Mario Brings down the axe!!! Ed Olczyk FIRED

Sportsnet has learned the Pittsburgh Penguins have fired head coach Ed Olczyk along with his entire coaching staff and replaced him with the Penguins AHL coach and former Montreal Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien… Should be officialized by thursday morning!

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  1. penguinos66 says:

    no but its something cechmanek doesnt know anything about

  2. Pensfan33 says:

    the county is ready to do whatever it takes to keep the Pens here, Lemieux has put the pressure on and this district knows how much of a loss they will take if the Pens leave so it looks REALLY good and i think they will be staying

  3. Lint07 says:

    I didn’t say anything bad against Mario himself. I was pointing out that it’s not always a good idea to sign your friends.

    Reports out of Pittsburgh were saying that Olczyk had absolutely 0 control over this team… Just like several Pens coaches before him, which leads to the question: Is it really the coaches that are to blame in Pens town or the country club atmosphere?

    Just asking.

  4. Lint07 says:

    exactly what I am scared of…

  5. Pensfan33 says:

    I dont know if you all remember the early 90s when Scottie Bowman was head coach, Lemieux hated him because he was very disciplined, he pretty much ran him out of town,

    I just hope the same dont happen with THerien, because discipline will win games, yet if your boss dont like discipline then your in trouble, i think its better for the team that lemieux goes back to the press box, granted he was argueable one of the best player in the game at one time , yet right now he is just a hindrance to the team ,and is stopping them from moving forward, let the coach do his job and let the owner do his and let the players play the game and win , with everyone doing their job you will see SUCCESS and thats what is needed here some wins

  6. Lint07 says:

    my point, exactly.

    I’m glad a Pens’ fan understands it… As much as I like him, I’m affraid Mario might not be part of the solution anymore, at least not on the ice.

  7. Pensfan33 says:

    i mean granted if Lemieux was as half of the player he was 10 yrs ago, and still putting up the numbers he did then so be it, yet from what i saw in him this year he cost them a few goals, and he was really shaky on the ice, he couldnt handle the passes anymore, face it brother its over do what ya did for Team Canada and let a younger guy come in and fill your shoes

  8. wingerxxx says:

    Well anytime Sergei Gonchar is your number one defenseman, you’re going to have some defensive issues. Especially when he is not surrounded by the greatest group of guys on the blueline, in their own end. But a good system and good coaching should help alleviate that.

  9. Mullet says:

    Pens will be the busiest team at the trade deadline, as Palffy, LeClair,Fata, Koltsov, Thibault, Caron, Orpik and Ric Jackman could all be on the way out.

    P.S. This just in the Leafs are close to releasing Czerkawski on to waivers to make room for the returning Staffan Kronwall. Also rumours are saying Aki Berg could be traded sometime this week an unidentified team who are offering a 2nd or 3rd rd pick for the piece of junk dman.

  10. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Where did you get the Leaf info??????

  11. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    from his mind

  12. LeafsWillNeverGetCup says:

    with exception to this year, the rangers were very overrated. No matter how many big names (Mario is washed up now anyways), you need a TEAM, not a couple of big goal scorers.

    I lay half the blame on Crosby. Sure he’s a decent player, he’s not the next “Great one” though.

    The only reason gretzky did so decent is because he was on a stocked team. Ovechkin is doing most of the scoring in washington, he makes hits, and he doesn’t whine like sidney does. Him or Phaneuf should get the calder. Enough of the rant.

    Yes, I laughed so hard, I cried. Regarding the comment that how do coaches become coaches if they don’t get a chance? Therien had a chance, my habs fired him. He was useless as tits on a boar pig.

    I’d like to have a buck for every time he was booed. Seriously, this is a terrible move for the penguins, who are going to end up packing and comming to Hamilton or Winnepeg anyway.

    Say what you want, but by the end of the season, we’ll see how great Therien does.

  13. LeafsWillNeverGetCup says:

    Fleury isn’t a good fit. Goaltenders are a ‘good’ fit when they are able to carry the team.

    Jose Theodore, The Dominator, Eddie the Eagle (back when he was good), Nabokov are able to carry the team.

    This big-toothed one cannot. Sorry to burst your sub 500 bubble.

  14. fanboi says:

    Wonder if the new coach will like Las Vegas

  15. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    Hes strict as hell i think he would have the balls to scratch onachar and Mario if he has too

  16. thinice987 says:

    Palfy isn’t going anywhere. They brought him in to play with Malkin who is joining the team next year.

  17. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    actually they brought Gonchar to play with malkin since they both played together in russia i dont know where you got palffy from!

  18. LeafsWillNeverGetCup says:

    The reason why I lay half the blame on Crosby, is that he’s a hotdog, and he’s too full of himself. He comes into the NHL, on an NHL team, ordering players around? He isn’t a leader. He should be learning, not trying to boss the team around. Make no wonder he got into a fight with one of his fellow teammates during practice.

  19. CechmanekForVezina says:


    Career 212 205 12086 110 64 28 0 9 419 2.08 5161 4742 .919 25

  20. BrokenSocialScene says:

    Gonchar playing with Malkin doesn’t make anymore sense seeing as Malkin doesn’t play defense…Anyways, i really doubt they brought EITHER in to play with Malkin. They were both brought in because they are both really talented offensive players.

    It’s really too bad Palffy got injured again, because he and Crosby were really starting to look good together. Lets hope Therrien lines them up again together when Ziggy gets back!

