Maple Leafs in market for veteran netminder

When the Maple Leafs embark on their annual quest for a better on-ice product, they’ll be attempting to solve an age-old problem with a man of a certain age.

Acquiring a proven veteran goaltender ranks among the club’s biggest off-season priorities. That means there will be internal debates about no end of possibilities, be it a trade for Vancouver’s Roberto Luongo, or a free-agent signing of one of the handful of seasoned NHLers expected to be available this summer.

Leafs executive Dave Nonis was asked this week if the Leafs might even consider the services of Dominik Hasek, the one-time dominator who has announced his contemplation of an NHL comeback at age 47.

“I think we’re looking for a veteran — I don’t know if we’re looking for that much of a veteran,” quipped Nonis, Toronto’s senior vice president of hockey operations.

Still, while Leafs GM Brian Burke has espoused his belief in the talent of James (Real Deal) Reimer — and while the club has been delighted with the performance of Ben Scrivens, who has backstopped the AHL Marlies to the Calder Cup final — it’s expected that both Reimer, 24, and Scrivens, 25, will face bigger-named competition for NHL starts come training camp.

Adding Luongo, on one hand, could be extrapolated as a typical Toronto blunder. He has 10 years and some $47 million left on a contract that runs past his 43rd birthday. Still, there are those who consider Luongo one of the top 10 goaltenders in the league — an attractive asset when you don’t currently have a top-30 type on your roster. And surely the Leafs could handle the deal, even if it would offend Burke’s philosophical aversion to back-loaded agreements, not to mention risk adding to the club’s already extensive collection of overpaid underperformers.–feschuk-maple-leafs-in-market-for-veteran-netminder

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  1. MystifoLeafs says:


    Joffrey Lupul ($4.250m) / Tim Connolly ($4.750m) / Phil Kessel ($5.400m) 
    Ryane Clowe ($3.625m) / Mikhail Grabovski ($5.500m) / Nikolai Kulemin ($2.900m) 
    Matt Frattin ($1.400m) / Tyler Bozak ($1.500m) / Colby Armstrong ($3.000m) 
    Travis Moen ($2.225m) / David Steckel ($1.100m) / Mike Brown ($0.737m) 
    Dion Phaneuf ($6.500m) / Luke Schenn ($3.600m) 
    John-Michael Liles ($3.875m) / Jake Gardiner ($1.117m) 
    Carl Gunnarsson ($1.325m) / Korbinian Holzer ($1.000m) 
    Cody Franson ($1.300m) / 
    Roberto Luongo ($5.333m) 
    Ben Scrivens ($1.800m) 
    Darcy Tucker ($1.000m) 
    CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
    (these totals are compiled without the bonus cushion)
    SALARY CAP: $64,300,000; CAP PAYROLL: $63,236,667; BONUSES: $212,500
    CAP SPACE (21-man roster): $1,063,333





    5th 2012 (Not 5th overall btw.)

    __________________________________________________ _____




    Blacker/Percy/Colbourne (Choice of one.)
    2nd 2012

    If we want to make the playoffs I feel this is the line up that does it for us also giving whoever we pick with 5th overall. (Gally/Grigs/Forsberg.) Time to develop and hopefully not be rushed into the NHL.

  2. LeafsFTW17 says:

    It has been said that all Vancouver wants for Luongo is a salary dump (Komisarek) and either a prospect or 2nd. So no point in giving up Reimer, Blacker/Percy/Colborne and a 2nd.

  3. lafleur10 says:

    it'll cost you more than that for clowe has he's a better player than macarthur unless you include the 5th overall pick,but the loungo deal could very likely happen.

  4. Steven_Leafs says:

    hahahahaha, 5th overall pick + MacArthur for Clowe… good one. Would you trade Montreal's 3rd overall pick straight up for Clowe? Then why would Toronto have to trade their 5th + MacArthur?

  5. MystifoLeafs says:

    The consensus around Clowe has been MacArthur + most San Jose fans want to get faster on the wings and MacA does that so does Mckegg as for the Lou trade most VAN fans hated it and most leaf fans hated so I say it is pretty fair value. 

  6. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    Remember.. Lafleur is the one who rates Subban as generational talent… talking player value with him is..

