Marchment Wants Leafs…Even If Its For 1-Year, Or Less Than 1-Million A Year

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Sources have reported rugged hard nosed defensemen Bryan Marchment wanting to play for the Leafs at any cost…(Or lack there of),Bryan Marchment has apperantly told reporters that he wants to play for the Leaf no matter what.

Even if its one year, or even if its less than a million a year.

*Experts Look: Heck, If thats true, then Leafs will most likely sign Marchment by tomorrow or the day after. Either way, I say Marchment will be a Leaf. He sounds like he’d give an arm to be here. Quinn tends to go for players with that type of motivation of playing for the Leafs.



Bryan Marchment to Toronto?

The Score reports that Scarborough Ontario native, Bryan Marchment, would like to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs. His agent told the Leafs that Marchment is willing to sign a one or two year contract and he is also willing to take a pay cut as long as he gets to play for Toronto.