Maple Leafs Hated Or Loved? Or Both?

If you were to ask the average hockey fan in Canada who his favourite team is, there’s a good chance he/she will say it’s the Maple Leafs. If you were to ask the average hockey fan in Canada which team he hates the most, it’s probably the Maple Leafs. Toronto fans are a proud…. Sorry, did I say proud, I meant to say overwhelming group of people. For the last few years, their team has played a lot like their fans. They’re the goons of the NHL. Months ago, Sports Illustrated took a stab at them, stating that they’re the most hated team in hockey. I guess it’s inevitable, considering Toronto has the largest fan base, that they’ll have the most fans and the most enemies.

If there’s a time of year where fans show their true colours, it’s during the playoffs. Anyone who abhors the Leafs in Canada, is a Senators fan. Anyone who’s an Oilers fan, Flames fan or Canucks fan, can’t stand Toronto. Montreal too. Anyone in Western Canada who wants to see their teams highlights, usually has to wait until the Leafs highlights are over. Hockey Night In Canada might as well be called ‘Maple Leafs Night In Canada.’ So you see, it’s easy to love the leafs, and it’s even easier to hate them. If you do love them, the media won’t allow you to detach, since there’s a story on them every 30 minutes. It’s probably very addictive for the fans. I wouldn’t know. Toronto is not the center of the hockey universe, however, it may have one of the longest histories, most fans, most enemies, most critics, most media people, most hype, most blah blah blah blah blah…….

Everyone gets the message, the Leafs will never go away. It’s not like we draw ourselves into hating you, Toronto draws us into them, like no other team. That’s why they’re hated like no other team. It’s too damn hard to avoid it. Hockey fans have about as much of a chance of blocking out everything Leafs, as the daylight does blocking the darkness of night. You’d have to think that even Toronto fans need a break from hockey once in a while, considering the circus frenzy never ends in T.O.

Toronto is proud of their team, even the outsiders can see that, but at the same time, seeing that helps other fans appreciate their teams even more. Truth is, the debate will never end. So answer this question, are you a Leafs hater, or a Leafs lover? Heck, no one said you can’t be both.

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  1. STPMCPHEE says:

    Oh boy, sorry about your dad.

  2. big_booty says:

    Pardon my french (or lack thereof), but who the fuck cares?

  3. jacosta says:

    Leave it alone already, you talk about how stupid leaf fans are but you are the ones that are constantly looking for creative ways to make fun of us who enjoy the leafs.

    Everyone constantly says that the leafs are a bunch of whiners meanwhile it was in last years playoffs that Mike Milbury had the time and creative mind to create a video showing the refs the calls that they missed. What happened? Oh yeah the next game the leafs were penalized for everything. Then Pat Quinn tries teh same and everyone criticizes the leafs for whining.

    It’s obvious that when the leafs talk they are ignored or called whiners. Meanwhile some Montreal ass interviews people for sports illustrated on an article titled “why people hate the leafs”.

    You don’t think that more people read that and said…”yeah they do whine, and complain” and “yeah they are dirty” GET A MIND OF YOUR OWN.

    They all say the leafs have it easier by the refs because the NHL office is down the hall from the leafs. And of course whenever someone says something like that the NHL feels they have to crush that idea by making all call against the leafs.

    Watch a game Jack Asses, decide for your self if they are dirty, if they deserve all those penalties.

    The NHL wants no controversy therefore any one who complains gets whatever they want. They may say the Squeeky wheel doesn’t get teh oil in the NHL, but they smother whoever is complaining in oil.

    Right now everyone is calling the leafs whiners, therefore the league needs to prove they are an undisciplined team for making everycall.

    Now the leafs have commented that it is getting unfair. And quess what they will get away with alot more in these next weeks.

    Look at the Buffalo game. Two veteren refs and even calls.

    Conspiracy??? (leaf haters would love to hear me say that) No. But the league bowing to the pressure of a few loud mouths and leaf haters you bet ya. And now it will change because the leafs have verbally complained. The NHL just wants no one to complain about the game.

  4. STPMCPHEE says:

    Truth is, it’s kind of fun hearing leaf fans getting all offended and defending their team.

