been told it was going to be a take it or leave it 2 year deal at $2.5 per…he would have chose arbitration I’m sure and got a hell of a lot more.
            Bad moves….Bozak signing, I have stated my reasons many times. No Bozak, No cap issues.
            Gunnarsson signing. Should have signed Franson first and let Gunnar go to Arbitration, where then Nonis would have had a choice. Taking into account other D of Gunnar calibre, it is unlikely he would have been awarded over $3.15 mil. Had it been over $3.4, Leafs could have walked away because they already had Ranger signed or could have used the saved money to sign a depth D. Douglass Murray signed for $1.5mil. Could have had Phaneuf, Ranger, Gardiner, Franson, Fraser, Murray and Liles and no cap issues.
            I like the Clarkson signing as most know I am a supporter of his…not the term and money, but given the need for him in our top 6, I will except the overpayment. Like the Bernier trade on the overall.
            Nonis knew signing Clarkson and Bozak would put a strain on the cap if he can’t move Liles…he gambled he could and now it’s costing us a top 4 D that we really need.

            • nordiques100 says:

              no Bozak, not enough centres. it would have meant keeping Grabovski who makes more and would put even more of a cap strain.

              Potentially no Bozak and no Grabovski could have put a further strain in that Kadri could have used that to his advantaged, held out, and tried for more money since their top 2 centres would have been Colborne and Bolland.

              Gunnarsson has shown more consistency in his time here than franson.

              Franson was a healthy scratch not too long ago. He’s had an up and down career. While he has shown more potential than gunnarsson, gunny was also a player they’ve rewarded for the hard work he’s put in as one of their draft picks they’ve developed.

              here thats perception. draft a guy, develop him, he shows something, he works hard, he contributes and you chew him out in arbitration and take the opportunity to cut him. thats not how to run a strong organization.

              Again, you can’t sit on your hands and wait. He had to act. Coach wanted bozak he got him, the organization wanted Clarkson, they got him. Cap be damned.

              Many other teams, like the Rags, Flyers, Bruins even have strained the cap for now, worry bout it later. Leafs are among the big boys now. Finally.

              He’ll find a way to move Liles and that will be that.

              • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                As I said, Nonis could have signed a cheaper 2nd/3rd line centre over Bozak. I am not suggesting sitting on his hands as I have said I like the Clarkson signing and Bernier trade on the overall. There was Gordon, Bouchard, Hanzus, Cullen etc that all were much less to sign than Bozak. Signing one of them over Bozak would not have given Kadri more leverage. Are we forgetting how long even with Bozak signed that Kadri held out asking a fairly ridiculous amount of money?
                If it was the Leafs plan to have Kadri/Bozak as one/two all along, then why trade for Bolland? He carries a $3.4 mil cap hit and is a UFA end of season and we gave up quality picks to get him. Leafs could have had a much cheaper 3rd/4th line centre via free agency or put McClement there and Colborne(or ??) the 4th liner.
                Rags, Flyers, Bruins ? Bruins lost Kessel, Seguin, Horton, Peverly because of the cap, but are much deeper all around than the Leafs to do so. They also replaced Horton, Seguin and Peverly with cheaper options since they have good depth, which is what I suggested the Leafs should do.
                Rags have Stepan, a good young centre, un-signed and may have to move one or more solid players to get him signed, or maybe he just sits out instead.
                The Flyers? Everyone considers there cap management a mess. They only have 13 forwards signed and 7 D-men (including Pronger) making $3.5 mil or more. You suggesting we do the same?
                Bruins are the only team of those three so far that I would even consider a good model, who have done more or less what I have suggested. They didn’t re-sign everyone, they replaced them with cheaper and shorter term players in order to sign(re-sign) others instead. They moved expensive assets to fill other needs.
                Rangers? Yet to be seen how they make it work. So far, they are in some trouble.
                Flyers? A freakin No thanks to their model of cap management.
                It is not going to get easier to move Liles, it will get harder as other teams know the crunch teams are facing and will look for an even better deal to take him. Nonis should have done it much earlier if he could have, it would have cost us less. One of the “non-moves” I was talking about.

  18. leafy says:

    I have a feeling a huge trade is coming.

  19. mojo19 says:

    I believe Jamie Devane should make this team out of camp. I’d like to see what he can do. I think he might even be an upgrade on Frazer McLaren. He’s scored a couple goals in pre-season, picked up a few points here and there, but mostly has been that hard to play against, tough as nails 4th liner you look for. He’s a great scrapper too, so he could be a perfect fit for Carlyle.

    Anyway’s he’s the guy who has really stood out for me out of the bubble players remaining in camp.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Franson has signed a 1 year $2mil deal. Finally a freakin’ compromise by both sides. Leafs get their price and Franson gets his one year deal. He can file for arbitration next year as well now, which I am sure he will do after what happened this year.
      I give Nonis credit for getting them all in under the cap.

