With all the problems surounding the Penguis of late. Mostly regarding questionable trades. There may be one more deal that may raise a few eyebrows around the NHL.

“CTV SPORTNET” is reporting that Penguins owner and star forward Mario Lemieux may consider moving himself out of Pittsburgh. In order to improve his first love, the Penguins, he may trade himself to a contender in order to acquire two or three good players.
One of the reasons Mario returned to hockey, among other things, was to win another Stanley Cup. A wish that certainly won’t come true if he stays in Pittsburgh. Although this is just speculation, just imagine what Lemieux could fetch on the open market.

On a side note, remember Lemieux can still become a free agent, and return to the city he loves. Meaning next years Penguins could look a whole lot better with the talent they get for Super Mario, and the signing of their owner once again.

Now who would want Lemieux in their line-up? LOL, here’s a better question. Who doesn’t want him in their line-up? Imagine Mario in a Detroit, Dallas or even Colorado line-up? He could easily fetch a Datsyuk and Zetteberg from Detroit, or possibly Skoula, Tanguay and Vrbata from Colorado. Hey it’s all just speculation right?

On a side note. Being a Leafs fan, wouldn’t Sundin and Lemieux look pretty damn good as a 1-2 punch in Toronto? Sundin with Roberts, Lemieux with Mogilny. Hey, one can dream right? lol. We all dream in colour sometimes right? But Lemieux being traded could easily help and better the franchise in Pittsburgh. Just a thought.


  1. leafsrule31sucks says:

    there is no way any team will give up that much just to have him for the playoffs when they know that he will be on a plane and back into Pittsburghs’ line up.

  2. Tony says:

    There’s no way he could fetch both Datsyuk and Zetterberg from the Wings. Why would Detroit trade away their two young future superstars who will play most likely 10 years with the team for Lemieux who will play only playoff with the team. The only way he goes Detroit is if he really wants to play with Yzerman again and maybe win the Cup with him.

  3. adambuffalo says:

    it sounds all good and dandy that mario is trying to help the penguins, but i really think its mario just wanting another championship for himself.

  4. gladiator says:

    In the words of Balki of the sitcom Perfect Strangers:

    “Don’t be rediculous”

    I just can’t see this happening. If this did happen, I don’t think the Penguin fans would forgive him. It would have to be a pretty damn good deal!

  5. edmontonrules says:

    I would give money away for him. Possibly a few crappy players. But there is no way that I would give up any good players, or any prospects.

    If Edmonton could get there hands on him. They could possibly take it to the finals.

    If Ottawa would get him. Wow. Offense, offence, offence!!!

  6. Sands says:

    If Mario is at the end of his contract this year….. Why not! Do it. If a top 5 team get’s him, they just made themselves the top team to beat. Then he can come back to the Pen’s with the players he got.

    But the chance’s of him doing this is 1 out of100000000000000000000000000000000

    Not going to happen…. but we can dream can’t we.

  7. torontoiskickass says:

    That’s the kind of deal that WOULD win the leafs the cup (breaking a 36 year curse)

  8. UsedandAbused says:

    I would love for Flyers to get him! I mean he is exactly what the Flyers need. A center that can make things happen. They don’t have a set up guy. Man I would put him on a line with LeClair and someone else (doesn’t matter). God that would rock! Not that it will happen in a million. Plus I wouldn’t give to much up for him, knowing that you might not get anymore out of him then one playoff run.

  9. burky says:

    the Canucks need a good second line center

    How about RJ Umberger? he’s from Pittsburgh, maybe Mario would pimp himself to the Nucks for him and some picks

  10. TrojanMan says:

    How about this you idiots, HES NOT ALLOWED TO TRADE HIMSELF!!! He was told that my bettman when he announced he was coming out of retirement. In fact, that was a stipulation that he had to agree to to come out of retirement. The fact that you people are even dumb enough to contemplate this is pure idiocy.

  11. TheMinister says:

    Hey man, I would love this but second line center? How many shifts until he’s between Nazzy and Bertuzzi? Knowing Crawford it’d be one shift here, one shift there…

  12. Kraftster says:

    Is that accurate after signing his contract of around 5.25/ year?? I am not sure if that applied to every year or just that first year??

  13. guinsfan4life says:

    Totally obsured. Would never happen. Lemieux would retire himself before ever trading himself. If he wanted to win a cup with another team, he’d have thought about playing for someone else years ago.

