Maple Leafs Trade Talk Heating Up

Mike Zeisberger of the Toronto Sun writes that the Maple Leafs phones are ringing as trade talk heats up.

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  1. leafy says:

    This site is stagnating. I’ve got to liven things up.

    Ok Leafs fans, do you REALLY want to fix the Leafs?

    I’d say get rid of melon-head Carlyle and give this roster another chance. But that’s not happening, so it’s option B. Change the roster.

    The following need to be shipped out:

    Dion Phaneuf – Would be good as a no. 3. Problem is he gets too much moolah. Move him and free up cap space.

    Carl Gunnarson – On a good team, a no. 6 defenceman in my way of thinking. Every crappy team has players like Gunnarson. Good teams aim for higher. Nothing special.

    Nazem Kadri – He’ll never be a stud forward, but can be a consistent point producer. Can try to be patient with him to see if he pans out. Another option is to trade him for something good before he’s an RFA next year.

    David Clarkson – Too slow and ineffective last year; maybe a playoff type player, but you need to get there. Badly overpaid. Out.

    Jay McClement – doesn’t score, but best penalty killer on one of the league’s worst penalty killing teams. In other words, useless. Out!

    Joffrey Lupul – maybe this is the time to consider moving a “core” piece. If Lupul is about to decline, this is the time to ship him out while his value is quite high.

    Tyler Bozak – Surprised many people by having an overall great season. But can he play like this year after year? Maybe an ideal guy to move while his value is high to shake up the roster.


    Jake Gardiner – As the playoffs are showing, in today’s NHL, you need players that can skate. I’m not prepared yet to trade this guy. I wanna see more.

    Cody Franson – When I think of Franson, I think of the beast in the playoffs against Boston 2 springs ago, not the Franson of last year. Another guy I’d like to see more of.

    Tim Gleeson – Good shot blocker and actually tries to clear the crease or box out forwards. What a novel concept.


    Phil Kessel – Okay he’s the team’s best player and elite NHL forward. But his value is at superstar level, and just think of what you can get for him. But here is the key question to consider with regards to trading Kessel: Are the Leafs still in the middle of a rebuild, or do they feel they can be contenders in the next 12-24 months with a few roster tweaks? If the latter, absolutely keep Kessel. If the former, then why keep him? You’re wasting his prime years, so trade him for top end younger talent (possibly 2 blue chip prospects or roster players), for nobody knows when his numbers will decline.


    Kessel * (but see above)

  2. kessel_leafs81 says:

    Apparently the leafs are high on Dan Boyle’s list, would anybody else be interested in boyle especially if phaneufs traded and especially for the first overal pick like ekblad? Boyle has a lot of experience and leadership and has a similar style to a guy like reilly and gardiner so he can really lead by example and take those players under his wing. If we surround those three with big physical guys like gleason franson and ekblad i think it can be really solid.

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