  5. ThePocketRocket says:

    This is so easy, like any other team, if your a fan of a team, whether rangers, hawks, wings, habs, leafs , etc, you’ll cheer endlessly for your team, or at least you should. The problem is, the reason non leaf fans hate the leafs is because of all the hype the fans say. Every year it is the same old, but yet this team has not won the cup since 1967, geesh, they haven’t even made the finals in 30 plus years. As a fan, I can see why they are twisted enough to think they are the greatest. ha ha, Toronto is Canada’s version of the Rangers, a team you love to hate. I think if the Leaf fans were a bit more humble in their cheers, you might find fans jumping on their band wagon. My best buddy is a Leaf fan and every year for the best 36 years, (shit we were little pee wee’s then) he claims that the Leafs will win the cup. Even in the days of the 80’s and Sittler he was claiming that, ha ha, and this year will be no different, out in the semi finals or sooner. You have to hand to the Leaf fans though, they live and die with their team. True passion, whether nuts or sane.

  6. devfanman4 says:

    If you must bring up the past…Mike Millburry made that tape because the referees were moronic enough to miss Tucker’s submarine hit on Peca and Roberts hit from behind on Jonsson. The Leafs have nothing to whine about…they are a dirty team and deserve every penalty they receive.

  7. Kroeter says:

    Your right but all media coverage is not all pro Leaf.

  8. Kroeter says:

    You know what you just proved my point. You went out of your way, read the article and made a bunch of comments, not one of them good. Keep up the good work.

  9. STPMCPHEE says:

    True, but that doesn’t mean the teams don’t have fans like that. I have been an Oiler fan for as long as I can remember. Leafs fans sure are overwhelming though, especially come playoff time.

  10. STPMCPHEE says:

    Yeah, Leafs fans often tend to make asses out of them selves. It seems everybody has atleast one friend who’s a Leafs fan. They’re like that 1 uncle in the family that everyone thinks is annoying and over the top. You just can’t take too much of it.

  11. STPMCPHEE says:

    No, the refs don’t favor them, and they shouldn’t. The Leafs have a bad reputation, and the refs have good memories, so put those 2 together and you can see were the problem starts.

  12. STPMCPHEE says:

    True, I like street hockey, I just played it 2 days ago. Yeah, I’m 19, but I don’t care, It’s fun. If Wayne and Garth can do it, I can too

  13. STPMCPHEE says:


  14. GreatWhiteNorth says:

    The Leafs are the most loved team in the world. Just go to a Leaf game, when the Leafs are playing in any Canadian city, or even many American cities, and you will always see a large amount of Leaf fans in the stands. Buffalo’s crowd always has to try to out voice the Leaf fans in the stands. Montreal games are often filled with the Leaf fans trying to out voice the Montreal fans. Go to many different cities, and you will always see a lot of Leaf fans in the seats when the Leafs are in town. There is just no other team that comes close to this aspect of the Leafs popularity.

    Toronto is the most hockey hungry city in the world. Every little thing that happens with the team is subject to countless newspaper articles, much more so than any other city. The third and fourth liners in Toronto get more press coverage than some first liners in other cities. There are just so many examples of similar things.

    Toronto is the most followed team around the world, and the city craves the most information (the press wouldn’t be as they are unless the fans craved the info).

    You can argue that Montreal is close in fan base, but you don’t see the amount of Montreal jerseys around the various rinks as you do for Toronto.

    The Leafs are also one of the most hated teams in the league. But whenever someone loves you, there’s usually ten others who hate you, and I see that as the case here 🙂 They’re one of the most hated (I’d say the Rangers are #1), they’re also the most loved around the world.

  15. ThePocketRocket says:

    Most loved? Come on your pushing it. There are several teams that go on the road and draw alot of local fans. Habs, Red Wings, Rangers, etc, Just like a typical Leaf fan, “the world surrounds the leaf”

  16. Freeze says:

    I don’t love the Leafs. I don’t hate the Leafs. All I feel is nothingness when it comes to the Leafs.

    Isn’t the plural of Leaf ‘Leaves’?

  17. STPMCPHEE says:

    Usually, but not when you’re dealing with a name. Look at the logo, it doesn’t say the “Toronto Maple Leaves.”

    C’mon man, use your head

  18. STPMCPHEE says:

    Wow, what world do you live in? They’re the most hated. By far.

  19. STPMCPHEE says:

    Just as I suspected. No responses. Some fans.

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