    Anyway, he's right though, It'd take more then MacArthur to get Clowe.. If I were the Shark's I'd ask for Frattin or a D prospect to get him. 
  7. Steven_Leafs says:

    haha yeah I know but I enjoy busting his chops. 😛

    Mckegg and a 5th rounder isn't a bad '+' to land Clowe but if I were SJ I would want a bigger piece, if we really wanted Clowe I think you are right and one of Frattin/Percy/Holzer would have to go with him.

  8. JoelLeafs says:

    Hah, yeah Lu definitely has no value. Ugh… top 10 goalie for nothing. I wish too..

  9. toronto77 says:

    Matt Frattin is a machine!!!

    He is a lock for a spot on the leafs roster next season. Kadri has matured a lot as well during these playoffs. I think Frattin, Kadri and D'Amigo will all be on the team next year, leaving Ashton, Ross and McKegg to take over the marlies in the similar way that the other 3 did.
    Too bad Ashton has a concussion, and cannot contribute and gain some experience in these playoffs.
    Lineup for next year:
    Lupul-Gal/Grig/Fors/Vet no.1 centre-Kessel
    I don't know the goalie situation but Go Leafs Go!
  10. reinjosh says:

    Frattin is almost a lock. He's going to be a player we all come to love soon enough if we dont' already. He does everything and is solidly built. Hopefully he can transition this scoring touch from the AHL to the NHL next season. 

    Ashton definitely needs time on the Marlies. He's not good enough to be an NHLer yet even though he has the size. I think Colborne could use some more time as well. Those injuries have hampered his development a little and he needs to work on consistency. Still having him as the number 1 center on the Marlies will be nothing but good for him and having him as the top dog will also be good. 
    I'm not sure D'Amigo will make it but he certainly looks like he could. Is there a spot for him? I'd say no. Maybe give him one more year to develop his scoring touch a little more. 
    And I just can't see Kadri being the third line center on a Carlyle team. Unless Carlyle is starting to realize that you need three scoring lines to succeed in this league, Kadri has to earn a top 6 spot to make this team next season. Frattin is more likely to get the third line spot in my mind. He plays a game more suitable to it and he can bring a scoring touch to it. 
  11. reinjosh says:

    So Schultz has filed to end his time at Wisconsin meaning he will indeed become a UFA only July 1st and no longer be Anaheim property. The Minnesota Wild beat writer, Michael Russo made a good point on Twitter that it's very likely that he has already made his choice and has had that particular team in his head since he decided a few months back to not negotiate with the Ducks. 

    So who could that be? Edmonton? Detroit? New York Rangers? Toronto? Vancouver? 
    Edmonton – What does he get here? Well he'd be the best defensive prospect the team has and would get top 4 time guaranteed, likely having an easy path to the number 1 role almost unchallenged. Plus he would join a young team on the rise who could become a cup contender in as short as two years. That has to be enticing. But it is in Edmonton (no offense to any Edmonites) and they don't have a number 1 goalie yet. 
    Detroit – Could he be Lidstrom's replacement? He'd certainly be a good heir to that throne. Plus Detroit isn't exactly a high pressure market, although he'd be expected to fill some big shoes. Detroit's ability to remain on top has to be enticing. Plus he played with Brendan Smith in his first season. Would he get top 4 minutes though? Detroit would develop him properly but might not give him the time he wants. 
    NYR – He played with McDonagh and Stepan in his first season and the Rangers certainly have an enticing roster, especially after this season. Would he get top 4 time behind McDonagh, Del Zotto, Girardi, Staal though? Could he be a top pairing here? Probably but he'd face stiffer competition that Edmonton.
    Vancouver – This is near his home country (he was born in Kelowna) and he likely grew up a Canucks fan. Does he want to fulfil what was likely a childhood dream of playing for his home team? However does he have a spot here? The Canucks are loaded on the backend, although he could be a top PP player here with time.
    Toronto – The teammate argument is strongest here (second in Nashville with Craig Smith). He played with Gardiner for two of his three Wisconsin seasons, but not only played but was paired with Gardiner and allegedly became best friends with Gards. He was also drafted by Burke and has experience with Carlyle in training camps. He'd be a prospect with offensive potential that the Leafs don't have (outside maybe Gardiner). However Toronto is loaded with defensive prospects and roster players and he might be in tough to get a top 4 roster spot. And would he want the pressure that would inevitably come with being a Leaf. 
    As a Leaf fan I would love to think the Leafs have the best shot but I really don't know. Something tells me this is Leaf hubris coming through. But maybe not?
  12. nordiques100 says:

    Toronto should sign him and ask questions later about what to do with the bodies on D.

