Maple Leafs Revisited

Here is the present situation, Let’s see what we should do.
McCabe 5.75 mil
Sundin 5.5 mil
Kubina 5 mil
Kaberle 4.25 mil
Tucker 3 mil
Ponikarovsky 2.105 mil
Antropov 2.05 mil
Gill 2.075 mil
Raycroft 2 mil
Steen 901 k
Kilger 900 k
Stajan 875 k
Wellwood 875 k
White 850 k
Belak 625 k
Devereaux 575 k
Wozniewski 500 k
Kronwall 488 k
Pohl 463 k
Newbury 450 k
Total Cap Number for Next Season so far:
39.232 million

Un-signed RFA’s:
Suglobov (signed in Russia)

Players signed to two-way deals:
Westrum 463 k
Ondrus 475 k

Possible cap number for next season between 49-52 million (rumored).

Cap space remaining:
9.768 – 12.768 million

What should we do with the cap space guys?
What would you upgrade?
How much would spend to upgrade?
Who should be focused on as UFA’s?
How much would you pay them?
How realistic is a dream of a Stanley Cup this season?
What realistic trades would you try to make?
Can the Leafs make the playoffs next season?
Morozov? Zherdev? Hartnell? Smyth? Giguere?
You be the judge.

24 Responses to Maple Leafs Revisited

  1. tucksfan says:

    gill is making 3.5 and we should get smyth!!!!!!!

  2. Mandrewz says:

    Gill is not making 3.5.  He signed a 3-year deal worth just over 6 million.  His cap hit is about 2.1/season.

  3. tucksfan says:

    ok i say on the internet he was making 3.5……my bad

  4. 92-93 says:

    1- simply must do the impossible: trade one of McCabe or Kubina.

    2 – simply must get a goalie who can push Raycroft to be the #1

    3 – simply must get Smyth, or the cheaper (more shootout friendly) Kariya. Smyth $6 million for 5 years, or Kariya $4.5-5 for 3 or 4 years.

    a lot of money? you bet. but if you do #1, and take into consideration that this might be Sundin's last year as a leaf, #3 makes sense. and it makes even MORE sense if #1 is done.

    in terms of the most important move? #2. i've suggested Fernandez but that is not likely to happen. there are other options, but not many.

  5. Glucker says:

    well, we saw that even Samsonov can get traded, so that should get our spirits up, we CAN trade away some of our crazy salaries. McCabe, bigger salary then Samsonov, but not as useless a player. He's better then Souray overall, and Souray is probably gonna get 6 mill somewhere so its safe to say that there may be some demand for McCabe. Since we all know the rumor that he'd waive his NMC to play for NYI, I say we trade him for Dubie and their #1 pick. Dubie is an extremely technical goalie without much natural skill, I think he would bea solid backup for Raycroft, and could even teach him a thing or two(like that amazing poke-check). Doing this, we satisfy our need for a backup goalie, while clearing ~5 mill on the cap.

    so now we have ~15-18 to spend…
    Hartnell  4
    Comrie   4
    Nagy      4
    Hannan  3

    Trade Antropov+NYI's 1st for Bruin's 1st

    Nagy Sundin Wellwood
    Hartnell Comrie Tucker
    Ponikarovsky Peca Kilger
    Steen Pohl Stajan

    Kaberle Kubina
    Hannan Colaiacovo
    Gill White


    2-4 left on the cap… but Poni will probably request a trade to Boston, or just be pissed at the organization for sending his best buddy away(Roberts & Niewendyk)…I think this is a much more complete team then if we just got Smyth and Cujo as most ppl want,and it adds toughness and some more skill, and we don't suffer on the blue line, we probably get better.
    MAYBE(just maybe) we can trade Poni and Antropov together(and a 1st) back to the Bruins and get Rask back 😛 and then go and sign a guy like Roberts to fill in for hte PWF position

