Maple Leafs Revisited

Here is the present situation, Let’s see what we should do.
McCabe 5.75 mil
Sundin 5.5 mil
Kubina 5 mil
Kaberle 4.25 mil
Tucker 3 mil
Ponikarovsky 2.105 mil
Antropov 2.05 mil
Gill 2.075 mil
Raycroft 2 mil
Steen 901 k
Kilger 900 k
Stajan 875 k
Wellwood 875 k
White 850 k
Belak 625 k
Devereaux 575 k
Wozniewski 500 k
Kronwall 488 k
Pohl 463 k
Newbury 450 k
Total Cap Number for Next Season so far:
39.232 million

Un-signed RFA’s:
Suglobov (signed in Russia)

Players signed to two-way deals:
Westrum 463 k
Ondrus 475 k

Possible cap number for next season between 49-52 million (rumored).

Cap space remaining:
9.768 – 12.768 million

What should we do with the cap space guys?
What would you upgrade?
How much would spend to upgrade?
Who should be focused on as UFA’s?
How much would you pay them?
How realistic is a dream of a Stanley Cup this season?
What realistic trades would you try to make?
Can the Leafs make the playoffs next season?
Morozov? Zherdev? Hartnell? Smyth? Giguere?
You be the judge.