    In Toronto, the misconception has been Quantity has equaled Quality. Any help Toronto can get on D would be welcome.

    Heck if team somehow drafted Ryan Murray and signed Schultz, then the door could be open to at least 2 of their current D in the organization could be moved.

    Also, on the other hand, if the team signed Schultz, and Murray was still available at 5, they could pass on Murray and take a chance on Faska. Is that high for Faska? maybe, or they could trade down. This is assuming Grigorenko, Galenchuk, Forsberg and Yakubov are going with the first 4 picks.

    Signing Schultz adds some flexibility to the Leafs roster. I think they'd play him anyways.

    I could easily see Franson, Liles and Schenn moving. Possibly Komisarek. I honestly don't think Carlyle likes what he has and wouldn't mind some change.

  13. reinjosh says:

    My point about the question with bodies was one from Schultz's perspective. Its easy for TO to say they can figure it out later, but they have to convince Schultz they can do that. It might be easy, it might not be.

    I'd have no issue taking Schultz and adding him. If the big 4 forwards are off the board though, and it's Murray left,  I'd look at moving back and taking Faksa/Teravainan and getting an extra first rounder in the mid to late round like you suggested. I think Faksa at 5 is early and we could probably get him a little later than 5th. At that point I guess it would be is he available at 10, 11 or 12 (Tampa, Washington, Buffalo could be interested). 
    Plus as you said it makes things flexible on the backend. Maybe we trade back and then use the second 1st we get (assuming we can get that trade) plus one of Franson/Liles/Schenn and MacA to get us something nice. It gives us options right? 
    Of course this all assumes that Schultz's rights are traded to the Leafs (since I assume Murray will try to get something back for him) since the 30 day period the Ducks have to talk to him won't be done before the draft starts. 
  14. leafmeister says:

    To TOR: 6th overall, Neg. rights to Shultz 

    To ANA: 5th overall
    That is of course if the Leafs have a pretty good sense they would be able to sign him. I could see that happening because of the friendly relationship the Leafs have with the Ducks.
  15. reinjosh says:

    I could see it. Still that would be a big risk in not getting one of the big 4 forwards but getting Schultz would give us options I suppose.

    I'd love to see this happen and have Grigorenko drop to us. Grigs and Schultz? Oh boy. 
  16. reinjosh says:

    I don't know about that. It would depend on what vision WIlson has for his team. 

    A lot of the San Jose fans on HFBoards seem to think the team is moving towards a faster paced attach and Clwoe doesn't have a role there (which might be a warning sign for us in acquiring him since were such a fast team right now but I digress). They seem to think that not only is MacArthur a perfect fit for that but that he is a pretty good return for Clowe, maybe with a pick coming back. 
  17. leafmeister says:

    If the top 5 picks are Yakubov, Grigs, Gal, Forsberg, and Murray, assuming the Leafs trade with Anaheim, I would trade down and grab one of Faska, Gaunce or Teravainen. 

  18. nordiques100 says:

    Well unlike the other key free agents, Suter and Parise, I think Schultz is a more legitimate target for the Leafs and definitely more along the lines of what, historically, this organization does.

    They've never signed any of the top tier veteran free agents, but unsigned rookies, definitely a possibility.

    Its one of the few things BB can do. Be convincing in these organizations. It worked with Bozak and Gustavsson. I can see that happening here. Especially since he does know this kid.

    No matter the situation, I think he does come here anyways. Because at worst, he has a legitimate shot at the 6th defence spot and taking the job from Holzer, Komisarek or Franson.

  19. reinjosh says:

    Yeah going after Schultz is definitely more in line with Burke's past actions here than going after Parise/Suter. However I could see him going hard after those two this summer as a way to show the fans he really means to win. But I digress.