    Plus, even if it would happen, the Leafs wouldn’t have the balls to make the deal, anyway!!

  14. guinsfan4life says:

    I think it applied to every year. Bettman would not allow this to happen. IT woudl be a public relations nightmare for the league and for the team.

  15. guinsfan4life says:

    Isn’t it funny how when the season began everyone on this site was saying how Mario was washed up and wouldn’t stay healthy enough to make a difference?!! Now you have people saying they want him on their team!!!

  16. titans says:

    Now thats just silly!

  17. Stuv_Dogg says:

    I sigh to even think that this article made the post, but I guess it is entertaining. Totally not worth the oxygen you consumed while noting your thoughts, but entertaining.

    Mario isn’t going anywhere. He owns the Penguins, for Pete’s sake! When you get players, you want them to play with heart and soul for your team every night. How good would Mario playing for some other team if he was checking the scoreboard every two minutes to see how the Pens were doing?

    Entertaining, but silly.


  18. OldTimeHockey_28 says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s a conflict of interests to have the owner of one team playing for another team.

    Don’ t make sense at all.

    Let’s say he get’s traded to Philly, and Philly meets pittsburgh….Is he really gonna try.

    BEsides the NHL would never let this happen. Never.

  19. DohCanada says:

    Can you say “CONFLICT OF INTEREST”?


    Mr. Rogers

    PS: Fun thought tho’.

  20. AmericasteamRedWings says:

    This one goes beyond stupid.

    Mario trading himself? CTV is obviously a crock, and the fact this actually made it hear really questions the validity of this site.

    Mario will trade himself the day the Leafs win the Cup….:)

  21. Aetherial says:

    The first thing you need to understand is that this idea was first floated around a couple weeks ago.

    It IS possible.

    Lemieux would have to hand over his interests in the Pittsburgh franchise to a trustee(s) for as long as he is not playing in Pittsburgh to remove the conflict of interest.

    Really though, as good as he is, do you want to trade away anything significant for him? He will only play this, and maybe one more year. You would have to be pretty sure you could win the cup with him. I am not sure he *guarantees* that to any team.

    It is fun speculation but there is no way in hell I see it happening.

  22. Kraftster says:

    I thought if he relinquish certain ownership privlages that he could. I don’t kow how it could be like Trojan man said “that was a stipulation that he had to agree to to come out of retirement.” Bettman cannot give conditions under which he is allowed to come out of retirement. He’s no different than any other player who can play whenever they want. The stipulation that first year was so that mario couldn’t just come back, play well, trade himself, and reretire and pocket what they got and go back up to the booth, and he couldn’t have his league vote on a team that he owned while playing for another team. It was never that Bettman wouldn’t let him come out of retirement. That’s why I think it was just the first year. I know there are ownership things lemieux would have to give up, but I think it actually could happen now….though I may be wrong. And there’s really no reason to worry about it, this would never happen…

  23. TrojanMan says:

    Yes, if Mario gave up ownership of the team he can deal himself. You cant own one team and play for another. It would create too many problems, say the Pens made the playoffs and Mario is playing on the team they play in round 1. There is no way he will just give up ownership of the Pens to play for another team and get 2-3 players in a trade. Besides, knowing Patrick, he’d trade him for trash, not that Mario is worth much in my eyes.

  24. AvT says:

    The only way Mario would end up on another team would be for him to sell his share of the Penguins first. And even if he would, the ONLY team he would want to play for would be the Montreal Canadiens. I don’t care how many of you think this is funny but it would be true. If he can’t win a Cup and make the Penguins a success the next best thing for him would be to play for the Habs and retire with his boyhood team.

    If you remember, and some of you don’t I’m sure, when Mario was drafted he was the first player in history to NOT come up to the stage to greet his new team. He simply stood up, acknowledged the crowd, which by the way was in the Montreal Forum, and sat down! His reason? Simple. He did not want to play for any team other than the Montreal Canadiens. Being from Montreal he was a HUGE Habs fan. Pittsburgh refused to trade his rights to Montreal and after many discussions between him and his agent he realized the best thing to do was to sign with Pittsburgh although he was very bitter towards his new management.

    Mario has already won 2 Stanley Cups I don’t know how many scoring titles and awards, hundreds of records and also an Olympic Gold medal. Going to a so-called “contender” to win a Cup I’m sure is not what he wants.

