Maple Leafs need to enter Corey Perry sweepstakes if Anaheim Ducks put him on trade market

We’re waiting for the first big move by Dave Nonis as GM of the Maple Leafs.
It might have to be a really big one.
See, if it turns out, as is being widely speculated, that the Anaheim Ducks can afford to keep only one their dynamic duo, Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry, and that Getzlaf is the one most likely to get the new long-term deal from the Ducks, then Perry could be available before the April 3rd trade deadline.
If that’s the case and Perry hits the trade market, it’s a competition the Leafs must be in.
Perry — who registered a nice three-assist effort in an Anaheim win over Nashville last night – isn’t a perfect fit for the Leafs, a team desperate for a No. 1 centre. But he competes like hell, is a former Hart Trophy winner and the proud owner of a Stanley Cup ring. He’ll be 28 in May, not too old to still be a dominant player for years to come.
He’s the kind of player who could transform the Leafs in a way it was once believed Phil Kessel could, but clearly never will.
It will be an expensive deal to make, both in terms of players, and in terms of a contract. Perry deserves a sizeable increase on his current $4.875 million salary, and depending how high he wants to drive the price, he could be headed north of $8 million.
The Leafs can pay that. They’ll have the room. They surely have the need to bring in a player who has actually accomplished something big in this league. And he’s accomplished a few big things.
Assuming the Leafs would be very interested, here’s where it gets really interesting. Ex-GM Brian Burke, as we know, is now a part-time scout with the Ducks. He can supply Anaheim with the inside dope on every single Leaf player and prospect, plus he knows how Nonis feels and thinks about every single Leaf player and prospect, and how he values them.
Leaf head coach Randy Carlyle, on the other hand, has intimate knowledge of the Anaheim roster. So that factor is somewhat counter-balanced.
Would Burke, who brought Kessel to Toronto and still believes in him, recommend the Ducks look at acquiring Silent Phil as part of a package for Perry? Would Nonis need to be able to have a contract in place with Perry before a trade could be consumated?
Lots of moving parts here, and lots of speculation. Heck, Anaheim could sign both Getzlaf and Perry — that seems unlikely — or keep both beyond the trade deadline even if unsigned.

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  1. nordiques100 says:

    That would be a very interesting move to get Perry for Kessel if that is a possibility. With BB now in Anaheim, could they make it work?

  2. Lucci_101 says:

    I dont see this happening because the leafs dont wanna give any good young kids which anahiem will want to complete the deal. The other option would be giving up picks which i dont think any leaf fan wants to lose another Tyler segiun. In my mind possible trades would be Perry > toronto, 3rd* second if leafs make playoffs>Anahiem, Kessel > anahiem,

    Another way would be, Kessel > anahiem, Carter Ashton > Anahiem, Perry > Toronto

    These are the trades i think both teams could agree too

    • doorman says:

      Nah, if it boils down to Kessel going to Ana there will be nothing added by Nonis, IMO.

      • Lucci_101 says:

        you gotta remeber that perry unlike kessel is playing better than every last few years thats why anahiem will want something else as a “bonus” if kessel flops

        • nordiques100 says:

          the issue too, if that trade happened and Perry signed long term, Kessel only has 1 year left.

          He, like Perry could just get up and leave. I would assume the Ducks could ask for some incentives because of that.

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            “He’s the kind of player who could transform the Leafs in a way it was once believed Phil Kessel could, but clearly never will.” When I say that about Kessel, people on here freak out.LOL
            If Perry would agree to an extension pre-trade, $7.5 per is my tops though(like was done with Kessel when Burke got him), I do it. I would even add a prospect(mid-upper) if needed.
            I wonder why no one thinks Anaheim would trade Ryan to make room for Perry to stay? I still think that is also possible.

          • doorman says:

            I don’t see phil going there and then leaving, playing in sunny southern cal with bikini girls and good food everywhere, plus making millions, lol.

  3. reinjosh says:

    Yes let’s spend assets upgrading Kessel and not focusing on our needs. As much as I would love Perry on this team, it makes absolutely no sense trading him for Perry.

    If we could get him some other way, I’d be all for it. First rounders. Screw the “oh it might be Tyler Seguin we trade” naysayers. It’s highly, highly unlikely that would happen. Add Perry to JVR, Kadri, Kessel and you have one of the strongest wings in the league. All that’s left to find is a 2nd center.