    I'm hoping the Gardiner advantage (good friend, potential for being a pairing) and the advantage of Schultz knowing Carlyle and being drafted by Burke works in our favor. Signing a blue chipper and losing almost nothing would be a huge coup for the team. It would be better than a Bozak signing for sure, and Bozak was a pretty good signing. 
  20. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    i wouldnt mind this.. it is realistic ill give you that.  Cant see vancouver needing reimer as they have a capable backup in the minors ready to go already. i say komi + holzer + 2nd would be nice. Also if clowe deal wouldnt work id be willing to throw in another prospect like d'amigo of some sort.

    One thing i have a HUGE problem with that agitated me for some reason is the lineup. like the deals.. but not sure just dont like the lines (no offense).

    Rather have bozak top line as connolly was not first line material at all and the line did so much better with bozak on it (still would prefer a better top line centre however)

    Armstrong wasnt good either.. demote him onto the 4th line till he proves worthy again.

    Moen would be our number 3 centre hands down or we wouldnt sign him to a probably 2 mill contract to play uncomfortable on a 4th line wing.

    Connolly was a decent 3rd line checking winger last season so that checking line would be pretty nice to have. frattin and moen are both work horses and connolly still has frattin to set up for that cannon shot.


    lupul  – bozak – kessel
    clowe – grabovski – kulimen
    frattin – moen  – connolly
    brown – steckel – armstrong

    hopefully we can sign schultz to a contract which would be nice and i think franson would have a spot before holzer.

    Phaneuf – Gardiner  
    Liles – schenn
    gunnarson – franson

    I didnt include schultz in the lineup but id have him paird with gardiner and just look for new chemistry once we have him.

    I like how were alot bigger up front tho and are alot more difficult to play against and better defencively.

  21. nordiques100 says:

    well they did go to the Brad Richards show, did speak a couple of times to Kovalchuk's agent and so they have dabbled, albeit very loosely with some big names.

    I can't see him going against his post 5 year contract ideals. He doesn't have it in him to put that part of his ego aside and do what is best for the team, not what is best for his ideals.

    yes, at nauseum people will argue how this does benefit the team. but to me, it still is "not doing whatever it takes" to make the team better. 

    and yes too, Richards didnt want to come here. But, no one else does either if the Leafs do not want to put in any compelling argument or effort to make players think otherwise. Top players.

    To me, I think its well past the point of the leafs doing things within reason (i'e being extremely risk averse) and doing things for the sake of doing things (like signing Connolly or doing those types of signings)

    I think signing Schultz would be great. But if that is the Leafs biggest move this off-season, that would be thoroughly disappointing. Nothing against Schultz, he is a blue chip prospect. But with so many names being put around, Nash, Staal, Iginla, Kiprusoff, Luongo, Parise, Suter, etc. to land none of them and instead bring Toronto the next Brett Lebda's or Tim Connolly's of the world, surely that would not make just me sick to my stomach, but much of Leaf Nation I hope.

  22. Steven_Leafs says:

    The more I think about it the more I doubt that Vancouver would ever take back Komisarek, not that he isn't worthless like some think but that Vancouver is already deep on the back end and I cannot see them paying 5 defensemen over 4M each.

    I think a better fit for Vancouver would be Connolly. His value is about the same as Komisarek, the whole injury prone thing isn't as bad since he has averaged 70 games the last 3 seasons (with only one year left on his deal this isn't really a deal-breaker), and Connolly fills a specific need Vancouver has while Kesler is recovering from surgery at which point he can shift to the wing and give the Canucks another top 6 forward that they are also short on.

    Now running on the assumption that Luongo's contract can fetch a cap dump, a 2nd round pick and a prospect I would offer them:

    To Vancouver:

    Connolly ($4.75M)
    one of Holzer/Percy/Blacker
    35th overall pick
    some other piece**

    To Toronto:

    2012 7th round pick
    contract(s) dump if needed for 50 contract rule

    I know we will need to include another piece since I don't buy that Luongo is only worth a cap dump a solid prospect and a high 2nd rounder, if he is then great, no reason for the Leafs to pass on Luongo at all, make the deal and smile about filling one of only 2 holes we have.

    I assume the other piece we need to give up will either be a top 9 forward or a mid-level prospect like D'Amigo or Ashton. That would give the Canucks a replacement center until Kesler is back, a draft pick that is basically a first, and a very promising defensive prospect for a goalie they don't need anymore.

    Toronto gets the goalie they need without giving up anything of real value allowing them to overpay for a big first line center if they are able to without feeling like they left a hole somewhere else in their roster.

