Maple Leafs in on Kesler?

Darren Dreger: You can add the Toronto Maple Leafs to the list of many teams who have expressed interest and have talked to Vancouver Canucks’ mangement about Ryan Kesler, but as Bob identifies, the asking price is very, very lofty.

So in Toronto Maple Leafs terms, if a deal were to be reached it would likely include Nazem Kadri. It would likely include either Jake Gardiner or Morgan Rielly and that first-round draft pick. And if Morgan Rielly is must as part of this deal then it’s unlikely it happens.

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  1. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    A Kesler type down the middle is exactly what the Leafs need. They need a Kesler, J. Staal, etc down the middle. We need that more than a nifty playmaker.imo

    The Leafs need a big, strong centre and a top 4 D if they want to move to the next level as I see it. It’s what I have felt all year and nothing has changed my mind yet.

    Players I would be open to moving because they may bring that kind of return and I don’t feel are guys that are necessary to win a cup with the core we have…Kadri, Gardiner, Gunnar, Kulimen, Reimer and our 1st rounder top the list. I think the core, (as seen by management at least) is Kessel, JVR, Bozak, Lupul, Clarkson, Phaneuf, Rielly, Bernier…maybe Bolland if the price to retain is right.

    They may also consider moving Franson, Raymond and/or McClement if the price is right. None of those three allow the Leafs to take back any real salary though, which could cause a problem for the Leafs in moving them for anything other than picks.

    If the Leafs used Kadri+ to get Kesler they are filing a need. I know, Kadri’s upside may be better and Kesler may be banged up, but is Kadri what T.O needs? Kesler is more what the Leafs need.imo Something like Kadri and a first or Kadri, Gunnar/Kulimen, McKegg (salary and value).

    Now we would need a top 4 D.

    Something like Gardiner, Reimer for Gudbranson, Clemenson, 2014 2nd? Florida gets the goalie they need and a puck mover. Toronto gets a big, shutdown D and a vet back-up for this season. Then target a guy like Elliot in the off-season as a back-up to Bernier. I know Gardiner has great offensive potential, but is he what T.O needs?
    Personally, I still feel we need to be bigger and tougher in our own end over a guy like Gardiner when we have Rielly on the rise. We have seen how Gleason has helped, but it’s not enough.

    Some would rather keep and develop guys like Kadri and Gardiner and I get that. They are just not what we need when you consider the guys who are NOT likely to be moved. Good to very good players, but do they make us good enough going forward?

    We needed a discussion…there it is.

  2. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Possible personal issues aside, Nonis and Gillis both have a history of being a bit gun shy on the big deals.

    Nonis isn’t desperate enough to offer Gardiner or Kadri for Kesler. Gillis can ask the world but the reality is that you don’t get great prospects or young players with superstar potential for veterans at the deadline anymore. What you get is a 2nd rate prospect, quality veteran roster player (perhaps Franson is the Leafs answer to Halak or Moulson) and a mid to late 1st round pick.

    Who is the front runner for Kesler? The Pens? What are they really going to offer? A 26-30th overall pick, a couple of former draft picks that will never make the NHL?

    Chicago also in, Saad? Doubt it.

    Not sure what Gillis expects to get Kesler, if he’s asking top young talent, no one is paying that.

  3. leafs_wallace93 says:

    And Kesler for Rielly? lololololol

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