    • toronto77 says:

      I agree. Throughout the entire off season it was a big question mark who would be the wingers on the 4th line. Of course McClement would be the centreman, and McLaren and Orr would be the wingers but they are not regulars, so who would be the regulars??

      After watching the pre season games I think it should be Devane and Ashton. Even though I think Ashton is more of a 3rd line guy, 4th line is close enough.

      Devane-McClement-Ashton would be a very good 4th line. And what better mentor then McClement to teach these two young kids.

  20. nordiques100 says:

    The Lineup the Leafs can have to be under the cap would be:

    Clarkson – suspended



    They’d have to demote Liles to save 900K in cap space.

    Also Reilly would have to go as would Ashton.

    Devane may make it should McLaren not be able to go.

    The Leafs would have about 5.4 million in dead weight on the cap books. Liles for about 2.9 mil, the retained salary of Frattin/Scrivens and the 2 million buyout money to tucker/Armstrong.

    The other roster options due to the cap crunch are Bodie, Marshall and Broll who make less than 600K

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      I still think a salary cap trade is coming. Liles the obvious if possible. If not, I think in order it would be
      1. Kulimen- for cheaper third liner or picks/propects
      2. Gunnarsson- for cheaper D depth and/or picks/prospect
      3. Franson- for picks/prospects
      4. Phaneuf- for cheaper shut-down D and pick/prospect
      Still think another move is necessary.

      • nordiques100 says:

        It would be unfortunate should any of those 4 be traded.

        The Leafs need all 4 of them as they fill key roles on the team.

        All are players are guys Carlyle likes too.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          I agree nords, I would not like to see any of them go, but the only others I see that clear any real cap space is Bolland and Reimer, which I doubt move right now.
          We know Kessel, Lupul, Bozak, Kadri, JVR, Clarkson, Gardiner and Bernier are not likely going anywhere. Ranger, Fraser, McClement, Orr, McLaren, Colborne, Raymond really don’t make enough to move, as a replacement costs just as much cap wise as they already cost us.
          A move is a reasonable assumption if no takers for Liles. Unfortunately it will likely be Liles + Percy/MacWilliam/Colborne/?? for nothing in return really.
          It may be a Kulimen for pick/prospect to one team and then trade those for a lesser priced third liner from another team…Rangers for instance have many(Boyle, Pouliot, Pyatt, Powe, Dorsett) and need cap room.
          maybe something like?
          Boyle, NYI 2014 4th
          NYI 2014 2nd

  21. doorman says:

    I give credit to franson for taking less on a 1yr term. Hope they find out what the cap is going to next year as we could have cap problems already, lol….ughhh oh well let the season begin.

  22. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Sigh of relief. Happy to get all the bs out of the way and get the season started.

    I have mixed about Nonis this summer. On the one hand I like to see him nickel and dime RFAs because he can. My concern is what loyalty will Cody and Nazem show when their contracts are up?

    • leafy says:

      I told you they’d sign him. He’s too important to the team. I was hoping for a longer deal too, but we’ll see how that plays out.

      Kessel is the other guy of course for July 1st. But since they signed his buddy Bozak, I have a hunch Kessel will stick around and resign.

    • doorman says:

      Or in the shorter term, Kessel, he sounds like he is gonna test free agency. would be a huge blow to see him leave for nothing.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        Hard to get a read on Kessel, he doesn’t say much and when he does, he still doesn’t say
        Although, I don’t think signing bozak will make him stay.

        • leafs_wallace93 says:

          Kessel is just a genius that knows how to handle Toronto media. Just be awkward until they leave you alone.

          I’m too am of the opinion that Kessel owes us for Bozak. Kessel needs to hold up his end of the deal. If Kessel walks and we’re stuck with his make wish 1st line center we riot.

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            Stepan just signed 2 years $3.075 per. Some interesting moves to come in NYR.

            Great to have Franson signed, but I think we all agree we could use some cap relief still. Taking that into consideration.

            Would anyone do

            To Washington
            Kulimen and Percy

            To Toronto
            Chimera and T. Wilson

            Both teams exchange third liners and former 1st rounders.

            Washington could re-unite Kulimen and Grabo while picking up a defence prospect they desperately need. I thought Percy looked pretty good in the pre-season could be ready by next season. Kulimen…we know what he brings.

            Toronto saves about $1.050 in cap space while adding Chimera who is speedy, forechecks, can penalty kill and has good size. Raymond and Chimera on the wings with Bolland could be a very fast forechecking third line. Toronto also picks up a “Clarkson junior” in Wilson who is even bigger than Clarkson.

      • reinjosh says:

        Dave Poulin actually alluded to Kessel and the Leafs potentially working on a deal PRIOR to the season start, specifically saying that the Leafs would respect Kessel’s request to not work on a deal in season, yet maybe getting one done before the season started

  23. nordiques100 says:

    Lupul, Clarkson JVR, Bozak, Gunnarsson, Bernier, Kadri, Orr, McLaren, Liles are all under contract at around 33 mil in cap hit.

    thats 10 players but lets just drop Liles and say the leafs have 9 players under contract eff Jul 1st 2014 at 30 mil cap hit.