    What he DOES want is to win a Cup with the Penguins, a team that he has tried to save from bankruptcy. Now, the fans are not even coming to the games, and he has very little corporate support these days. Does he really deserve this? No. He’s done everything he can to try to save the Penguins and he’s received nothing but misery so far.

    Mario is only going to lose so much money until he decides to sell his share of the team. Most likely he’ll retire again if he does sell. But, again I say, if he decides to play after he sells, (he’ll have to buy-out his own contract first though) it will more than likely be in the uniform of the Montreal Canadiens.

  25. Tradedude says:

    indeed funny, but as long as he admits himself making the bad trade of kovy im happy. I can’t see Mario on any other team than the pens. If he goes somehere, i would probly say wings cuz they are always stubborn and get what they want, them or the rangers “roll’s eyes”

  26. Tradedude says:

    u left out some extra zero’s: like alot, this many: 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  27. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    this post is so stupid, there’s a bigger chance of a canadian team winning a cup then their is of mario trading himself, and we all know their is no shot of a canadian team ever winning another cup, in fact their is a better shot of the bluejackets winning a cup before a canadian team does, so you know their no shot in hell of mario himself, what i’am trying to say is mario is not trading himself, a canadian will not win a cup ever again, and the blue jackets are next years cup champs… that can’t be right? (just joking all of are canadian members)…or am i? no i really am???

  28. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    i thought about it for a second and well i’am not joking!

  29. Kraftster says:

    He doesn’t have to “give up” ownership, he would just give his rights to a trustee. Do you think that he is not worth much because it would just be a rental??

  30. Kraftster says:

    This seems very uninformed. First of all, Mario does not have to “sell” his share of the team. Instead, merely hand over his privalges as an owner to a trustee. At any time, this trustee can hand everything back over to Mario, assuming he is not on another team. Seconldy, this would not be an individual move I agree it wouldn’t be for a cup, although the only teams that would want him would be contenders. No reason that a non-contending team would want Mario for the final 20 games of their season at the expense of their best young talent. IF and it’s a big IF Mario would ever do this, it would be for the remainder of this season. It would not be to finish his career somewhere else. I agree with you he would love to play in Montreal, but does Montreal give up what it would take to have Mario? A Bulis or Zednik and Markov?? No, I Don’t think so. Everything you said about the beginning of Mario’s career is correct, BUT he has grown to LOVE Pittsburgh, and it is not the fans not filling the seats so much. Agreed, attendance is awful, but it’s not so much “now”….If Mario made this move it would be for the Pittsburgh franchise. That is his ultimate goal, to keep the franchise in Pittsburgh, he’s a business man, and he’ll do what he has to do to do that.

    Also, how can you say “he has already won 2 stanley cups”???? What so a players drive to win the ultimate prize stops then??? Mario would LOVE to win another cup, granted he wants that with the Pens, don’t think he wouldn’t want a chance at another if he were to really consider a trade like this.

  31. Kraftster says:

    No way he’d do move to the Rangers, first off, he’d demand Lundmark and Blackburn, secondly it makes no sense for the Rangers to pick him up when they won’t be in the playoff hunt. They need D. And Mario would want to be on a team he thought could win the cup. Detroit or Colorado are the only options I’d say….but still, this will never happen.

  32. DohCanada says:

    Here’s a good one. Vancouver vs. Ottawa in the Finals. Bettman will shit himself! BooHoo, no American viewers, BooHoo! Who gives a rats ass! They wouldn’t watch if it was Avs vs Devils, Stars vs. Flyers or Hawks vs. Bruins.

    And here’s a good joke….borrow a pen from a Flyers fan and stick it up your ass. Then when you give it back and he says “Man, this pen smells like shit!”, say back to him “It should, I stuck it up my ass!” HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  33. orlandomac says:

    ClarkandFlyersStillSuck, haven’t Philley been waiting almost as long as the Leafs for a Cup give or take 7 yrs.

    I think a Canadian team has a better chance of winning the Cup then the Flyers will ever.

    Although I’m sure Kappinen will be the one that gets Philly over the hump.

    Your team isn’t tops anywhere, even the Islanders Fans have less class then you guys. Although Philly fans are really close. Probably because your inbred mut brothers were too drunk and ended up on Long Island instead of their home in Philly.

    Too all the Philly fans, I do mean it, really.

  34. pop0331 says:

    considering the latest deal with the Pens & Rangers: i foresee mario going to NY for none other then Ted Donato, Cory Cross, and hell throw in a bag of pucks and give em back Dan LaCouture and the Pens all of a sudden look like contenders! If Mario goes anywhere, hockey has become a sad state of affairs!

