Marc-Andre Bergeron scratched for last two


Marc-Andre Bergeron has been a healthy scratch for the Islanders in their last two games. Looks like Bryan Berard has taken over the PP. But why sit Bergeron? Anyone hear anything?

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  1. Lint07 says:

    We certainly could use a francophone PP specialist here in Montreal…

  2. Rico71 says:

    If the Isles have benched him and have only Berard to QB the PP…I can't see how he would us out in Montreal. We have Markov, Streit (who sucks this year), Brisebois and Hammer.

    Bergeron keeps getting benched by his the tea,s he plays for. He's too small and is not that good defensively.

    Leave him in NY.

  3. Lint07 says:

    still, I'd much rather have Bergeron than Brisebois.

    With the departure of Souray, we have no D that can scare the other team or goalie with their shot which changes the PP alot.

    Also, Hamrlik is not much of a PP guy.

  4. Rico71 says:


    I would prefer Bergeron over Brisebois also. That for sure. Bergeron has a good shot.

    Did you see how this year no one is afraid of our PP defensemen? No one has a powerful shot. So now they concentrate on blocking Koivu and Kovalev. They keep an eye on Markov also…but they know he never lets loose from the point. He tends to sneak in to score goals. Streit sucks this year. Maybe he is trying to do too much?

    Hammer is not getting any younger. His point shot used to be good, but now he's ordinary. Brisebois can still pull out that slap-pass he does…like against the Sens…but that's all.

    Let's not even mention Bouillon at the point. lol

    Though I really like Komisarek's low shots. He shoots it on net and they can be deflected…if only someone had the guts to park himself in front of the net.

  5. Lint07 says:

    exactly what i'm saying.

    Having a great PP shot from the point makes the other team focus on that point guy which opens up some options on the side.

  6. hemskysprophet says:

    I'd bet the farm that he's just up to his old tricks.
    Caughing up the puck, not making an outlet pass to save his life, and being easily pushed off the puck. As hard as this guy shots he will always be a defensive liability, i never understood why u couldnt give him a shot on the wing though.

  7. turdfergusson says:

      It took awhile for the rest of the hockey fans outside of Edmonton to see this.  M.A.B.'s achilles heel is his inability to make decisions when the game shifts into high gear. His junior hockey tendencies are dying hard as hemskysprophet alluded to..

     He does have some skills but is outta position especially when  the d-man he's paired with could really use his help. No harm , as i'm sure any GM would've taken a chance on this guy. It will be interesting to see how Grebeshkov works out in Edmonton.

  8. Wings19 says:

    Surprise surprise. Maybe they benched him because he cant hit and he bounces off forwards. Or maybe because he coughs up the puck and is scared to get hit. Nah i think the reason is for Dipeitro to be safe.

  9. BlueOrangeWhite says:


    we'll take bergeron for kovalev. and the canadiens may take the deal too. call  gainey and  let him know.

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