    If they re-sign all these players and there is no guarantee that happens. but lets say they do.
    Dion – 5.5 – 6 mil
    Kessel – 7.5-8 mil
    Gardiner – 2.5-3 mil
    Franson – 3.5-4 mil
    Fraser – 1.5-2 mil
    Bollan – 3.5 -4 mil
    McClement 2-3 mil
    Kulemin 3.5 -4 mil
    Reimer 2.5-3 mil
    Raymond 1.5-2 mil

    include too Reilly 1.7 mil

    Thats going to add around $40 mil in cap. Likely the cap will go up, but how much? good question.

    And they wont be able to add anyone else as likely, the players listed above will be getting closer to the high end range than the low end.

    • doorman says:

      For all intents and purposes, Reilly will be next years addition, IMO. I honestly believe and hope he goes back to JR. No need to rush him in my opinion, just let him develop properly. It will also help the cap situation, which I think if it goes up it won’t be by as much as many hope.

      • toronto77 says:

        I agree. The top 4 is pretty much set with Phaneuf, Gunnarsson, Gardiner and Franson. That only leaves the 5th and 6th spots open and your not going to throw Rielly into that kind of roll, he either plays top 4 or he doesn’t play at all.

        5th and 6th will be juggled all season with Liles, Ranger, Fraser and Brennan.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      You forgot about Ranger as well. Add another $2.5-$3.5 if he has a good season.
      The cap is not likely to exceed $70 mil. Somewhere around $68 give or take is likely.
      I have been talking about cap issues forever it seems and like I’ve been saying, it isn’t as easy as many seem to think to get everyone signed. It is very important that the Leafs make good signs and re-signs. We can’t keep overpaying or we will end up losing quality players and don’t have the depth yet to replace them.
      Liles needs to be moved. Phaneuf has to be $5-$5.5. Bolland, Kulimen, Raymond under $3.5 each. McClement around $2-$2.5 to even start to make things work. Franson could see $4+ if he continues where he left off. We need Fraser around what he makes now and Reimer only gets a raise if he remains the number 1. Gardiner on a Kadri type bridge deal. Phil 6-7 years around $7mil-$7.5. If we can’t do that, then we need to move some players for cheaper options and continue to play developing kids in the some of the bottom 6 and some of the 5-7 D spots.

      • doorman says:

        Sooner or later the money runs out and guys either wanna play or they don’t. One of the stupidest things I heard today was on Sportsnet, talking about Franson will happy on a one year term, but not happy he is playing for ONLY 2 million dollars, like WTF????? Only two million, eh, piss off. Players will i think start to look at shorter terms on contracts if they aren’t hitting a home run. Hopefully the number of players on PTO’s this year will open their eyes as to how well off and lucky they are to be playing hockey for ONLY a lousy couple million dollars, lol

    • leafs_wallace93 says:

      Let’s be honest, we’re all excited about Ranger because he’s a bargain at 1 million, if he gets a 2.5-3 we’ll turn on him.

      • nordiques100 says:

        Colborne is as effective as Radislav Olesz who milked over 3 mil over each of the last 4 seasons from whatever team he played for.

        Thankfully Colborne makes 600K because like you said, we’d be putting him through a table too if he was up over 2-3 mil per.

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          Both are bargains. Those are the bargain contracts I talk about that are needed to be competitive tht everyone tells me doesn’t exist. Raymond, Ranger, Franson, Reimer, Colborne, Gardiner are all bargain contracts right now. They help balance overpayments. We need bargain contracts…all the contenders have numerous players that are worth more than they get paid.

  24. leafs_wallace93 says:

    With this season’s roster set is it needed to trade Liles. Sure it would be great for relief for the salary cap however this would be an deal ideal for the off season given that he’s a serviceable fill for injuries throughout the season and he should be easier to trade with one season more taken off his contract (or even bought out failing a trade).

    I don’t see the immediate pressure on Nonis to burn a pick in hopes to deal him. Perhaps another team gets killed with injuries an Liles could be traded to relieve them. Nonis is known for his patience, no need to jump the gun on Liles.

    • realistic_leafs_fan says:

      Moving liles means we can keep a full roster and not send guys down like Colborne who would have to clear waivers. On a road trip we wouldn’t have to summon a guy from the Marlies when an injury occurs. Its also better for Liles to play where he will get minutes and could be used and needed. We also don’t want a possible disgruntled veteran. I think its better if we can move him now and use the funds where we may need them.

  25. leafy says:

    I was just studying the four new NHL divisions (never really gave it much thought before).

    I’m assuming the dude that created these new divisions flunked grade 9 geography?

  26. leafy says:

    Colborne to Calgary for a fourth round pick.

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