  23. lafleur10 says:

    pierre gauthier would lol!  you`d need to trade something with macarthur and top prospect or a high 2nd r.d. pick to get him because the sharks will know that the leafs are desperate to upgrade their top 6 forwards and they will ant to be compaensated,they won`t give clowe away for nothing or not much(macarthur) so yeah the leafs would have to add a huge piece or doug wilson will laugh burke off of the phone

  24. Steven_Leafs says:

    hahaha I love how you just ignored your own dumbass comment. We were all saying that any Clowe trade would cost us MacArthur+, you said that plus had to be the 5th overall pick.


  25. LeafsFTW17 says:

    Since they're trying to move to a face paced style, could that mean Thornton is available? Marleau and Couture are both really fast centers, Thornton isn't the fastest guy around..

  26. LeafsFTW17 says:

    I'm pretty sure Moen hasn't ever played center in his career.  But you are right with Bozak being the center over Connolly, he proved to be better with Kessel and Lupul and has on ice and off ice chemistry with them, will only see them get better as a line.

  27. LeafsFTW17 says:

    I'm pretty confident that Kadri will be the 2nd line left wing next year.  Either that or he's traded.  

    Lupul-_____-Kessel  (Kessel and Lupul have chemistry, just waiting for that center.)
    Kadri-Grabovski-Frattin  (Frattin would get many chances to finish off plays created by Kadri and Grabo.)
    _____-Bozak-Kulemin  (Kulemin and Bozak have shown great chemistry back in Bozie's first year, Clowe could be the other winger on that line.)
    ______-Steckel-Brown  (Waiting for that big left winger, I've been pushing for Moen.)

  28. toronto77 says:

    I would love to have Schultz, but we do not need him if we have Gardiner. We have to concentrate on getting Galchenyuk at 5th overall somehow.

  29. lafleur10 says:

    i didn't ignore my comment! hahah..just gave you a wise crack answer lol that had some validity to it lol gauthier probably would've but anyways if you did trade for clowe and macarthur was going the other way you'd have to give up something pretty sweet him with to get clowe the 5th pick is something i shouldn't have said but i think a high 2nd r.d pick or a prospect like biggs might get it done

  30. blaze says:

    I see a lot of high hopes from many posters which I'm guilty of myself but I can't help but have a feeling dissapointment is coming.

    Burke has a lot of pressure to make some big moves but his best moments have come when the pressure wasnt there. When everyone is expecting the big move he hasn't delivered.

    Though there's lots of names out there I think there's only one that Burke is truly gunning for. Nash. Our top 5 pick is gone for sure. It's hard to say I'd be dissapointed in only acquiring Nash though.

    Maybe adding Nash and having some young guys beat out vets for jobs would be exactly what the team needs. Still weak down the middle but atleast it adds a core piece and not a Lebda or Connelly as you say.

    The question is what happens if Burke strikes out on the all the big names? Whats Plan B?

  31. frankinboltonleafs says:

    Yes re: Gaunce. None of the top five fill a direct need since our direct managerial "keep their jobs" need is making the playoffs. A Gaunce is a future granted… but then as fans…well lets face it we're not going anywhere even with Nash and Parise and Luongo. Really…think about it, (I'm not saying that to you Leafmeister but to the throng that thinks we're close….I agree with you).   

  32. nordiques100 says:

    The scary plan B is him touting the farm team and its appearance in the AHL final and telling us that his parent team is as close.

    He will tell us how Frattin, scoring big in the AHL playoffs means he will be a big game player in the NHL next season. But where? the 3rd line?

    And the play of Kadri and Colborne will mean no need for a centre, that comes within.

    And the top 5 pick, who could be rushed like Schenn for optics.

    And BB will turn a signing like Schultz as something bigger than Suter or Parise.

    He will tell us that the team had a bad 2 months that doesn't spoil the first 4 good months and if Reimer performs, and if the Grabovski 2nd line improves consistency and if the kids can perform now at the NHL level and if the top line learns D from a new coach and if Schenn can come back and if if if then Toronto will make the playoffs.

    To me, too many ifs. Action needs to be taken.

    If though he firmly admits, the team isnt playoff worthy, we're rebuilding/retooling, starting over with more youth, well then that would at least make some sense. But, when he keeps telling us this is a playoff team, well um no, he is dillusional and needs to get fired.