    Do whatever it takes to get Perry, short of trading Kessel, JVR, Kadri.

  4. nordiques100 says:

    If its Kessel for Perry and its an upgrade to the team, why doesn’t it make sense. Not making trouble, just asking?

    Do you mean Kessel + for Perry not making sense or both that or straight up not making sense? Any scenario involving Kessel for Perry not making sense?

    Cause i’d do it in a heartbeat. Perry would make the Leafs better.

    • reinjosh says:

      Kessel+ doesn’t make any sense.

      And straight up? I’d be ok with it but still not thrilled. Kessel hardly gets the credit he deserves. He creates his offense, where as Perry I’m not so sure he does.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        Sorry RJ. Nothing against Kessel, there is a lot to like about Kessel, but Perry is a more complete player. He scores as much as Kessel and has something Kessel doesn’t…size. You don’t intimidate Perry, Kessel you can. In the playoffs, that is huge. I would do Kessel plus as well if it’s something we won’t use anyway or to move salary. for example Kessel + D’Amigo, Hamilton, Brown, even MacA. We would move salary as well by adding MacA or Brown to the deal that could be used on signing Perry. It’s not always about even value.IMO It’s also about moving contracts and money to open other possibilities.

      • Steven_Leafs0 says:

        Straight up is a win, period. Perry gives us the scoring touch that Kessel has and can beat the living crap out of everyone.

        Thing is though, making the deal without an extension first is dumb. If Perry walks it is: Seguin, Hamilton, Knight for NOTHING…. not even a playoff birth, I would cease to be a Leaf fan at that point. So we need an extension first, maybe a conditional extension if he is traded to the Leafs.

        Now I do agree that we are MUCH better off trading for Perry as a rental and hoping he re-signs. Send them a package similar to Hossa/Kovalchuk got… 2 NHL players, a prospect, and a 1st:

        Kulemin, Liles, D’Amigo, 2012 1st

        MacArthur, Holzer, McKegg, 2012 1st

        maybe something more creative like:

        Komarov, Colborne, Mikus, *Komisarek, 2012 1st, conditional 2013 1st (on Perry re-signing, 2nd if not)

        *Komisarek moves to even out the cap, Leafs pay large amount of salary making this a great move for the Ducks since they wont spend to the cap.

        Anyway you guys can mix and match what you think the deal should be but if we go after Perry we should trade a Hossa/Kovalchuk level package over moving Kessel IMO.

  5. reinjosh says:

    Phaneuf seems to be getting a lot of vitriol lately. Par for the course for being a Leaf player. Does more than any other dman in the league, with far less and gets crucified for it. It honestly astounds me that there are those who continue to call for his head. Few stats before those expected responses of “he’s overpaid and overrated!”.

    Phaneuf currently leads the NHL in time on ice per game and total time played. He has 4 entire minutes more than the next Leaf player. That player is Kostka, a career minor leaguer before this season.

    Phaneuf has only 37 percent offensive zone starts. Only Adam Larsson is currently lower. Meaning he’s in the defensive zone for 63 percent of his night. Naturally this means he’s getting less offensive opportunity and playing on the defensive a huge majority of the time. His common partner, Kostka, is used in the offensive zone nearly 10 percent more than Phaneuf and has the worst offensive zone finishes in the entire league. Phaneuf is being used to cover Kostka’s many mistakes and its showing in his plus/minus.

    Phaneuf’s on ive sv percentage is a middling .915 Not horrible, not amazing. It’s above average for dman starting less than 45 percent in the offensive zone.

    Phaneuf’s competition is some of the highest in the league. In fact it’s more than almost every other dman in the league who’s played 10 games, save Chara and Boychuk. With the amount of minutes he’s plays, the zone starts he receives, it’s hardly surprising his plus/minus is low.

    Who’s playing with him? Kostka – a career minor leaguer. Gunnarson – just coming off of injury, does not look like the steady Gunner we are used to. Franson – the best of the bunch currently but he’s getting only 16 mins a game, being used primarily offensively. He’s probably the only other guy in the top 6 we could say is a current top 4 compared to other teams. Fraser? Oh look big plus numbers! 14 mins a game, low quality of competition (just like Franson…), high offensive zone starts, and the highest PDO in the league. Meaning he’s getting almost every bounce known to man going his way. Liles? Not his self since he got that concussion. Holzer? Rookie…

    And what’s Phaneuf’s PDO? Lowest on the Leafs at 974 (Fraser and Frason’s by comparison is 1166 and 1108 respectively). Regression to the mean is likely for all three. Meaning Phaneuf’s getting bad luck and the others aren’t.