  6. Glucker says:

    McCabe for Dubie and a first is good for both #1 and #2

  7. Glucker says:

    ooh, wait a sec, i forgot to resign Peca and Colaiacovo…my bad
    Trade McCabe for NYI's first and Dubie

    Colaiacovo-1.5… that leaves 11-14 to spend
    Hartnell for 4
    Comrie for 4…that leaves 3-6 left

    Trade Antropov + Poni + NYI's 1st for Rask back…7-10 left
    Sign Nagy for 4….3-6 left
    if there is room, Hannan

    and if we can't afford Hannan the D changes to:
    Kaberle Kubina
    Colaiacovo White
    Gill Kronwall

  8. leafmeister says:

    Trade McCabe to NYI for 1st rounder and Trent Hunter
    Trade Gill to Detroit for Osgood

    Sign Hannan for 4 mil.

    Sign Kariya 5. mil.







  9. the_word says:

    The Leafs would be better off not signing Symth.  Why did someone at his age 5.5+ over 5 – 6 year who talent has already peaked, skills are only going to diminish as he get older and whose celling  is about 70 points with 30 goals?

    Harnell is younger, has more upside and will be cheaper.  Overall a much more attractive UFA than Smyth. 

  10. Glucker says:

    oh…and the forward lines would be:

    Nagy Sundin Wellwood
    Hartnell Comrie Steen
    Tucker Peca Kilger
    Pohl Stajan Williams

  11. PaulK123 says:

    Sign a first line winger for Sundin, and try to sign a back-up for Raycroft. If Fergie is able to trade McCabe (god bless his soul :P) then we sign secondary scoring (Michael Nylander)…there

  12. Hoondog2 says:

    1-Trade McCabe to NYI for Trent Hunter and a pick.
    2-Trade Pohl (possibly to move up in the draft)
    3-Sign Peca to a 1 year deal
    4-Sign Bertuzzi to a 1 year deal.
    5-Sign a quality back-up goalie (Cujo, Weekes)

    Tucker            Sundin               Bertuzzi
    Antro.           Wellwood             Ponik.
    Steen              Stajan                Hunter
    Kilger               Peca                Devereaux

    Kaberle                 Kubina
    Colaiacovo             White
    Gill                       Kronwall

    (Cujo, Weekes)

  13. BrianColangeloNHLGM says:

    What should we do with the cap space guys?

    Cap space could actually even be 1 million less if salary cap is 48 mill, so as of now we can only speculate. But from all of the rumblings you have to believe that the Leafs are looking to sing 2 forwards, and a solid backup / 1B goalie for Raycroft. So we will need to spend around 8-10 million dollars (if we have it)

    What would you upgrade?

    The NET. Raycroft is young, and Im not being a hater, but at the very least we need a capable backup / 1B goalie that can push Raycroft, or even possibly share the duties with him, a la the San Jose Sharks. Then you can ride the hot goalie into the playoffs. If you look at the last two Stanly cup winners, Carolina had two solid goalies, and used both in the playoffs. Anaheim had two great goalies, and also used both in the playoffs. So in my opinion a good goalie is very important.
    And obviously we need a guy to throw beside Sundin.

    Who should be focused on as UFA's?

    Paul Kariya  –> Still expensive, but we wont have to commit as many years to him

    Scott Hartnell –> If we can get him without breaking the bank too hard, could be pretty good addition.

    Todd Bertuzzi –> If he would be available at around 2-3 million for a 1 to two million year deal, could be a very good move, or VERY BAD.

    Ladislav Nagy –> If we can get him for about 4 years at 3 million, that would be an AMAZING pickup. But his value will be inflated in the market.

    Alexie Morozov –> If you believe the hype, and if he wants to sign a cheap contract, im all for it.

    there are more but i dont want to ramble on…

    How realistic is a dream of a Stanley Cup this season?