  35. RatSale says:

    Trojan Man, must really be a sissy to use such a virile name…….

    Well my friend you’re bloody blind “not that Mario is worth much in my eyes”! The guy is like 40, plays with guys like Mckenna still manages to be the leader in assists, misses about a third of the games and is still leading the scorers with by far the best ppg average! Best offensive player in the game and probably would have a hek of an impact in any dressing room but is not worth much for a playoff run hey!

    He could bring a team at least 1 or 2 rounds further in the playoffs and the resulting revenues would be enough to get a free agent to replace the players traded for him.

  36. AvT says:

    As uninformed as you think my comments are, I am, unfortunately for you, right. Although the setup you’re speaking of IS possible, it would be highly unlikely to be completed before the start of the playoffs. And in the mean time, Mario would not be able to play while the process is taking place. A minor setback to be sure since in the mean time he’d have to be shopping himself around league to see who would want him. All of this of course has to be done before the trade deadline, which is in about 3 weeks time. Seem conceivable to you? This “handing over” that you speak of takes time! Mario can’t just walk into a notary office down the street in downtown Pittsburgh and POOF the trustee is setup. It needs approval of the NHL, the State of Pittsburgh and the Federal Courts. It takes MONTHS not weeks for such a deal to go through. Not to mention the fact that some team owners would protest such a move throwing the whole process into another loop. Can you say Bud Selig?

    Yes, the sale of a team would take even longer, but there’s always next season.

    Like I mentioned in my post, Mario’s plan is to stay and win a Cup with the Pens, either as a player or only as an owner. The whole point to this was that if he were to sell his team he would most likely retire again. But, if he wanted to play again it would most likely be with the Montreal Canadiens.

    Winning a Cup with a team that he has no history, ties or feelings for would probably NOT appeal to him at this time of his life. Rather, playing for a team that he has always dreamed of playing with and winning a Cup with them I’m sure does. Playing with a “contender” to win a Cup would be a very shallow one indeed. With only 20 games to go what did he REALLY contribute to that team to get the CUP?

    You seem to forget that Mario is a man of class and pride. Selling himself to win a Cup and at the same time “helping” the Pens is a great, in my opinion, insult to him.

    Yes, Mario is a business man, you’re right. And in business you’re in it to MAKE money not LOSE money. Why in the world would Mario be any different? If it were any other business man we would not even be discussing this. Because if your business is failing, but yet you can prove that there is a market for your business you’ll try to sell it as quickly as possible. Which is what is likely to happen this summer with Mario and the Pens. He’ll more than likely find a local Pittsburgh owner with good corporate contacts. Which is something the Pens are sorely lacking right now.

  37. AvT says:

    A quick correction I meant to say the State of Pennsylvania, not Pittsburgh! Hehehe…

  38. chaosNYI says:

    Dumping Kovalev – Any chance of the playoffs

    Trading yourself so that you still wont have any chance of making the playoffs – priceless.


  39. TrojanMan says:

    its my opinion of a player i dont think too highly of, open YOUR eyes and read the written word ya jackoff

  40. TrojanMan says:

    that cant be how it would work, he would HAVE to give them up/ sell them completely or there would still be a conflict of interest.

  41. guinsfan4life says:

    I agree that Mario could do alot for a team on the cusp of winning a title. In fact, I’d love to see him playing for a cup, that’d be awesome.

  42. jpmac says:

    LET ME GUESS HE IS GOING TO TORONTO!! HAHAHAH….It would be kinda cool if he went to Montreal home town and all, and took the cup there burning every leaf fan from St. Johns to Vancouver

  43. jpmac says:

    LET ME GUESS HE IS GOING TO TORONTO!! HAHAHAH….It would be kinda cool if he went to Montreal home town and all, and took the cup there burning every leaf fan from St. Johns to Vancouver

  44. habs_88_4life says:

    Contender………ohhhh that spells Montreal….

    Quebec player for Quebec team, sounds good

  45. PITATC says:

    Being from Pittsburgh I can tell you that I for one would not be able to forgive Mario unless he made some hell of a blockbuster trade I’m talking big time and it would have to be players who are still under contract for a few years after this not just a one year shot, obviously Mario would come back to the Pens after this season, there is no way in hell it would happen but this was a hell of an entertaining story though.


    I sure as hell would never forgive him if he went to the Leafs!!

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