    I didn’t draft Palffy in the second round of my pool to play with slugs like Malone and whatever other scraps the Pens can throw on the ice!

  21. wingerxxx says:

    A 2nd or 3rd round pick for Aki Berg….No. Any GM that gives a 2nd or 3rd round pick for a 5-6 defenseman should be fired on the spot. Czerkawski should have been waived a long time ago. His career is probably finished.

  22. BrokenSocialScene says:

    Everybody likes Vegas. The real question is whether he’ll like Winnipeg.

  23. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    Gonchar playing with Malkin doesn’t make anymore sense seeing as Malkin doesn’t play defense

    Malkin doesnt play defense? i hope that was a spelling error or a name mix up because if its not then your a *****ing idiot

  24. mojo19 says:

    yeah, i dont know. this is also a little off topic, but not as much:

    I’ve got tickets to the pens Sabres game on Saturday, can’t wait to see a hopefully fired up Penguins team playing for their new coach VS the red hot Buffalo Sabres. Ye ye.

  25. mojo19 says:

    scratch Mario? I don’t think he would no matter how bad mario is playing.

  26. Pensfan33 says:

    temporarily Rick Kehoe and Joey Mullen are serving as interim coaches for the baby Pens, im suprised Olcyk didnt go down there too, most likely thats whats gone to happen hes gone to get demoted to the AHL thats in my opinion anyways, its funny how this is working out, that they bring a coach up and send some down lol

  27. NemiNA says:

    WOW! Torono’s screwing somebody out of a pick! If they get a 2nd rounder for him I’ll tip my hat to JFJ.

  28. NemiNA says:


  29. LeafsWillNeverGetCup says:

    Hmm… well a Hart and a Vezina that year would make the owner of these trophies a fool, eh?


  30. CechmanekForVezina says:

    You’re not a wrestler.

  31. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    he looks like he would actually he looks like he would jump off the bench and kill some1

  32. penguinos66 says:

    good news, after you i read your post, i read an article the pittsburgh post gazette and it said that the county would tyry and find several methods of funding to keep the team here. and mario made the right move by publicly saying the team could be headed elsewhere. i can’t imagine the portland or kansas city penguins!!!

  33. Ivan_Mtl says:

    The first thing you have to understand about Michel Therrien is that he has absolutely no class… and very little talent as a head coach.

    His record is 115-122-22 in the AHL, and 77-91-22 in the NHL when he was the coach of the Montreal Canadiens. In fact, he is one of only three coaches to have a losing record with the team in the entire history of the franchise.

    Also, what success he did have at the junior level was artificially manufactured by the fact that the owner of his team also owned two other teams which allowed him to assemble an “all-star” line-up.

    Former player turned radio personality PJ Stock had nothing good to say on the Team990 about the coach he both played for and against during his career. In fact, he cited several incidents that really exposed Therrien for the no-class guy that he is.

    During one game when Therien’s club had a commanding lead over their opponent (see above), PJ Stock skated over to Therien’s bench to question why he sent out a 20 yr old goon to go after a 16 yr old player from the opposing team that had been playing a particularly good gritty game. Therrien responded by flicking his gum at PJ Stock’s visor. I think PJ Stock summed it up best when he turned to Therrien’s players and told them that they were “a first place team playing for a last place coach.”

    He displayed his lack-of-class again during a Canadiens/Bruins game when he stood up on the bench and made throat-slashing gestures towards the visiting Bruins’ bench in response to a hit on Richard Zednick

    He also made many monumental coaching errors during his tenure with the Habs, and that coupled with his lack of class made him an embarrassment to the much storied Montreal Canadiens organization.

    In a nutshell, Michel Therrien is supposed to be a tough, no-nonsense coach, but how really tough can he be when his wife beat him up twice. At least Patrick Roy never lost a *****-slapping contest with his wife… or even a television set, for that matter.

    Meanwhile, former Jack Adams Trophy award winner for best coach, Ted Nolan, still waits for a call from an NHL team. There is no justice in the world – and certainly not the NHL.

  34. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    “how really tough can he be when his wife beat him up twice.”

    so you expect him to hit his wife back? that would just be plain pathetic if my GF was fighting me id rather have her kick the living shit out of me then for me to strike her

  35. BrokenSocialScene says:

    You’re the fuggin knob. Maybe before you fly off the handle and try and come down on someone you should do your research…

  36. Hockey_Fan_99 says:

    I know all about malkin ive followed him very closely since his draft ive even gone out of my way to get videos of his play in russia he is one of if not the best 2 way forward prospect and really he probably plays the defensive apect more then the offensive aspect!

  37. solace242 says:

    Once Mario is out of the players side, and sticks to the owners side… the penguins will be better off.

  38. LeafsWillNeverGetCup says:

    Then you are a fool.

    Man or woman. One smack at me, and you get one back.

  39. LeafsWillNeverGetCup says:

    This looks just like Montreal did when Therien started there. The first game or two, habs played decent through first part of the game, then they’d slack back.

    His style looks no different. The pens were lucky to sponge a point tonight.

    No matter, they won’t make the playoffs, unless once again, the NHL is modified to meet american standards, and allow more teams into the playoffs.

  40. pensfanalltheway6687 says:

    Now what is Edzo gonna do? I personally hope that he goes back to being a broadcaster

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