    Now i dont want to sounds like a duranged Leafs fan who believes that we are going to win the cup every year, but I do believe that if the Buds are able to pick up a stud up front, a quality second liner and a capable goalie, who may even be able to take over the reigns if Raycroft falter, we will be able to be very competitive.
    We were one of the top teams in shots, goals, and not allowing shits against last year. All we need to be able to do now is stop some pucks, and add that extra offensive dynamic to our team.

    What realistic trades would you try to make?

    Ill start with the unrealistic

    Leafs Trade

    Andrew Raycroft
    Pavel Kubina

    To the Wild for

    Manny Fernandez
    Keith Carney

    Leafs Trade

    Alex Steen
    Carlo Colaiacovo
    Robbie Earl
    1st rounder 2008
    Some money

    To San Jose for

    Partick Marleau
    4th rounder 2007

    Now the more realistic trades…. Well how bout the players on the Leafs that can be packaged in a trade…

    Alexander Steen
    Matt Stajan
    Carlo Colaiacovo
    Pavel Kubina
    Brian McCabe
    Hallis Gillis
    Andrew Raycroft
    Steffan Kronwall

    All of the above players are ones who i see as being trade possible players. For who, Im not even going to guess.

    Final Gues

    The Leafs actually make some smart moves this summer. JFJ really surprises us. We are a good team next year, but maybe not yet great. In the end, it all comes down to who is stopping the puck. We need a GREAT goalie.

  14. Hoondog2 says:

    This team will make the playoffs and get some experience for the following year, which I believe is when the Leafs will start to be a very competetive team.

  15. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Add $750 000 to that number, because the Belfour buyout is still on the books.

    $9-$12 million.

    Zherdev blows, Giguere is too expensive, Morozov blows, Hartnell is over rated.

    I want Smyth, Roberts, and CuJo.

  16. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    Anyone who'd rather trade Kubina than mcCabe is retarded.

  17. lukeleim says:

    Giguere at 6-6.5 million I believe is well worth the money… he's the most valuable player available hands down. 2. Ryan Smyth 3. Daniel Briere… Both Smyth and Briere will be overpaid, like the rest of the UFA's.

  18. BrianColangeloNHLGM says:

    WHY?? Yes McCabe has his defensive screw ups, but his salary is only 3/4 of a mill more than Kubina, and he is one of the best offensive defenseman in the NHL. If we can get rid of either it would be good, but think about both players, i think in the long run that dangerous shot from the point, and his eye for the net are much more important.

  19. Peca4PM says:

    Leafy ur an idiot. the Belfour buyout is off the books…..go to NHL numbers if u dont believe me

  20. KingCanada says:

    wow i was gonna write much of the same thing till i read urs, i agree 100%
    as of shootout friendly, i would give a shot to victor Kozlov, one of the top shootout specialist and doesnt have bad numbers eigther (25g/26a), made under 1 million last season, i think 1.5 would be fair/cheap to us

  21. KingCanada says:

    I like the idea to trade for dubi and a 1st altho im not very sold on dubi but tahts cool, maurice wont play him anyways, same way he treated Aubin.  As technical that he is, hes a tiny goaltender.

    And HOW do u think Poni will demand to get traded that doesnt make any sense and i dont think u can back that up.  He just officially became a Canadian citizen about a month ago, doubt he wants to be traded bro..

    PS his best buddy is Antropov NOT roberts/niewy

  22. KingCanada says:

    Smyth is only 31, hes in his prime, hell be solid for another 4-5 years im sure

  23. KingCanada says:

    buddy YOU blow, Morozov lead his Russian team with 83 points in a hard to score league and took his team to the FIRST place in the league at the end of the regular season.

    Add a few more minutes of ur time on ur reply by double checking ur figures, the belfour buyout is over, so is the domi one.

  24. Peca4PM says:

    wow……nothing u say means anything anymore….Kubina is fine for 3 mil….Mcbabe is fine for 4 mil…they r both overpaid, but Mcbabe has leadership some physicality, and a ton of scoring, Kubina is just big,….

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