Mario Lemieux To The Avalanche?

Larry Brooks reports the Colorado Avalanche spent “considerable time” at the trade deadline trying to figure out a way to obtain Pittsburgh Penguins captain Mario Lemieux as a playoff “rental”. As a team owner, Lemieux is forbidden to play for another team. Brooks suggests Lemieux might sell the cash-strapped Penguins this summer and then shop himself around the league with a $10 million US pricetag.

Personally, I can’t see Lemieux burning all his bridges in Pittsburgh, just to play hockey in another city. Besides, if he goes, the Pittsburgh franchise, which is already on shaky ground, will be all be destroyed. This poor franchise has been through so much, this would tarnish Lemieux’s image, and his legacy with the Pens. I just can’t see him doing this. Why would the Avalanche waste the trade deadline on something that’s basically impossible. Out of curiousity, I wonder what took “considerable time?” It should have been a two minute phone call. You never know, but I can’t see it, that’s just my opinion.

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  1. ihaveagreathockeyname says:

    i think all the players you mentioned are better than lemieux, and if im mistaken, how come lemieux was leading the league in points and assists while kovalev was there, and yet after he left lemiex went from first to fifth, and kovalev has dropped out of the top ten. Kovalev made lemieux better, hands down. After he left there was nobody to wrk with, so why hasnt mario continued to lead the league if hes the best player? He isn’t even the best centre in the league. Forsberg, sakic, and i’d even take Federov at centre before lemieux.

    Look the fact is lemieux WAS one of the best players ever, but hes playing for a loosing organization in a really bad situation. Going to another team poised on taking the stanley cup only enhances the fact that he cant win by himself anymore. Maybe ten yers ago he could, but not anymore. Sure he was the leading scorer for a long time this year, but again after KOVALEV left,( and unless there was another kovalev on the team then who was the one mario was dishing the puck to all the time) he lost his helper, and therefore lost his game (he has 28 goals, but compared to 61 assists, i think its safew to say he helps more than he scores at thos point) gretzky diod the same thing before he retired. marios a -24 on the year and since kovalev left he has scored only five goals and the pens have lost 17 out of the 20 games since then. To say hes still the best in the league is far fetched. Look at the stats, the team record, and you tell me why the pens and mario are doing so bad if hes still so good.

  2. titans says:

    It’s a long story…you hadda be there.

  3. titans says:

    I’m Mathew Barnaby!

  4. defenestrate says:

    That explains the pink icon…

  5. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    but really, do you think it could happen.

  6. DG says:

    I suspect afterwards. You can’t follow one of the biggest blockbuster deal in history with a big but not huge blockbuster deal…I mean why would anyone care about the other deal?


  7. DG says:



  8. DG says:

    Well I’m Paul Karyia; and titans: those rumours are true.


  9. DG says:

    Less true than the Easter Bunny.


  10. Kraftster says:

    Ok you acting as if I am saying he’s exempt from every point I made about every leading scorer having at least someone else that is a top line player. Mario has played in 65 games this year. That’s a lot less then some of the other league leaders. The Penguins have totally changed systems. They can no longer be free flowing whatsoever. Kovy had something like 28 goals before getting traded I think. Mario did NOT assist on all of those goals. He has 28 goals on the year, yes, that’s still up there for the league this year. I really have a problem with your use of “made him better”, like I said before that’s something you’d say if you put like Riku Huhl on a line with Forsberg and Hejduk and he produced. They made him better. Kovy helped Mario’s stats, of course. I’d like to see any mentioned player put up the numbers they have been on a team that has to play defensively with all 4 lines, and do so having really no one to work with. You are right, Mario has fallen out of the 1 spot in scoring. He just lost the second best player on the team, lost a superstar, and his linemate at the time. The team is in awful shape, as you can see losing 17 of 20. By God PLEASE don’t compare Mario right now to Gretz at the end of his career (80G, 335A) last 4 seasons of his career and that was a joke. How about Forsberg, with those 27 Goals and 69 Assists, safe to say he “helps more than scores..” which I don’t understand at all. Since when are assists worth nothing? I wonder what is on ok ratio of goals to assists. I was not arguing that he was a “scorer”. The bottom line is he is NOT exempt from needing another player on the team at this point in his career. Earlier in his career, maybe he could have done it with no one and continued to lead the league. You cannot lay blame for the struggling team on him. No one in the league could carry the team that is playing right now. The only comparable guy up there in scoring might be Ziggy Palffy and the Kings will be watching the playoffs from home. How you think Federov is a better player than Lemieux I’m very interested to hear. I think I’d list Thornton ahead of Sakic, but I think I’d list every center under Mario still….

  11. rojoke says:

    In the interests of the other 28 teams in the league, the only way the front office approves any trade involving Mario is if he completely divests himself of the team. As an owner, even minority owner, he has the clout to orchestrate a trade to a team like Colorado, which may be lopsided for the team he gets traded to. Placing it in trust wouldn’t cut it. The NBA did it right when they made Jordan sell his interest in the Wizards before he signed a player contract with them. There is no appearance of conflict or any hint of impropriety.

  12. Kraftster says:

    Glad to see you’ve got nothing to say to that one…haha

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