Marian Hossa Speculation

Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal weighs in with a listing of what he feels are the ten most likely teams to land Marian Hossa. Matheson’s ten team listing is primarily based on the fact that only a handful of teams presently have the salary cap space to fit Hossa into their roster. Some of the teams that are speculated to have interest and cap space include San Jose (Can you imagine San Jose having Thornton and Hossa?), Colorado, Pittsburgh (Wow – Crosby, Malkin and Hossa), Detroit, Carolina and Minnesota. It is thought that Minnesota may have a good chance to land Hossa because of this friendship with Pavol Demitra and Gaborik. Read the full article from its source

8 Responses to Marian Hossa Speculation

  1. senators101 says:

    Does Hossa have a NTC? Cuz if he doesn't, then it doesn't matter if Minni wants him, he's got no say.

  2. jimbob says:

    He doesnt have an NTC, thats how he got traded to atlanta in the first place.

  3. jimbob says:

    Either way, its like people have no attention span.  Hossa going to the sharks is ridiculous, they don't need another playoff disappearance act(cue Guerin).
    I've seen a lot of programs that says he is going to a contender…but AGAIN, as a long time ottawa fan, this is complete nonsense.  He will not help any team win a cup, he will help teams make the playoffs though.  thats what he did in atlanta and ottawa so far in his career.  I can see him going to Columbus or Dallas, a west team that needs one more piece to make the playoffs.  He would fit well with Hitch***** and Tippett, 2 defense minded coaches. 
    You can see he's not playing his best right now, i think he expects to be traded.  Atlanta SHOULD trade him too, they need to rebuild after losing key pieces like Braydon coburn (WTF was waddell thinking?).

  4. neilios says:

    Atlanta needs some pieces to start rebuilding and the Canucks can halp with that and the Canucks need a scoring RW and Hossa would certainly help there.The deal will happen soon or the Canucks season will be over by the new year.The possible deal will look a little something like this.

    To Atlanta-Salo or Bieska3.5mill,Cooke1.5mill,Edler,and Grabner
    To Canucks-HOssa7mill and McCarthey700k

    salary works for both teams but Canucks would be right at there max after the deal cause they still have 2.6mill kicking around in cap space.I know both Salo and Bieska are both injured right now but both of them are locked up for 3 years and the Thrashers need a Dman despartly like a salo or Bieska.

  5. flamingsenator says:

    stop trying to move cooke….haha

    with salos latest injury….his market value is pretty low….sam the glass man salo :p

  6. flamingsenator says:

    minni wont do it unless theyre willing to drop rolston

    sanjose is looking for defense…but anything is possible…another joe thornton trade?

    pittsberg would be a good place for hossa…

    screw detroit…im pretty sure theyre gonna get forsberg..

  7. leniwm1 says:

    GUARANTEE Lou pulls something out of his ass and brings Hossa to jersey! We need it! You heard it here first

  8. MR40 says:

    He is injury prone, but thats just a freak accident. He anyone would get hurt if they got hit in the face like he did by that puck.

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