    And, if this was a rebuild then, he should have moved the Grabovski 2nd line for those 1st rounders as he said and really raised the rebuild bar.

    The sad thing, probably half of leaf nation and half the leaf fans here will buy it. accept it. they'll eat up the hope only to have their hearts broken again.

    The team has some fine pieces, but it desperately needs more, a lot more to be a playoff team. Or as Burke puts it, better than being playoff team fodder.

  33. nordiques100 says:

    When it comes to blue chip prospects, Toronto needs anything it can get its hands on.

    If Schultz does indeed become a UFA and the Leafs can get him for free, it would be ignorant to not have serious interest.

    And we can't get fixated on "needs".

    I cannot stress more how quantity does not equal quality. I can't say I would complain getting Schultz to go with Percy and Blacker and maybe even drafting Ryan Murray. And I wouldn't ignore it just because the Leafs have Gardiner.

    Now that's both quality and quantity.

  34. reinjosh says:

    How is that scary? I'd argue that the other option is scarier. Burke putting aside the mantra he's stuck to this entire time and going into win now mode when this team isn't ready for it. That's what trading the 5th overall pick is. 

    Sometimes patience is the best idea. Yeah it would be nice to get Suter or Parise but does it make sense to overpay like crazy for them? Or give up a ton of assets for Nash? 
    That would be the unpopular move but I'm not sure it would be the wrong one. How would getting Schultz and picking a top 5 player be a bad thing? While having prospects who have had some great showings in the AHL make the big team. Aren't we all told that the good teams draft and develop their own players? Don't we always ***** about how management trades away our picks? hasn't the past UFA market shown that going after anyone can turn out bad?
    His job is to spin the team for the better. You can't fault him for trying to make the moves he makes look better than they are. It's not him who puts up the expectation to go and make a big bad blockbuster. Burke building the team through slow proper asset management isn't a bad thing. 
    I'll also remind you it wasn't Burke that made the Lebda signing out to be a big one, or the Connolly signing out to be a team saving signing. That was the media. So ***** at the media for making things bigger than they are, not Burke because by my observation, he's not doing that. 
  35. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    I wouldn't play Frattin over Clowe on the second line. 

  36. nordiques100 says:

    Frattin gone for hte playoffs with a knee injury. Tough break.

  37. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    wow that's huge! it's not looking good for the marlies.

  38. JoelLeafs says:

    No sh!t. Zigomanis, Muller, Kadri, Frattin, and Ashton, all injured. That's pretty brutal for going into the finals. Oh well, there is always hope with Scrivens between the pipes… I suppose.

  39. nordiques100 says:

    On a more positive note, the leafs have signed Leo Komarov to a 1 year deal.

    He is likely slated for 3rd line checking duty. He apparently is similar to Jarko Ruutu the former Sen and Pens player who was a regular 3rd/4th liner. 
  40. toronto77 says:

    I think he did it when he slid into the net after scoring the empty net goal in game they eliminated oklahoma.

    McKegg is now called up to play, and should provide some more energy after going all the way to the finals in the memorial cup.
  41. Kessel_Leafs48 says:

    my bad for some reason i thought moen was centre when i was writing this, i still think he would be 3rd line tho, switch him with connolly. apologies

  42. LeafsNation4Ever says:

    McKegg looked really good in the finals. Players I liked watching were Kabanov and Domi… Domi looked like he had energy all the way through the end, he was really exciting to watch. Bummed that London lost :c 

  43. toronto77 says:

    I heard him saying that he wants to play for the leafs but I think he will end up in the marlies, there is a huge log jam at the 3rd line centre spot.

  44. 93killer93 says:

    Does anyone know why Ross wasn't called up? 

  45. toronto77 says:

    He would be amazing!! I think I would prefer him over McKegg. Ross is also more of a burke type player. But ya know idea.

  46. toronto77 says:

    Wonder if he would join the marlies? With his age and experience, I don't see why not. Especially with the amount of injuries.

  47. Steven_Leafs says:

    unless the Leafs trade a few 3rd liners for a top 6 player or goalie then there is no way Komarov makes the team IMO.

  48. mojo19 says:

    Has HTR re-tooled or am I just on some weird mobile format? Guess I will find out when I get back on a computer

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