    And what does all this mean? The idea that Phaneuf is overrated is a bad one, in fact its purely idiotic. He’s getting virtually no help in the top 4, and doing more than nearly every other defenseman in the entire league. It’s hardly a surprise his plus/minus is low and his point totals are amazing. This team’s biggest need (even outside a number 1 center, and since the goaltending seems to have fixed itself) is a top line player to play with him. Expecting him to do everything and not suffer statistically is foolhardy. Finding someone to play with him would go a very long way to making this team far more successful.

    • leafy says:

      Okay, you like Phaneuf. Weren’t you also a long-time stanch defender of the Kessel trade?

      • doorman says:

        There is seriously nothing wrong with the Kessel trade. It was picks not the players we traded. I never thought the team would draft anywhere near we did both years. if it had been 9th overalls two years in a row nobody would car even if it was Dougie Hamilton the second year. As a leaf fan i have seen WAY worse trades. we still have the best player in the trade.

        • leafy says:

          We’ve been through this 1000 times on this site.

          I think most Leaf fans are now agreed they want that trade back.

          • LN91 says:

            Leafy, why are you even arguing your point.

            These are the same people that argued that Kaberle was an elite defenceman in his last year with the Leafs.

            They don’t know watch the same games we do…They look at every position, and view the best skater at that position as one of the ‘better players’ and ‘core pieces’.

            Now, do I think Phaneuf is a bad player? No, he’s a pretty darn good player.

            Is he good enough to lead this team to a championship? No, the talent level is not there. He’s not good enough for the role he’s playing right now and will never be a good defensive player.

            No teams are afraid of Phaneuf, no one is scared of him which is why everyone says he’s overrated. Prust went after him without fear yesterday, opposing top-line players are not afraid to face him because they know they will get their opportunities. It’s evident on the score sheet and how many times Phaneuf is on the ice when an opposing goal is scored.

            Now, just like Kessel, it’s “What do you do with a good player you have questions about?” That’s the issue Nonis is facing.

    • Gambo says:

      Exactly. People praised Aulie when he was paired with Phaneuf, praised Gunnarsson last year when he was paired with Phaneuf, now Kostka and Holzer had their moments of praise while paired with Phaneuf. All his d partners other than Gunnar were AHL players and were suddenly loved among leaf fans and Phaneuf was hated, weird. Any player who consistently makes ahl players look good on a top line must be pretty good.

  6. LN91 says:

    Interesting, in reference to Phaneuf and Prust:

    “This morning in an interview on Toronto’s 590 The Fan, Sportsnet analyst and former Leaf Nick Kypreos said he heard the rumblings from fans at the game last night. They were asking each other, “What would Wendel have done?”

    I actually think captaincy should be given to Lupul…But that’s for another day.

    • leafy says:

      The one guy I’d like to see shipped out is Grabovski, but I think we’re stuck with him like herpes.

    • doorman says:

      If Dion is stripped of the “C”, I am not sure it should go to Lupul. I say this as while I do believe he is better suited for the job, he is not worthy enough to strip Dion of it. If they strip him of it,that’s a disaster. Trade him, fine, strip, no. I don’t like how Dion handled the Prust situation for the record. You ask a dancer to dance, you dance. As for what Wendel would have done, I think the question is more how would have Prust reacted differently. I am not sure of the ages of other posters, except about a few really. But Wendel was a different breed period.

      • Steven_Leafs0 says:

        It isn’t like he chickened out or anything, he planned to have Prust waste his time with the pending offside, smart play.

        Having your best penalty killing d-man fight a 3rd line checking agitator is dumb, he did it right. It didn’t work out for the Leafs but those are breaks sometimes.

        • doorman says:

          I do understatnd what you are saying and respect your opinion, but Sometimes you have to throwdown is all I am saying man. Dion should have fought him, they were not playing well and needed a spark. He is supposed to be their leader and he should have known this. I don’t agree with Cherry on a lot but he was right in this case, IMO.

          • Steven_Leafs0 says:

            the spark thing I agree with, we desperately needed something to tip the momentum but I still stand by the move. Maybe after the penalty and we are still playing like garbage throw down to give the spark but at the time I think he made the right move.

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